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Despite what you may have heard, back pain is not always from an accident or picking up a heavy box. Something as simple as your posture, can lead to numerous types of back pain. It is extremely difficult to sit and stand with correct posture but it can be done. It takes time, a lot of practice and the right tools to help with the job.

You may be familiar with muscle atrophy, the concept of a muscle weakening or “wasting away” from not being used. What do you think happens to your lower back and abdominal muscles when they are not supporting your body weight like they are supposed to? This is what happens when you slouch, or when you sit on the couch for hours of a time.

Obviously, you will not experience muscle atrophy during one lazy Sunday on the sofa. However, you can imagine what happens to your body overtime as our muscles become weaker and weaker. Weak muscles lead to muscular imbalances and are one of the leading causes of back pain.

Effective Back Posture Support

There are ways to improve your posture by using simple, effective products. One of these products is called the BackJoy. The BackJoy is an orthotic device that you sit in, which cradles your buttocks and helps you sit up straight. It is a portable device that is affordable and is highly rated by our back pain experts. The BackJoy will help you sit pain free for extended periods of time, as well as improve your posture and train your muscles to sit in a more back healthy position.

Sitting for extended periods of time puts abnormal pressure on parts of the spine and is the cause of back pain for many people all around the world. Our bodies were not designed to sit for as long as we do. So, in addition to using back posture supports like the BackJoy, it is important that you get out of your chair frequently to keep the leg and abdominal muscles active and working.

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If you do not like the way the BackJoy feels you can look into high end ergonomic chairs. The office chair has come along way, and many of these chairs are completely customizable. You can adjust the height, the arm rests, the lumbar support, neck support and more. If you do not have the budget for a new chair, you can also look into ergonomic back cushions like the Freedom Back.

If you would like to learn more about the back posture support products we recommend, visit the product section of our website.

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