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A couple of weeks ago I was reading through some of the thousands of emails I get each day and I came across one that really struck me…

Someone had written in to tell us how much our free videos had helped his wife… but he also said that one of the things that worked the best for her when it came to pain relief was mustard…

Yes, mustard… now, if I recall correctly it was prepared in a special way… but it got me thinking, I bet that there are dozens, if not hundreds of other little-known natural remedies out there that most people just don’t know about…

So, I decided a great way to get everyone to share their best pain relief tips, strategies and remedies would be a contest…

To enter simply post your tip onto our blog using the link below and you’ll be entered to win the following prizes:

1st Prize: Inversion Table ($299 value)

2nd Prize: Lose The Back Pain System ($97 value)

3rd Prize: Freedom Back – Back Support ($59 value)

The team here at the Healthy Back Institute will choose the winners and the deadline is Thursday, September 10th.

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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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243 thoughts on “Win an Inversion Table (Best Pain Relief Tips Contest)”

  1. Rizwan says:

    Drinking normal temp water mixed with lime juice before bed helped releive my back pain due to work stress

  2. Yvonne says:

    I first threw out my lower back when I was twelve. It would happen every few years after that. When I hit thirty, it was much more frequent. Solution? For me, it was all about preventing it. I found if I kept up a good regimen of glute exerises (squats, lunges,snowshoeing in deep snow, even) kept the muscles nice and strong. It keeps the pain in check and prevents me from lifting improperly.

  3. william seidman says:

    well it works very surprise so get all you people who looking for back relief pill works smooth heal pill works

  4. Tony Hopkins says:

    I have three actually:
    1) I could only ever sleep on my left hand side. Sleeping on my right side, front OR back caused back pain. Since I am a restless sleeper (i.e. one that moves around a lot) this caused a significant amount of sleep deprivation. I simple bought a 2″ memory foam mattress topper, and this helped immensely
    2) Before I got the mem foam topper, I also found that sleeping with a large pillow between my legs seemed to alleviate the discomfort as well
    3) Sitting at my desk all day used to cause further back pain. I now use a mem foam pillow as lumbar support. Helps loads.

    Yes! I’m memory foam crazy! Thanks NASA. 🙂


  5. ILeen Schey says:

    Turmerc w/ginger, Boswelia, Serrapeptase,glucosamine sulfate, an Activon(menthol) or Blue Stuff -roll ons…..Relieve pain and let me sleep and get through the day.

  6. ASHA ORI says:

    My Mom has tried this remedy and it works!! For arthritis a daily dose of cider vinegar combined with garlic and honey reduced the pain by 90%. This miracle home remedy hardly costs much. Also helps to guard against flu and infectious diseases. Relief with asthma, high blood pressure ulcers.
    RECIPE: In a bowl mix together 1 cup honey, 1 cup organic cider vinegar and 8 cloves garlic. Place in a blender and mix on hi
    gh speed for one minute. Pour into glass container and seal. Leave in refrigerator for 5 days. Normal dose will be 2 teaspoons in a glass of water or fruit juice before breakfast.
    Having this remedy is a morning ritual in our family!

  7. Madeleine Cobb says:

    My fastest pain relief, when that high pitched pain suddenly flows through my shoulders and back, especially in the night (but can happen any time) is to instantly make a quick stack of four or five pillows on the edge of the bed and standing on the floor, drop myself on top of them face down, go totally limp relaxed but toes touching the floor and letting my weight drag my spine as much as possible. Spine feels “strange” but it works immediately, within a minute or two at most, and breathing recovered quickly. The pain is generally so sharp and fierce it takes my breath away, with painful ribs hurting even more to be laid on, all ceases like magic. After a minute or two I let my weight gradually sag to my knees on the floor dragging ribs over the end of the pillows then get up gently.
    I long for a tilt-table… it would also deal with neck pain.

  8. Judy says:

    In November of 1992 I had a fall that resulted in an extruded, dessicated disk that was impinging on my sciatic nerve. In 1997 I had back surgery that included a full lumbar fusion. Over the years I have tried almost everything, including medication, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, pain management, chiropractic and yoga. The only things that have helped for more than a couple of days are massage therapy and yoga. After receiving your new book “The 7 day back pain cure” I realize that I am really dealing with a muscle imbalance in the area from my waist to my SI joints, with much greater pain on the left side. I have begun your suggested stretches and have realized some relief after just 2 days. My tip do Jesse’s stretches.

  9. andy hope says:

    Doing the daily exercises has helped, but left me with occasional sciatic pain that could occasionally drop me to my knees. I found that altering my diet, though difficult, was worth it – no more alcohol, no sugar, less salt, and daily dose of magnesium salt (a few flakes in a glass of warm water) – plus a long walk each day (about 1.5mile with uphill gradient). I use the ‘Livingwell Heal-n-soothe’ on low dosage daily, to reduce inflamation naturally, and the attacks have diminshed. I would like to try Inversion but am afraid without proper equipment, and, as I am a pensioner I dont know when I can afford a table. Andy age 65.

  10. Katrina M Pender says:

    I find that using my ice pack on my lower back a couple of times a day for about 20 min. helps to lessen the inflamation in my back and my pain.

  11. Kris says:

    I have to second the person who said that strengthening the core and glute muscles helps, but you have to keep at it over time.

    For me, I have found relief by using the theracane to hit trigger points. I also use a foam roller, do a few lower glute/piriformas stretches, the use the foam roller again. You can use the roller against a wall if it puts too much pressure on your low back by laying on it on the floor.

    Good luck fellow sufferers! I’m hoping to get an inversion table soon. 🙂

  12. Lydia says:

    When my lower back hurts, it is usually because I don’t have enough fiber in my diet. Exercise works great too or hang upside down from my bed. But I always use ice first.

  13. Carol Leaver says:

    For the past couple of months I have been using Nature’s Herbs Boswellin from India, which really works and the ointment Nature’s Way Comfrey Herbal ointment. It was really great and interesting to see Heal-n-Soothe has Boswellia extract in it also. So I’m sure it will work also. I hae only been taking Heal-n-Soote for a few days. I wanted an inversion table for a while, thought that it would be helpful.

  14. Lorraine Fouse says:

    Streching seems to be the thing that works for me.

  15. Paul Chiasson says:

    I had years of lower back pain and “subluxations”. I was getting regular chiropractic and massage therapy, but nothing seemed to work permanently. When I started getting sciatic pain down my left leg, I decided to ask my doctor for a CAT/MRI scan and the results showed a bulging disk which would explain the sciatica and lower back pain. Then, 6 months ago, I made 3 major changes:

    1) Got the lose the back back program and started doing the stretches and exercises recommended by Jesse.

    2) I got an exercise ball & threw out my office chair.

    3) Started taking Apple Cider Vinegar

    Within 2 weeks of implementing these changes, I was completely pain free and got full night’s sleep. I still do the exercises regularly (at least 3-4 times a week) and now back to playing ice hockey, riding my dirt bike and have cut down on chiro visits to 3-4 times a year. The exercise ball is great at improving core muscles and posture if you’re sitting at an office desk a ot of the time, but make sure it’s inflated to the correct height/firmness. I take the apple cider vinegar every morning at breakfast with my orange juice. 1 capfull is fine. I use the natural unpasteurized type with “mother”. I contains enzymes and I’ve found it helps with proper digestion and absorbtion of nutrients and minerals, especially if you take supplements. I recommend the program to everyone I know. I also feel that massage therapy, in conjunction with the regular excercises and stretching helps enormously to keep muscles balanced.

    I’m 42 years old and as active as ever, and more importantly, pain-free!


  16. Kevin says:

    I suffer from neck pain. One small thing that can make a big difference is proper pillow height in bed at night. I used to use a bunch of pillows, but found this put my neck at an abnormal angle for hours at a time. Now, I use one pillow. I sleep on my side and fill in the space between my head and the bed with one pillow, which keeps my spine at a fairly straight position. Also, 2″ memory foam mattress topper had helped a lot to keep my spine aligned while sleeping. Pain isn’t gone, but it definately minimizes it.

  17. sara says:

    lying on the floor really helps,at first you feel so much pain but eventually it fades

  18. Tom Matezun says:

    Anyone with back or joint problems needs to look into “Cold Laser Therapy”. It is a low level laser (light) therapy that is painless, but greatly stimulates blood flow and other technical items that allows the body to heal itself much more quickly than normal.

    It is usually provided by a chiropractor or alternative medical specialist trained in its’ use, and a treatment lasts 2 -5 minutes. But WOW, does it work. I know of disc problems and knee problems that have been healed without surgery. It is FDA approved, and soon should be granted a medical code that will allow insurance companies to cover pament. You can google the process and see if someone provides it in your area.

  19. Mark says:

    I have a spondylolethesis (not sure about the spelling) in my lower back L4L5.
    It flaired up last year and with therapy, massage, and some icing it got tolerable but was a continuing painful chronic condition – for at least 3 months. I had read a little about the use of calcium to help these kinds of conditions. I went to the health food store and got a bottle of bio-available calcium. It was fairly high dosage calcium, magnesium, and a number of other nutrients and enzymes (like Boswellin). Within 3 days I was virtually pain-free. The skeptics might characterize this as a timing coincidence, but when one is the pain-sufferer they know better.

  20. Randy Kerkman says:

    Put two tennis balls into a stocking and tie an knot to hold them close together. Lay on your back and roll the tennis balls up and down the spine with a ball on each side of the spine. I do this every morning and evening and any time my back hurts. Its a type of deep tissue massage that you can do yourself.

  21. Seunarine Jokhoo says:

    I am now 74 years of age. Between 1966 and 1968 I suffered severe back pain. I had done several tests and was on all kinds of medication until I met an old Doctor named Dr. Bland from Trinidad. He told me nothing was wrong with me – all I had to do was remove the coil springs from my bed and floor the bed with board and sit or stand straight. Do not slough. I did exactly that and during my professional accounting studies 1971 t0 1976, I sat on a wooden bench with no back rest. I am still in perfect shape today.
    My brother has a serious back problem which is manifesting in his legs, and I have been downloading your literature for him. He is following your advice and has been getting relief.
    I have been recommending the Inversion Table for him and I wish I can win this contest. Thanks

  22. Neil Brenner says:

    Simply Stretching in am.’s and pm.’s for hamstrings, quads, low back , piriformis muscles goes a long way to relieving back symptoms and set you up to be fit to exercise.

  23. Richard Turner says:

    If the knees are painful, it can make you walk awkwardly and with back tension. Ease the knees, and you walk better and there is less stress on the back.
    One help I have found for the knees is to sit on the floor, with the legs straight and relaxed. Take hold of the kneecap and gently move it around. There can be little knots in there and this will ease them out and the pain will be reduced.
    Easy to do and no side effects.

  24. K L Jean says:

    When feeling sore or in a little pain I always enjoy a good bath. About a year or so ago I came across some Himalayan salt cystals, I read that this salt has great benefits not only internally but in a bath as well. After giving it a try, it does make me feel better and great for the skin with all the minerals. However, when reading about the herb rosemary and its effect for pain I decided to put a couple of ounces in the mesh bag and toss that into the bath water as well and the combination has a great effect on the old tried body. If I a nagging pain in my shoulder or whatever, I use some essential oils after the bath to add the final touches. For example a few drops of lavender oil, a drop or so of peppermint oil in an ounce of so of almond oil. Rub that in the spot as needed.

  25. Phillip J. says:

    Hi Jesse,

    I’ve recently discovered a naturally fermented pure xanthone oil, it’s a concentrated cox 2 inhibitor (pain blocker), so a drop or two massaged on my back or tennis elbow calms the signs of inflammation and relieves my pain…I Love it!

    I appreciate you,


  26. Steven Sashen says:

    I’ve also got two solutions. The first is my favorite, but not everyone can use it (you’ll see why). The second is easy for anyone to use and, in fact, you’ll want to share it with people you know.

    1) I live near a glacier-fed creek. If I have any sort of pain — back, knee, hip, shoulder, you name it — between June and October, I just get in the creek!

    There are places to stand, places to sit, places to float… but 10 minutes in that cold, running water can deliver hours of pain relief.

    And it works for emotions, too! If you’re all out of sorts, just dive in the rapids 3 times and whatever was bothering you will be replaced by clarity and exhilaration.

    BTW, if you think this is the same as just getting in cold water, or using an ice-pack, you’re mistaken. Don’t ask me why, but I think it’s the combination of being outdoors, and the movement of the water that makes the difference. Even being in a swimming pool with water at the same temperature as the creek isn’t the same.

    I don’t live near a beach to check, but I’ll bet that a cold ocean has a similar effect.

    2) When the water’s too cold, or when I can’t get to it, my other favorite pain reliever is… COMEDY.

    Do whatever you have to do to laugh for 20 minutes or more. Rent the funniest movie you know (one that’s totally juvenile works here), or your favorite sitcom. Or, usually better, find a stand-up comic that makes you double-over with laughter. Seeing live comedy is best, but TV or the Internet works, too.

    You’ll get hours of pain relief from the comedy rush!

    And here’s something interesting… even if laughing aggravates your situation (it hurts to laugh), you’ll STILL feel better when the show is over. Lot’s better.

    My theory is that in addition to the neurochemical high that laughing gives you, the uncontrollable movements — even when it hurts to laugh — help unwind and relax tension.

    Enjoy, and feel better!

  27. richard b says:

    the only thing that relieves pain for me is putting a pillow under my hips that is why i think an inversion table would help me because it would release pression in my back but i can t afford it and even more living in canada it can cost a lot more (SHIPPING,FOREIGN AND TAXES.SO I M DOING MY BEST WITH IT.)

  28. Kim F says:

    I have MS and I have lived with pain in my body for most of my life. I ruptured a disc in my back when I was a teenager and since it flairs up every couple of weeks.

    I use ice at first flair up and then I go to moist heat.

    I try to not use pain medication very often. I do not take any medication for my disease. I just use my mind to control the pain for the most part. I think that if you live being thankful for what you do have it makes a big difference.

  29. Tracy says:

    The best tricks I have for relieving pain:

    1. Deep breathing like taught in lamaze classes. Inhale through the nose for 5 seconds then exhale through the mouth for 5 seconds. Repeat several times. This helps a lot when I have extreme, sharp, stabbing back pain.

    2. Laying down on the floor and placing my legs on the couch at a 90 degree angle. This relieves the pressure on the spine. While initially it may be painful, it relaxes the spine and make the pain lessen greatly.

    3. Strengthening and stretching exercises done regularly.

    4. When I can, I go to a swimming pool with a foam noodle. Place the noodle under your arms in the deep end and just hang there suspended like you are standing up in the deep water. This relieves the pressure on the spine and stretches it for you. I learned this in therapy and it really works.

  30. David Porter says:

    I grow several alovera plants in my garden and use aloe for everything. I take it twice a week to clean me out and it also seems to keep my joints pain free ( I am a 53 year old fanatical sportsman!) I use it on my hair for conditioner. Use it on my skin for sunburn and it keeps my skin feeling smooth. I recommend everyone to grow this plant and use it.

  31. Tom Mathews says:

    I have 2 bits of advice:

    1) Most people wait until the pain is so bad they HAVE to do something about it. My advice is DO NOT WAIT! The longer you wait, the harder it will be to fix the problem. BE PROACTIVE; start doing your stretches, exercises, whatever, sooner rather than later. It will be much easier to get relief.

    2) Don’t plan to do your stretches and exercises when it’s convenient. For most of us, it’s never convenient. We are just too busy. So, schedule your stretches and exercise the same time(s) each day. You will do them much more often and consistently.

  32. Scott says:

    To releive back pain I roll a medium sized towell up into a cylinder shape lenght ways, place it on the floor, lie on it facing up and roll across the towell left to right. It stretches the muscles of the spinus erectus (either side of the spine)and sometimes you get a satisfying re adjustment “pop” that can bring plenty of relief to a tired back at the end of a day.

  33. Lynda B. Gaetano says:

    My Inverstion table is great for when I have over done things and suffer accute flares, relief is almost instantanious!

    Lieing on my back with legs & feet up on chair or up against the wall is a good relaxing stretch.

    There is the oral pain reliever to take before pain gets bad.

    Lastly, I think having a pet (dog, cat, etc) Can be stress reducing, and the animals seem to sense when you don’t feel well, giving calming attention and support. They also keep you active with their basic care…like walking (Try walking to the count of three, instead of four).

  34. Ron says:

    I have found nothing that will relieve my lower back pain, from Chiropractors, epidurals, vax-d, massage, physical therapy, Heal &soothe, anti inflamatories, stretching and exercising to everything. I am in pretty rough pain and the only thing I haven’t tried is surgery and the inversion table. Surgery is out but I would really like to have that table.

  35. Barbara Messemore says:

    First I use hot and cold packs alternating the 2 for 20 mins each which helps. When I sleep on my side I use a pillow that I can adjust between my thighs and knees which helps a lot. If I sleep on my back I put a pillow just below my hips to raise my thighs and knees a bit to relieve the pain. I only sleep with a buckwheat pillow. I can adjust it to fit me so that it makes me comfortable. I was a real life saver for me. This is the type of pillow I use for my knees and thighs to help my back and it has relieved my back pain tremendously. I can’t sleep without 3 of the buckwheat pillows. If you haven’t tried a buckwheat pillow you need to try one – it takes a little bit of getting used to but once you do you won’t be able to sleep without it. I take mine wherever I go.

    An inversion table would be awesome as I think it would stretch out the muscles and help to alleviate some of the pain.

  36. Sam R. says:

    I have had lower back pain with sciatica in my right leg for a few months. I have been lying over the exercise ball on my stomach, one of the exercises in the Lose the Back Pain book, which seems to stretch my lower back and take the edge off. I have found the more often I do this during the day, the easier it is to walk without the leg pain.

  37. Galen Bergh says:

    I hurt my back in 2001 pulling too hard on a wrench repairing a irrigation system. Some unusual things since then really help. Water skiing, snow skiing, scooping corn or soybeans and climbing ladders up grain bins. I take lots of b vitamins and gluco gels, plant derived minerals, EFA’s and dry to get drink plenty of water. I am now doing the excercises of loose the back pain and have already noticed results with less sciatic pain. Am I glad I ran across your web site WOW! Hope to get the inversion table!!!

  38. David Nobigrot says:

    Staring at stary stary nigth, the beautifulpainting by Vincent van gogh
    Listening to Nessum Dorma, the beautiful closing aria of turandot
    Drinking a delicious margarita in a terrace overlooking beautiful downtown in Mexico City.
    Eating a Deilicious and ripe Mango
    And last but not least, making love passionly with the woman you love as much as you can even in an inversion table if you can, je jeje
    And of course this may help correct all muscle inbalances.
    greatings from Mexico City
    Dr.David Nobigrot

  39. David Nobigrot says:

    Staring at stary stary nigth, the beautifulpainting by Vincent van gogh
    Listening to Nessum Dorma, the beautiful closing aria of turandot
    Drinking a delicious margarita in a terrace overlooking beautiful downtown in Mexico City listening to songs with a Mariachi group
    Eating a Deilicious and ripe Mango
    And last but not least, making love passionly with the woman you love as much as you can even in an inversion table if you can, je jeje
    And of course this may help correct all muscle inbalances.
    greatings from Mexico City
    Dr.David Nobigrot

  40. Debra says:

    I found for myself that taking an amino acid complex everyday on an empty stomach between meals helped lower my overall pain response.

  41. Carol Stewart says:

    I do not have a cure for pain. I wish I did. I would like to have the inversion table for my husband. He has cancer and is now suffering from neuropathy in his legs from the radiation treatments. I believe the table would help alleviate his leg pain. It would be so wonderful if he could have some pain relief, it is hard to see him suffering so much.

  42. M. Sloan says:

    In the morning, before I get out of bed, I do some simple stretches. I do the sacriliac stretches that were demonstrated on one of your videos and also, the periformaus stretch. It only takes a few minutes. And now I am ready to get up and start my day.

  43. Keith says:

    I would recommend for anybody that has seen little or no relief with other methods to try the phase one diet. In fact, if you incorporate this diet with the exericses found in the Lose the Back Pain reference manual you should experience terrific results. One more thing, the above diet worked for me. In fact for me it was the missing ingredient to my lower back pain regimen.

  44. Bruce says:

    400 mg pure curcumin twice a day has helped lessen the pain of cervical spondylosis and the related shoulder pain.

  45. peggy williams says:

    I bought an herbal linament at my farm store and added dmso to it and when my muscles get sore I have my husband apply some to my back and rub it a little and it helps greatly with my pain.

  46. phil hart says:

    I have found that spinal decompression helps,combined with swiss ball and drinking a lot 60oz or more of water will help considerably.The spinal decompression works so well I have thought of buying my own table as soon as I can afford it.

  47. billie says:

    Something that really helps me in combination is 2 tablespoons pure cherry juice mixed with 8oz glass of water 2 time a day(natural Anti inflammatory).
    Mix cinnamon and garlic with the foods you make to decrease pain.
    Stretching and strengthening daily, 5 8oz glasses of water to stay hydrated and also trying not to sit for long periods (more then an 1/2 -1 hour at a time)
    Daily walking for 30-45 minutes.

  48. Mike says:

    I ask patients if they drink enough water each day. Most say “no”. I ask them what they think enough would be. Most say,8, 8oz galsses. I ask them what they drink daily. Most say, “coffee, tea and/or pop”. I suggest that they decrease or eliminate the above and drink non-caffinated non-carbinated drinks (mainly water). Many report feeling better in 3-5 days even if their treatment sessions have not started. I have experienced a decrease in joint pains since becoming consistant with a daily intake of 64-80 oz of water. I try to get most of it ingested by 3 pm and finish by 7 pm. That’s my best tip for starters. Of course, we progress to muscle balancing form there.

  49. Linda says:

    Probably the biggest “tip” I could give people is to have a salivary hormone test, especially cortisol levels, as an imbalance in hormone levels can cause inflammation & pain. I did this & found my cortisol levels were very low during morning & afternoon. Cortisol is a stress hormone, but is also important for tissue healing & ligament health. Getting my hormones in balance has really made a more lasting effect for me.

    But in the short run, using combination herbals, that are good for muscle relaxation and nerve pain, helps more quickly (did not list them here because there may be interactions with meds others may be taking, so its best to know about herbs before choosing the best ones for you). With these, I find I can significantly decrease pain within 10-15 minutes. So then I can then do stretching & trigger point release techiniques more comfortably, as well as muscle balance exercises.

    I also find using a more easily absorbed magnesium supplement helps too. Muscles need magnesium for them to relax!

  50. Andreé Tait says:

    Hi, i started using only one pillow, a memory foam one. I also sleep with a pillow between my knees. These helped, then I discoverd MSM powder (sulpher?) anyway about 8 grams a day in 2 doses did the trick within days – no pain whatsoever. I also put my ageing labrador on about 5 gr a day divided into 2 doses. Within a couple of days this dog was running and jumping again, moving much easier.

  51. Toni Cory says:

    A technique that can take almost any pain away, or at least diminish it greatly is called Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping. You use a series of tapping points that are accupressure points along with reciting what the pain is and how it is going away. To learn more look up EFT on the internet.

  52. Wes F. says:

    For me, I use hot cold technique to relieve lower back pain. I would get 2 back patches from any pharmacy. The first one is hot (heated by microwave oven/ or soak in hot water), the other is cold (placed in the fridge. I would alternative between them every 2 mins. For example, I would start with hot patch for 2 mins, then switch to cold patch for another 2 mins, return to hot patch for 2 more mins, etc. Continue for 15 – 20 mins, and the pain would go away. I would finish by doing some stretching exercises, so the effect lasts longer.

  53. Rebecca Mondorff says:

    Apparently I am in a constant state of inflammation. Whenever I exercise I ache for days afterward, so I’ve begun to take two Zyflamend gelcaps in the morning with breakfast and two before bed at night. That keeps the inflammation under control for me. I also have myofascial release massage every other week to repair my fascia and help me to stay limber.

  54. Kym Samis says:

    What really works for me on any part of my body is a petrified slice of a tree. Yes. that’s right!. I just place it on the affected area for a few minutes. It is cold at first but by the time the pain eases off the the petrified stone or tree is quite warm.

    Amazing how the earth knows what we need!

  55. Renee Mack says:

    Tip No. 1:
    I discovered Crystals for drinking water. What has happened is that my drinking water has helped not only my back, but the rest of my body to be relieved of pain. If I start to feel an ache, particularly in my lower back, it is because I have not been drinking enough of this water. Now you might say “Well, that’s true for all water”. Not this water!! The crystals completely change the composition of your water and the taste is incredible. My husband and I miss it when we are out drinking other water.

    Tip No. 2.
    Aloe Vera Gel/Juice. Drinking a little twice a day – morning and night makes such a huge difference in my digestion. I truly believe it it healing the lining of my intestines. The result: elimination of pain that comes from improper digestion, toxins, etc. The aloe vera helps in detoxing. So with all of the stuff out their for cleansing, which can be expensive, this is the most economical way to detox, eliminate pain and have more energy. If I miss taking it, I feel the difference in my whole body.
    RESULTS: The combination of the two are extraordinary. I highly recommend.

  56. Russ says:

    I find that when I lie on my back while sleeping, that if my hips start hurting a bit, I put a pillow under my knees, (not the feet). Weird but the pain just melts away.

  57. Dana Raouf says:

    what works for me is moving about, just keep moving. Stretches are the key to decrease pain and improve flexibility. the more flexible and active you are the less painful you will become. I am a sufferer like everyone else. Wish everyone all the luck

  58. Chris M says:

    How about wiping out arthritis pain in your back by eating gin-soaked raisins? Actually this works for any type of Arthritic pain.

    1 lb golden raisins
    Gin (approximately 1 pint)
    Glass bowl (Pyrex is good — crystal is bad)
    Glass jar with lid

    Spread the golden raisins evenly on the bottom of the glass bowl and pour enough gin over them to completely cover. Let them stay that way until all the gin is absorbed. Occasionally stir the mixture to make sure all the raisins are covered. It may take 5 to 7 days.
    When the gin is absorbed, transfer the raisins to the jar, put the lid on and keep it closed. Do not refrigerate. Dosage: Each day, eat nine raisins — exactly and only nine raisins a day.
    In case you’re wondering, there’s almost no alcohol in the raisins by the time you start eating them. Darn.

  59. Dennis Robinson says:

    Try eliminating gluten (wheat & rye) from your diet and you may eliminate the pain. You may also eliminate other health problems. This is getting to be a frequent cause of health problems, pain, and inflammation.

  60. Yvonne says:

    Here’s another trick I use for tension anywhere in my back (I tend to have a knot in one shoulder blade and my lower back is VERY tight). I came across the “miracle ball method” (think 2 exercise balls the size of grapefruits). Comes with a small book on where to place balls, while lying on them. The idea is to just allow yourself to relax and sink into the balls. Hurts a bit at first, but after a few minutes, the muscles begin to relax. Very useful in helping me fall asleep. Great for traveling.

  61. Steve says:

    My mild lower back pain started during the middle of May 2009. I have not had a doctor to perform an xray on my back and hips yet due to circumstan-
    ces. I recently began taking the Heal ‘n’ Soothe tablets that I ordered from
    the Healthy Back Institute. I am finding these tablets to work if you take them on a regular basis. There is also another product I have been noticing
    in the newspaper called, Joint Flex. I recently purchased some Joint Flex,
    and am finding that it works as well if you take it on a consistent basis. My
    main concern now is finding the cause of my mild lower back pain which also
    spreads to my hips occasionally. I have not had a physician to take an xray
    of my back and hip as of yet due to circumstances. I also have an appoint-
    ment to see a physician next week about spinal decompression. This doctor
    posted an ad in the Chicago SunTime newspaper sometime back in July 2009
    about this procedure. He claims he is the only one who have this type
    of space age equipment to eliminate back pain altogether. I’ve always
    known and heard that astronauts lose all forms of pain when they go up
    into space. After he gives me a diagnosis of what is causing my pain, and
    if I decide to go through with the procedure, I will definitely share it on
    this website. Right now, I am trying my best to stay away from hospitals
    and therapists by doing all that I can to relieve my own pain.

  62. Susan Cagle says:

    I have a remedy for sitting in my desk chair at work and one for bedtime which is when the pain seems to be the worst. The desk chair is much like the one in Jesse’s video about proper posture when seated so I thank my Grandmother for making me a couple cylindrical shaped, firm pillows one of which stays om my desk chair to place behind the arch in my back while seated. It helps me sit up straight.
    My best bedtime remedy is to place my very thick, king size pillow under my knees while keeping the rest of my body fairly flat. The key seems to be the satin pillow case though. Really…I swear it makes a difference! My colleagues tell me there is nothing like an inversion table though so I can’t wait to try it out! Thank you.

  63. Bill Moser says:

    When you have a sore joint or muscle, or whatever, spray it with WD 40. The fish oils sink directly into the skin and the pain goes away almost immediately.

  64. Marlene Cooney says:

    Of course streching is the best overall future pain relief, but when I have an injury I take one of two enzyme products outside of food, they are vitalzyme, and or zymessence. I take 3 to 5, three times a day, for inflamation and the reduction of scar tissue. I also use relief which is an essential oil by native american nuturtionals, along with myo med.

  65. Brad says:

    Look – There are many, many, many “cures” out there for back pain. There are also many causes. After reading over the previous posts for your supposed “treatments”, only a couple really have any merit. I am a personal trainer, and have been receiving chiropractic care for 10 yrs(off-and-on, mind you). I have done in-depth studying on nutrition, strength training, and relaxation, and what it comes down do is this: 1. Back pain can come from a huge variety of sources – physical, mental, chemical. 2. Muscles move bones. And (most importantly) 3. Regardless of your mental, physical, or chemical stressors in life, I can 90% guarantee you, that I can reduce, or completely RELIEVE your back pain with a physical “treatment”. You see, most, if not all back pain is caused by muscle imbalances in the rest of the body( the hamstrings are the usual suspects, and yes, you have more than one hamstring! ) Our lifestyles’ are to blame for these muscle problems, but they CAN be remedied with MOVEMENT, NOT DRUGS!!! And different parts of the back should pursue different types of movement/strength!

  66. Jami says:

    For me, stretching is the most effective way to deal with back pain. It’s something I can do just about anywhere, it doesn’t require any special equipment, products,or clothing, there are no medical complications or contra-indications, and stretching can be used in conjunction with any other treatments. The best stretch is to lay on my back on the floor (or on the bed), and pull one leg straight up, gently, and hold for 5-10 seconds. Then stretch the other leg. Since that on isn’t something I would do at work, or school, or out in public, another stretch in a chair is almost as good. Sit straight up in a sturdy chair (a wood chair works well), cross one foot onto the other knee and bend over as far as is comfortable, keeping the back as straight as possible. These work great for me, and for everyone I have shared them with.

  67. Rana Mirkhan says:

    Hello , i have purchased from your site many items like the IR pack, the rub on relief jel, and the shaped back pillow, in addition to the lose the fat CD.
    I have used a combination of all in addition to stretching and back extension techniques like Mcckenzie technique ( because i am a physiotherapist) also with the use of the ulternative medicine like refloxology, accupressure,manipulation, and Sujok.
    All the above together helped to relieve my back pain.
    Thanks a lot and best regards.

  68. Terry Hartery says:

    4 things help me with my lower back pain. (1) when standing, don’t lock your legs. Bend your knees a little (2) when standing, distribute your weight so that it centred in the middle of your feet i.e. not on the balls or heel (3) when going upstairs, put your weight on the balls of your feet and go up with a slight spring (4) the same goes for walking. Try and walk on the balls of your feet with a spring in your step. Don’t walk on your heels.

  69. cameron says:

    i have found doing tai chi has helped me with back pain relief, along with accupuncture, stretching and taking glucosamine. when i found what the reason for my pain was (ecess curvature of spine in lumbar area) the stretches in particular became a great supplement to relieve my herniated disc/sciatic pain too

  70. Rev. Mike Reese says:

    I suffer from lumbar pain caused by a ruptured disc, 3 bulging (inward) discs, a narrowing of the spinal cord opening, and floating bone chips pressing into nerves in and around my spinal cord. My pain is relieved through a combination of pain medicines, and my wife pulling in a tractive effort on each of my legs, then slowly raising my legs in a locked knee position until I can not stand the pain in the rear muscles of that leg. She then applies a muscle relaxant called “Banalg” liberally on both my legs and back. After this, she then puts a thin towel on my back and applies a large refrigerated gel cold pak to my lumbar area for about 20-30 minutes.
    I rest for another 30 minutes, and I am ready to go for the day.
    Rev. Mike Reese

  71. Kathleen says:

    I was in a horrific car wreck many years ago and have suffered back pain since the early 80’s as a result. Some doctors just tell me to go see a Chiropractor which did not help and others just say massage. What I have found to bring relief is bicycle riding daily, going to the park and lying upside down on the monkey bars until I can no longer stand it (My own form of inversion without the table), and I do this daily…just a few minutes works wonders. And at night I use Tamanu oil on the Sciatic area of my back to relieve the pain all night so I can sleep. I do have a memory foam mattress on my bed and leg support pillows as well. And a nice calf muscle massage at the salon and even one of those machines for feet and calf muscles I use now and again. But the bicycle and hanging upside down seems to be the best so I can get through the day and the Tamanu oil on the Sciatic nerve for night. I have also tried the Leg rest pills that are available online as well and they help some. But the exercise and hanging upside down seems to do the trick for me. Otherwise, the doctors just keep prescribing meds that don’t really seem to help other than keeping one doped up.
    Thank you for allowing me to share.

  72. Alba says:

    Turmeric Capsules seem to be helping my random aches and pains (including mild arthritis in one hand)….

    Stretching my lower back every morning using Petrone’s “Miracle Balls” has prevented my normal winter bout of severe lower back pain for about two winters straight now– and helped me recover much quicker than usual from my last bout thee winters ago.

    Also I have just been turned on to the Upledger Still Point Inducer and it WORKS! Promoting relaxation, loosening tight muscles in my neck and shoulders and elimination of tension headaches. On those few days a month that I stress out reviewing a million reports on the computer at work, when I usually suffer so much and tighten up terribly which usually leads to headaches– a couple sessions a day with the Still Point Inducer have prevented my usual headaches and hunched over discomfort– I’m a believer!

    And, of course, the best all-round remedy– moderate exercise– hard to remember when I’m sluggish and out of sorts, but a 20 minute core strength floor workout and/or 20 minutes on the elliptical does wonders for my mood, and decreases my sensitivity to all the aches and pains.

  73. Susan Nicosia says:

    I take liquid glucosamine 2000 mg,chondroitin 1200mg, msm 500mg. All joints including back pain is better. I also include about 4oz of fresh pineapples a day. I exercise lumbar area. All seem to help my back be stronger. I am training for a marathon and my back takes a lot of pounding, however this seems to help.


    As a personal trainer, I and my clients constantly suffer with one niggling injury or another; my approach is holistic, rule nothing out or in! Back pain is probably the most common affliction. Generally R.I.C.E. is not appropriate.
    Most afflictees shy away from STRETCHING, yet stretching is a fundamental of health and fitness. One of my clients has a degenerative disc disorder; my approach, in consultation with a physiotherapist friend of mine was initially hanging from a chin-up bar, creating an overall stretch to the spine. This in conjunction with modified back extensions, basic yoga-orientated exercises and the use of a recumbent bike greatly improved the condition. This 23 years old lady is now back playing competitive hockey. In relation to tangible aids, my studies have indicated that the use of certain over the counter muscle balms are carcinogenic in nature; litigation entails that I can’t elaborate. A safe, effective remedy is Tiger Balm, commonly used by Thai Boxers, kickboxers and ME! Tiger balm is made from natural products with none of the nasty possibilities associated with chemically-produced balms.
    Works for me!

  75. Erick says:

    Arnica ointment has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve pain and swelling.

  76. Linda B says:

    I have had back pain from 5 fractured vertabrae from an auto accident over 30 years ago. I now have arthritis in my back. I was recently introduced to concentrated Montmorency cherry juice. Along with doing my normal exercise routine (run in the am, stretching and resistance traning in the pm) I take 2 tablespoons a day. The cherry juice has made an amazing difference.

  77. Keith Wein says:

    My pinched nerve on the left side of my neck flares up 2-3 times a year with stress sending pain into my shoudler blade and my arm to my index finger.

    I will apply an ice pack for about 10 minutes then lay on my back on my bed with my head stretched as far as possible toward the opposite side(toward the right shoulder) and with my chin turned toward the pain(to the left). If I have to, I brace my neck in that position and lay still for a minimum of 10 minutes, usually more like 30 minutes. Sometimes I will fall asleep in that position which really allows the tissues to relax.

    Nutritionally, I use Valerian and Passiflora for relaxinf muscles and to help sleep and Turmeric with digestive/proteolytic enzymes(Bromelain and such) for inflammation.

    It is the SUSTAINED stretching that I advocate.

  78. Sonya says:

    When I was a teenager, I started working for 4 months a year at a factory. I did the same repetitive work for 6 years in a row, and it ruined my back, especially the lower back. Since then I have developed pain in my entire back, shoulders, neck, and hips. Also, now I get severe headaches from the tension in my back. I am now 31 and I am not looking forward to pain the rest of my life! HELP!

    Some things I’ve tried over the years and give temporary relief are as follows:

    1. Lying on the floor with my feet propped up on a chair or couch (so long as it allows the knees to be at 90 degrees. I find this to be very relaxing for my back, so sometimes I’ll lie there for a while and read a book!

    2. Before going to bed I use something called Rub-A-535, which soothes the muscles and allows me to relax enough to be able to sleep. Sometimes I will wake up during the night, turn over, and have several vertebrae pop into place. Then I usually sleep better.

    3. This solution will seem very odd. Sometimes my hips will go out, and it is painful to sit, to stand, to lie down, anything! What I found sometimes works is to climb up onto a big chest freezer and lie down on it with one leg hanging over the side. I keep my leg straight and let it fall down the side very slowly and carefully. Then I swap and let the other leg hang over the side.

    4. Another thing that has helped with the hips is having a small pillow (or a stuffed animal works) between my knees when I’m sleeping.

    5. When I get that sharp pain in my chest (I think it’s caused by a rib being out of place, but I’m not sure) I have 2 solutions. First I lie on my back on the bed with my head hanging over the side and my arms over my head. I slowly allow myself to slide over the side using my arms to stop me from landing on my head. If that doesn’t work, I sit on a hard-backed chair. With my right hand on my left leg I twist my upper body toward the left as far as I can and hold for a few seconds. Then I do it the other way (opposite hand and leg, etc).

    6. I have tried an inversion table… ONCE… and I loved it! It was incredible! Some friends have one, but they live several hours away. Since trying their table I have longed for an inversion table of my own. Unfortunately, money has been tight for the past 2 years and I just haven’t been able to afford one.

    Thanks, Jesse, for this contest. Lots of great ideas and advice here!

  79. Sherry says:

    After a long day, and my back and legs are throbbing with muscle pain and numbness in my leg, i get my hand held massager and put it on medium speed, and start at the arch of my foot and work it up & down my leg, my back, shoulders and down the other side of my body, it’s amazing how different my whole body feel afterwards, so relaxed and i can move soo much quicker, and better..Try it!!

  80. LORRAINE says:


  81. Dan Janosek says:

    I found a postion that relaxes all the back muscles.I lay on the floor with my legs on a chair[bent at the knees] and pushing my butt as close to the chair as possible.Just lay back and relax.

  82. Linda says:

    Apple Cider vinegar. Plain, straight from the bottle – one big swig a day……………couldn’t be easier. And if anyone has a tip for stopping the gagging after a week, it would be much appreciated (mixing it with honey doesn’t work) 😛

  83. Katie Parker says:

    When I can’t get to town to go to the chiropractor and my back hurts, I use my tennis balls. I put two tennis balls in a sock and tied the sock so they are pushed in the toe tightly together. I lay on the floor with the balls on either side of my spine and lay still for about 15 seconds, then roll it down a vertebre and keep doing that until I get up to my neck. It really relieves the stiffness of the muscles in my back and the pain is greatly minimized for a day or so.

  84. Pat says:

    Most all back pain is CAUSED by muscle imbalances some where in the body.
    SLM bodywork is the best method I know of to remove these imbalances.

  85. Benny Lo says:

    I got sciatica two months ago. I feel much better now. I found I felt better when I was doing the following items:
    1. Doing stretching in the morning and at night according your back pain condition everyday
    2. Putting heat pad on the defective areas of the spine when going to sleep
    3. Remaining the proper posture when sitting and lying at all times
    4. Taking pain killer drugs prescribed by doctor
    5. Walking, biking, and swimming are good for regaining your body
    6. Rolling on your back and front of your body with a big Yoga’s ball I found a great stretch for the spine

    I hope it could give your some ideas to relieve your back pain. Good Luck!

  86. Yasmin says:

    Close your eyes breathe in and out slowly, concentrate on your breathing until you feel a little relaxed then think of something good that happend to you or something that good that you did, or something that you would like to do and how. Picture all this in your mind relaxing with a pillow under your back, breathing in and out slowly. Also apply a menthol ointment lightly and put a heat pack on the pillow which is under you back. Do not lie completely flat, lift the upper back a little and raise your knees up and this will ease the pain.

  87. Will Rogers says:

    I have arthritis in both index fingers and at times i can hardly move them especially first thing in the morning, what i use is cinnamon and honey. I heat up a cup of water and put in 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon let it seep for about 30 to 45 minutes, then add 1 full teaspoon honey mix well and drink. It is best if you can get your honey locally. This must be taken first thing in the morning on a empty stomach, and do not eat any thing for at least 1/2 hour. I don’t have to take this every day but when my fingers hurt i take it, generally i take it for 4 or 5 days in a row then stop until they hurt again. It supposed to work well for losing weight also.

  88. Lurline Halliman says:

    I’v suffered from lower back pain for over 17 years. Pain sometimes becomes extremely severe, to the point where I feel I want to pass out. On one occasion I was unable to walk straight for 3 days. The most effective pain relief for my back is ice. I regularly lie directly on two or three trays of ice in a plastic bag, for 1/2 hour periods, at nights. I am usually new the following day. I sometimes use along with the ice, over the counter applications sucha Radian B, Tiger Balm, and Ice gels. All these are excellent.

    Recently I have been having a problem with bad pains and sensations in my hands (the entire length from shoulder to palm). On two occasions I cut open Aloe Vera blades and apply the gel directly to the entire lenght of my hand and massge it in until it dried and both times my hand felt instantly normal – no pain, no discomfort.

  89. Pam says:

    I have occasional lower back pain and have found that placing a pillow under my knees when I go to bed helps. It lifts the knees just enough to relieve pressure on the lower back. I mostly sleep on my back, but do sometimes turn on my right side. When on my side, the pillow goes between my knees which helps as well.

  90. Rina says:

    The cat stretch feels wonderful and really eases an aching back. Position yourself on your hands and knees (do this on the bed if your knees are sensitive and place your hands no wider than the width of your shoulders). Inhale as you lift your head to look up as far as it is comfortable, while you let your back “sag” into a reverse arch. Now exhale as you drop your head, tucking in your chin to your chest, and arch your back as far as you feel comfortable. Do this a few times. It’s simple, safe and works wonders for me.

  91. Sherlei Lestarjette says:

    I use pure Peppermint and Eucalyptus combined with coconut oil rub wherever I hurt works like a champ.. I am a licensed Massage Therapist and use them in my practice. It is not uncommon for people to come to me hunched over in pain they do not leave that way.:-)

  92. Norma Goldberger says:

    Stretch daily. Never ever stop the simple stretching exercises for the part of your body that hurt. In my case it’s for the lower back and also for the rotator cuff. Stretching doesn’t eliminate pain but it seems to stop it from getting worse and may make daily movement much more tolerable.

  93. Blazena says:

    I have been suffering of the pain related to herniated discs, subluxation, and sciatica for several months. Almost everything what I tried to ease the pain was already said above – stretching, ball exercises, different kinds of oils and pain relievers like turmeric and bromelain. drinking lots of water. etc.

    What worked best for me was: stretching exercises, lying on the hard floor and when the pain was almost unbearable – ice packs 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off three times per one session on the area of the herniated discs. I still feel pain in my left leg and I am going to try some suggestions of other people they posted here at your site.

    I believe the conversion table will help me a lot, but my circumstances do not allow me to buy one. Hope to win!!

    Thanks everybody for sharing your tips and to you Jessie for allowing it happen.

  94. nirmala says:

    I was having generalised back pain and I had vitamin E 400 twice a day and a handful of almonds. I also did yoga (the Bhujang asana ) and drank 8 glasses of water a day and my back pain vanished .

  95. Lisa Bowen says:

    As a Bowen (NST) Therapist I strongly recommend Bowen Therapy to create the right environment to realign the body. I also highly recommend increasing water intake & possibly salt (we live in a very hot climate) & stretching.
    As pain has it’s origins in emotion, it’s always worth exploring what’s going on in your life at the time of pain or past issues.

  96. Gale Marchand says:

    The greatest long term solutions I have seen for back pain are Pilates, Pilates Reformer, Core Strengthening, Yoga and stretches. Pilates works alot with body alignment and posture as well as strengthening the core which includes the back. Those seeking help be sure to find a qualified certified Pilates Instructor or Personal Trainer with pilates training.

  97. Maurice Smith says:

    I have a friend who is taller than I am. He lifts me and does a good squeeze. He stops when he hears the POP! He, also, props up his leg, I sit in front of it and he pulls my shoulders back. Until (you guessed it) POP! This is cheaper than going to a massage therapist or chiropractor.

    Thank God for Friends!!!

  98. linda says: says:

    I have low back and neck pain for years. I walk on my treadmill everyday
    and do lots of stretches help. I also use a heating pad when the pain
    gets unbearable because the heating pad seems to get the circulation
    going. My advise to people who are suffering with back pain is as long
    as you are not in a wheelchair get out their and exercise. It has to be
    part of your life and must be done everyday along with lots of stretches.
    But what really works is your frame of mind: and thank got you are not
    fighting off CANCER…………………….

  99. vinny says: says:

    I have been struggling with neck pain for several years now and find
    exercise and stretching help. Must do this everyday. Frame of mind
    helps. I have lost several friends and family to cancer and I thank god
    I am not battling cancer.

  100. sandy smith says:

    An obvious one really, those marvelous gel pads that heat up when applied to the painful area. When I use them the heat remains for 12 hours which I find very helpful. I also walk alot in good trainers (MBT’s) which also seems to help. The thick soles on the MBT’s seems to cushion my back whilst walking.

  101. Sandy Anderson says:

    I have grade 1 spondylolisthesis and am awaiting surgery to my L5 & S1 but in the interim I am taking pilates reformer classes to help strengthen my core and it seems to help with the pain in my lower back but unfortunately I still cannot sit for any length of time.

  102. Horace Busch says:

    Quite simply, 30 years ago when I first hurt my back, I had already purchased a Craftmatic bed for comfort and massage. When I hurt my back several months after that purchase, it became my greatest source of pain relief. Being able to sleep in a reclined position really helps. Now, 30 years later, I’ve replaced that bed with an up to date version. It has been a great help. I hate to get up in the mornings and often watch movies and sports in that bed.

  103. Anthony Ciccarelli says:

    I twisted my knee and because of the favoring of that leg, I started to get sciatic in the other leg. I finally got relief from this condition by using ice on my knee and then applying a cream called Algaea – X. The cream reduces the inflammation in the joints and there are no side effects. The doctor told me to take large doses of aspirin but there are side effects with that procedure. I have used this cream on my shoulder and I can now move it in a normal manner. My friends who have used the cream rave about it. My chiropractor said that he noticed that my back seems to stay in place better since I have been using Algaea – X.

  104. John Plischke says:

    My sister, who is three years older than me, asked me some time back if I awoke each morning with back pain. I told her that even after purchasing a new mattress and box spring that I also had back pains.

    Sometime after, I recall a Doctor on TV who suggested a longer than normal pillow between the legs would allign the back and you would not have back pain like before.

    I am a “pillow hugger” anyway, so what is one more pillow.

    Guess what?

    I no longer awake to back pain after years of suffering.

    Go ahead! Give another pillow a chance.

    Thank God for pillows.

    Regards, John Plischke

  105. Vickie Sharkey says:

    I find that exercising in bed is the answer for me. Due to a bad knee I cannot get down on the floor but I can exercise, doing all of the physical therapy exercises, in bed. I do leg lifts and other assorted exercises. thank you

  106. Lisa says:

    I have sciatica and scoliosis, both of which can affect my back immensely. Quitting my job would help, but it’s not an option.

    Therefore, drinking water to stay hydrated. Also always take a multivitamin. When in pain the Child’s Pose and the Cobra do help alot. As well if you find you can’t move due to sciatica, walk on your toes. My pain comes from when I’m standing on my heel.

  107. mindy says:

    I find that putting on quiet gentle music that I like, and lying in bed, and gently stretching, moving with my breath, flowing smooth movements that are not trying to achieve any special intensity, just flow and listening to how my body can move with ease. Bit by bit, the back frees.

  108. Asya says:

    Anything that is hot: Baths with sea salts, sauna, electrical back warmer. NO ICE. (This helps me with the pain as a result of my back surgery) Also very important – STRECHING- yoga, and lying on the floor with my legs up in such a way that my pelvis is not touching the ground (5 minutes every day).

  109. Maria-Nita says:

    Positive thinking is one of the best pain relief for me. I suffer from migraine sometimes and when an attack comes I always think of the good and care free times I had as a teenager. I find this very relaxing so naturally it eases the pain away. Being out in nature, among the flowers and shrubs, listening to the sounds of nature, especially flowing streams or rivers are marvellous ways to ease pain.

  110. David Billings says:

    Cheers for this guys, aside from the competition it’s an excellent way of sourcing possible remedies. I do agree that finding the root cause of the problem is key and for me I now realise I have a BTP which is why I seem to have peramnently tight hamstrings. I am suffering acute pain at the moment and am on a course of anti inflamatory, anti muscle spazam and pain killers to relax my lower back and susequent sciatica. Having tried pilates previously I would fully recommend some form of regular core stabalizing exercises but unfortunatly for me I let it slide and once the pain has subsided I’ll be doing both pilates and the exercises outline in your manual.

    I have found in the past that for minor twinges and aching in my lumbar region that soaking a tea towl in cold water folding it into a rectangle and then placing it in a towel which you then wrap around the affected region and then getting into a warm bed for 15-20 mins repeating up to 4 times a day really helps. The cold reduces the inflamation whilst the warmth encourages blood to flow through the affected area and speeds up the healing process. Also I’m a great believer in hypnosis as a way of enabling yourself to stay positive and to block out the stresses of modern day life which affects us more than most realise.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  111. Elizabeth Syms says:

    I have a few things that I do. I exercise regularly, both cardio and strength training. I also stretch a few times during the day, upper and lower back, some are yoga moves that I have learned over the years such as back and forward bends and twists. Also, I have found that if I sleep entirely on my stomach, I find that my lower back hurts a lot when I wake. I try to minimize that kind of sleeping when I can and prop myself up on a couple of pillows, which takes the pressure off my lower back.

  112. Leonard Thornton says:

    Practicing deep relaxation and mindfulness, being present with the pain, can oftentimes be very helpful. I’ve also found EFT–Emotional Freedom Technique–to be very helpful, particularly dealing with the blocked emotions behind the pain; emotions are generally always there, and may even be the primary cause. Another technique, called The Emotion Code, is also great at releasing the emotions behind the pain.
    I also find working with magnets and magnetic therapy can bring great relief.

  113. Allen says:

    First and foremost your entire body needs to be strong. Either get some exercise that engages the entire body or a engage in a sporting activity that doesn’t require you to favor one side of the body.

    Next, at work, if you are required to sit, move your body. Stand up and walk as much as possible.

    Stretch, everyday. This doesn’t mean you have to go crazy but make certain the legs, particularly the hamstrings, face, neck and lower back are as relaxed as possible. Stretching, a few minutes of actively relaxing the facial and neck muscles really helps. Remember, your body is one unit.

    Lose weight and work on keeping the abdominals as strong as possible. I don’t do a ton of direct abdominal work but I do whenever I think about it, tense my stomach like a body builder. The stength that I’ve added to my abdominals has alleviated the pain and sciatica I used to suffer with.

    Once you’ve established the above, start using kettlebells. Nothing has done the job of increasing the strength and flexibility in my back better than kettlebells. Again nothing fancy, just light swings and build from there. It will become a healthy addiction and it doesn’t take more than a half hour to get a fantastic workout.

  114. Sandra says:

    Meditate, opening up th chakras!

  115. Tamra bourret says:

    I take 12 15mg of calcium &115 of magnesium. 6 in the
    morning 6 in the evening.
    IMPORTANT: supplement must be chelated or this amount of
    magnesium will cause diarrea.

  116. Rick says:

    20 yrs ago I blew out a disc at L4/L5 and chunks of it showed up (MRI)jammed just below it stuck against the sciatic nerve where it is the narrowest between the vertibrae leaving the spine, it left me with 20% leg strenght both legs. since then i have been in chronic pain, both from the bulge and from the chunks. I lived at the chiro office 3 to 5 times/week and was scared to go any place as i could not sit long in any vehicle.
    I can now travel and love it, by turning the electric seat heat on, and the air conditioner on if i get too hot. the heat seems to help circulation.
    I now use an inversion table, crunches, sit ups, and stretches. (hopefully to get the chunks out the way they went in) an exercise ball for core strenght,and Valarian to sooth nerves and help sleep.
    I also use a rolled up small blanket and lay on it on the floor with it along my spine, to stretch and relax, then roll off of it, and lay on the floor and do a couple of gentle crunches, this ussually gives a couple of snaps and some relief.
    I recently started the healthy back program, and I just bought a memory foam bed.
    I am looking forward to being totally pain free.

  117. Capildeo Maharaj says:

    There are some good remedies above, which i do from time to time, but as all back pain people, but I will list a remedy for the times when you get that acute pain where u can’t move freely as normal-: lie face down on a firm bed and have your sprouse apply oil along your spine, after this using one finger past it along either side of the spine pressing a little firm depending on how much you can tolerate to feel where the muscle/ligament joints to the spine. When you do this, you will definitely find some muscles which are protruding, these muscles are protruding because they have become “knotted up” and are in spasms, let her gently rub all these protruions using a mentol oitment until they gradually disappear, I guranttee that your pain will be almost gone, have this done a few times.

  118. Daren Keller says:

    I agree there is so many could things above that work. But I have come across if you stretch out on the carpeted floor and do YOGA exercise nice and slow and allow your body to stretch back in to place, I found a little relaxing music helps to try to become stress free.

  119. cathy wood says:

    I was overwhelmed with the fear that my back might suddenly go into spasm and i would be stuck alone and in severe pain.I suffered an anxiety attack. I realised that I need to overcome my spinal pain mentally as well as physically, so I decided to return to meditation that I learned over 15 years ago. keeping my mind healthy and believing and realising that i can get help from the exercise strategies from “lose the back pain” videos and literature has supported me through a life crisis, when all I could think of was my back pain!I have come round to a belief and trust that my lifestyle changes and daily lose the back pain exercises are taking me on the road to recovery and full health . thankyou.

  120. Richard Gordon says:

    Relief of Sciatic pain from a herniated disk:

    1) Naproxen to alleviate the immediate pain and Glucosamine/Chondroitin Sulfate to feed the injured cartilage(disk), both taken with food.

    2) Visiting a really good Physio-Therapist. (To increase knowledge of the body, receive therapeutic treatments and also discusss potential therapies).

    3) INFLAMMATION! : Educate yourself as to the foods, postures/physical practices and natural substances that increase and decrease inflammation. Especially, have a pharmacopoeia of anti-inflammatory herbs on hand — use them liberally as needed and note increases and/or decreases in mobility and pain levels.

    4) Enjoy Life. Remember the old adage: “Time heals all wounds”!

  121. Tim says:

    I use a simple paste made from 90,000 heat unit capsicum. Just mix it up til it is sticky and rub it on the area where the muscle tightness is bothersome. EXERCISE that area:

    Example: I have a great deal of lower back pain due to a rear-end collision in 1981. I rub the tight muscles on the lower back with the mixture (sometimes in wrap it with an inexpensive belt – one with magnets works best) and then go out and walk. I walk til I break a sweat due to exertion and continue to walk til I break a sweat when the muscles ‘release’ (rarely is it the other way around). That relieves the pain.

    I also AVOID muscle pain with the use of Calcium and get rid of those nagging cramps – DiCalcium Phosphate almost immediately relieves those nagging calf, foot and shin cramps that awaken me at night. I toddle to the kitchen, chew up a few and walk comfortably back to bed.

    Calcium Carbonate (dolomite) does wonders to prevent muscle aches and pains from occurring (calcium citrate does as well, but it is not as effective and costs more to use). I can work on the farm ALL DAY (load bales, dig stumps, etc.) with NO muscle pain at all. Takes a bit of testing to see how much one needs to use. Doesn’t seem to make any difference the brand as long as it is good quality stuff.

    I hope this helps folks. Inexpensive and effective

  122. Justin says:

    My best tip works wonders for my pain which is usually in my hips or upper back.

    It’s great because you can do it almost anywhere. All you need is a couch.

    Find a couch with a nice rounded arm and simply lay your back on the arm with your feet on the floor next to the couch and lean back over the couch. It’s like a backward bend and an inversion table in one and it gives me relief I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. You can bend at the lower back, upper back, any place that hurts. It lets your spine decompress and it kind of massages your back muscles at the same time.

    Not only does it decompress the spine, but it stretches your abs and hip flexors which if tight can cause people (like me) lots of trouble.

    If you give this a shot you’ll be hooked. I have my brother and several friends all doing it and one time recently we were all in my brother’s apartment and without even realizing it or talking about it I noticed that we’re all on different pieces of couch arm doing it and grunting/groaning.

    If you get into it you will become a couch arm connoisseur. You will walk into homes and before anything else you’ll scan the living room for arms and be surprised when the lady of the house is ticked you’re using her fancy furniture as your own massage table.

  123. maxine yee says:

    One day while reading in 1992 my neck suddenly had a very sharp pain that wouldn’t go away. Immediately I went to see a chiropractor. He suggested six months treatment three times a week. It helped to relief the pain a little, but the neck pain was still there. Then followed all kinds of alternative treatments, including, physical therapy, acupuncture, messages, chinese herbs, qigong. The best solution as it turns out was sleeping on a neck roll instead of a pillow. I also tried all different types of expensive pillows. It took awhile to get used to sleeping on a neck roll. When I travel, I roll a bath towel. Since this tip, I’ve had very few instances of neck pain. Of course the problem, a degenerative disc is still there, but relieving the stress on the supporting muscles and ligaments around the neck/shoulder helps to avoid triggering the pain.

  124. Eloah says:

    While there are many great tips being offered here, exercise, stretching in particular seems to be the one that is most prevalent. I couldn’t agree more. Of course, no two of us have the exact same problem, so therefor what helps some may not help others. One tip that I haven’t seen here is drinking Noni juice. It is a miracle from Hawaii, I believe. It does taste terrible, but it so helps. It is supposedly nearly as effective as morphine! Can be purchased at health food stores, I believe. I get mine on-line from Dr. Richard Becker’s site (Bioinnovations).

  125. Dorothy Smith says:

    My best tip is for when you need to make sure not to get inflamed after doing a heavier workout like running or walking a long distance or sometimes riding a couple of horses. I run an ice cold bath up to just above my hips and even though it’s not my idea of wonderful fun, I soak for about 10 minutes. Then use ice packs as needed overnight. The ice bath really makes a huge difference though and for people, who want to do more on occasion, it gives you the freedom to exercise without being in severe pain the next day.

  126. lucy says:

    the way I get relief from my back pain is I go swimming, and then the hot tub and the bubbles from the hot tub relieve alot of pain, when I am at home I put my feet up and don’t let them dangle because that puts pressure on the back I do alot of different massages to also relieve the pain and I rotate between heat and cold that does the trick for me

  127. Dawn says:

    I find the one thing that helps relax my back muscles is “Kava” you can buy it in specialty stores… it is used widely in pacific islands (fiji, samoa, tonga).

    the root of the plant is dried then pounded into a powder form, you can buy it in small bags.. by placing 2-3 bags in a muslin bag and immersing it in a basin of water… making sure to mix it and squeeze the muslin bag a few times…. remove bag and you can drink it in half or quarter cupfuls….

    in the islands a few friends sit around and catch up while drinking kava… only need about 3 of these to start to feel the effects, your tounge gets tingly and body relaxes…. i know they sell the kava tablet but it is not the same… not as good as the kava root….

    also i use a mixture of pure coconut oil and tiger balm and a small amount of brown sugar (about 1 tbsp) to rub on back…. the combination of the smooth oil, the warm sensation of the tiger balm and the roughness of the sugar is amazing…..

    once you have been massaged for about 10-20 min you can sit in a warm tub/bath, or even a nice warm shower … the coconut oil makes your skin feel amazing!!! and you so feel relaxed.

    what i do after that is drink some green tea with lots of freashly grated ginger inside….. and then before bed do a few stretches and i have a really good sleep….

    the kava and ginger are both muscle relaxers and combined with the massage and tea all ensure i get a better sleep….
    hope this helps, as i know how painful this can be!!!

    i read earlier post of someone hanging on a jungle gym?…. will have to try that one, similar to an inversion table i guess….

  128. Erik Ross says:

    I have found that drinking tea made with flax seed and ginger root helps alot f0r night time pain followed by warm milk for the tryptophan effect.
    I also have a tense unit that I use for 20 minutes on 9.5 and that gives me 45 minutes or so of releif which enables me too stretch and do a walking and weights oriented excircise regiment. After 45 minutes or so I have to use the tense machine again if I need relief though.
    Dont like the idea of constant voltage to my tissue.

  129. Karen says:

    All the tips I’ve read so far have been great and I’ll try all. I have Fm.. One syndrome I had was restless leg symdrome RLS.. A Friend told me I should put a bar of Ivory soap under my bottom sheet by the legs ..guess what 1 no more restless one knows why it works,but it does try it ehat do you have to lose {sleepless nites}

  130. Mike Ralph says:

    The proper use of a Pain Gone Pen will relieve most aches & pains; especially if used on acupuncture points correctly

  131. Robin Rodgers says:

    As a Reg Natural Health practitioner I see many clients who have back pain and using Kinesology muscle testing I find the inbalanced muscle and using the method of Aquarian Healing ( I correct these inbalances. As I am also a qualified Homotoxicologist I give the body anti inflamatory remedies. I am still amazed with the results that I obtain not to mention the client!

  132. Radica says:

    I had back pain for years where I could not bend my back and raise with ease. I had acupuncture done in order to relief this pain. Now I can bend my back with ease and without pain. Right now I am going through PMS and have back pains on and off. What I use to get relief is massaging my back & abdomen with Navratna oil – 100% Herbal oil. This is good for relief, relaxation and rejuevenation. I also use Fast Relief – this is another herbal pain relief ointment. Right now I am interested in helping my husband with a hip joint pain. When he gets this pain he cannot move, and perspire in beads. Any suggestion, please let me know. Thanks.

  133. Suzanne Brown says:

    Anti-inflamitory juice: Decaf green tea, 6 bags with a galon of water, boil with a 1/2 cup of coursly chopped ginger root. Cool or drink warm. If you like tea it works fantastic! Also, traction! (or similarily, inversion I think would really help but never been fortunate to try 🙁

    When you are in constant pain you really will try anything, going to try mustard right now! Thanks for sharing everyone & keep your chins up!

  134. Mohammed Arsalaan AHMED says:


  135. Mohammed Arsalaan AHMED says:


  136. Sarah Jackson says:

    Hungarian mud. Some amazing stuff.

  137. Christine says:

    Hi there,I have suffered pain from varicose veins since l was 10 yrs of age. After having my 9th child l suffered from DVTs plus plebitis and everything else that comes from having varicose veins. For 13yrs after my daughters birth l have been wearing those horrible thick bandages just to keep the blood flow going in my leg. In the last few months l started taking Herberlifeline Omega3 tabs. and am almost pain free for the 1st time in many years. I am now able to walk without pain and can leave of wearing the bandages. Yeah!!!. I also suffer from arthritis and find that rubbing in Vicks VapoRub into the areas relieves the pain especially my shoulders at night.

  138. Christine says:

    Hi My best back pain relief is to massage the area with Vicks Vaporub(Menthol and Eucalyptus oil) and to press the area that hurts the most to release the tension.

  139. Kelly says:

    I have a herniated disc at L4-5. Deep water workouts work great for me. Wearing a flotation vest allows your lower body to hang suspended in the water and feels great. I also purchased a memory foam mattress. Feels great, I get a much more restful sleep.

  140. eric kelly says:

    I have an extra bone in my lower back and will never get rid of pain.

  141. Janet Stevenson says:

    Two men have played an important role in my life and relief from back pain. The first is my chiropracter in Kingston,Dr. Richard Medora and the second can be found in the videos sent out by Jesse Canone. The exercise suggestions, thegentle manipulation, heat, massage and application of pressure on the trigger points allowed the ease of pain and with in came proper body alignment. Placing the muscles in alignment was obviously another must in relieving pain. The orthopaedic surgeon simple put created the atmosphere and thought suggestions, if you find something that gives you relief, if it works for you then use it! Surgery is not always the answer and there are nu guarantees in tha scenarion either.

  142. Lianawati Setioputro says:

    the result of MRI that I took on 4th July 2009 are below:
    -Large posterior prostrusion of L5/S1 disc, causing central canal stenosis and obliteration of the left anterolateral recess, with the protruded disc compressing the left S1 nerve root.
    -Mild central canal stenosis at L3/L4 and L4/L5 levels due to disc bulge and facet joint disease.
    -Left posterolateral fissures of the L3/L4 and L4/L5 discs.
    both the doctor and the Chiropractor suggested me to swim to improve my back!
    so I did swimming and to my surprise one of the two fingers on my left foot which used to be numb is healed! I know that the Inversion table can help but I can’t afford to buy one! as our finance are getting very tough! our two of three kids are now in the College!
    after experiencing the improvement of my fingers which is related to my back problem, I’ve been sharing this wonderful solution of swimming for the goodness of your back to all of my friends!

  143. Janet Stevenson says:

    Two men have played an important role in my life and relief from back pain. The first is my chiropractor in Kingston,Dr. Richard Medora and the second can be found in the videos sent out by Jesse Canone. The exercise suggestions, the gentle manipulation, heat, massage and application of pressure on the trigger points allowed the ease of pain and with it came proper body alignment. Placing the muscles in alignment was obviously another must in relieving pain.I then began to follow Jesse’s exercise suggestions to maintain relief between visits to Richard. The orthopaedic surgeon agreed with the atmosphere and thought suggestions, if you find something that gives you relief, if it works for you, then use it! Surgery is not always the answer and there are no guarantees in that scenario either. This man had opened his vision to include the other medical disciplines in our health fields.

  144. Bala says:

    Ice application over the back will help us to get rid of back pain without any side effects

  145. Rebecca Cannon says:

    I love tea tree! It will minimuze pain, prevent a bruise if you get it on soon enough, and is antiseptic. Add lavender for a calming variation. I used to say, only half jokeingly, if I can’t fix it with tea tree the next stop is the emergency room.

  146. Tony Deane says:

    – INFLAMMATION caused by arthritis or injury which causes more pain then you think,like having 1 day without fluid swelled joints and 1 with, the difference of pain level is noticeably different. You feel like a new person after sleeping with this on your painful spot, even if you’ve got no swelling at sore point this pulls fluid from deep into tissue where you can’t see swelling with naked eye.
    – INGREDIENTS AND HOW TO USE; you need a bag of rock washing soda, a pair of stockings and using 1 leg you tip in enough to make yourself something similar to a hot wheat PK to cover troubled joint lets say knee, you make it about 2 inches thick and wrap it all the way around it or what ever part your doing then strap it on with bandage and sleep with it overnight,once morning the rock washing soda will be hard, stiff and just 1 big chrystal so you throw it away and get some more and repeat when swelling and pain returns.U’ll feel so nimble i used this on lower back after butchered surgery and 3 to4 times a week for next 5 years.Get items at local supermarket $10.00
    – PRICE;Compare a cheap brand of stockings an a bag of washing soda to a visit to docs then chemist, price of useless drugs that only give you other medical probs. To this excellent home remedy that took me 15 years an round $25000.00 later to stumble across this;when at docs I find out who’s on anti-inflammatory tabs an tell them bout this and have made many people happy. If irratation occurs put barrier cream on 1st get straight to bed an sleep fast i find sleepers help me through when doing this as i sleep on my back.Feel like superman when i wake though.
    – I’ve suffered with severely acute chronic debilitating pain for 27 years so far and still haven’t found any relief bar emptying my wallet for yet another empty promise or scam. If something is garenteed to work why not offer free 6 month trial of product and if it works then we pay for it an buy it.Also will be happy to pay for shipping or any mail charges.

  147. George C. Reid says:

    Keeping my back limber has been of great help to me, and seeing my chiropractor when absolutely necessary. New to me though, was some very serious lower left leg pain, which I finally found out was sciatic nerve pain due to my lower back. After researching, with the help also of “lose the back pain” I started to do stretching to the left and right. That is bending slowly,and carefully each way from a upright position, hand over head and bending sideways, so that my left hand would reach approx. to the side of my left knee, and then doing likewise with my right side. Then a backward bend holding my hands behind my head for support of my neck, and bending backward gently to the point of difficulty, but mild, and then coming back to the upright position. I would do all of these for about 4 rep. apiece.(Oh, after each back bend I would touch the floor in front of my toes.

    The best part is, after these were complete I would go to the ab bench, (this is at the gym) and set the sit-up bench on the highest setting probably 30-40 degree angle, and lie feet up at the top, and head at the bottom, and stretch my back out with my hands extended as far as possible beyond my head. This has worked out great for me, and no more sciatic pain whatsoever, and the great thing about it is, it didn’t take, but a few times to have this success. I don’t own an inversion table as yet, but this is my makeshift inversion table, which I wanted to try, to see if I would have any success with, and I can honestly say that it sure has worked for me.

  148. Christo Bishop says:

    Lots of great ideas.When I have to play soccer, to be on top of my game.I haveto sleep with my lower back in a valley position to ease my lower back pain. The method I use is to place three pillows under my thighs and four pillows under my upper back. It works every time, TRY IT. CHRIS B,

  149. Tony Deane says:

    Just put some rock washing soda in a stocking so it’s at least 6 inches wide and 2 inches thick and you make the lenght go above and below the painful vertabraes then wrap yourself up like a mummy so the pack sits firm against back and you must sleep with it on overnight because you move less and it works more efficiently.when your still for 6 to8 hours it draws an pulls from deep inside your back I mean DOWN TO OTHERSIDE OF SPINAL CORD like a VACUUM PUMP sucking the ground dry so as more water runs back into that part of ground it sucks it straight out again which in you same thing happens but this is sucking the FLUID AWAY.If this aggrevates your skin put barrier cream on 1st.To my knowledge only a few have been irratated by the rock washing soda but you don’t notice once asleep if it does annoy you but it’s worth it for pain relief if is an itchy feeling, itchies better than pain.

  150. Nickie says:

    For me the best way to reduce back pain is to lie down flat on my back and raised my legs up on a stool or a sofa. It is very relaxing and my back pain also reduces significantly.

  151. Carrie says:

    Hello! The testimonials are fantastic. I’m a little ashamed to admit where I work, and that I’ve suffered from back pain-but here is my story (along with my recommendations). I work for a chiropractor! I was a pt. before I hired on there.My back pain was almost non-existant when I hired there.(I’d still have flare ups if I would study for hours). I assist the pt.’s with exercises-ROM,…etc. I would be in excruciating pain by the end of the night-not from the stretching, but from all of the negativity-depression, alcoholism, drug abuse and the list goes on-it is easier to pull someone down than it is to lift them up! The muscles in my back would be soo tense that I was bedridden all night, even through the weekends. I work in a Christian office, but few of us and tons of pt.’s. I am a strong Christian, but have never witnessed a true healing personally-until last Friday. Our youth pastor, and 3 of the youth prayed for me. My back was on fire (scared me at first)-they prayed for my adrenal gland to regulate (I didn’t know what that was ’til later), sleep, unworthiness, isolation…replaced with joy, peace, laughter, and friendship. I felt phenominal! I started drinking AT LEAST, 8 glasses of water a day,(My DC suggests 90% of your body wght.)now I am able to walk a mile everday. I surround myself with positive people, lots of laughter, and choose to “let it go”, not just once, but daily. I’ve seen every patient focus on their back pain initially, the ones who truly get better–are the ones who focus on just being healthy (the goal). I am not a preacher, I just wanted to share what God has done for me. I also own “Lose the Back Pain”-amazing program, very specific, explained in words anyone can understand, TONS of ACCURATE information, and is hands down the most genuine, “not just doing it for the money” program that is on the market. I heard someone say,”The struggle is not in “doing the right thing”, the struggle lies in knowing the “right thing to do”, but not wanting to do it!” God, drink lots of water, go for walks, laugh as much as possible, invest in “Lose the Back Pain”, seek out positive influences, and be happy-seriously–physically you can only have one emotion at a time, choose to be happy!

  152. panduranga nayak says:

    The best relief for the strained back/fatigue related back pain is SHAVASANA> this is one of the yoga pose- that is simply sleeping on the floor on a mat or any hard level surface. Keep your legs about two feet apart, hands at about two feet distant from the body with your palms facing the ceiling.Body straight, head/neck straight. Take deeep breath three times and completely loosen your body. LIE STILL , eyes closed like a dead wood for 20 minutes. If you are amusic lovere swith on sweet calming music. Now feel the difference.
    Regarding medication for any pain ,Mix equal quantities of mustard oil+gingelly oil+coconut oil. Add camphor (@20gms. for 100ml. of mix) and heat for a little boil. Cool it,store it, apply it on the body part that pains. Applying warm mix of oil is more beneficial. For a little severe pain apply thermal/hot water bath. This works wonders.

  153. Melissa says:

    I have had a sacro-iliac problem for years, and have had to resort to emergency chiropractic care at times. Recently, a new method came to me that I now use nightly. I have a cloth sack designed for hot or cold therapy for neck pain; it is tubular with a soft rope handle on each end, and is filled with crushed nut shells or some such natural, very malleable substance. You can shift the contents any way you like. One night while having had a flare-up of my SI, I arranged the neck-sack in a V shape, pretty evenly distributing the filler, and laid upon it, the base of the V supporting the sacrum evenly on both sides. The rope handles stick out just below my waist on each side. This supports the sacrum and allows the glutes and all the buttock and hip muscles, and their connective tissue, to relax more, and the sacrum itself relaxes. At first, it was uncomfortable, but that was very quickly relieved, and I found that I was sleeping in the same position most of the night, instead of the flopping from side-to-side, as had been happening. Upon awakening, my pain was much less, I’d slept well and was rested, and my body balance was improved. Since then, I’ve found that I can adjust the sack easily to accommodate any left/right sided issues there might be. I also do some of the above things for pain, as I have never liked narcotics and have steadfastly refused to engage in their use (except for root canal work years ago…) for chronic pain. For me, prolonged heat is the worst thing when my back hurts; ice is much better (though the hot/cold therapy works very well; most often it’s the ice pack into the SI belt). OH! nearly forgot… last year a PT turned me on to SI belts; when my SI flares up now, the SI belt worn during the day gets me back into shape. Occasionally it helps to wear it all night, so it’s used according to how it’s needed.
    Clean water, Ginger,Turmeric, Garlic, Enzymes, low sugar diet, non-smoking, silica drops, strong immune system, consistently good body mechanics, homeopathy, various forms of therapy, exercise/stretching/strength training, laughter & joy, stress reduction, mineral/herbal/vitamin etc supplementation, quality diet… so many options available. Best one? Whatever works for your situation.
    Would love an inversion table, but would rather see Andy (wrote on Sept 3) win it. (Good luck, Andy). If my name is drawn, please give it to Andy.

  154. Gizelle Bichard says:

    I am a health therapist and here are my tips:

    1) Tissue Salts are cheap, safe and effective. No.8 (Mag. Phos.) is a natural pain-killer, antispasmodic and nerve and muscle relaxant. Fabulous for any pain from headaches, cramps, back ache to arthritis.
    2) Bath in a hot bath with 1-2 cups Epsom Salts (Magnesium Phosphate). It will relax the entire body and help draw out toxins. Drink a large glass of water afterwards and either lie down or go to bed. Great for insomnia too.
    3)The Semi-supine position from The Alexander Technique. Lie flat on your back on the floor with a few paper back books under your head. Your chin should be jutting down a bit and feel slightly strange – what you are trying to achieve is a straight line to your spine. Bend your knees, feet hip-width apart. Cross your hands over each other on your abdomen. Lie there for about 20 minutes – imagining your spine lengthening and straightening. This position allows the fluid to return to the spaces between the discs that gravity squeezes out as you move around in a vertical position every day. Do this daily.

  155. nolan mc donald says:

    good results 1n many of your sugestions

  156. nolan mc donald says:

    exercise streching

  157. john mccormick says:

    I had been suffering excruciating neck pain caused by ruptured cervical disc(s),that were causing numbing,burning pain traveling down my shoulders and arms.I had tried everything for relief,from a variety and of pain pills,to injections to a chiropractor,with nothing helping.I decided to see an orthopedic surgeon,who left the choice to me.
    By accident I tried one more search and came upon the book “7 steps to a pain free life”,by Robert McKenzie with Craig Kubey.I immediately started the few simple exercises they recommended and like a miracle the pain started to subside.Within a week the pain went from a 10 to a 2-3 range and has remained there since.
    While I still take medication once a day,the exercises get the lions share of credit for my pain relief and keeping the sugeon at bay(hopefully forever)

  158. kylie says:

    i think the best pain relief that is free is sex and mainly an orgasim because it releases all your own natural endorfins.( sorry about the spelling) i’m on morphine twice a day and endone for inbetween, i’m 36 female and all my doctors say i have back on of a 75year old. Also i have numerous levels of damage to my back. Anyway back to my tip give it a go cause it won’t cost you a cent and will probaly get a better night sleep. Also you might enjoy it.

  159. Andrej says:

    I’m 25, but since teenage I have regularly managed to hurt my back while exercising. Just last couple of years I have paid more attention to core stability exercises- such as plank, side plank, and bridging. I have gradually built up the execution time to 5 min. It helps me a lot. I can continue to train in track running in a national level. I have tought myself not to “relax” too much with not doing them as that will eventually end up with hurting back. I use also glucosamines as it helps too. It is clear that I have disc problems as facet joint problems as well. I have recently dicovered EFT (emotional freedom technique) but I am not so good with it yet so I have not got rid of pain, though it has deminished and changed. That is my contribution towards my revelation of mind- body connection. Mmmm… that’s so exciting!

  160. Howard Elakman says:

    I am 80 years old and have been a runner for about 40 years. The original way to run was to step out and come down on your heel and push off with with your toe. Coming down on your heel is a great way to injure your back. You should be coming down with your body weight over your entire foot. I have since studied and come up with an injury free way to run. Strengthen what I call your runner’s core, from your waist to the bottom of your feet. Any cramping type pain in your legs can be cured with more potassium. Eat a banana and drink low sodium V8 juice.

  161. karin says:

    Got some good quality peppermint essential oil. Drizzle a few drops on your painful area and rub 3 clockwise circles to activate the oil before rubbing it into the pain. Take a hot shower or bath. The oils won’t rub off but will intensify with the steam or hot water.
    During the rest of the day, you can use a microwaved seed or rice neck or back wrap over the essential oil. To make a rice wrap, just fill a sock with boxed rice, tie and microwave to a comfortable temperature.

  162. Michael Sapinsky Architect says:

    My personal recipe to treat back pain, migraine, stress-related symptoms:

    Drop six natural ginger teabags into a stainless steel pot (Never aluminum!). Add the contents of three capsules or one teaspoon of cumin or tercumin. Heat to a rapid boil. Allow to cool for two minutes. (Optional at this point: Crush six fresh red grapes in your palm and drop all contents into pot. Stir gently with wooden spoon. Decant entire mixture into a wooden bowl.

    Place bowl on table of suitable height. With chin in hands and arms on table, lean face over bowl into rising vapor. Perform alternate nostril breathing for one hundred cycles or ten minutes. Wait twenty minutes before performing strenuous exercise. Your muscular and nervous systems should experience a peaceful ‘blanket’ of calm for several hours.

  163. Bev Jones says:

    Here is how to make an ice pack that is not bulky, yet stays cold for the needed 20 minutes to relieve inflammation. Take a hand towel, wet it & wring it out. Fold it to fit inside a gallon ziplock bag, squeeze air out if bag, seal & place in freezer. Because it is thin, you can actually lay on it, it will conform to your back and it is not bulky. Just remove the frozen towel in the bag when needed (leaving towel in bag to protect from drips), wrap the whole thing in a dry towel to protect skin and apply where needed. Return to freezer and it is ready to go in another 30 minutes to an hour. You will love this simple yet effective way to make your own flexible ice pack!

  164. Pam Braverman says:

    Although I know the large tear in my L5/S1 disc was most likely caused by a number of things…it got worse after two weeks in my newly leased car. Short of getting rid of my car which I’m trying to do…I had to find a way to relieve the pain which always got worse when I was driving and sent lightning bolts into my nerve damaged right leg and foot. None of the expensive store bought options worked because they adapted to the angle of my seat which was the problem. Thankfully, I was able to return them. THE SOLUTION HAS BEEN TO SIT ON A CUTTING BOARD with a thin cushion on top of it to keep me sitting upright. Be aware of the way your back curves when purchasing or leasing a car. My next one will be an SUV so I can get in and out of the vehicle more easily and sit properly.

  165. charlotte piergies-kremer says:

    i used Fucoidan. It is gathered from the bottom of the sea. The Japanese are way ahead of us in regard to this. Fucoidan helps with the joints and tendons to make them more pliable.

  166. Lee Magnusson says:

    EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) would be the perfect tool for back pain relief. It is a therapy that works on similar principles to acupuncture, but instead of needles, the meridian points are tapped to get the body’s energy flowing correctly (which then enables the mind and body to function properly).

  167. Nico van Gelder says:

    A very simpel method to relieve pain instantly works as follows:
    Feel your pain, give it an appropriate colour and change the color into a colour you like better.
    i.e. my pain has a dull gray colour, I change it into a warm red.
    Any colour will work.

  168. Sue says:

    When low back pain or sciatica flares, lie the floor with an icepack under your low back and your legs 90 degrees over a hassock (stool,couch) with your butt as close to the item as possible. This takes the pressure off the low back and the ice helps reduce the inflammation. It can really help when I’m in a lot of pain. Once it calms down I can add stretches.

  169. larry keckler says:

    my pains are: sciatica, fx vertibrae, osteo arthritis, advanced age
    my remedies are: control weight, stretching/exercise, glucosamine/chondroitin/msm/cetyl m, tons of antioxidants, ha cream with soothanol to drive it into acute joints, a magnet over the paraformis, much horseback riding, pillow between knees, chiropractor once/month, deep tissue message with electrical stimulation of accupuncture points, human touch massage chair, arthrotec/aleeve and self hypnosis as needed for what is left. go, go, go – use it, or loose it.

  170. Judi Roarick says:

    Sit on the edge of a chair or bed.
    Lift your left knee in front of you.
    Grab your left ankle with your right hand.
    Put your left hand on your left knee –
    and pull the knee straight back as far as you can
    (keeping the knee at shoulder height).
    Then switch legs and repeat.
    This puts your spine back in place.

  171. Patricia says:

    My long term (55 + years) neck pain is relieved by lying on my back, knees bent or with a pillow under knees, with a folded length wise soft fleece (stretchy) baby blanket under the lower part of the back of my head. I grab each end of the blanket and gently raise my hands straight up for a slow count of 15 to 20 deep breaths. Slowly lower hands to reduce the tension on the blanket. This has not only strengthened the muscles in my neck so that pain is reduced/ alleviated, the upper arms have firmed up! This is not original with me, but was a gift from someone – a therapist who demonstrated it on the internet. I would love to thank them in person, it has made a huge difference in my life. Now, my major pain is in low back. Would an inversion table do for my low back what the neck stretch has done?

  172. Patricia Gantt says:

    A Post Script:
    It is curious to me that I only developed the low back pain after getting relief in the neck!

  173. iqbal says:

    i m stilll suffering from lower back pain so i need help to relief sciatica.

  174. jenni says:

    well, this is so simple few people bother to even try it! dehydration at inner cell level is at the root of many illnesses, so taking 6-8pints of clean water every day with 5ml of Himalayan salt saturated solution in the first glass can cure most pain.(not ordinary table salt!) This helped heal me form rheumatoid arthritis and several associated auto-immune disorders. it’s just too simple! ;o)

  175. Pam says:

    All of my ‘Old Fashioned Remedies” have been covered in the above amazing array of tips. Thank you to all. Good Luck to all. Thank you Jesse also.

  176. Amita gupta says:

    I tried Yoga, Pranayama on a daily basis, and I become 90 % normal. tried free sciatica stetches suggested on your website and I have further improved. Still a slight numbness in outer side of right leg is there, but I donot have any pain at any point of time. It is great. Thank you.

  177. gail says:

    What a great idea!
    I use tumeric instead of prescription COX2 inhibitors for pain and inflammation.
    St. John’s Wort and hops in capsule form also help with pain. The essential oil helychrisium is expensive but wonderful for bruising and healing. A simple bath with epsom salts can sooth some aches.

    Any tummy pain and I keep peppermint essential oil on hand. One drop in water does wonders. It works very well for stomach flu.

    I use calcium and magnesium for osteoporosis and pain

    I was in an auto accident and injured my hip. I have had a hip replacement,
    gluteus medius tendon repair then six months later a hip revision. I am still in a lot of pain. There are ruptured and bulging disks in my low back, arthritis and osteoporosis in my upper back. I firmly believe in alternative approaches, especially after these surgeries.

    Thanks to Jessie for his book, website and all the wonderful products, and best of all the hope of living pain free!

  178. Agnes says:

    Gym has always worked for me and
    Massage using hot water with a face towel on the pain and rub with a rubbing staff .

  179. Dagmara says:

    I attended a training session once where a very charismatic instructor kept using the same words over and over again when asked a question: ‘it depends’ ! it does depend on the type of problem you have in the first place, of cause, and every individual would come up with his/her unique plan how to overcome back pain. Cold/hot patches, TENS machines, magical creams and gels, acupuncture, chiro, osteo, grand mother’s recipes, etc etc (yes, I tried them all and more!). I suffered so much from sciatic pain due to hugely herniated disc that had to have a surgery earlier this year. This experience taught me the lesson and since my surgery I decided to be very disciplined. I do pilates regularly and religiously do stretching exercises every day. This works well for me. And, yes, swimming is great (correct technique is important! we shouldn’t keep our heads above water, this is bad. Although, one might say that wrong swimming is better than none ? – see what works for you!)

    Also, there is something I learnt through the very painful time I’ve gone through – the power of mind. Do not try to fight the pain. Instead – surrender and try to listen to it and find out why it is there in the first place. Sounds crazy but we can also talk to our pain and even visualise how it looks like ! Relaxation, meditation, visualisation and other techniques may help. There is a lot of literature and publications available on this subject.

    It is important to learn from your experience and believe that your mind is the strongest tool you have. Then, once you do that, the right solution will come up and you will say farewell to your pain !

  180. Yvonne says:

    One more tip from me that I forgot to mention the other day:
    Before bed, when my back is usually the tightest, I lie on my stomach and while I relax my lower body, I pull myself forward using my arms (cross them under your chest, keeping yourself as straight as possible) until I feel a “pop” in my lower back, like it does with a chiropractor. Immediate relief. I’ve asked my chiropractor if it was ok to do and he said sure. He explained that by doing that, my back was self- “adjusting”. Pretty harmless to do. Great to use between visits.

  181. Dot says:

    The exercises help. I have a pinched nerve in my back vertebrae, and hurts where my thigh bone meets my hip bone. I went to an Orthapedic Dr. & he sent me to a Physical Therapist, & I’m doing some exercises, similiar to the ones that “Lose The Back Pain ” recommended.
    At night ,when I try to go to sleep my hip is hurting so bad, by 3:00 A.M. or 4:00 A.M., I’ll take a 8 hr. Tylenol, and I can finally go to sleep.
    I’m taking Coumadibn, so I can’t have aspirin, or alcohol. I’m taking 10-12 medications a day, so the Exercises
    help in the long run.
    I had an extra Heart Beat in Sept. ’08, so I took Warfarin for that to thin my blood, and it made my face red, streaked, and a rash one week, and the next week it would peel , like a severe sun burn. This went on for 2-3 months, and then they changed it to Coumadibn, and it cleared up. When my blood got to where they wanted it, they did a Cardio Version, (shocked me like on TV) (March 2009) I was asleep, so it was painless. That’s why I’m taking so much medication.
    The exercises have helped more than anything, but its still there. My vertebrae is still compressed, but the exercises may help to put space between them.
    The Inversion Table would help when the pain is so bad. I’d like to try it. At least its not medicine.

  182. Dot says:

    My daughter came up with this idea to relieve back/leg/pinched nerve pain.
    Lie on the bed or floor, put firm couch cushions 2 1/2′ or 3′ high, scoot your bottom close to the base of the pillows, then put your legs over the cushions, bent at the knee.
    It relieves the pressure on the back, and you don’t feel pain while you’re there .
    It would be difficult to sleep that way though.

  183. Dot says:

    My daughter came up with this idea to relieve back/leg/pinched nerve pain.
    Lie on the bed or floor, put firm couch cushions 2 1/2′ or 3′ high, scoot your bottom close to the base of the pillows, then put your legs over the cushions, bent at the knee.
    It relieves the pressure on the back, and you don’t feel pain while you’re there .
    It would be difficult to sleep that way though.
    I’m 74, so I don’t expect miracles, but it would be nice.

  184. Dot says:

    Please remove my last name.

  185. Don says:

    The Thompson maneuver attempts to align the spine. I look at it as a mild Chiropractor type adjustment with the advantage that it can be performed several times per day at no cost I have used it for years with success and I consider it a good complement to the Lose The Back Pain System.

  186. M.Harinee says:

    To relieve back pain following tips will be useful such as
    1. Donot sit very long time in one place, for example if your work schedule is like that donot worry do some very easy flexibility excercises (stretching).
    Atleast during break (lunch/ intervals) time – Try to walk freely. Do some back strengthening excercises. Ask proper very easy excercises from your professional trainers (reputed gym)
    2. Use Emami Fast relief cream for instant relief.
    3. Donot use pillows while sleeping-(Blood flow will be good for brain).
    4. Donot use high heels slippers. Because it will strain the spinal cord more.
    5. crush the fresh garlic and make small balls- Daily eat 3 pepper size balls with milk-1glass.

  187. Richard Johnson says:

    Relieve Arthritis by applying chopped “Match-me-if-you-can” leaves soaked in vinegar to the affected areas.
    This is a traditional Bermuda method, and is very helpful.

  188. Angie says:

    I have had 4 c-sections. With the first one the person putting in the epidural hit a nerve which sent pain down my right leg….like the sciatic nerve I am guessing. Well, this was 12 years ago this Dec. 1st. That still bothers me. Plus, with having our other children the lower back pain has gotten worse. So, after having our 5 child I said NO MORE!! LOL

    I sleep w/a pillow between my knees which helps. The only way that I can go to sleep is on my left side. If I lay on my back it is killing me by morning. If I loose the pillow the same thing. I wake up stiff as a board in the morning and the warm shower helps.

    Also, If I have a spot that I can prop mysef onto and let my legs dangle and it pulls the weight of my body down that seems to stretch my back and helps too. I hope that makes some sense. Just like if you are sitting in a chair that has arms. Put your hands on the arms of the chair and lift your body up, keeping your arms straight. It pulls the lower back….stretching it.

    I hope that this helps someone. I’m sure it has already been mentioned somewhere. Good luck to all of you.

    God Bless…….

  189. Matthan Sowell says:

    Hey, I have had back pain for the last 16 years!! I originally hurt my back while working in a mattress companies warehouse. Then a few years later I began doing tile, marble, and stone work. Needless to say the back pain came back real quick! Whenever it got to the point I could hardly walk I would go to the chiropractor for a few weeks or months till I was able to deal with the level of pain.Just over a year ago I began working in a grocery distibution center and wow!! The pain that I thought I had under control was right there again!! This past January I was out of work for almost the whole month with severe back pain. The x-rays showed that I have 2 vertabret in my lower back with spers and one with a slight sper. Anyway enough about me… what has worked the best for me is a combination of things. I stretch every morning when I get up and most of the time I strectch before I go to bed as well. I started walking in January while I was out of work, now I have increased it to an interval walk/jog/run. I do some light strength training just to help with my own personal fitness goals, I try to eat healthy (most of the time!) and I found a back brace that uses magnet therapy which I use only when I work now, though when I first got it I would ware it for long car rides and sometimes just sitting around the house. Last but sertainly not least- WATER!!!- We have all heard it many many times but plenty of water is key, it’s like moter oil for your body. If for some reason you can not keep a bottle or cup of water with you at all times then remember you change your cars oil every 3000 miles, you should replinish your bodies water every 3 hours (more if you are participating in sports or other physically demanding activities)!!

  190. Judith Holly says:

    I find that cinnamon and fresh sliced ginger help ease my back pain. I put them in my oatmeal cereal daily I also do exercises regularly and acupuncture once a week. I take wellbutrin, an antidepressant that helps the pain somewhat. I have recently started taking Heal n Soothe but have to be careful because I take Coumadin. I have to have my INR checked weekly to see if it affects my INR.I have taken one pill one a day for a week and so far it has not affected my INR significantly. I am also using the Back Joy Orthotic back rest.
    I would love to try the Inverted Table.

  191. Von Bourland says:

    I have suffered from fibromyalgia for over 30 years–have tried about everything–Tylenol, glucosamine/chondroitin, chiropractic, supplements, hot baths, and received only temporary relief from any of these. A few weeks ago, my NAET practitioner did this treatment: For every sore spot, she would press or squeeze as I took deep breaths to eliminate poisons and fluid. Secondly, she would massage the same area as I moved it while breathing deeply. This was to move oxygen into the sore spot. Lastly, she brushed away from the sore area with the palm of her hand while I remained still, but relaxed. Each painful area in my body was given the same treatment. She then showed me how to do this at home. After a week of repeating the treatments at home, then one more treatment from her, I am virtually free from fibromyalgic pain. I had received a reflexology treatment two weeks before her treatment, and learned my liver was damaged from taking at least 9 Tylenol per day for 30 years, so went cold turkey off the Tylenol. As a result, my fibromyalgia was worse than it had ever been, so I completely believe in this treatment.

  192. Celeste Knierim says:

    My suggestion would be to start at the bottom. Most people overpronate especially the older and heavier we get. Check your feet and see if when you are standing, if your toes point out, in or straight. If they point out, chances are you overpronate. Have someone watch you walk from behind, if your ankle leans in farther than the bottom of your foot, you are overpronating. Most people in America will overpronate and that leads to problems with your medial (inside) of your knee just under the kneecap which leads to back pain. If you have medial pain under the knee cap, check to see if your toes are pointing out while you walk. A lot of back pain can be eliminated if you feet, ankles, knees and hips are in alignment. Check for overpronation with your shoes off, wet your foot and step on a tile floor or a piece of paper. If your imprint has a nice curve on the inside of your foot, you probably have good arches. If your footprint has very little curve on the inside of your foot or is oval, you are overpronating or have flat feet. This will cause pain in the inside of your knee and work its way up to your back. Most people should probably have a good pair of orthodics and not the type from a drugstore, see a foot doctor or get a good pair of sport orthodics with a lot of arch support. You will be amazed at the difference. If you are going to save money, don’t do it on shoes or your feet. Buy good shoes and check out orthodics. The other thing to check would be the length of each leg especially as you age. Even an eighth or quarter of an inch difference in your leg length can cause back pain. We all get older and we all gain weight, both of these things cause changes in your feet which will work its way up to your back. All the medicine in the World cannot help leg length difference or overpronation.

  193. Bellina Jacobs says:

    I have had a broken back and neck, due to an auto accident and I have titanium rods as well as other plates and hardware, which leads to much back pain. As a dietary supplement, I have discovered that Liquid Pantothenic Acid really aides in many ailments – so may that the FDA wanted to make it a “prescription only” deal but they lost the battle, allowing the public to continue buying it over the counter. I take 2 tsp. 2-3 times a day. It has no taste, so I just put it in my juice. It seems to help with the “ache”.

    Also, I find that lying flat on my back and bending one leg seems to take the “pull” off of my lower back.

    There is my helpful hint – the only thing I can imagine helping me any further would be an INVERSION TABLE, which has been recommended by my doctors but cannot afford, so hook me up, please!!!!

  194. Lou says:

    I use ice packs- at 20 minute intervals. do not apply ditectly to skin, but use a cloth in between. I like the gel packs because they can mold to any body part, but you can use a bag of fozen vegetables too.

  195. S.E. says:

    I excersise 5 times a day separated by about 4 hours period actually i do this mainly not to excersise this is my praythat i have to do everyday as i’m a muslim woman and i lely discovered that those moves that i do while praying help a lot in releiving my back pain, also i try not stay still in certain position wheather standing or sitting and i try to keep on moving most of the day.

  196. Sophie says:

    I have arthritis on my neck,lower back,both knee and both shoulders,Im only35 and I had back operation L5-S1 at age30.The best thing is to swim and water workout.I use when I swim a doggy paddled but really straight arms like when try to catch something in front of me.Is really good for the neck and back and also just paddle with the leg as well,cos when someone had operation is the best tecnique.And swim in the back as well.Is so important to swim keep the mobility all in the body especially people with arthritis,and back neck pain.But swimming is good for everything.Also streches very few times a day important.People with arthritis the diet what not to eat must.It helps reduce the pain in a long term.Ladies with back pain choushony flat shoes essential!Reebok classic is very good one.All like supplements,diet,(healthy food),,shoes,excercise good bed and pillow(i have memory foam cos without that I wont be able to sleep.It adjust to the body and keep less pressure of the spine.Very good anti-inflammatory bromelain 400mg daily. Boswellia,devils claw tea are natural pain killers.Need daily cod liver oil highest strenth,1500mg Gloucosamine+cronditin,MSM.Magnesium,Calcium also.Hope it was something useful.Sorry for my mistakes I have made but my first language is not english.Hope is still understandable.Im glad I could sher my experience on this site.All the best for everyone who suffer from pain.:)

  197. Joel says:

    Hi, i’m really into more natural therapies, rather than reverting to medication. One thing that I have found that REALLY helps is a mixture of one part pepermint essential oil mixed with two parts lavender oil. You simply rub it onto the skin near the painful area and its like a natural way to deliver heat and pain relief. I use it on my neck and temples, however you can use it on your back, legs, even your scalp if you have a headache. Its great stuff and smells really good too!

  198. Karen says:

    There are two things I do for pain relief.

    1. I’ve had chronic pain much of my life due to Lyme disease. The best cure I’ve found for the pain? Changing my diet. No gluten, no dairy. Avoiding other foods I’ve found I’m sensitive too (potatoes, processed soy.) I eat whole natural fresh foods. It’s a challenge to get started, but you won’t believe the results if overall pain and aches are your problem, and all you need is a fork.

    2. Specifically for back pain? Yoga. But it has to be the right kind. Some are too vigorous. Some are too much about stretch, not enough about strength. Some assume that what’s good for one person is good for all. Viniyoga balances stretch with strength and focuses on individual needs.

  199. Sue W. says:

    I injured my back in my early thirties, was told I have degenerative disc disease, and have learned many ways to relieve back pain from physical therapy and my chiropractor. Many of the things I’ve learned have been mentioned in the postings here. However, recently I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which compounded my pain problems. Besides the usual strategies for pain relief already mentioned, including diet changes and the use of herbal and natural alternative remedies, I have taken a different approach to exercise and stretching. I found with the fibromyalgia I had difficulty with exercise, because it seemed to actually increase my pain causing me to be discouraged and avoid it. When I found some relief of pain after taking a hot shower, it gave me an idea. I decided to try and modify some exercises I had learned over the years, so I could do them safely in the shower and see if that would allow me to get some much needed exercise and relief. The results were very encouraging. I found I could do more repetitions than I could out of the shower without the consequences. I started slowly and increased my repetitions gradually, so now I get a pretty good workout, and feel better than I have in a long time. I’ve actually considered writing a book about this journey to help others who have found it difficult to exercise without overdoing or causing more pain, and not seeing any positive results. It gave me hope for recovery, and maybe it could help others too. I would really like to have an inversion table since I also have problems in my neck from an extra vertabra that causes nerve pinching. Traction has helped, but I can’t afford to pay for it and my insurance already paid for what it would. An inversion table would allow gravity to keep my neck from pinching and irritating the nerves, and also help my pain from degenerative discs.

  200. Bev Jones says:

    If you want to make an inexpensive hot pack, make your own rice bag. Take a handtowel, fold in in half and sew it together on the three open sides – leaving a 3-inch opening. Turn it right-side out and fill half full of uncooked rice (NOT instant rice). Stitch the opening closed. Place in microwave for about 2 minutes, depending on your microwave. Caution it does get hotter than you think, so be careful. Place on sore back – it stays warm for more than an hour!

  201. Penny Sears says:

    I had back surgery when I was 30 because I ruptured my disc that affected my right leg. Then 18 months later I herniated the next disc that affected my left leg. About 3 or 4 times a year my back would go out, from car wrecks or overdoing etc. But it was always my left leg & back that were bothered. Then 2 years ago I was rear ended in another car wreck in June of 2007. That one took out my right leg that hadn’t bothered me for 30 years. Went to a “top” back doctor and he sent me home to take aspirin. By Dec. of 2007 I was in so much pain I finally went in to Instacare at the hospital and the Dr. gave me a shot & put me on Celebrex. It relieved the pain so I was pain free as long as I was in bed. Which from June to Dec of 2007 I was in horrible pain even laying down. So that was a big improvement. Then in Feb. 6, 2008 I read in the newspaper the article that Dr. Gott writes about drinking apple pectin & Welch’s grape juice. I had nothing to lose & didn’t want to be on Celebrex because of the risk of heart attacks. So – I tried it – I drank 2 oz. of liquid apple pectin & 6 oz. of Welsh’s grape juice 3 times a day. Noticed a improvement in only 2 weeks. In June of 2008 I stopped the celebrex pills. In the summer of 2008 I cut back to only 1 glass of pectin & grape juice. In the late fall of 2008 I stopped it entirely. I would need a glass or 2 or 3 about every 3 weeks since – if I would overdo or walk too much or bend wrong or drive too many hours or shop too long. Here it is October of 2009 and I’m still fine. I still have the problem but if I can’t find a Dr./someone to cure/help me – this stuff is working and it is natural. Many people in my water therapy class tried the apple pectin & grape juice and have been happy with the results. It works on knees also they said. I buy the liguid apple pectin by the case from the local grocery store so it is cheaper and get the Welch’s grape juice from Sam’s club. All I can say is try it – it can’t hurt you and might help you.

  202. Bernardine Kandrac says:

    After back surgery 9 years ago I started getting bad siactica pain I tried everything above. Cold water is good but not available any time. I had such bad pain and could not stand on my foot so I got a cold pack that I keep in my freezer and sat on it on the lower back on the left side for 20 minites 4x for two days, then 3x for 2 days, then 2x for 2 days, then once this deminished the pain to nothing. Everyday or if I think the pain is coming I lay on the floor make my 2 hands into fists and place them under my seat on both sids with the knuckles against my body . I move them around to different places until I find the sorest spots on each side. Then I rock my body back and forth till the pain subsides and I move them again. I do this now Daily and the strong pain has been gone . I have not used the ice packs since te last strong pain. At least there is cost for being pain free. My ice pack is waiting for me .

  203. Admin says:

    Response to Mohammed Arsalaan AHMED

    Hi Mohammed,
    We would suggest that you get a copy of the Free Back Pain Book “7 Day Back Pain Cure” to get you started. You can find more information about it on a couple of posts on this blog in Archive for August, 2009.

  204. Jackson says:

    Hi, I’ve been doing the microcosmic orbit meditation and it’s made
    my back strong and I’m able to breath better, along with herbal
    remedies and that sort of thing it’s proven to be most valuable to me.

  205. Jackson says:

    Oh btw I forgot to mention I had a rather large curve in my spine and it’s been getting straighter, although this takes a little time.

  206. A.B. says:

    For those diagnosed with fibromyalgia: you may really need thyroid. I had severe neck pain for years. My muscles were so tight, they were like bands of steel. No therapist wanted to work on me. I tried most every therapy mentioned here and so many more. Finally, I diagnosed myself as hypothyroid and within three days of natural dessicated thyroid (armour), I was able to turn my neck for the first time in 10 years. Now, I take T3 only. Last week I found out Stanford is doing a clinical trial for fibromyalgia using T3. They state it is the first trial of its kind. Too bad the Stanford docs were so arrogant when I told them to do this.

    I also highly recommend dmso for pain. Between dmso and celadrin lotion, I have most pains covered (other than the neck pain) Celadrin is amazing. It is lightening fast in pain relief. I used it for cracked ribs when nothing else touched the pain. And dmso is awesome for many pains. I put it on a cotton ball and on my gums and it heals pain in 5 minutes.

    Turmeric and msm I take on a daily basis. And magnesium and Vit C and B complex and extra pantothenic acid.

    I love Epsom salts baths for back pain too…mmm….

    Good luck to all…and thanks much to all for sharing.

  207. Dawn says:

    who won the table???

  208. patrick michael says:

    This is too easy. The number one answer is Angelis Water. If you haven’t heard of it before, you won’t believe anything you hear about it now, without first hand experience. It’s unbelievable, you have to see for yourself. Thanks, Pat. Shall I call you with my shipping address or will you notify me by email? Thanks, Pat

  209. Atlas Travel says:

    My daughter had a bad knee at the age of 14 and her back always hurt. So I was told about a non surgical procedure called cold light laser therapy. Its has made all the difference in the world with out getting cut open.

  210. Judy says:

    I work at a manufacturing plant and we had problems with soft tissue injuries. While working on the ergonomics team I came across information on a stretching system call Rossiter workouts, developed by Richard Rossiter. I went to a demo and based on what we learned, my company subscribed to his program. Thirteen years later we still use the stretches we learned to help co-workers get relief from soft tissue aches. There are many different stretches to help almost anything that hurts. To protect the person giving the workout from getting hurt, most of the stretches involve the “coach” stepping on the “person in charge”(the hurting person).

    Depending on the area of hurt, the coach has a target area he/she steps on, then applies weight according to the directions of the person on the floor. The weith is held while the person on the floor goes through the motions of the stretch. I feel I am fortunate that I was one of the original “coaches” and am amazed at the different attitude of this type of help today compared to 13 years ago when we started this stretching program. Richard also teaches “self-help” techiniques that you can do on your own. A local chiropractor attended one of his refresher training classes with my company, went through a workout while there, and left with a kind of “it was okay” attitude. She said it felt good, but didn’t seem impressed at the time. It was the next day that she realized that she had completed her normal jogging the night before and didn’t exerience the residual pains she usually dealt with as a result of a auto accident. There have been times that she had told me to get stepped on after she has finished a chiropract adjustment.

    I stepped on my massage therapist who said that was the first time she had relief from shoulder pain that she acquired playing ball…….she was the pitcher.
    Richard originally targetted manufacturing businesses because he understood these as key areas for soft tissue injuries and the value in reducing work comp costs to a company. I don’t believe the manufacturing world (maybe the people) was ready for what he had to offer. The Rossiter program and ergonomic improvements have pretty much eliminated soft tissue injuries where I work. I believe he is now teaching these techinques in Europe.
    When I tell someone about these stretches they look at me like I’m crazy, but once they need help and see how well it works, they always come back. When my family gets together for holidays, I always end up stepping on someone.
    We have had Richard speak at our plant and his talk about working with soft tissue was comparable to the massage therapist that we invited. I asked Richard what the difference was since they were saying the same thing. His reply was that the Rossiter stretches would work faster because they were participative. The hurting person is adding value to the stretch instead of just laying there. I’ve seen a lot of people avoid surgery because of these stretches, and I’m one of them.

  211. Shelley says:

    I was traveling last summer, away from my inversion table that I use on a regular basis to alleviate back pain. I discovered a wonderful way to decompress if you don’t have access to any particular device but can get to a swimming pool (or a lake or the ocean etc). I used the weight of my own body underwater to decompress and take away all pain! If you hang upside down in the water as long as you can comfortably stand it, and repeat as often as you can, you will have great relief from pain! Great reason to join a gym or club that has a pool!

  212. Joanne says:

    I recieved the inversion table a few months ago and it was the best investment I have ever made.I was always going to the chiropractor 1 and 2 times a week and I have only been to him 2 times since I have got the table .It’s just hard to imagine that it can help a person so quickly ,I have got up in the night time and got on it and back to bed with no pain or pills .I thank this website I found and also I was able to try it for 30 days before I bouhgt it .I highly reccomend it to anyone that is with bad back problems .I also found it is very sturdy so no danger of hurting yourself …. I could not be happier with this product .. a big thank you !!!

  213. Penny Adams says:

    Castor oil! No you don’t have to drink it, rub it on your sore and swollen joints. It does not provide instant relief as in pain free but it does help and with consistant use works wonders-for about 80% of people. If you have all over arthritus rub it into the groin area of your body as well as on the sore joints. The cost is less than $3 so if it doesn’t work the worse you have is nice soft skin

  214. Gavin Etling says:

    This post is really written very well and is quite informative and the best thing which I liked in this post is that there is no filler content. I must say that it is an excellent post made by you!

  215. Diana Bartlett says:

    I’ve had back problems for donkey’s years! From about the age of 19 or 20, and am now 70… eish a long time and it’s gradually got worse and worse. I’ve been to physios, chiros, acupuncturists, osteopaths and even the ones that swing a cork, but haven’t had any lasting relief from any treatments at all. I used an Invertex (hanging from the hips) for a long while, but ditched that with my daughter when I left for overseas. The worst problem is lying in bed when something in my spine at any old place up and down the spine starts pinching and get pain every which way, in the neck, the legs, feet, toes – I’ve once even looked at my leg to see what this funny “popping corn” feeling was, and I could see a tic there, so I know that some little nerve is reacting! A long story. Oh and on top of that I worsened it all throwing a frizbee for about an hour and obviously twisted my body wrongly and ended up with dislocating the jolly sacro iliac bone. Because it was never seen to, and I limped for a while, the muscle has withered on the left buttock, so nothing holds that bone steady any more. What a mess. Well the good news is that someone’s child left a beach ball, soccer size at our house and one night in desperation I lay on it on my back and managed to “click” my spine and relieve the spasms. It works for me! I now have a slightly smaller beach ball and have also the Fitness big. On top of that I massage my painful spasm with the FENIX Rehab System I bought through Jesse Cannone’s contact, Dr Greg Fors. I also use Rub on Relief but only for bad spasm pain. I do mild weight exercises three times a week and find my muscles are starting to strengthen and perhaps by the time I’m 75 I’ll be able to say that my spine is being held in place by wonderfully rejuvenated muscles. Thank to Jessie’s wonderful web site and the help I’ve received in such a warm and caring environment!

  216. Hakonson says:

    Ambulatory spinal unloading is the “new kid on the block” when it comes to treatment of acute and chronic low back pain.
    Everyone knows that stabilizing the spine and allowing strained muscles to relax and heal are critical to the healing process. Anecdotally we also know that relieving pressure on the discs via traction or inversion tables etc relieves the pain and we also know that continued activity opposed to inactivity is beneficial.
    But, until ambulatory spinal unloading came along there was no way to offer the low back pain suffer the full treatment. The ambulatory spinal unloading treatment modality for low back pain allows the low back pain sufferer the ability to regain mobility, flexibility and activity in a pain free or pain reduced environment, allowing discs to rehabilitate, muscles to realign and mend and damaged nerves to heal.
    Ambulatory spinal unloading treatment modality is without a doubt, one of the most beneficial and cost effective, non-invasive treatment modalities for acute and chronic low back pain than anything else available today.
    Typical indications for this new treatment modality are most forms of low back pain that have been caused by; degenerative disc decease, herniated or bulging disc, nerve impingement, stenosis, facet syndrome, spondylolisthesis, lumbar vertebrae compression fracture, sciatica, lordosis etc and for many “undiagnosable” causes of low back pain.

  217. Paul Holmes says:

    The information in this comment only refers to pain RELIEF, not to correction of the root problem. Clearly, anyone with back pain should make an attempt to figure out why it is ocurring rather than focusing on pain-relief or just “riding it out”. Having said that, here is a wonderful tip for pain relief. This is not a personal recommendation, I am just passing along information that I privy to.

    There is a nutrient and to the best of my knowledge to date, it is only manufactured by one company. It is fat-soluble chlorophyll product. This information on pain-relief does NOT pertain to any other form of liquid or water-soluble chlorophyll. The latter will not work. This tip came to the attention of a doctor who teaches hormone balancing to health professionals and has since been asking these health professionals to use the nutrient clinically and submit the data to her. Originally, she had discovered the fat-soluble chlorophyll pearls were being used in a pain-clinic with great efficacy. Apparently, aaproximately 80% of patients get rapid and significant relief. Relief was accorded not just with muscle and joint pain but in all types of pain syndromes, including one cancer case where even morphine was not effective. The latter case was a woman whose two sons were medical doctors and when all else had failed in keeping their mother comfortable (while she was dying)they reluctantly resigned to trying this recommendation they heard spoken about at a seminar. Consequently, their mother was able to remain comfortable with out any other form of pain relief except the chlorophyll pearls until she passed. In any event, I personally use the pearls for pain relief and find them to be indispensable. Bear in mind that chlorophyll contains vitamin K and if you are on coumadin, it would not be recommended. Use any nutrient within your own understanding.

    This is not an endorsement, it’s just that I know of no other source of this form of chlorophyll. The company that manufactures this product is “Standard Process” and their products are only available through health professionals. From what I understand, a lot of Chiropractors handle this line. Chances are, very few health professionals will have heard of this application. The specific product is called “Chlorophyll Complex”. Each pearl contains a very thick, oily, chlorophyll extract. Chlorophyll stains so be careful! Here’s how you use the product for pain:

    Take 2 pearls and bite them and hold them under your tongue for about 30 seconds and then swallow them. The chlorophyll tastes like grass but it’s not so bad. As I said, it stains so be careful. Your mouth will be pretty green initially, but the chlorophyll absorbs and dissolves quickly. Most people experience some benefit very quickly, often within minutes. If not, wait a short while and try 2 more, etc., until you are sure it is not working for you. Personally, if you feel it is not helping your pain initially, I would give it a few days, possibly trying a couple of pearls every half hour for a few rounds, then every couple of hours. If after a few days you are sure there is no reduction in your pain, this simple and healthy remedy is not for you.

    If you are one of the majority who does get some relief right away (at least within a half an hour or so), continue to stack the “dosing”: As soon as your pain begins to creep back, take 2 more and stay on top of your pain-don’t let it come back full bore. With this product, more is not better. Two pearls is all that is needed and take them as needed in conjuction with your pain. The mechanism is not well understood at this point in time but clinically, it appears to be quite effective for many people. As I mentioned and as I was told, a particular pain clinic puts everybody on this product right out of the gate. Try it. It’s healthy for you unlike OTC meds and it may be a genuine source of relief while you are working to correct the root cause of your back pain. Remember, this product is a very concentrated, fat-soluble extract, NOT a watery green liquid chlorophyll. Good luck.

  218. Kathy says:

    When my back is aching I like to get on my treadmill and walk. It helps to loosen my back up and I feel better Now when I get hip pain, I use my Magnessium gel and rub it over my hip and my pain it gone..You can also use the gel wherever you have pain and you’ll be doing your body a favor by getting more Magnesium!

  219. S Fedderly says:

    Place 2 tennis balls in a sock and tie it tightly. Lie down on a flat, soft surface (I use a yoga mat on the floor). Place the sock behind your head in the small “dents”, just above the ridge at the bottom of your skull. I use them daily for 10-15 minutes. Within the first few minutes, I can feel the muscles down my whole back start relaxing. It’s been very helpful to me.

  220. Tom Walters says:

    I find in the morning that my back pain is worse – particularly in my gluts with shooting pains down both legs.

    My tip to help is to use a rice bag heating pad. Mine is long with two loops at the end. I heat it up and use a bungee cord to hold it on my back while I do the breakfast chores for the family.

    The heat relaxes the muscles and gets me ready to do my stretches and strengthening exercises.

    During the day, I can also wear the hot pack to keep my muscle relaxed.

  221. Janice Reece says:

    IFor my back pain I use excercises, the one I use to build up the back muscle is to lay on my stomach and put both feet together and both hands at my sides and lift my head up for a count of 10 and do this 5 times everyday. My back has improved quite abit since I have started with this excercise

  222. Albertha Hladek says:

    It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why

  223. Marilyn says:

    Tiger Balm, the white kind, works on the nerve endings and feels as good as ice for me. Thanks for all the tips…good luck with your pain.

  224. Deb says:

    Hydrotherapy that includes far infrared, ultrasound, massage, oxygen, ozone and negative ions that create internal warming just like exercise have been very effective for me. I had a severe back injury when I was young and now have 3 vertebra that fused naturally. They put strain on the rest of my back. Our Oxygen Spa has helped me go from only being able to handle being on cement floors for 2 hours to enabling me to do 10 day trade shows that are 12 hour days with no pain killers. The inversion table looks like the final piece to the puzzle. Using it as we age in combination with the oxygen spa, make me think it would be possible to maintain our height and posture. That allows for overall better functioning of the whole body over the long term.

  225. Marc says:

    These herbal remedies for back pain help to relieve pain and stiffness. At the same time, they will stimulate the blood circulation of your body.

    -Rub capsaicin liniment into the skin.

    -You can also apply frequent hot compresses soaked in valerian, chamomile or ginger tea to the back.

    -If you have sciatica, rub the skin with St John’s wort oil

  226. Kate McWhirt says:

    I have two things that help with my back pain: the first is to stretch – bend over from the waist and “dangle”, stretching my back until I can touch the floor with my hands. The second thing that helps with back pain is to walk in a very warm pool of water – 90degrees or just above. My body relaxes in the warm water and holding a “noodle” in front of my body, I can walk back and forth in the water. The noodle helps me with my balance, which is poor. I believe that the teeter table will help with my back and increase the blood flow to my ears and therefore help my balance.

  227. agnes pan says:

    sit on a firm chair near a door frame, put one leg up high as straight as you could on the frame or 10 min, than move to the other side of the door and stretch the other leg. i found this very helpful.

  228. Nathalie Leduc, RD, CDE says:

    For short term relief, I like to use Epson salt (magnesium) in my bath and rub some Magnesium gel on the muscle that’s giving me some pain. To help with posture (I work in front of a computer most of the time and I have a long commute to and from work) I use a “rope jacket” that anyone can easily make with a long yoga strap or two neck ties tied together. Just place the strap over your upper back and hold one end in each hand. Drape each end of the strap over its respective shoulder (do not cross the strap in front of your body), then cross the straps back, holding one end in each hand. The strap should be moderately tight. Once in the right position, tug on each end in a downward direction. Tie the strap in front of your body. You should feel traction on the trapezius muscles in your upper back (near your neck). You may also feel your shoulder blades being pulled in toward the ribs. Great help especially at the end of the day.

  229. Marianne says:

    I have been in and out of bed for years with back pain/disc pain and sciatica. Trips to the orthopedic dr. only put me on pills and in bed. Not until I bought the program Lose the Back Pain and did the exercises faithfully did I get relief quickly and have been pain free for over a year. Still do the exercises and have passed your web site along to several friends.
    Thanks for your continued information emails.

  230. Jo Shnell says:

    For 20 years I’ve taken Feverfew to prevent migraine headaches. I’ve read that for some it will completely prevent the headaches, for some it will make them milder and less often. For me it made them less often and milder, plus the nausea came BEFORE the pain, so that often I thought I was coming down with something before I realized it was a migraine. My migraines went from weekly or more often to monthly or less and were much milder.

  231. Shannon says:

    One of the greatest things I have done for myself is to buy the FAR-Infared heating pad! I was skeptical unitl I got it…now I am sold! I now spend every evening on it, I sleep better, and I generally hurt less.
    I had my frined with Thoracic outlet syndrome spend 30 minutes on it, and added my Tens unit to the mix, and he was back to 98% the next day!

    The one thing I add to really bad days is a “Still Point Inducer”. While it was deisgned for your neck, I have found that if I use it by laying on it with the points on both sides of my spine, it acts on the accupressure points. It also helps my spine adjust to the proper position.

  232. barney mayse says:

    Combination therapy starting with:
    1) great attitude working on what can be done and handling pain as well as possible.
    2) exercising as the body will permit–it is a process and pain contracts the muscles–find stretching exercises that stretch the muscles, ligaments and body.
    3) breathe deeply several times per day–this grounds you and helps keep you focused.
    4)be open to modalities that can provide relief–topical creams, herbs or other remedies–experiment with them to see what works for your bio-chemical system.
    5) with pain there is a desire to be pain free if only for a moment–know that is possible and educate yourself on what works for you.
    6) if money or insurance permit seek a practitioner whose methods work for you–massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.

  233. jimmy900623 says:

    Pretty good post. I just found your site and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts.In any case I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again sooner

  234. Donna says:

    Mustard is a good pain reliever, however it can be harmful to your health because it pulls potassium out of your system. This could be serious for folks with heart conditions. Appreciate all of the good advice this site offers.

  235. walt spencer says:

    simple way to make hot pad for back pain. purchase a pair of the long heavy duty socks for use with tennis shoes,fill with rice maybe a pound,tie off end of sock and heat for a couple of minutes in sewing required.

  236. James Einert, ND, CH says:

    The best thing I have found for pain and especially back pain is a 6 inch x 6 inch x 1 inch magnet with the north pole on one of the large sides and the south on the other. You ONLY use the north side of the magnet, and hold it on the pain for about 30 minutes or longer if needed. I was using some small magnets (north side to me) and doing a good job with my back pain, but had some really deep back pain. Went to the chiropractor and got it fixed, and then thought, I have the big magnet. Next time I will try that. That worked better than the chiropractor, and now that I have been using it whenever my back hurts, I am down to hardly ever having any back pain at all!!!

  237. Annette Weathers says:

    If I had a pain relieving tip that worked, I probably would not be trying to win the inversion table. What I do have is an 82 year old mother in severe sciatica pain – she also has small vessel disease/dementia which further complicates treatment – of course the ortopedic guy wants to do surgery and the neuro guy says not to – I just want her to feel better and enjoy her older years as otherwise her health is fairly good for her age – but the pain is slowly destroying her – I wish anyone could tell me what to do for her, alternative treative/traditional or otherwise.

  238. Kate Garrity says:

    Thank Goddess I discovered Rebirthing BreathWork in the 90’s. It has been so amazing in the way it literally dissolves stress that is being held in the body as well as resolves any ongoing emotional stress that accumulates day to day. Rebirthing was founded by Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray. Today I am a Master Rebirthing BreathWorker and teach others how to manage the mental and emotional components of pain as well as the mind-body connection. Unresolved and unconscious anger, sadness, grief, fear all crop up in the body. This does not mean that it is the only thing I employ for pain management, but the breath is the most direct and immediate one available and is profoundly involved in helping to relax and have the energy to do what is needed, ie., exercise (I always recommend LBK and LNP), nutrition, healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend Sondra ray’s Book “Healing and Holiness” – Don’t be afraid of the work holy – it is the root word for wholeness and discussed as such in her book. It has all to do with connection with spirit (breath!) and nothing to do with any particular belief system. Also I recommend Morty Lefkoe’s site for releasing negative beliefs. Breath is life! Choosing life every day – Kate Garrity – Puerto Rico

  239. Kathie Hoyt says:

    My mom used to be ahead of her time. She gave all of us (her children), a book on SHIATSU By Tokujiro Namikoshi which explains the many pressure points, correct technique and the myriad health concerns this helps. I don’t remember what year it was that she gave us this, but it had to be >30 yrs ago. She was always interested in reading about healing with herbs, raw vegetable juices. One thing she said was that “Cherry Juice” or just “Cherries are good for arthritis pain.” Well, I purchased Tart Cherry Extract tabs from Swanson Health Products and can say, “They work!” If you had a sore throat, she’d say, “Gargle some warm water with Cayenne Pepper in it!” It BITES, but it WORKS! Another was my hands both seized up when I was pregnant for my 2nd child from crocheting too much, and it HURT. I was given an old folk remedy book about apple cider vinegar, and took 1 TB. of that, 1 TB. honey in very warm water and drank it 2 x a day for a LONG time (being pregnant, you can’t take many medications) It also WORKED! I don’t know when I stopped drinking it, but every so often I will think I should start drinking that again. Also, as a RN, I would use relaxation breathing techniques like I learned in Lamaze to help focus and calm patients down which also helps diminish pain. We don’t breathe properly, and deprive our bodies of oxygen; so it is a good thing to do for ourselves every time we think of it daily.

  240. Lisa says:

    I bought a yoga swing. I don’t like inversion because it pulls on my ankles and makes them hurt. You can do all sorts of exercises and DECOMPRESSION on a yoga swing as well as incorporate stretching. You can also decompress from an upright position. I found one on ebay for approximately $100.

  241. John Basaraba says:

    I’m surprised that you would give ‘inversion’ any recognition and even a prize. The best it can do is provide a very temporary relief by slight increase in intra vertibrae spaces which shrink back in a couple of days. The required maneuvering is unsafe for clumsy folks. Traction tables are banned in Canada.
    Yours respectfully with 35 yrs experience, 20 years of proper conservative treatment for DDD and finally a decompression involving, removal of remnants of 12 discs and fusion of 12 vertibrae with assistance of four Harrington rods and multiple screws. This restored golf although surgical risks had to be taken, John Basaraba.

  242. Sonia says:

    I did the Vax-D stretching machine and it was great. It relieved two pinched discs but to continue, it is expensive. I am thinking the inversion table would be the next best thing.

  243. Earl Sharpe says:

    My tip…
    STOP and THINK

    Think before you approach a task on how to complete it with no risk of injury.

    Think about your posture while walking, sitting, driving.

    Think about what that 2 to 3 inch thick wallet in you back pocket which leaves a buldge in your jeans permenantly is doing to your back muscles spine and nerves.

    Too often we are such a big hurry to get things done we fail to stop and think.

    In 2004 (Feb) I was injured while carrying out an ERT task. I tore my pyriformis muscle which led to bleeding and scaring. That scar tissue has encapsulated the sciatic nerve causing 100% compression 24/7
    Workers Comp has done nothing to assist. After 7 and a 1/2 years had I stopped and thought about what I was doing on that fateful day in 2004 I would be enjoying life more than I have since that time.

    STOP and THINK

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