Back Pain and Motorcycling

For those persons who ride it is easy to understand why there is a definite link between riding and back pain. The two main causes are the vibration produced by the motorcycle and the rider’s posture while traveling. Most serious riders are frequently plagued with lower and upper back pain, as well as neck and shoulder pains.

How to Minimize Back Pain Caused from Motorcycling

There are quite a few things that riders can do to help reduce the back pain they experience. Some of these methods include:

– Strengthening the back muscles with exercise.

– Taking breaks from riding where possible. When riding for long distances, an occasional break is helpful. Some experts recommend a break every 30 or so minutes if possible, others suggest after every 70 miles. Walk around and do some simple stretches to relax the muscles and get your circulation going.

– Relaxing your grip on the handles is also helpful. A lighter grip minimizes the strain on back muscles.

– In cases of chronic pain it may be necessary to stop motorcycling or ride only for short distances.

For many riders the link between their back pain and motorcycling is greatly reduced once they improve their posture. Leaning too far forward to reach the handles can put tremendous strain on back and neck muscles. A straighter back while riding means less strain and a lower likelihood of back pain. There are adjustments that can be made to get controls closer to the rider. This will minimize the need for hunching over.

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2 thoughts on “Back Pain and Motorcycling”

  1. Al BLADES says:


    I have flat feet and have had back pains since my early 20s (now 33) in one vertebra, even though my neurologist (I live in Indonesia) says my back is straight and I do not have a hernia (yet?). I do get strong pains since I bought my first sportsbike. Thing is: I like sportsbikes, I have grown out of softer, standard bikes.

    IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO to prevent these pains (including surgery; BTW where do I find specific exercises) while keep riding my beloved one?

    Any help would be SO IMMENSELY APPRECIATED…

  2. Admin says:

    Hi Al,

    Thank you for your inquiry. A very good starting point for you is to get our back pain book which will help you to understand more about the back and to discuss various treatment options. You can learn more about it at the link below.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with after you have read the book.

    Thank you

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