Wedge Pillow for Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, it doesn’t really matter how it happened as much as how you’re going to get relief in the long term. People try all kinds of crazy things in the search for relief from chronic pain, including dangerous “therapies” and a heavy reliance on prescription pain medications. A great, safe option to look into is to try a wedge pillow.

Homeopathic remedies like the wedge pillow can help ease suffering without any of the risks or side effects of pills and questionable “therapy” services. Wedges are among the most common types of therapeutic back pain pillows, allowing the patient to lie in a comfortable diagonal position in bed or on the sofa. You can position the wedge to offer acute or semi-recumbent posturing; whichever position allows you the greatest relief. Other uses for the wedge pillow for back pain are using it under the knees to relieve pressure on the lower back, while the patient is sleeping face-up. When you are lying flat on your back, you place a great deal of pressure on the lower part of your spine, which normally has a curvature. The wedge behind your knees allows the spine to become flatter and more naturally molded by the mattress, relieving lower back pressure and pain.

Another type of pillow is a cervical or contour pillow. These have a curved design that moulds to the head, neck and shoulders of people who sleep on their backs or sides. They relieve pain in the neck and shoulders while easing pressure, which can also help headache sufferers. One type of useful, portable pillow is a travel pillow, which conforms to the neck, causing the neck to stay in a straight position while sleeping. This can specifically relieve pressure caused by the head leaning on one’s shoulders while sleeping upright, and can help prevent further injury.

Lumbar pillows offer relief from pain in the lower back by causing the patient to sit with better posture. They can also be used under the knees to elevate legs. Knee pillows are shaped like an hourglass and help side-sleepers keep their spines aligned, for the relief of pressure all the way up the spine. They are also beneficial for circulation, allowing the sciatic nerve to be pressure-free during sleep and increasing blood flow between spinal discs, which may also help with pain relief.

If you sleep on your back, a wedge pillow for back pain may be advised; it keeps the knees elevated and helps you maintain a flatter back, which does not conflict with the contours of the normal mattress. No matter what your back pain involves, see your doctor for recommendations for pain relief and get advice about a diet and exercise plan that can further your homeopathic healing. It can’t hurt to learn about natural healing alternatives, and you might even rid yourself of some bad habits, addictions or problems that may have arisen because of your chronic pain. These alternatives can include using pillows to change the way you sit or sleep, diet changes that can help with your weight and general health, and exercise programs that can strengthen your core and raise your body’s natural ability to fight pain.

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