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Unfortunately there are those cases when back pain can be accompanied by a stomach pain and vice versa. This is largely due to the fact that the lower back and abdomen work so closely together not only as a central area housing vital functions but they also are central for upper body strength and support. There are several cases when a pain in one area directly or relatively corresponds with a pain in the other. One of these cases is with women and the menstrual cycle.

Once a month women tend to experience the dread that is menstruation and its symptoms. Though these symptoms may manifest in all women differently it is safe to say that at some point or another, the abdomen and the back suffer. This can be caused by dysmenorrhea which is a medical term for menstrual period cramps. This causes pain to be felt in the lower abdomen and/or back that can range from mild to severe. There is an apparent pressure and aching in the abdomen that travels to the lumbar region of the back and find itself reaching the hips, pelvic area and inner thighs.

If a woman is experiencing menstrual cramps there are a few methods of relief that she should try to soothe the stomach and back.

• Try resting. Relax your muscles as much as possible through breathing exercises and a little rest and relaxation.
• Commission someone to give you a massage focusing most heavily on the affected areas.
• Consider stretching. Many women underestimate the power of stretching the back during their cycle as women may be hesitant to move at all during this time of month.
• Try an aspirin, ibuprofen, or other form of pain relief. It is best to take either of these medications at the first inclination of any discomfort.
• Use a heating paid on the affected area. Heating pads have a great way of relaxing tensed or cramped areas providing much needed relief.

If menstrual cycle isn’t the source of your stomach and back pain you may want to consider the possibility that stress may be the cause of these pains. Since the stomach houses the digestive system (which is larger influenced by stress) we may notice that during high stress times loss of appetite can occur which can lead to a cramping that can resonate to the stomach and back regions.

In turn, if our back (namely the lumbar region) is usually our stress center the abdomen tends to feel the pressure and the tension the back is carrying as the abdomen aids in offering the back support.

If abdomen and back pain is severe, consider consulting a physician as this may be an indicator of more serious health problems including, gallstones, kidney stones, liver failure, appendicitis or diverticulitis. Be sure to visit a doctor immediately if home remedies such as rest, anti-inflammatory medications, heating pads, stretches, and light exercise don’t seem to cut it. Stomach and back pain experienced together are generally not indicators of a medical emergency but it is better to be safe.

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