9 Weird Symptoms that Signal Serious Disease

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Sometimes a minor symptom can signal serious disease


Have you ever wondered what the ridges on your fingernails or that pain in your heel might mean? How about that mysterious streak of discolored hair that’s definitely not a sign of old age?

More often than not, a weird symptom that pops up one day might indicate nothing at all. No need to become a hypochondriac over a stuffy nose or a dry mouth, right?

But in these nine cases, taking a second look into your symptoms might just save your life…

Weird Symptom #1 — Dry Mouth

If you have a dry mouth, you might just be really thirsty. If it’s an excessively dry mouth combined with dry eyes though, you could be in the early stages of Sjogren’s syndrome–an irritating autoimmune disease that typically strikes women over 40 years old. This disease causes the body to attack places that need moisture, usually the eyes and mouth, and sometimes skin, organs, and joints.

Weird Symptom #2 — Bleeding Gums

For adults, bleeding gums are usually a sign of gingivitis, brushing your teeth too hard, or that you’ve gone without flossing for too long. However, it is extremely rare for a child to get gingivitis, so you should not ignore it if your child’s gums are bleeding. They might have brushed a little too hard… or they could have leukemia, a form of cancer in which white blood cells begin multiplying out of control. Bleeding gums can be an early symptom of leukemia.

Weird Symptom #3 — Funky Fingernails

Irregularities in fingernails are usually a sign that something inside isn’t quite right. If your nails look bumpy, or like they have little pits, it may be a symptom of psoriasis. Iron deficiency can cause ridges, concavities, and an abnormal nail shape.

Changes in nail color often point to infections–some more serious than others. Fungal or yeast infections can cause a greenish or yellowish tint to the nail. But if you see red streaks in your nails, you may have an infected heart valve. Other more serious disease like liver and kidney disease can also present symptoms in your fingernails.

Weird Symptom #4 — Striped Hair

If a section of hair is suddenly discolored–and it’s not caused by stress or trauma–it may be a sign of malnutrition, either in protein or iron. However, discolored hair can also indicate something more serious: ulcerative colitis. This painful inflammatory disease leads to ulcers and sores in the lining of the rectum and colon. In the most severe cases, the colon must be surgically removed.

Weird Symptom #5 — Creased Earlobe

A normal earlobe is smooth. Abnormalities like a crease could indicate something serious, especially in children or aging adults. If your child has an earlobe crease, it may be a sign of an inherited disease, like Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome. In terms of aging adults, a creased earlobe could indicate a higher risk for heart attack and heart disease.

Weird Symptom #6 — Viral Symptoms with No Diagnosis

Flu AchesSymptoms such as fatigue, headaches, swollen lymph nodes, and muscle and joint pain may initially present as a bad case of the flu. But if your doctor gets your test results back and there’s no sign of influenza virus anywhere… Well, it could just be a bad test–or it could be Lyme disease. Lyme disease often presents these symptoms with a rash and a general feeling of being unwell. If you can find the rash–or better, the tick causing your symptoms–you may be able to catch the disease before it progresses any further.

Weird Symptom #7 — Jaw Pain

Sometimes jaw pain is a case of TMJ or simply chewing gum for too long. But sometimes it’s a sign of an impending heart attack. You probably know that pain radiating through your chest and arms is cause for immediate medical attention. But awareness of sudden jaw pain might give you enough time to get preventative treatment.

Weird Symptom #8 — Pain in the Heel

Pain in your heel might be from a bad jog or walking funny for a day. If it’s a stabbing pain, though, it could be a sign of a herniated disc or sciatica. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back through the legs to the heels. If it’s getting pinched by a disc, you’ll likely feel it there.

Weird Symptom #9 — Breath that Can Peel Paint

Does your breath smell a little unusual? Could be that it’s high time to call the dentist… but if your breath starts smelling like a fruity acetone, the primary ingredient in nail polish remover, it’s time to see your doctor. When your blood sugar is high the level of acetone in your lungs rises. This is a sign of ketoacidosis, which occurs in the presence of diabetes.

Most of these painful conditions can be boiled down to two types of issues: systems breaking down and inflammation.

Yet both of these are actually symptoms of a single condition: enzyme deficiency. Studies have shown that anyone over age 27 starts to become deficient in proteolytic enzymes–an enzyme your body requires to fight inflammation and fibrin, which can accumulate throughout your body leading to numerous health problems.

Proteolytic enzymes also boost your immune system, clean your blood to keep it pumping throughout your cardiovascular system and help keep your respiratory function in top form. But since the number of these enzymes created in your body drops dramatically as you age you have to get them through your diet – almost impossible these days.

That’s why we’ve created the world’s most powerful all-natural proteolytic enzyme and anti-inflammation supplement, Heal-n-Soothe®. We’re so sure it’ll help you feel better we want you to give it a try – on us!

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  1. Carlos Gavila says:

    Please answer my five questions so that I can make an informed decision as to whether or not to accept your offer.

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    1. Heal n Soothe is blended and encapsulated in Lindon, Utah USA

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    Hello, I have submitted several requests for you to write on the common ” Tipped Pelvis Dysfunction. I have learned this is a very common occurrence in women. I’m sure there are many women reading your Newsletter who would find this information of great interest. Thus far, I’ve seen nothing addressing this health issue.

    Thank you,in advance, for your attention to this request.

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