Yoga for Back Pain Relief

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that is good for the mind, body and soul. People who practice yoga say that they are not only more flexible, stronger and have better posture, but they also experience peace and relaxation while performing yoga.  More and more people are choosing to do yoga to help relieve their back pain symptoms.

So can I really perform yoga to get back pain relief? Yes! Yoga combines various poses that strengthen and stretch the body. Keep in mind not all yoga poses will help alleviate back pain, but the particular poses that do, really do work. If you have never performed yoga before, you may want to discuss it with your primary healthcare provider before you begin a yoga program.

If you are experiencing back pain and want to perform yoga be sure to stretch slowly and enter into the poses slowly. Pushing yourself too much too quickly can aggravate your condition.

Below is a list of common yoga poses for back pain relief:

Child’s Pose

Even if you have never done yoga before, it’s highly likely that you have performed this pose. This stretch is excellent for lower back pain relief. Begin by kneeling and then sitting on top of your feet. Be sure to perform this stretch on a comfortable surface. The use of a yoga mat helps. If you don’t have a yoga mat, a blanket or towel will do. While sitting on your heels, begin to lean forward, arms extended, until your head is touching the ground. Be sure to lean into the stretch slowly. Relax and rest in this position for 15-30 seconds and sit up. Repeat a few times as necessary.

Large Pit or Hollow

This yoga pose is great for stretching the back, shoulders, legs and arms. It brings balance to these muscle groups. Lie down on the ground on your back, preferably on a yoga mat, and begin by tucking the tailbone forward and bring the naval up and back. This will cause the lower back to be closer to the mat and create a “hollow” effect around the abdomen area. Stretch your arms up and over your head, palms facing up, stretching through the arms, fingers, heels and toes.

Half Revolved Belly Pose

Lie on the ground and bring your knees to your chest. Begin to slowly move your legs down to one side of the body, until the leg closest to the ground touches it. Hold on to the knees with same side hand, while turning your head, looking in the other direction and extending your opposite arm out to the side. This pose is an excellent exercise for spinal alignment.

We just went over three poses that are excellent for relieving back pain. Be sure to check out a local yoga studio by you, or simply hop online and research yoga for back pain relief videos to find a complete range of yoga exercises for back pain.

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