Why You Should NOT Vaccinate Your Children Against the Flu This Season

The Big FAT Swine Flu Lie

by Jesse Cannone

Should you get the swine flu vaccine? Infectious disease expert says, “Absolutely not!” I agree and here’s why…

The European Medicines Agency (EMEA) in the United Kingdom released a new experimental swine flu vaccine into the public. Yet it had only five days of testing! Normally, several months are required before determining safety and efficacy, but not in this case.

The sad part is that most vaccines are unnecessary and even potentially dangerous, even after meeting the requirements in clinical trials. But this new vaccine has not even got that! And the EMEA says the vaccine will be distributed WHILE the trials are carried out.

Are they crazy?! Or are we stupid for subjecting ourselves and our children to this potentially harmful and unproven vaccine? And if the H1N1 swine flu vaccine is proven to have life-threatening or genetically dangerous side effects, what then? A simple recall and perhaps some payouts?

To be sure, the current swine flu vaccination program is huge and perhaps the largest mass vaccination in the past 50 years! And who is behind this experimental drug and its distribution? America’s Big Pharma Legal Drug Cartels known as GlaxoSmithKline and Baxter Healthcare.

Well it turns out that the new swine flu vaccine has been found to be possibly cancer causing by German lung specialist, Wolfgang Wodarg. According to Wodarg, the nutrient solution for the vaccine consists of cancerous cells from animals! Not only that, but it was then found to be linked to guillain-barre syndrome, a paralyzing nerve disease!!

But doctors, nurses and we, ourselves, are responsible for giving and getting the vaccine. The problem is that the media plays into our fears and even passes off lies as truth. So without being a microbiologist how are we to know what to believe? Well, after doing some research into the facts, I wanted to share these points with you.

1.  We are told that there are no adjuvants in the current H1N1 vaccine. This is a lie.

Adjuvants are a necessary and critical part of flu vaccines. They are used to boost the production of antibodies. And when there is limited supply of a vaccine for a so-called pandemic and the demand is so very high, adjuvants are used to “spread out” or “make more of” a vaccine. Think of how you might add water to spaghetti sauce or sour cream to avocados to make them feed more people.

The worst part is, mercury, squalene and aluminum are often used as adjuvants. If you knew the risks involved you would never consent to take or have the shot given to your children or loved ones.

2.  The media has played up the idea that this new swine flu is much more deadly than the regular seasonal flu. This also is not true.

Of course the beginnings of this came from the media crying wolf when a few people around the globe tested positive for H1N1. But it never spread into pandemic proportions as we were led to believe. And so, it was soon apparent to those paying attention that the swine flu was actually no more dangerous to us than the seasonal flu.

Is it still possible that this flu mutates and become the dangerous wolf we were expecting? Sure, anything is possible… including that it fades into oblivion. In which case we needn’t damage our body with a vaccine that is almost certain to create health issues here and now.

3.  They tell us that getting the vaccine will protect us against the deadly virus. This is not actually the case.

Yes, getting inoculated will produce more antibodies in us. However, these antibodies are not actually geared to protect against the actual virus and its mutations in real time. They are based on previous years’ viruses and very limited testing. They run greater risk of harm than help.

4.  The media tells us repeatedly that the vaccine is safe and we need to be good parents and protect our children. What a load of horse manure!

Does injecting a poison made from cancerous cells sound safe to you? And with such limited testing and trials how on earth can anyone know, even scientists, if this vaccine is safe or will be deadly? They can’t and putting toxic viruses into your body for real to hopefully beat a virus that may not come and may not be the same as during the trials… is too high a health risk to take.

5.  Not yet convinced? Think about these scary facts. Most American children are vaccinated nearly 30 times before they are two years old. Sounds reasonable until you consider that even veterinarians refuse to keep vaccinating dogs because of obvious, observable side effects! How about the fact that the Amish do not vaccinate their children and their children do not get autism! Yet there is increasing prevalence of autism among children who are vaccinated.

Man, this stuff scares me. Mostly because I have eight children of my own and I fear for their safety and the health and wellbeing of their friends and extended generation. Personally, I believe natural is better and I only use natural healthcare products, see alternative healthcare practitioners, and try my best to educate people through my publications. So do yourself a favor and avoid this experimental vaccine.

Your best bet is to take a holistic approach and build up your immune system naturally. Here are some tips to keep your immune system working at its best and thus giving you the best defense against the swine flu and every other seasonal flu out there.

1.  Avoid sugar, processed foods and trans fats as they deplete your immune system.
2.  Get a full eight hours sleep per night to stay strong and rested.
3.  Engage in stress relief practices, such as meditation, deep breathing, etc.
4.  Get enough of the Omega-3 fatty acids, green and white teas to boost your anti-oxidant levels.
5.  Always wash and sanitize your hands and counter surfaces to stop the spread of germs.
6.  Eat plenty of garlic, turmeric, ginger and curries to strengthen digestion, absorption of nutrients and fighting of bacteria and viruses in the body.
7.  Avoid Flu Vaccines!!!

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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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9 thoughts on “Why You Should NOT Vaccinate Your Children Against the Flu This Season”

  1. Branka gruda says:

    I applaud to you, Jesse for this smart and realistic text. Not in a hundred years i will get vaccine or my children. Originaly i am from bosnia and kids overthere dont recieve so many vaccines like here in america. I truly believe thats all about money, make more people sick and then take money for they “recovery”. How stupid!!! God bless you Jesse and your fa

  2. Leandro Marrins2012 says:

    Well, I’ve talked to so many people and I found that there is two kind of people who would not get vaccinated: the first are the. People who research and throight comom sense say no, and the people who never research but feel they should not get the vaccine throught their believe in God. Iys impressing, two very different aproch the the same conclision, however, both these grups doesnt trust government.

  3. Daniel Lloyd says:

    I agree with you! There should be doubt about this, and I would love to se all world leaders go forward with a good example and get the vaccine in public, then we can all sit back and study the side effects and see if it really is as safe as they say..
    Who trusts the government?

  4. Kris Asburry says:

    Jesse, Thank you for informing all of your readers of the truth about the H1N1 vaccine. I agree with you, before you take any vaccines… research it and get the facts. I just read the paper and it was titled VACCINE: BEWARE OF INGREDIENTS. …The media has been blindly promoting the H1N1 vaccine without mentioning the risks: (1) The vaccine is composed of “live” viruses. The vaccine circular, page 21, section 17.2 warns “VACCINATION WITH A LIVE VIRUS VACCINE” Vaccine recipients should be informed that Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine Live, Intranasal is an attenuated live virus vaccine … it can be “shed” and cause other people to become infected… FluMist recipients are contagious to people they are in contact with for 21 days. (2) The virus included in the H1N1 FluMist vaccine is NOT a naturally-occurring virus, but a laboratory-reated “Influenza Hemagglutinin and Neuraminidase variant” … (3) According to the vaccine package insert … the “live virus” vaccine has not been tested … therefore it is experimental. (4) The vaccine contains 0.188 mg. of monosodium glutamate (MSG)- a well-known brain excito-toxic compound. Putting this amount of MSG into the nasal passages can cause neurological adverse reactions. Jesse, if you can do a little research to see if this is true … why would anyone consider taking the H1N1???

  5. Darry Wells says:

    for Kris Asbury, where did you get so much information on what is in the vaccine? What paper did you read? I am trying to decide on whether to take this or not as have asthma.My doctors office has signs on doors and inside “Flu symptom patients, pleae call ahad before entering clinic.
    What do they know that we don’t. Pleae advise where I can read that paper and send all this info on to family. thanks so much

  6. Darry Wells says:

    There was a television show on last night and they had a microbiologist on that said there are no animal products in this vaccine. ALso said they have de-mythed everythign about the vaccine. Are we to trust this microbiologist?

  7. Kirsten says:

    If I wait another 10 minutes, it wont matter what I decide.
    They are vaccinating the children in my son’s school as I type. I have not given permission as of yet.
    There are too many commercials on t.v. about all the newer drugs causing problems and them offering a settlement etc.
    I’m in a low poverty area, and can’t help but think we are being used as testers.
    My concern of coarse is the “live” part of it.
    I haven’t had a shot, nor is one available. It’s contagious for 21 days and I WILL PARISH if I get it. Why would I bring an infected individual into my home? I wouldn’t
    Even if my son gets it, and it’s directly related to me not getting him vaccinated. I’m not going to kick myself, MY GUT KEEPS MAKING THE DESISION FOR ME.
    I know he wont take the shot, and I can’t make him. So that’s out of the question.
    No matter how many people tell me “I’m the mother” (my least favorite statement, because I already know I’m his mother)(*_*)
    We are also not very social people (not by choice so much) we don’t go out and eat. He’s not always at his frienes houses, and he never sleeps over at anyone’s house. To me, that makes us even lowere risk people.
    I guess I’ll have to see. I’ll let you know if I die or not.

  8. Jared Wilson says:

    Very well written laddie! I nor my wife and children will not be recieving the vaccine, thanks to you!

  9. Nich Starling says:

    As it turns out one month on, there have been no reports of major health concerns about the vaccine and speaking as someone whose 2 year old has swine flu at the moment, can I suggest you get the jab as he has been in a right state for a week now.

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