What Can Back Pain Be a Symptom Of? (7 Serious Diseases!)

back pain disease signal?

WARNING: Back pain may signal serious disease!

7 Serious Diseases with Back Pain as a Symptom

(and a FREE Solution!)

What if it’s not just a backache?

Back pain should always be taken seriously. What you may have written off as “strain” or “overwork” could actually be an early warning sign of a major health problem.

That’s because it’s not always your muscles causing back pain. When you’re taking care of your back but still having pain, it’s time to look at other potential problems.

Your back pain could be caused by your gut, an infection, or even an inflammatory disorder you can’t see. The pain and tenderness you feel are your body’s way of screaming out for help.

Perhaps you’ve been avoiding doctors to cut costs. That’s great since there are many alternatives to drugs and surgery out there. But to make the best choices for your health, you truly need to listen to what your body is telling you.

To help you tune in to what you need to hear, here’s a quick guide to seven serious diseases your back pain could be telling you to watch out for now.

#1 Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Lower back pain and back cramping are associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Depending on who you ask, IBS affects between 3% and 20% of the population at some point in their lives. What everyone can agree on though is IBS will make your life miserable.

IBS is caused by bacterial invasions, inflammation, and chemical sensitivities that often get worse with age. Until you can bring your gut back to health, you’ll fight bloating, cramps, alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation, painful pressure, and of course — back pain!

#2 Ulcerative Colitis

Who wants to have a part of their intestines removed? No hands? Good, so pay attention to lower back pain that might indicate yet another painful bowel disorder.

Ulcerative colitis affects around 700,000 Americans each year. Scientists are still looking for the cause, but at least the effects are well recognized. Ulcers in the lining of your intestines caused by this disease can lead to severe internal bleeding, a hole in your colon and increased risk of colon cancer.

For this one, your back pain may appear at the same time as blood in your stools, cramping and fever. It’s not the flu, and it won’t go away without treatment.

#3 Inflammatory Arthritis

Over 2 million people in America suffer from inflammatory arthritis. While you many watch for the signs of arthritis as they grow older, inflammatory arthritis can hit you at any age — and back pain can give you a heads up that it’s moving in.

Inflammatory arthritis can go after spinal spaces and joints, causing pain and stiffness that’s worst in the morning or after you’ve been sitting for a while. Your back and other joints may feel swollen and warm to the touch. Particularly if you’re under 40, you’ll want to pay attention to this pain and start fighting the inflammation to keep your joints flexible and mobile for the rest of your life.

#4 Kidney Infection

Kidney infections don’t always carry the same obvious symptoms as a bladder infection. Instead, you’re likely to notice lower back pain and tenderness in the kidney area as an early warning that something is wrong — and the pain won’t go away until you treat the problem.

Even if you don’t have a full-blown kidney infection, the inflammation and tenderness of an irritated kidney can set off major back pain. Watch for collaborating symptoms — frequent bathroom trips, burning and sharp pains in your side — and don’t miss the message your back is sending!

#5 Diabetes

Who knew back could be a short cut to reading your blood sugar levels? It turns out that severe back pain can be a major red flag for diabetes — even more when it’s combined with pain radiating down your leg.

While this type of pain is commonly sciatica, it also could be a symptom of diabetic neuropathy. Diabetes affects the nerves in your body. Left unchecked diabetes can lead to a loss of sensation and range of motion as a result of this nerve damage. Bad cases can mean a total loss of sensation or even amputation below the knee. Don’t let things go that far — hear what your back is telling you and get help.

#6 Multiple Sclerosis

Neck and back pain are both associated with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The natural progression of the disease often combines this with burning or tingling sensations and is made worse when you also have other inflammation issues.

While pain hasn’t been historically linked to MS, that view is changing. In some patients, it’s a critical marker of the onset of the disease. And if you don’t know why you’re hurting, it certainly pays to make sure your back pain isn’t MS, given the ways MS can be helped — if you catch it at an early stage.

#7 Heart Disease

Back pain can be a warning of major heart trouble — especially in women. While men often experience heart disease and heart attacks in traditional, chest-clutching ways, women tend to experience heart problems differently. Once considered “abnormal” or “atypical,” back pain in the middle to upper back is now commonly accepted as a sign of a heart issue in women.

For both men and women, the pressure of a blocked vein can manifest itself as back pain. If the pressure for the pain seems to be coming from within, and you have other symptoms like shooting pains in your arms, shortness of breath or sudden sweats, don’t ignore your back pain and seek immediate medical assistance.

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