Back Pain When Breathing

Breathing is an essential part of your everyday human experience. Breathing is essential for life and most people don’t think twice about being able to breathe properly. It is something that many people take for granted because it is done very unconsciously. People breathe in such an automatic and mechanical way so there never seems to be an issue until something changes and disrupts the norm. Most people never imagine that their breathing could be affected by back pain or vice versa. These two subjects have always seemed to be unrelated but they are actually very closely tied.

If you think about the parts of your body that are involved in breathing you will immediately reflect on the lungs. Based on the position of the lungs, you know that your chest area is important for breathing as well. These areas lie directly in front of your back and spinal column. Although they are not intertwined with each other, the lungs are affected by the muscles in the back. When you take breaths in and out, your lungs expand and compress to take in and expel air. A part of the expansion process makes lungs more present in the area of the back muscles.

Back muscles that are injured are affected by the constant movement of the lungs. Muscles that are already in pain will only be aggravated when you take deep breaths. When you take a normal breath this can still be painful. The breathing process also involves the diaphragm and abdomen and the muscles affiliated with these parts of the body. If you are experiencing pain from these muscles, your back could also be affected.

Kyphosis is a condition that can affect your breathing as well. Kyphosis occurs when the vertebral column, or the backbone, abnormally curves due to degeneration of the discs that rest between each bone. Kyphosis is what causes many people to develop a hunched back. This degeneration can be caused by old age, osteoarthritis, trauma and other injuries and conditions. Due to the inability of the spinal column to remain in the proper position, there is limited muscular support, causing the pack to arch over awkwardly. This can be very dangerous in severe cases. When the vertebral column and the surrounding muscles don’t have the proper support they tend to lean forward towards the lungs, chest, esophagus and diagram. This will not only cause back pain but also make it very difficult to breathe normally. Abnormal breathing can lead to death.

To combat the pain you experience while breathing you need to decide on a method of breathing that works for you. If you breathe too deeply or too fast this could trigger back pain. You should consult a physician when trying to make a decision about a breathing technique. You should not try to rectify this problem on your own. A physician may be able to tell you if you have another disease or condition that may be contributing to your back pain when breathing.

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