Win a 7-Day Vacation in Thailand

Ever dreamed of visiting Thailand? I know I have…
Win Thailand Vacation

How would you like a 7 day / 8 night stay at the beautiful, Absolute Sanctuary Resort in Thailand for FREE?

I know, who wouldn’t!

Well, you could be the lucky person who wins this incredible prize. Here’s the details…

UPDATE: due to the super complicated (and pathetic) rules affecting a contest like the one we had planned originally, we were forced to change it. Here are the details for this new contest and how you can win:

Create a video telling others why they should visit our website ( if they are dealing with any sort of back pain…

We are looking for true, genuine recommendations with compelling reasons why you’re such a big fan of ours. Video needs to be 10 minutes or less and we will be posting a link to the page where you’ll upload your video very soon so keep your eyes peeled for another update.

Below you’ll find a detailed list of everything that is included in this vacation package as well as a video highlighting the resort.

7 Days/8 Nights Detox Holiday Package

We offer a wide range of Detox programs such as our Signature Ultimate Detox, Living Foods Detox & Vegetarian Detox programs to meet individual needs & requirements. Each is a comprehensive & holistic option, encompassing daily colon hydrotherapy sessions, detox drinks, massages, yoga classes & nutritional supplements. Our world class detox center also offers a range of emotional therapies to support you on your journey.

Package includes:

Daily programs:
– 1 x Colon Hydrotherapy per day
– 2-4 x Detox Drinks per day
– 2-4 x Nutritional Supplements per day
– Modified diets ranging from full fasting to light vegetarian meals ( depending on programs)
– 1 x Liver Flush Drink before & after program
– 1 x Coconut Juice per day
– Unlimited Broth Soups
– Initial In-depth Detox Consultation
– Final Detox Consultation with take-home guidelines
– Pool, steam room access
– 1 x Yoga Class per day
– Airport Roundtrip Transfers
– 8 nights accommodation in Superior Pool/Sea view room

Free Bonus:
– 1x 60 min Detox Massage & 2 x 60 min Thai Massage

Prize is valid for accommodation in Superior Pool/Sea view room only
Peak Season surcharge of Bt 1,000 per night applies ( Dec’10, Jan’11, Aug’11)
Prize valid from 1st Sep 2010, – 30th April 2011
You are responsible for your airfare and any other expenses.

Click here to watch a short video overview of the resort

If you’ve been “thinking about” purchasing one of these products, now would be a great time… who knows, you just might be the “lucky one”!

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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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16 thoughts on “Win a 7-Day Vacation in Thailand”

  1. Admin says:

    Hi RJ,

    Thank you for your post and query.

    Although they do read and monitor this blog, you would be best asking your question via the link below using one of the support options. There, more personal support questions are considered with more privacy than on a public blog.

    Our Customer Support

    Thank you

  2. RJ says:

    Hey I have had 2 neck operations to rid me of bone spurs in my neck and back. He first went in through the back and then he did another operation where he went in through the front. I have so much pain and muscle tightness as a reaction to the pain that I can’t stand for more than 5 minutes. It’s tough as I also suffer from RA and my husband just had two heart attackes last month. I broke one leg in many place and had a new knee put in the other leg. I wanna know if this could cause numbing in my feet? They are numb all the time. Othertimes I almost can’t feel them at all! Help!

  3. chantelle morris says:

    love it

  4. Robo says:

    It is illegal to offer a chance at a prize to only those who purchase a product or service. The law defines such an arrangement as a “lottery” not a “sweepstakes” – since a sweepestakes is open to all, purchasers and non-purchasers. To avoid its being an illegal lottery you must make an entry provision allows anybody to enter if they want to.

  5. Nick says:

    Not in the UK it ain’t!

  6. Diane Bolton says:

    Your contest rules are unfair. I ordered my Nubax
    two weeks ago. I did want to say how happy, no,
    how thrilled I was to see this device. I spent
    over four months sometimes hours at a time kneeling on the floor in front of my lovesest, bent over propted up on my elbows. When a spasm
    started I instinctivly took this position while
    screaming for ice/heat packs. I was able to sleep
    for up to a half hour=forty=five min. My elbows
    were open sores I tried haerd to to pad. I was told to stop laying in that position by an EMT Saying I should have my feet on the chair and my back on the floor. When I asked other’s ( doctors and PTs they agreed. I couldn’t help throwing myself in that position so I kept it up. When I saw the Nubax it was ME only better. Listen to your on body. The first time I used Nubax my L5
    snapped in to it’s rightful place. Sounded like a
    breaking tree branch. I slept an unbelievable 5
    hours. I shared this with my Chiropractor who was so impressed he collected ordering info to give to his son-in-law. I enjoy soothing streches
    3-4 times a day. I’ve gone out of my home only to
    suffer painful rides to doctor’s appointments. I
    won a painfree trip to the mall this week the highlight of my summer. So thank you to the Nubax
    creator. Many Thanks

  7. Diane Bolton says:

    I had heard of inversion tables and bought one at a sport store near my home but was very happy
    to see the Nubax as it has helped me tremendously
    I suffer from a no of muscle imbalances ( rt shoulder muscle completely removed in’85) Super stressful job,torn left butt muscles, herniated disk, siatica, old horse back riding injuries, years of heavy lifting. What I know of the system so far is that it has done wonders for me.

  8. Don says:

    I agree with Robo: It is illegal to offer a chance at a prize to only those who purchase a product or service. The law defines such an arrangement as a “lottery” not a “sweepstakes” — since a sweepestakes is open to all, purchasers and non-purchasers. To avoid its being an illegal lottery you must make an entry provision allows anybody to enter if they want to.

  9. bmouch says:

    I think giving away a trip to Thailand is a great idea, especially to drum up business. I would just ask, what about those of us who have already purchased these products? I have already bought the inversion table and Nubax from you, and would love to be entered into the vacation giveaway.

  10. cschlager says:

    I just got my nubax last week. It is great, but why can’t I enter this contest? Doesn’t seem fair!!

  11. Janice Geerrlofs says:

    Great prize give away to one lucky order but I have never ordered any of the bigger products as the postage I would have to pay to get it to New Zealand is sooo expensive. Also you always give preferrance to your USA and Canadian customers. To the lucky person who wins,ENJOY yourself, it looks an awesome place! :>

  12. Jesse Cannone says:

    Looks like we will have to tweak the rules for this contest…. will update as soon as possible with any changes.

  13. amir ali says:


    How you offer the free trips to thailand? Is it really for free or some hidden charges behind it? Plz let me knoe clearly.



    amir ali

  14. Lesley Blucher says:

    Hi Jesse,
    would love to win this fantastic trip and opportunity to see wonderful Thialand, I am a nurse and wife and mother of 2. I do have lower back pain, sciatic pain, shoulder nerve damage due to an accident many years ago. I am a migrane sufferer and have suffered with these for many years now…they are totally debilitating. I have just recently joined your great cause The healthy back institute. Looking forward to hearing from you..Cheers Lesley

  15. Earl Mollo says:

    That’s interesting that colder places have higher obesity rates. I live in Seattle and I do notice quite a large number of overweight people.

  16. Buster Langness says:

    Real good visual appeal on this website , Id value it 10 10.

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