Back Pain At Work

The 7 Most Important Ways to Relieve It

Whether you’re sitting at a desk in front of a computer … standing up serving customers and patients … or lifting boxes from one spot to another for 8+ hours … back pain at work can be a serious problem, even the bane of your existence!

Back pain is actually second on the list of reasons adults under age 45 miss work (behind colds), a loss of some 83 million work days every year.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in an office typing at a desk or a construction worker breaking rocks with a pile driver… many of the very same factors harm your back whether you’re sedentary or moving around all day.

Do You Think When You Move?

Consider the repetitive tasks you do every day automatically without a thought that can stretch your back awkwardly and limit your range of motion.

Think about the poor posture your body may have “learned” over the years because you spend so much time hunched over your office desk in ergonomically-unfriendly environments that create muscle imbalances and weakness.

And consider the untreated stress you feel in the workplace or at home that creates muscle tension that never seems to go away.

All of these factors, and many more besides, can do a great deal of harm to your back, whether you’re waiting on tables, repairing cars, or coding spreadsheets. However, there are some very effective things you can do to relieve your back pain without quitting your job.

Steps you can take today to relieve the back pain slowing you down wherever you work, or avoid it altogether:

1. Invest in high quality shoes or orthotic inserts that support your feet and the weight-bearing muscles and joints of your lower body.

2. Heal and soothe the pain you do experience, but do NOT play dice your health by relying on dangerous drugs sold over, under, or behind the counter to stop your pain. (Do not miss 20 Shocking Prescription Drug Statistics!)

Instead, consider the 100 percent safe supplement with 12 powerful ingredients straight from Mother Nature…

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3. Invest in a proven back support pillow. Because maintaining perfect posture when you’re sitting down can be nearly impossible, the unique design of The Freedom Back, with its built-in massager, supports, soothes and relaxes your muscles.

4. Be smart about the demands physical activity and over-exertion can have on your body. Work harder and smarter, for example, by using a cart or dolly to move heavy things around your home or office.

5. VERY IMPORTANT: If you sit for long periods, invest in a high-quality, ergonomically-designed chair! Avoid the perching and slouching caused by sitting in the subpar chairs you’ll find at your neighborhood office supply store. Instead, enjoy a greater range of motion and dynamic counterbalancing that ideally matches your body’s center of gravity and its center of motion…

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6. Stretch PROPERLY and regular at work. Be sure to watch my …

A) 5-Minute Office Stretch Routine 1 (Short Video)

B) 5-Minute Office Stretch Routine 2 (Short Video)

C) How to PREVENT Back Pain at Work (Short Video)

7. Build your “core” strength. Your core are the muscles at the center of your body, such as your abdominals and lower back muscles. Strengthening these muscles is one of the most powerful ways to avoid back pain at work no matter what type of work you do.

Discover how to get the exercise you need to build your core … and the rest of your body, while you rapidly lose weight in the process … by investing just 4 minutes per day!

back pain at work

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