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As humans, we are one of the few mammals that can walk erect. Even if primates can walk upright, they don’t normally do that for a long period of time. After a child is born they spend months crawling on all fours but eventually graduate to being able to walk on their two legs. This is one of the main features that separate us from other species in the animal kingdom. Our feet play a major role in being able to walk upright. Feet offer a means of balance and stability that enables humans to support themselves on just two legs. Feet are essential for walking properly. Our posture and carriage don’t start with our back and shoulders, but actual start with our feet.

Our feet and ankles are comprised of bones, muscles and vessels that work in a very mechanical way. Our feet have almost just as many bones as what is found in our spinal column. There is a lot of variety in each person’s feet. One person may have large feet with a high arch while another person could have small flat feet. The way that your foot is built should be taken into account when purchasing shoes. Due to the heavy amount of walking and exercising that you may do, it is important to wear shoes that are right for your foot shape. People with wide feet should opt for shoes that are wider across. People with narrow feet should do the opposite.

Making sure that you have on comfortable shoes is very important. Poorly fitting shoes can contribute to back pain. Shoes that are uncomfortable end up changing the way that you would walk. Walking in a fashion that is unnatural can put added pressure on your backbone and the muscles that are connected to it. If you are a runner, having the right shoes is essential. People that run or jog need shoes that are well suited for absorbing the shock that is exerted and transferred when your foot hits the ground.

Running on hard surface requires shoes that are sturdy and have shock absorbing materials that ease the pressure that can go to the backbone. The backbone doesn’t respond to shock well because this can cause the discs to shift, bulge or deteriorate. When this happens, the vertebrae no longer maintain the appropriate balance and have less support. Joints that are damaged can cause nerves to be disrupted and therefore cause pain to radiate from the area.

Getting shoe inserts is a great way to decrease the chances of encountering back pain. Shoe inserts have the ability to prevent discomfort and eliminate pain. There are several kinds of inserts that could help this situation. First you need to determine which of your shoes end up causing your back to hurt. These shoes should either be discarded or be targeted for shoe inserts. Heel wedges, arch supports and full shoe inserts can focus on the parts of your feet that tend to be uncomfortable.

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