Multiple Back Pain Treatments That WORK!

If you’ve ever suffered from back pain, whether chronic or sporadic, you’ve probably spent many hours seeking out back pain treatments that work. There are so many different treatments available for back pain that it can be quite difficult to tell what will actually work and what will simply separate you and your money.

Choosing a treatment plan isn’t about choosing the cheapest or the most expensive option, it isn’t even about choosing the most popular treatment method. More than anything it is about finding a solution that works for you and your specific type of back pain. 

Before you can settle on a treatment plan for your back pain, you should try to pinpoint the source of your pain. First and foremost you and your physician will have to determine if the source of your pain is skeletal or muscular. By identifying the source of the pain, your doctor can narrow down what types of treatments are available for your type of pain.

Keep in mind that unless you’ve had a serious accident or injury recently, it can be very difficult to discern why you’re having back pain. Although chronic back pain is that which lasts longer than 2 to 3 months,  you should wait no more than several weeks before seeking out back pain treatments.

Treatment End Goal

When you first start any type of treatment for back pain it is important that you understand the goal of each type of rehab your undergo. Some treatments are only intended to relieve or alleviate back pain, while others endeavor to get rid of back pain altogether. The best treatment plan is one that combines pain relief with the end goal of eliminating the pain. This is the main reason most physicians recommend several types of rehab for back pain.

It is important that you understand the point of each type of back pain treatment so you have clear goals. This will help keep you positive and determined to maintain your pain management options.

Stretching & Exercise

Of the multiple treatments available for back pain, regular exercise and stretching should always be part of the mix. Stretching allows you to work muscles that may be stiff due to stress or lack of movement, while exercise will help strengthen the muscles, improve flexibility and range of motion.

You can always seek out a physical therapist or chiropractor for advice on the types of exercises and stretches that will relieve your back pain.

Regular exercise and daily stretches can also help you avoid recurring back pain. Regularly working the muscles makes them less susceptible to the many things that can cause back pain. This is especially important for those who suffer awful back pain for a few days that then disappears for an indeterminate period of time. Regular exercise can lengthen the time between painful periods and even prevent it from coming back. Just make sure you stretch and exercise even when the pain has subsided.

Pain Killers

Pain medicine is one of the most common back pain treatments, but it is only intended to relieve the pain for a short period of time. Even over the counter pain medications are not meant to be taken for months on end, and prescription drugs can become highly addictive. There are many side effects associated with pain medication especially for those with other medical problems, which is why this is just a stop-gap measure.

Pain killers can help you make it through other type back rehab without significant pain, which puts you closer to being pain-free. Whether you choose massage, surgery or alternative treatment methods, pain killers can help.

Finding the right treatment for your back pain will take some time to figure out. But taking note of when your back pain appears, what activities you participated in just before the onset of pain and what works to relieve the pain, can help you and your doctor come up with a treatment specifically for you. 

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