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Does getting a good night sleep leave you achy, rather than rested? If your back hurts in the morning, you may need to improve your sleeping posture. Simply changing the type of pillows you sleep with can help you find temporary relief.

In an interview on the CBS Morning Show, Terri Trespicio, senior editor for Body + Soul Magazine, explained that the worst position to sleep in is on your stomach. She said, “Sleeping on your stomach flattens the natural curve in the lower back and keeps your head turned to one side all night, which distorts the alignment in your neck.” According to Trespicio, stomach sleepers should use a body pillow and learn to sleep on one side.

Side sleeping, however, can cause neck and shoulder pain. Laying your ten-pound head on your outstretched arm puts you at risk of chronic rotator cuff injury. The Sleep Better Pillow has a center tunnel and side recess for your arm so you no longer strain your shoulder or wake up with numbness in your arm.

Tempur-Pedic has a line of ergonomic back pain pillows designed for people with different sleep styles. The NeckPillow prevents neck and back pain by promoting proper alignment of the head, neck and shoulders, which helps the muscles relax. You can order the NeckPillow to fit the dimensions of your shoulders.

The SidePillow offers firm support that cradles the shoulder and neck so side sleepers can maintain healthy spinal alignment.

Many people enjoy the feeling of a cool pillow. The gel foam design on the CoolFit Foam Contour Pillow lets air flow through the pillow, keeping it cool while it supports your head and neck in any sleeping position.

Sleeping with your legs slightly elevated and knees separated are the best position to relieve tension in the lower back and to prevent sciatica. Using leg spacing pillows like the Back Buddy Knee Pillow and the Leg Spacer® can be an inexpensive way to keep your lower back in a comfortable non-twisted position while you sleep.

Lying on your back with legs flat against the mattress can cause lower back pain, as well. Wedged-shaped knee pillows, like the Knee Elevator are ideal for reducing lumbar pressure and promoting healthy circulation for back sleepers.

Keep in mind, investing in back pain pillows is a great idea. However, you should also want to address the root causes of your pain so that you can ultimately eliminate the pain all together.

To learn more about back pain pillows and other products that can help provide back pain relief, check out our recommended products page.

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