Want a FREE Copy of My New Book, “The 7-Day Back Pain Cure”?

So last week I was telling you that my new book, “The 7-Day Back Pain Cure” is due out in a week or two…

And as part of the book launch I’m going to give away 10 FREE copies… and since there are hundreds of thousands of people on our email list, not everyone is going to get one… so…

I thought one way to identify those who need this book the most, was to have those of you who are interested post on our blog and tell me why you need one of the free copies of my book… but you need to post your story below using the comment form by next Thursday, August the 20th.

Submit your story (comments) and tell us why you need a copy of my book The 7 Day Back Pain Cure

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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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288 thoughts on “Want a FREE Copy of My New Book, “The 7-Day Back Pain Cure”?”

  1. Holly says:

    I have struggled from back pain on and off for a long time. Although plenty of doctors have told me that surgery was a good option I always knew there had to be a better way. I found the Losethebackpain site and and watched a lot of the videos. Many of them have helped me tremendously, like the SI Joint video.

    I have become a believer in what Jesse and The Healthy Back institute teaches and I would love to read the book and continue to get rid of my pains the right way:)

    Thanks for everything you guys do, even if I don’t win the free copy,


  2. Samuel says:

    Its hard for me to say that I deserve the book over anyone else because anybody that has the same pain that I do could benefit from your book. I have learned a ton from you already and for that I’m thankful. Congrats on finishing the book and I wish you the best in spreading the word. I tell as many people as I can about you and Lose the Back Pain.


    Samuel R.

  3. Jason P says:

    I’d love a copy of your book because I imagine that I will learn so much from it, just as I have from your videos and emails.

    I have been battling lower back pain for several years now. It comes and goes and it seems with each passing year, the pain gets more intense and the bouts last longer. I have tried so many treatments but nothing has given me complete or lasting relief.

    I have been making some progress since discovering your website, which I learned of by a friend of mine. Some things have helped, like the stretches from your videos as well as acupuncture and your heal and soothe product.

    But there’s that last little bit that I just can’t seem to get rid of and I’m hoping I can figure out what that is from your book. If I don’t get the free copy, can I buy it on amazon?

  4. Marco says:

    I’d need the book because I have suffered 7 years from constant headache and neckpain since a carcrash caused by a drunk driver, who run against red lights and hit my car. Painkillers help only a little bit, but don’t take the pain completely off. I have tried also a lot of different physical treatments without much help.

  5. Gail S says:

    I actually don’t need your book. I have benefited enormously from the knowledge you have already provided. Even your last video on how to sit in a chair at work was very helpful to me and I am doing much better as a result.
    I would ask for the book because I am writing a website about stress relief. And so much of our stress shows up as neck and back pain. I am planning to write about this aspect of stress and would find the book very helpful. It is simply a matter of sharing information and sources of relief so that others may be helped.


    I have a narrowing at L3,4,5 lower back. I believe this would help me.
    I have always wanted information on back problems. I take Advil for inflamation. I have some curve of spine. Hope to be able to get your book.
    I have some inflamation of left knee. I believe the inversion machine would help to straighten my back and make me stand straighter. I have ostrearthritis.

  7. robin says:

    i work in physiatry (physical medicine and rehabilitation) and see many patients who have chronic back pain. my employers are very traditional and only follow “evidence based” treatments. I, on the other hand, am more drawn to non-medication treatments and programs that patients can use themselves to help themselves. I read Jesse’s e-mails and agree with what he says. I would love a copy of that book. I would like to have the book to help convince my boss that there are non-allopathic approaches to the treatment of back pain.

  8. Kathy says:

    I have had a pinched sciatic nerve for the past 10 years. Off and on I have struglged to find ways to make it bearable. This got complicated with a hip that has lost cartilage as well.
    I have found tricks to be comfortable when I sleep, tricks to go up stairs etc. I am tired of living with the pain when I walk or when I stand for longer periods of time. I used to walk daily and I really miss the walking. I am self conscious about alking with a limp now.
    I am a person that believes in alternatives to surgery and I’ve tried many many options.
    I would love to find a way to handle my nerve and hip without surgery.

  9. Jerry Bruck says:

    I have had several back surguries this year to correct decompressed vertebrae. I have osteoporosis, and the surguries have made it almost impossible to stand or walk straight. There is constant pain , so I cannot be on my feet for much length of time. I also must restrict my lifting or other strenuous work. Sleeping is much less comfortable than it used to be. I get tired easily, and cannot do as much exercise as I would like. I would be very grateful to receive a book that will help me to adequately and quickly relieve these conditions.

  10. Nikolaj Andersen says:

    I would really like a copy of your book. After strugling with chronic back pain for over three years I have realized that I need to know as much about my back as possible as it seems like the doctors / kiropractors / Physical therapist are not able to help me. I have improved after reading the stories and articles on your web site but I still have a way to go before I am rid of my pain.

  11. Judith Dunton says:

    I am new to the Lose the Back Pain system. Actually I am in the first few weeks of trying the stretches and strengthening. I have had back and shoulder pain for longer than I can remember. I have been to so many doctors and have had physical therapy more times than I want to remember. I have changed doctors trying to get answers. All they want to do is prescribe medications and I refuse to just “pop a pill”! I want to fix the problem and be healthy. To be honest the Heal and Soothe product has not worked for me. I have tried enzyme products, herbal remedies, and a variety or products in the past, but to no avail! I would like a copy of the book for one because I love books. The other reason is I want to hold out hope that there is help for me! The pain is wearing me down and seems to be getting harder and harder to handle as the years go by.

  12. Sandy Chambers says:

    I have learned so much from your website and your Lose the Back Pain program. I have purchased an inverstion table and the heating pad and both help immensley. I think I would benefit very much from learning more by reading your new book! Thank you for writing it!! I had surgery 5 years ago (discectomy) and I now have an MRI that is a page and a half long. I refuse to take pain pills as they only make me stupid and it is difficult to work when you can’t think. Using your many methods, techniques and equpment I am able to keep the pain at a bareable level and for that I thank you! Keep up the great work!

  13. Randy Kerkman says:

    I have had back pain since I was 10 years old when I fell out of a barn. I have had 2 back surgeries and am fairly pain free at this time but would like to stay pain free to prove the doctors wrong. The doctors tell me I will be needing another back surgery in the future to fuse 3 discs. I am 46 years old.
    Thank you for the help!!

  14. Christopher M. Wilson says:

    I’ve just had microdiscectomy at the L-4
    L5 S-1 site. on July 27th and still am having pain in the sciatic region along the tibia-fibia area. The pain is shooting through the left knee and down the tib-fib to the top of the foot area. I’m tired of taking pain killers ie, hydrocodiene which just leaves me fatigued. I’m uping the ice and heat but want to know what else I can do. I was thinking of accupuncture, or deep tissue massage. Please help me. Thank you Chris

  15. Michael Sabato says:

    I am a 25 year old male who was as active as can possibly be until about a year and a half ago. ABout 2 years ago, I tried your program, and the sciatic pain I felt essentially disappeared. However, when I went away to school the next year, I stopped a lot of my physical activity, and hence I stopped doing the stretches regularly. This led to the fact that once I started my activities up again, i.e. playing basketball 3-4 times a week, my muscles were unbalanced again. Ultimately, I herniated my l4-l5 worse than it had been. I was in excruciating pain for about 3 months, I had to miss a full week of school, and I had to attempt to finish my 1st year of law school without really even being about to sit in my 2 hour classes.

    As the pain got better and better, I thought my disk was on its way to healing. It was. However, in a year and a half, despite me doing every possible treatment including yoga and the lose the back pain stretching, everything healed except for just enough nerve irritation to not allow me to be active. So finally I bit the bullet and got a microdiscectomy about a month ago.

    As I said I was as active as can be: I played softball 4 days a week, basketball in leagues and regular pick up 3-4 days a week, ran on the treadmill and lifted weights. I am a former college basketball and baseball player. But I have been relegated to absolutely no sports activity for the last year and a half. On top of this, I have gained 40 pounds since I was last playing/running. Now I am in recovery from the surgery. Although I think it is going well so far, I am well aware that my other 2 disks, l3-l4, and l5-s1, are also pretty damaged, so if I get back to my regular activity (at age 25 I certainly don’t want to think I can never get back to my regular activity) I need to make sure I am taking all the possible preventitive measures. I am going to follow your system and some of your products once my back is healed from the surgery, and I hope this book can be one of those ways for me to get back to normal!

  16. Kay Martin says:

    I two herniated disc in my lower back and have been told that surgery is not a good option for me right now. I am in constant pain and when I stand or walk my right leg is very painful. I had my right knee replaced a year ago and my back got worse. When I walk or stand my muscles in my right leg gets so tight and painful that I have to sit down. I’ve tried everything, exercise, Yoga, water arebocis, streching, lifting weights, massage, Chiropractor, inversion table and none of these things have helped. My orthopedic doctor said to stop trying everything and just try to heal. I feel like that would be giving up. I’m hoping your book can give my some answers.

  17. Frances Prohonas says:

    I had spinal fusion a couple of years ago, I have had pain in my lower back ever since and it is getting worse. I have tries all kinds of medication and treatments to no avail. I was hoping your book will help me to overcome the pain.I will not undergo another surgery.Please help me.

  18. Janice Schnack says:

    I have had back problems for year’s, and it is now to the point where I have been walking hunched over, and still not really standing up straight, can’t sit for 5 minutes at a time, sleep at night is aweful tossing from side to side. I was to the point of calling my doctor to have her give me the name of a hip surgeon thought for sure this is the problem I will need both hips replaced. not to mention my morral. I felt hopeless, depressed, I felt ughly and looked ughly, I thought it was over for me and I will have to deal with this the best I can. If I could just find some one who had information on how I could feel better by helping my self with instructions on what to do for my pain’s and the stiff/soreness and I would be able to feel good again? I’d do it. Thank you.

  19. Sharon Wesson says:

    I would like to have your book due to the fact that I have been in pain for years due to sciatica, periformis, and have been told that I have fibromyalgia. Sometimes the burning is so bad that it is hard to think of anything else. A lot of this started after wearing orthotics. One leg is around 1in. shorter than the other. I am determined that this year I am going to find out what I can do inorder to be able to live without pain and medicine.
    I am on pain meds and muscle relaxers everyday and it does help to take the edge off some. I have had spinal blocks, been to physical therapy,had orthotics, chiropractors, orthopedic doctors, pain clinics, tried special vitamins, juice, herbs just to name a few of the things that I have done. I sit allday at my job and have tried many things and chairs in order to help. I would be glad to read you book and try any suggestions if given to me.

  20. Matt Aramento says:

    I am in tremendous pain every day and night due to a variety of problems such as diabetes, neuropathy, spinal stenosis, siatica, fibromyalgia, arthritis and IBS. HELP Matt disabled Korean Vet

  21. Lauria Rubin says:

    I have been suffer from back pain for a while now, I also have burning in my lowe back . I take muscle relaxer as needed , I have arthritis.I’am a new subscriber to your book I would like all the information that I can get. I have a close friend and sister that has fibromyalgia I share a lot of information out of your first book and DVD set I recently recieve from you.

  22. Luli says:

    Dear Mr Jesse,
    I’m 53 from Albania (Europe). I’m very interested on your information about back pain, because just a few months ago, after a strong back pain and some tests and examinations, I was diagnosed with cervix, beginning of spondiloarthrosis, osteoponia and scoliosis. In my first communication with you, you suggested me the inversion table, but when I tried to order, it was not available for clients out of USA. I felt so frustrated… I still don’t know how can I get it. At least your report is available for people beyond the ocean. There are many close relatives and friends of mine interested on the information you deliver through this rubrique. So, I’m going to share it with them, that means helping many people with the perception of new ways and techniques for a back pain relief without surgery.
    Thank you anyhow, whatever your decision might be.
    All the best for you in this important and human initiative.

  23. andy hope says:

    The pain comes and goes and although I have been trying to follow your course notes that i received a while back I am ‘stuck’, because I dont have a clear idea of where I should be headed – the notes and the videos are all there but very hard to follow. If your new book is better laid out and I can follow it while I am doing the stretches without having to stop, get up, and look at and try to follow a flakey video on a computer screen that would be excellent. I am definlty improving since I started the treatments but I need guidance on what to do next as the thought of another collapse in a supermarket aisle or public street is so frightening and embarrassing. I have convinced myself that I will get better, but now the question is when and how to fix the occasional stabbing pain that drops me to the ground? So your book might help me although I am unemployed and with only a small pension. All the best. Andy

  24. Kim Fors says:

    I am in pain as I write this…sitting at work on my lunch hour! I have been to the medical doctors at urgent care and got Valium and Oxcecodein all that did was hurt my stomache and I slept thru the weekend. On Monday I went to work and in the afternoon saw a chiropractor that put a machine on me that twitched my muscles for 15 minutes and rubbed “BioFreeze” on me.
    I went back the next day and got the same treatment…yesterday I ordered the kit from you and I am waiting to get it in the mail….I hope it comes soon as I am sick of the drugs, pain and bills…..If I get your new book I will read it and try what it suggests…

  25. Karen F says:

    I have bought tons of books to try to recover from a “brain bleed” I had in June of 2006. My blood pressure is sporadic and it was unknown I even had a problem at the doctors office the month before it happened. Everything point to the fact that I need to move around more. But because of a sway back I can not stand for very long and if I do it is very painful to bend my back to sit down. I loose my breath and want to scream as I recover. My job is at a computer and my back hurts from leaning forward to type. I think I am developing arthritis from all this. I would love to be able to do anything without all the pain. I have spent allot of dough on chiropractors. I wish I could stand up straight without pain more than anything.

  26. bill miller says:

    Retired living on fumes.

  27. Barb Richter says:

    Because of an accident I have been dealing with lower back pain. I have been trying everything that comes out to avoid having surgery, and relieve the constent nagging pain. Sitting down is almost impossible, so working has become difficult. To sleep, the best place is on the floor, oh how romantic, and then it is only for an hour or two at a time. Honestly I think everyone should recieve a copy because this pain just totally takes over a persons life and their outlook of everything they try to do, that’s just my opinion:) Oh by the way, it would make a great birthday gift for someone, and August 13th is mine. Hint, Hint

  28. Don Jacks says:

    I have had back pain for many years but about 10 years ago i started having neck pain. It has progressed steadily to the point where it interrupts my daily life. I have been to numerous doctors and tried various methods to no avail. I am now trying inversion therapy but have not done it long enough to see any results. I continually try to find a solution to this pain and will never stop! Perhaps your new book can shed new light on my situation.

  29. Natasa says:

    Dear Jesse,
    Thank you for your generous gesture of offering 10 free books in the name of all of us, hoping to get one!
    I recovered from a severe spondylodiscitis and got away with th11 and th12 grown together. I walk 1-2 hrs. a day, practice Tai Chi, do back exercises and keep a healthy diet – my BMI is 25, but I can’t get rid of the pain caused by bad weather (damp and cold) and a terrible pain in the morning which is so innocently called morning stiffness. I can’t sleep more than 6 hrs. at a time, if I do, I toss and turn in my sleep and breathe very shallow, because expanding my ribs by breathing in causes so much pain. I don’t have to emphasisze I lack sleep a lot and breathe too shallow most of the time. If you addressed this in your book, I just could find my place on your list of the ten in need…
    Thank you for everything you have done by now to help people learn how to relieve their back pain and more.
    Keep up the good work!
    Best wishes,


    P.S.: That IR heating pad really gives a lot of relief on those damp, cold days…

  30. Francis says:

    As a massage therapist myself, I have found the information from the Lose the Back Pain System so helpful. You see although I stumbled onto your website and wanted to help out my clients, the main reason I am interested is for my own personal use. I have suffered with very bad back pain for over a decade and would have nights where I couldn’t sleep in any position because the pain was so intense. But I discovered after using your Lose the Back Pain system, that I don’t have to suffer any more. And the back pain is relieved immediately. I want to thank you for these immensely helpful tips and educating me in my own field of work. Gives me a new perspective of treating my clients.

  31. helen provencal says:

    i would lke to have your boo because ihave aritritis all omy right side including y back. have your lose the back pain items nd tried them and they worked. was going to a chriopractor and i stopped going. i am still having sciatia pain bu not too bad, but my legs and feet botheriing me quite a bit. bu i still stick with the pain but not too much. but i would still like your book ok. i read eveything you send to me and they are very interesting and very helpful. the doctor told me that i had aritritis all on my right side. i am old like 76 years and expected to have a little pain for my age. so thank you for helping me ireally appreciate it very much thank you and keep up the good work. i only hope you could help my daughter she is 49 years old and has ms.thank you so much helen1@metocast.net

  32. MaryAnn Denton says:

    I don’t know where to begin with my back pain. It feels like it has taken forever. My surgeries started in 2002, when I was diagnosed with
    Spondolthesis. This was L2,L3,L4 and L5 falling upon each other and had to
    be corrected by surgery. Before this first surgery, I had seen many other doctors, but said I couldn’t have surgery because my symptoms weren’t operatable at that time.

    L2,3,4,and 5 were corrected by having them Fused together with pedicle screws. Then I had Vertebroplasty at the L1 level.
    Just last year I had another surgery on L5,S1 with Fusion.

    I found The Healing Back Institute, but could not follow the directions.
    I could not get down on the floor to do the evalutations. Strike #1
    I checked with my Neurosurgeon about using the Inversion Table and his comment was “Absolutely Not” Strike #2

    Then I tried the Heal n – Soothe and had to stop taking the capsules.
    I tried the Rub and Heal cream and I would need a ton to take in my bath.
    Strike #3 and #4.

    If, I wouldn’t have had the cards stacked against me to start with other measures, surgery was the only thing left. Now I have pain when I walk or on my feet and the surgeon said there wasn’t anything he could do for me.
    I asked him when can I have a NEW Spine and he laughed and said that would be awhile.

    Now I’m told my Spine is full of Osteoarthritis, and even Celebrex doesn’t give me any relief.

    Jesse if your book has any other choices that I have not tried I’d love to read your book. Have a Good Day MaryAnn
    Maybe this little ole” lady of 80 years should thank God she was able to live this long.

  33. Donna says:

    I have been doing lbp system for 2 years. I purchased the back joy and will not go anywhere without it.even church.My program at the gym consist of my muscle imbalances exercise, machines to strengthen the core muscle. I also spend a lot of time stretching for flexibility. Still having some pain in the cocoyxx area from time to time. I am just finishing sessions on the lordex decompression and would like to remain pain free. Would like a copy of your book as I find all your videos very helpful and I am still in pain somewhat and I want to be able to function without sitting on ice.
    I cant believe the amount of people in pain its a shame that something cant be done to relieve their suffering. People who get up everyday pain free dont know how lucky they are.

    Thanks for all you do


  34. Mort (English, not French) says:

    As we have read, most everybody’s got pain, married or not (me included — in the lumbrosacral region, and points east, west and north)…

    and YOU can’t put much of of a dent in the situation by dispensing 10 books.

    BUT, if you send me a copy — PLUS a label with the name and address of an 11th candidate — I will re-post the book about eight minutes or so after I receive it —
    which will serve to increase your “back-unbreaking” generosity by a not insignificant 10% —
    which, according to government figures, is approaching the current rate of unemployment in the country
    (but, I have read, does not take into consideration unemployment in the cities);

    you see, I recently sent for a super-duper course in PHOTOREADING which should enable me to absorb the contents of your book in, I estimate, eight minutes —
    and the reason being it’ll take me so long is because, in addition to my low back pain (and sundry other skeletal and systemic abnormalities), my fingers are somewhat affected with arthritic proclivities which slow me down in turning text pages.

    As FDR would have said, it sounds like a “Fair Deal” to me.

    (P.S. If my mind tells me it’s worthwhile having a place in my cluttered library, I’ll buy a copy from the publisher… or AMAZON.)

  35. Sue Willis says:

    Dear Jesse
    I would love to receive your book, because I feel this would teach me how to alleviate the pain that I endure, particularly, early in the morning, your online suggestions, are really very helpful. I have lower back pain (spondiliytis), which radiates down my legs, this I have put up with since 1993, to rid this out of my body, would be absolutely fantastic and I think your book, would help me to achieve this.
    Thank you
    Sue Willis
    From Australia

  36. Mary Stubbings says:

    I have had back & Leg pain, being unable to walk for 3 years now without a walking stick then not very far, shopping for groceries is very stressful and tiring having had pain in my back on and off since my early 20’s now am 79 years of age and it is not going, I have wanted very much to order the lose the back pain program for some time, but have not had the ready resources . I have bought the Back joy which is a great help when sitting down also have the Fenix recovery program as well as the Teeter invert table. I have cold ones for my back and knee as well as the radiant heat to help with the constant pain, i have massage theropy one hour every 2 weeks , she also gives me stretching exercises to do, all this is making some difference especially to my moral.I hope that i can be one of the lucky people to receive your generous off of the free book The videos and helpful hints I look froward to daily are most welcome. Thanking you, Mary .

  37. ThorZman says:

    An excerpt from what I call “My Childhood.”

    In all fairness, that didn’t happen every day, but it did happen a lot, sometimes two or three times a week, sometimes it was more often than that. There were times that I was hurt so bad the old man had to leave me alone for a while or he would have killed me for sure. Once I woke up in bed in the middle of the day. I couldn’t feel anything below my waist except pain and I could barely move my legs, when I tried, it hurt so much more that I had to hold my breath to avoid crying out. I had a lot of new cuts, bruises and blood blisters as well, but I still don’t remember what happened. I don’t know how long I was in bed before I woke up, and I don’t remember how long I was confined to my bed, but I forced my self to get up on Sunday because the old man was going to stay home with me while mom and the others went to church. It was pretty difficult, but I made it to the backyard and into the shed. I was uncomfortable inside the shed, so I went behind it where I couldn’t be seen. I used the side of the shed to practice getting up and down. I was able to move around better by the time the others came home from church, but I walked with a limp for quite a while after that. I still do from time to time.

    Please understand, the above paragraph is part of a Copyright protected work. Understand too, every word of it is true, and more.

    Even so, after much research and internal debate, I purchased Teeter Hang Ups EP-950. My only regret is that I should have done that long, long ago. Anyhow, after careful consideration, I set the EP-950 tether at 1/3 mast for my first ride.

    To say the least, I was pleased.

    I’ve never been more relieved from back pain since the the event that caused it occurred…

  38. Michelle Anderson says:

    I would really like the opportunity to recieve your book. I have suffered with back problems for many years now. Been through 2 EMGs, xrays, accupuncture,chiropractic, and pain pills. The only relief are the pain pills, which are addicting ,so I do not take them often.I also suffer from RLS, so they tell me, I think it all comes from my back. Again, I would love to read your book in hopes of relief.

  39. Jimoa says:

    Was carrying all three of my children about three years ago and leaned too far forward. At that time I felt something hurt in my lower back. Since then my right knee and leg have hurt me and I thought I had a problem with my knee. I was prescribed physical therapy and performed many stretches with almost no relief from the pain. I went to a chiropractor and he put me on decompression therapy. This therapy removed the pain from my knee very quickly, but my lower back is now sensitive and the leg pain comes and goes. Now it sometimes becomes sciatica in both legs. Was taking advil for several weeks, but I have stopped taking that. I think the decompression therapy is helping, but have not been able to afford to go to the chiropractor every week. I’m guessing it’s either a compressed disk or a bulging disk. I just have to get better so that I can continue to be active with my three young children.

  40. Rams says:

    Hi Jesse,

    I have had a backpain for last 5years, the pain comes & goes, The doctors told me because of extensive travelling, mainly if i stand for long time the pain starts, one of my family doctor suggested me to take lot of water, will give some relief, Ido regular exersice also, even then this is not a permanent solution,
    I have a hope on your book , let me try the final lap……

  41. Frank Blaylock says:

    This isn’t actually for me,it’s for my wife. In high school she was bucked from a horse on vacation landed flat on her back and was dragged several yards w/1 foot stuck in a stirrup.Then we met .She had gained over 150 lbs and was not very active. Over the years her back would go out for days at a time but she was always able to snap back. Recently she lost that weight but now her back goes out for weeks at a time . The meds that she takes now oxy,vico,tram,morph and the famous sleep aid are needed to just get up to go to work. This stuff is dangerous i.e. H.Ledger . She also has had G.P. surgery but weight wasn’t the issue. She also was getting epidurals and has had the nerves burned but none of these things have helped. Please help me get my wife’s life back.

  42. Oladele Adesoji segun says:

    I am so glad to haer about the book you just laundh some weeks ago, l love the book I saw it the net, very good, I pray that God will help you to do more in Jesus name.

  43. Oladele Adesoji segun says:

    I am so glad to haer about the book you just laundh some weeks ago, l love the book I saw it on the net, very good, I pray that God will help you to do more in Jesus name. I need a book, the follwing is my Address Baptist Medical centre, p.o.box 15 , ogbomoso, oyo state ,Nigeria.

  44. Kat says:

    I’ve had pain in my lower back for a year and a half from a herniated disc. It hurts when I stand or walk. So I’m not able to do much. I’ve tried so many things: chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapy, laser therapy, Alexander technique, acupuncture, epidural injections, facet joint injections, have even consulted a seer! I feel like nothing will work as I’ve tried so much. Have lost hope. And can’t afford to keep trying more things – it’s all so expensive! Would like to try the lose the back pain system but can’t afford it just now.

  45. james says:

    I developed obsessive compulsive disorder at the age of 9. And then I developed Schizoaffective Disorder at the age of 17… doctors let me down for my ocd since I was 20 and went for help. They didnt do anything.. I had to do my own research and self-help..for it psychologically. I wrote a book to help others so that they wont have to do it the hard way like me. Yes. I got help for the S.A.D. but still nothing for the O.C.D. Im tired of doctors… I have suffered a nightmare in hell with just the ocd alone. When I was 14 I developed leg and rib pain in my front… it spread gradually to shoulder pain, and complete back pain… I have no doubt it has to do with my anxiety disorder…and how tense I WAS. But now that Im not suffering, I certainly would wish that back pain wouldnt keep me back from living my long deserved life. I need your book. I cant go on suffering all the damn time. Im an ordained pastor…and practical therapist…but Im still studying (unconventionally) to get my degrees. Im on welfare. I cant afford things like your book… and all the help I got was from charity to get where I am today, and LOTS and LOTS of praying. Please.. I certainly could use your book. I still have back pain..even though alot of it is gone, I hate having limited mobility, and sciatic pain… I cant afford to be like this…and I dont trust doctors…I have no faith in them really. I trust them as far as Im in control of the treatment and where it goes. Help me out….Please…

  46. Susan Bullock says:

    I’m hoping to get a free copy of your new book because my husband hurt his back 2 1/2 years ago at work. He’s 46 and the traditional doctors have pretty much given up on him- they just dose him up on pain medication and tell him it’s just a matter of time before he’ll need/want surgery, which could even put him in more pain! We had 8 of our nine children still at home when he hurt his back working construction. The oldest was already married and two more got married last year. He really needs to lose his back pain so he can think about returning to some kind of work- our finances can’t take much more! But the way he is now, he can’t sit still or concentrate when he’s in constant pain. I’m really hoping we can get a free copy of your book!

  47. Carol says:

    First of all, thanks for all you do. I have no health insurance so I cannot afford to waste time and money on doctors who don’t seem to know how to help except to medicate the problem. My back problems come from sitting all day at the computer working. Coworkers who do not have this problem don’t understand how paralyzing this can be. I am extremely thankful for any helpful advice that does not involve going under the knife. I will continue to follow your helpful free advice well into the future so I can function as normally as possible. Keep up the good work!

  48. Darla says:

    Hi, My name is Darla. I’ve been studying and buying your products for over a year now. My poor husband has struggled with back pain his whole life. I totally believe in the natural, DRUG FREE, way of relieving pain. He’s slowly coming around to that belief too. He’s had multiple back, neck, knee, and shoulder surgeries. He has 7 fusions in his back and neck and he come out of the last surgery with a numb foot and leg and now 2 years later his other foot and leg are going numb. Along with the numbness is lots of pain. He’s looking now at getting a pain pump put in. We’re really tired of all the pain and we want alternatives. Please help us.
    Darla Thompson

  49. Liliane from Montreal, QC says:

    Thank you for the wealth of knowledge that I learned from you site. I suffer
    for many years now from osteoarthritis, buldged discs, spondylolisthesis from L4 to S1 ans stenosis, I am always in pain, tried medication, physio, accupuncture, aquaform and nothing works really. If I can get a copy of your book I will be very greatfull!

  50. Mike in Houston, TX says:

    I am a 50 year old male who has been very active — hunting, fishing, golf, soccer player, high school and college soccer referee, landscaping, etc. Seven years ago I had a discectomy by one of the best orthopedists at Texas Orthopedic Hospital for a herniated L4-5 disc to relieve left leg pain. While refereeing a high school soccer match this past March, I felt a “pop” in my lower back shortly after which I had signficant thigh and buttock pain. After an MRI my orthopedist told me I had herniated the L2-3 disc. He is reluctant to do another discectomy due to “degenerative scoliosis” that has formed. My orthopedist has referred me to a scoliosis specialist at the Baylor University School of Medicine. The thought of having highly invasive scoliosis correction surgery to relieve my lower back and leg pain scares the heck out of me. I’m hoping the new book can bring some relief to my condition. If I don’t receive a free copy, I’ll purchase one as I want to exhaust all treatment options before having massive surgery.

  51. Maurine says:

    I’d like a free copy of your new book,The 7-Day Back Pain Cure, because my back pain is constant and life is almost not worth living at times. At this time I cannot afford to purchase the book myself. If I could only be pain free most of the time (or even all of the time) it would be such a blessing. I have massive osteoarthritis and cannot take any of the bonebuilding medications that have been prescribed. 3 years ago I fractured a vertebrae just by lifting a flower pot and that still bothers me. Several years before that I fractured a bone in my left foot as I walked down the steps at my back door and that, as well, still bothers me from time to time. Prescription medicines are not for me and I would really appreciate something to help my pain. Have just come across your site and can’t wait to get further into the articles.

  52. Dorcas Martin says:

    I cannot get back pain relief. Your descriptions about how to cure back pain are new and fascinating to me. Especially, I got very interested in Serrazimes Proteolytic Enzimes.

  53. Darrell says:

    I have envied and subscribed your informations on back pain and ailment for over a year. I am a 51 year old African-American deaf gentleman who resides in PA. I am a minister, counselor, and missionary that have been serving the silent minority group in the third world country for 25 years. I have walked a distance of average 50 miles a day on foot and slept on floors and on chairs and gave my life and blood to educating government and people of abuse, slavery, prostituting the young deaf girls and boys who have no protection and rights. My income has been none the less supported by organizations who pay for the trips and contributions. I have had back pain and been a long time football player, wrestler, karate athelete that have even seen chiropractors and tired all causes. The pain is like a dagger daily in your back throbbing and aching that longs to stop and cannot regardless of all expenses. I would like this book to help me rejuvenate my life to give back to those who are in dire need of my continuous effort to fight the cause of reaching the “Silent Minority Deaf population worldwide oppressed, neglected, and treated yet worse than animals. I desire to continue this cause if my health can give me the strength and stamina and be pain free from the back that hinder alot of opportunities in life. May your grace and mercy extend to this cause likewise.

  54. laura santana says:

    I suffered a fall a year and a half ago where my back suffered the most and one week later, a year and a half ago, I re-enjured my back leaving it with the most horrible pain. I picked up a heavy bucket of water. I have taken x-ray’s and MRI’s and the doctor’s cannot pinpoint what it is I have. The pain is in my waist and radiates to my left buttox and left knee.
    I cannot even make my bed in the mornings because the pain is so bad. I have to take pills to reduce the pain and it helps at times, but my concern is that I will have one or serveral side effectss of taking too much medicine. I have twin boys and I cannot continue with this pain since I feel I cannot be a good mother.

    I am so desperate that I do not know what to do. I cannot stand up more than 5 minutes at a time.

    I would greatly appreciate if I can get a free book and see what possible cures I have for my back.

    I am a 53 year old woman and I wish I could retire but I can’t since my husband is not working.


  55. Renier du Toit says:

    I need a copy of your ebook to help my patients with back pain. I only use natural medicine in my practice and believe that your book can help the patients that the allopathic doctors have been given no hope- except expensive and sometimes unneccessary surgery. I treat a lot of very poor patients who can not afford expensive medical procedures. The poorest of the poor still believe in traditional herbal and natural medicine.

    Renier du Toit
    South Africa.

  56. Arlayne Shepherd says:

    Please send me a free copy of your book, it is not for myself but for a very dear friend of mine who is suffering with back and hip pain. He is a singer and when he goes on stage he is in a lot of pain and has to take pain medication so he can perform. It hurts me to see him in pain constantly, even to do daily tasks requires great effort on his part. Please help me to help my friend by sending me a copy of your book, thank you.

  57. zainabu says:

    i ‘ve been having heel spur pain for quite along time.please help me solve this and other pains

  58. Jack Leishman says:

    I’ve suffered with low back pain for several years now, after blowing out an L4/L5 disk doing some heavy lifting. I’ve tried different treatments, with some, but not full success. Now it’s just a nagging, constant “hurt.” I’d love to have a way to keep the pain away for good.

  59. Maria Hoffmeyer says:

    I would love a copy of your book. I have had mostly one sided back spasm for over 14 years (since I was 35). It came on during a course of chiropractic for my neck and upper back….actually it started after the chiro adjusted my sacrum. There is nothing to operate on…..very minor degeneration at L4/L5 and a transitional partially sacralized L5 (More sacralized on the painful side) and a minor scoliosis with rotation. None of this is thought to cause my pain. I am always looking for tools to help and still hope to get rid of this. Beside the pain, it is rather limiting my functioning and ability to work. I have been looking for a car since March as I cannot find a comfortable seat and all the back supports I have tried make it worse. I have tried many different treatments…more chiropractic, manual PT, acupuncture, QuiGong, Alexander Technique, myofacial release, CranioSacral therapy, laser therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu and exercise. Many of these can help, but do not heal. They can also really upset my precarious equilibrium and throw me into misery. My muscle imbalances are rather complicated but clearly have a lot to do with my muscle spasm. Thank you so much for hearing my story and considering me as a recipient for one of the free copies of your book.

  60. Cheryl D says:

    Hi Jesse:
    I’m am 61 years old. I have fibromyalgia, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, to mention a few. I cannot play with my 5 year old grandson as I used to. My daily routine has been severly limited by my condition. For example, to mop or vacuum I have to be ready for several hours of pain afterward. I am allergic to NSAIDS and aspirin, so, I have to perservere.
    I am on a very limited budget and would appreciate a copy of your book so that I can take away some of this horrible pain and live a life without so much hurt.

    Thank you

  61. Beth Clymo says:

    Hello Jesse:
    I’m 54 yrs young (wishful thinking!). I have 2 herniated disk in my back, and astyattic nerve in my left leg that hurts all the way to my toes. I do not wish to have surgery but know that certain excerises can help. I also have minor scoliosis, so I can’t stand or sit for very long periods, It takes me a few minutes to stand and get adjusted to walk, then limp around holding on to anything around me. I can’t take any aspirins products, it is constant hurt, but I just deal with it. I use to be active and now find myself in bed after a full day of working in the garden, or cleaning house, or whatever. I have small a couple of grandkids and 2 small dogs that want my attention . I would like your new book, so that I can have my life back! Thanks so much! Beth

  62. Lee Newman says:

    My problems started in 2001. My lower back started boing me w/ symtoms like
    restless leg syndrome. I’ve been to pain management Drs.,a neurosurgeon,a neurologist, 2 rounds of physical therapy, one epidural(which did not help)x-rays, two MRIS, one mylogram, countless MDS, two CAT scans and they don’t have a clue. I hope your book will help. Thanks

  63. P Poulos says:

    Over twenty years ago I was an a performing classical guitarist who developed pain in my mid back and into my left arm and hand. I had to put the instrument aside because I could not perform at anywhere near the same level as I had once been able. Even though I’ve had numerous tests and seen many doctors no diagnoses was ever made to explain my pain. I’ve also tried many therapies, including stretching, yoga, and optimizing diet, many of which are only palliative. My ND said that diet and exercise are my best options; I just haven’t found the right combination, I believe. It would be a great blessing if I could one day perform again.
    Thank you.

  64. Kay says:

    I have COPD and have losing muscle for some time now. Since this has happened I have been getting a lot of back pain, lower, mid, shoulders and neck. No way will I take chemical pain killers. It is not easy to exercise properly due to breathlessness so am in a catch 22 situation. Because I don’t take drugs but use herbs, vitamins & minerals and have kept to a good healthy diet, the medics have ‘dumped’ me. I would dearly love to find a way of easing the pain so I can stand long enough to get my food.

  65. Tracy says:

    I have been suffering for almost 10 yrs. I am getting worse all the time. I am convinced that the doctors are missing something between my shoulder blades, it is so bad I can’t even let anyone touch my back between my shoulder blades. The doctors say I have 3 buldging disks in my neck, degenerative disc disease and arthritis runs in my family. All the doctors agree I should be in lots of pain, but not one has offered me any cures. I am starting to believe they all think the problem is in between my ears. It has also been a year since I have been able to sleep on my hip, which they thought was bursitis, but all the injections have not helped. I just went through spinal epidurals, which the last one made me very sick. I have gotten to the point where I don’t think any of the doctors believe me and I will end up suffering with this unbearable pain for as long as I can take it. It is ruining all my relationships with the people I care about. I had a job that I loved and am no longer able to do it. With the loss of income, being in pain, and feeling like no one understands……I would like to read the book, am I skeptic….yup, I am at the end of my rope, if I could find some help that I could afford (free) it would be a miracle. I am soooo tired to suffering.

  66. W Yoshioka says:

    Following a work related injury involving a motor falling off a forklift, I was diagnosed with disk displacement with annular tears at
    L4-5 and L5-S1 also with severe spinal stenosis a L2-3 and L4-5 resulting in severe back pain, leg pain and nerve damage due to impingement. I use a cane to walk and am limited as to how far I can walk until the pain becomes unbearable. Majority of my time is spent in bed (most comfortable in a fetal position). I can sit no longer than 20 minutes and stand unassisted for about 10 minutes. I have done the physical therapy and spinal injections without any relief. Currently I am on a regimen of pain pills (narcotic), nerve blockers and pain management. I am in pain every day and night (including during sleep) with many days worse than others. Obviously I’m on permanent disability and I’m not expecting a cure all. I just need additional pain relief beyond what my meds can provide. If you feel that a copy of your book would not be able to help me then please give it to someone who can make use of it. That’s my story and thank you.

  67. LARRY MALONE says:

    I have had a back problem from athletic or accidental injuries since I was 14 yrs. old. I have used chiripratic services, ortho Drs., presc. meds. and the best thing has been herbal products such as Glocosomine blend products. These help on a daily basis along with stopping any additional problems when I over do it working outdoors or whatever occassionally. I’M 64 Y.O. old and it gets harder everyday to do things I used to enjoy.
    I hope your info continues to help.

  68. Don Kenagy says:

    I am 69 and still working full time, but trying to slow down some, but I need to work and I am on my feet all day, I am a Mobile Pet Groomer, so I am carrying 25 lb. dogs in and out of the van 6 or 7 times per day. I have constant lower back pain and at times very strong pain in my left hip joint and down my left leg. I am on pain medication which helps some. Without getting some relief, I may have to consider getting ouit of my business and I am widowed, so this along with social security is my only income. I am open to consider whatever remedies that appear realistic and will try them. I am very much against any type of surgery, but would consider cortisone shots if they can convince me they would stop the pain. Help!!!!!

  69. Melak B. says:

    I am new to the Lose the Back Pain system. Actually I am in the first few weeks of trying the stretches and strengthening. I have had back and shoulder pain for longer than I can remember. I have been to so many doctors and have had physical therapy more times than I want to remember. I have changed doctors trying to get answers. All they want to do is prescribe medications and I refuse to just “pop a pill”! I want to fix the problem and be healthy. I would like a copy of the book for one because I love books. The other reason is I want to hold out hope that there is help for me! And, I would love to read the book and continue to get rid of my pains the right way!
    Thank You!

  70. Don Kenagy says:

    See my comments above.

  71. Don Kenagy says:

    I have typed my comments above about my constant pain which is in part due to my type of work, and I must continue to work to survive.

  72. Don Kenagy says:

    I am 69 years old, must work to survive, and have constant lower back pain, along with sharp pains in my left his joint and down my left leg. Pain meds help some but not for the full day or night. Please read my comments in the above listings.

  73. Lynn Bell says:

    HI Jessie, I have been haing lower back pain for over 10 years. Over the past few months it has become debilitating. I have seen spine surgeons, had physicaltherapy and acupuncture. I am now seeing a chriropractor, and nothing is working. I am going to see a neuroligist next week. My pain is getting worse and worse. I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my lower spine, spinal stenosis, a herniated disc, and spondololisthesis. I have tried your pills,but got very ill from them. The suggestions you give on the web site have been very helpful. I was told that my condition is too severe for an inversion table. I need your book very badly, Hopefully some self treatment will make me feel better. I have the exercises you have suggested, and they do help. But some days I just cannot do anything. Please, please send me a copy of your book.

  74. NANCY H says:

    I would like a copy of your book as I can’t take anything but Tylenol for the arthrists pain. I’am unable to take anything els I have had 3 TA’s and 2 Strokes that put me in the Hospital and I take Warfarin (a blood thiner) and have it cheked every month and a lot of other meds. I have tried the exerzies the docter gave me but they don’t help much. The LORD has kept me safe .Been married 54 yr. Sorry about the spelling as that is due to the strokes.

  75. Linda Lee, MD says:

    I am a family doctor who sees back pain patients all the time! I am always looking for better ways to treat this other than the standard way ( drugs, sending them for cortisone injections, surgery). If I find something that I think really works I would definately promote this to my patients. Please send me a copy of your book so I can evaluate .

    Linda Lee, MD

  76. Michael Kubitzky says:

    Hi Jesse!
    I teach yoga and have over a thousand students on my data base. I used to suffer from moderate back problems, especially from functional ignorance during hard physical work and poor operating habits. That’s all ancient history now thanks to people who, like you, understood cause rather then mere symptoms.
    I get many, many people come to me with chronic back pain. Whilst I personally haven’t tried your system specifically, I advocate your approach. The feedback you post (testimonials) are nothing short of amazing. Rather than taking their money, I’ve directed these people to your site. I’d like to be able to understand your methods more specifically and either stock this book in my studio or tell people that they must get this. That’s why I’d love a copy first. So that I can be fully convinced, once and for all, that this is the ultimate,l sumum bonum.

  77. Shirley Schumacher says:

    I have spinal stenosis, I have tried about all of the Dr’s, surgery, exercises and pills and still have the sciatica in my leg which will not allow me to stand or walk for long periods, I would be grateful if this new book would be helpful for me to get back to an active life which I miss so much. Thanks for considering me to get a copy of your new book.

  78. Bonnie says:

    Its simple I purchased your Lose the Back pain book, it did not work for me. I have now ordered the infrared heating pad, and don’t know if that will work, so would like to try your offer if possible.

  79. Randy S says:

    My wife has been in severe low back pain (SI joint) for over two years now. Her spine ‘clunks’ when it is out of alignment. We have tried your “Lose the Back Pain” program and the pain still persists. We have tried numerous chiropractors, massage therapists- normal, fascial & deep visceral, acupuncture, laser therapy, Kit Laughlin’s course on “Overcome Back Pain”, Stuart McGill’s therapy, and Richard Dontigny’s exercises. She is considering trying Al Melius’s ‘robot’ therapy this fall. She was a certified Pilates instructor but has not been able to teach for over a year. We have spent thousands of dollars trying to ‘fix her’. Maybe, just maybe, your new book could keep her from the ‘knife’ – please put her on your list to consider for a copy.

  80. lucy berg says:

    I would really like to be considered for a free copy of your book on back pain because I really can’t afford to buy it since both my husband and I are both disabled and I have been suffering from back pain for years and all’s the doctors tells me he will only do surgery if I can lose the weight, which I have tried to do but still have the back pain so please consider me thank you in Advance

  81. Sandra Townsend says:

    I have recently developed problems with my back, that probaly came from years of hard work and not taking proper care of my self. Now I am paying the price. I am going to a Chirocpractor for relief. I have read lots of material in the last month and am constantly looking for something other than surgery to help with this problem. I would love to read your book, please consider me as someone that is constantly reading different views on the problem.

  82. Deborah McFarland says:

    I have been enduring back pain for many decades. As a result excercise has been greatly limited and I have grown fat and the meds I am on contribute to weight gain. Even plain walking if overdone can aggrivate my back when it’s “out”. When this happens I am prevented from doing Any excercise. I see a chiropractor monthly to be able to keep moving and have very slowly, over many years, improved some muscle imbalances through the use of stretching and Somatic techniques. Being unemployed I can not afford good massage work either. This is also a reason I’d like the book. It is very frustrating being unable to find a program that fits the paramitters of my personal limitations. I’ve spent more money on programs that ended up being unappropriate for my needs. What a waste! Jesse, I am clutching at straws and dearly hope your book will provide the help I need. Thank you so much for considering my request for a free copy of your new book.
    Keep up the good work!

  83. Stavros Papadopoulos says:

    Dear mr Jesse
    My name is Stavros and I’m 34 years old, i remember my first job as a busboy in a restaurant that was so busy, i would carry 3 baskets full of dirty plates that were picked from the tables, and brought them from the second floor of the restaurant to the dishwashing area downstairs. When i went running back upstairs to continue working i realized that 5 other baskets were waiting for me. No matter how fast i brought them down, it was never fast enough. i was 14 years old and just a little over 100 pounds. What a way to spend all my summer vacations until the age of 28. Since then i have been suffering with major lower back pains. there was a time when money was not a factor, and going to chiropractors and getting massages was done frequently, but for the last 8 years of my life it has been a little challenging. Why do i say that it has been challenging? Well, 8 years ago i started studying the bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the message i received made me realize that what they were teaching me was the truth. Now in time i was being persecuted by my family and my work mates for the stand i took to serve God in preaching the good news of the kingdom. for a little side note, i don’t want to sound preachy, but i would like to help you to understand my predicament. Now my back pain was increasing year after year, and my working in the restaurants all those years did not help. i decided to look for work where i would work on my own, i got into cleaning. Now this is my situation, because i’m one of Jehovah’s Witnesses i have made a dedication to God to preach His word the Bible as a full time preacher(just to let you know, not all Witnesses are able to do this, some do it part time and work full time to support their families), because i’m single my circumstances allow me to do that. the only thing is i work part time to support myself and my budget is somewhat limited to things i buy. Mr Jesse, I love being a full time preacher of the good news of God’s Kingdom, but the thing is that i would prefer doing it pain free. It is not easy being on my feet for 5 to 10 hours a day, but my love for God and for my neighbours moves me to keep pushing no matter what, because i strongly believe in what i do. If you choose me to get a copy of your book I would like to thank you in advance, if you do not choose me it is also o.k. i have seen that many would greatly benefit from this book.
    p.s. you have sent me many emails about that inversion table and you mention that you don’t understand how come i have not bought into it yet, i hope you understand now. it’s not that i don’t want it, it’s that i don’t want get into debt for it. But i would like to thank you for those great videos on stretching and helping us understand the reasons behind the pains, they have greatly helped. Please Mr. Jesse keep up the great work im sure you have helped many, just like i want to do.

  84. teddy(CFT) says:

    i have a clint who has struggle from a back pain may be i canget some tip from new free copy. i hope i can help my clint as well.

  85. Shari Flanzer Stanley says:

    Because it’s my birthday Sunday August 16. It would be great to be able to celebrate without pain!.

    Thanks, for the help I’ve already received from your loseyour back pain.

  86. Robert Ang says:

    I’m 53 years old and is taking care of my 83 year old father. I used to drive him around to see his doctors, but because of the accident I incurred while playing badminton that resulted in a slip disc in m L4 and L5 area, the pain that I’m feeling now has stopped me from driving my father around. It would help a lot if I can get hold of the book to help me overcome the pain I’m feeling right now so that I could again function normally and would be able to drive.
    Thank you.

  87. Judy says:

    I have been having a problem with sciatic pain since 2003. I had an extrusion on the disk at that time which lead to sever back and hip pain. I expierenced a tightening of muscles on the right side until any type of physical movement was painful. I did stretching exercises and had an injection in my hip which eventually helped. Since then I have been doing stretching exercisesl.

    Since Dec. I have been having back and hip pain which has limited almost all activites including daily exercises, my favorite sport, skiing, and being able to pick up my Grandsons. It makes it almost impossible to play trains and trucks with my Grandsons. I need to fix this so I can again have special times with my Grandsons and ski season is around the corner

  88. Edward Savoie says:

    Here’s a story for you, not a word of a lie . I was employed and self employed as a journeyman carpenter for the better part of 30 years before I began suffering four seperate work-place accidents. Finally, in 1989 I convinced the Doctors and the Worker’s Compensation Board that I was not “faking” my injury and considerable pain, and in January of 1989 an “exploratory” surgery was performed. The specialists who treated me discovered that indeed I had splinter fractures to the L-4, L5, and the sacrum and a fusion surgery and discectomy was performed soon after. They took a chunk of bone out of my right iliac crest and used it to fasion an H-graft to the area. I felt confident that this surgery would be of benefit such that I would be able to return to work in the construction industry, realizing that I would have to work more with my brain, and less of my body. So, I enrolled myself in a 4 1/2 year college course in Construction Management. 3 months into the course, while wearing a spine brace, the pain was so extreme, the Doctors determined that the surgery was unsuccessful, and a second surgery was booked, and early in 1991 this was performed, and at this time they cut a chunk out of my left iliac crest to fasion another H-Graft fusion. I lost the funding for the college course so I could not return to it, IF the second surgery was successful. Well, within 4 months the pain again was so unbearable I was put through a battery of tests and examinations, and as a result it was determined that this surgery was also not right. So now I have hunks of loose bone in my lower spine and no Doctor is willing to do another surgery, not even to remove the dead bone that is impinging the sciatic nerve.
    So, as I wright this I’m sitting here with pseudo arthrosis, 2 herniated discs, severe sciatica down both legs, and considerable degenerative disc disease all in my Lumbar spine, and now the most recent studies show that I have 2 herniated discs and nerve impingment, and advanced degenerative Disc Disease in my cervical (neck) area of the spine. Virtually every specialist that I’ve seen in the past few years refuses to perform any further surgical intervention because they feel the chances of success are slim, possible risk of completely incapacitating me for the rest of my miserable life.
    Through all of this I have consumed buckets of prescription pain meds, I do mean buckets, just to dampen the pain. At this time I need to consume 6 20 mg. Oxycontine, 12 Gabapentine, per day, and I’m being treated for clinical depression eating 6 Fluoxetine, 20 mg. each per day.
    Some time in 1992 I attempted to overdose so I could go to sleep and not feel the pain. Obviously I was unsuccessful, as I am wrighting this now. My entire life has been destroyed because of this situation, every day is a struggle just to keep going. I have lost the friendship of several long time buddies, even some of my family chooses to ostricize me completely. I’ve seen 2 marriages go down because of the financial pressures and my demeaner, because of the pain, is more than any reasonable lady can deal with, and the children don’t like it much either. I have permanently lost the dignity of earning a living, paying my way through life.I can’t afford to have a social life, extremely limited as to any fun activity that places even marginal strain on the spine, sex life? What’s that?? Taking that away from a Frenchman constitutes cruel and unusual punishment!
    I don’t mean to feel sorry for myself, but any help I can get in aid of better dealing with it all would be greatly appreciated!!
    Please send me the book, and in return I will extole the virtues of it, if it will help me in any way!
    Thank you, and may the Gods bless us all.


  89. m m simon says:

    I have been writing to you and looking up all web sites.
    The information you have is very helpful. I am looking for some fool proof
    method of pain relief for my mother who is 78 and has sciatica.
    I need that extra bit of push to confirm my decision and make the
    purchase, maybe the book can help me.


  90. Um Firdaws says:

    I love alternative medicine and use a lot of concepts to help others. I have not bought your book to help me as I have no back problems but to help others ovecome their problems

  91. seema jain basal says:

    Hi Jessy ,

    Thanks for all the support you provide to us. I have been suffering from back pain since 7 years , since then I left all my work , job . i am a software engineer but sitting at home bcause of pain , I can not bend , can’t sit for more than 15 minutes even when I travel that time also i lie down on back seat of car . My life is getting worse , i am not able to do proper exercises , it causes me lot of pain . I visited many Drs and Physiotherapist they are also get puzzled as my movements are very restricted , and any srengthinig and streching exercise gives me severe pain for long time . pl. help me out in this regard .Thanks a lot

  92. Anthon Straat says:

    Dear Jesse,
    I think that your 10 way’s to relief pain are very good. Is it posseble to rewright your book and make it 11 way’s? I work now six year with the APS system in Holland with very good results. Investigations have been done with very good results.
    Succes with your book. Greetings Anthon Straat M.D.

  93. Bams says:

    I have had an intermittent back problem for years. It would last usually a day or day and a half. It seems that nothing obvious ever really brings it on, I didn’t pick up a heavy box or fall or move, I would just wake up or go to get up and ZAP! I would get my muscle spasm and be out of commission. No one could really tell me what it was, especially when I described the muscle spasm. If I tried to gently stretch or (has anyone done this if you are alone!) Lean into the corner of a wall to put pressure on the muscle next to the spine where you feel the some pain. YIPES! that would just cause a spasm.

    Until the other day, I had to work and thought I was ok enough. Well, not, bad move.
    A customer saw me and said you have back problems? I said yes and explained the spasms… she said oh I know it’s your sacroiliac. I was shocked and so excited. You know what it is, I asked her! She said yes and described all the symptoms I had… like she was there!.
    I never felt so validated. Here was someone who understood, finally I wasn’t crazy. She said don’t go to a regular doctor, they just give you drugs.
    She said she has certain exercises and the ones that I was doing were just aggravating it.
    It turns out that the way I was walking ( I was up to 3 mi. a day up and down hills) and the type of “warm up” was adding to the problem.
    I need to know, what to do and how to do it…. I am older and want to stay healthy and active, not old and in a home!

    Now after all this time I can put a name to problem…. I am sure your book can help me be stronger again ! Thank you!

  94. jonathan says:

    I treat people primarily through physical therapy and through nutritional guidance. This would be another amazing tool to help me help 100’s of others…and their families.
    be well,

  95. Manisha Goyal says:

    I am 42 years old and suffering from back pain from last 9 months continuously. I have very minor disc herniation, L5-S1, 10 years back while liftiong a hevay box. After 6 months i was alright and never felt pain again for 10 years even during 2 preganancies and normal deiveries. This time pain came silently just sitting in office and kept increasing. Medical doctors have doen MRi again and think my pain is neither due to herniation nor it has increased in past 10 years. But they have no clue why I have so much pain and tehy are telling me that I better leran to live this pain if i want to stay mentally stable.

    I always used to do exeercise and felt that I am very health concious person so I will never get such pains. I feel very frustrated, anxious and stressed. I have small kids and I cannot play with them. I acnnot atke them out for vacation. My pain is jeopardising my whole life.

    I have spent tons of money visiting doctors. I sincerely hope you can provide me a free copy of your book which I am sure can help me.

  96. Sybil says:

    Am 44 yrs old, am having a lower back pain, and sciatica problems, for about 9 years now, do not like drugs and been trying physiotherapy, which is not improving it. Can`t sit for long, love natural things for illnesses and would love to do anything to improve my health.

    would be very happy when i get the opportunity to read and practise the excercises. thank you.

  97. marilyn hirsch says:

    I don’t mean to infer that I deserve the book more than others but my NEED for help with my multiple back problems is beyond description! I have been suffering for many years with mutliple back problems. I had surgery for L5 many years ago ago, vertebroplasty on my T6 with the Dr. telling me that my T7 & 8 were NOT eligible for surgery inasmuch as they are too close to the aorta and the spinal cord..so needless to say I am in pain there daily. In addition I had hip replacement 2 1/2 years ago and though I AM able to walk I still have lots of hip discomfort…sooo while I will not say I deserve the book more than anyone else…I sure would like to get it….is it available for sale? I am not necessarily looking to take it away from someone else… please advise cost and how I could buy the book for?thanks for ALL your help to us back-pain sufferers! Marilyn Hirsch

  98. Debborah Jensen says:

    My reason for wanting a your free offer is this: I am a Massage Therapist like you. I want to be able to help my clients, and if I find this book to be helpful I will pass along this information and techniques to them. I am always in the market for things that work. I hope you consider my request.

    Debborah Jensen, Owner
    Jensen’s Mobile Massage

  99. Nadia says:

    My daughter Nadia has never known what it’s like not to have pain since the age of 9 years old. She is now 23. Despite the constant pain, she has a smile on her face, never complains and tries to help me whenever she is able.
    She was diagnosed with Juvenile Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis – SAPHO SYNDROME. She had a biopsy on a bone tumour in her left clavicle which fortunately was not cancerous but the above was diagnosed for which there is no cure. She was told that she will grow out of it and I’m wondering if she has outgrown the original illness and what she is suffering from now is the result of bad posture and weakened muscles.
    I do believe that a muscle imbalance is the cause of the curvature of her spine and also the pain in her hip and leg. I am living in Egypt where despite seeing numerous doctors they all make her feel like it’s her imagination. She gets the exercise sheets that Jesse has described – and which she is unable to do because they are too painful.
    She has recently graduated with honors but is unable to attend the graduation party tomorrow because the pain is excruciating.
    I pray that Nadia will be chosen as one of the winners of your new book but realize that she is among many deserving back pain sufferers.
    Pauline Hamed (Nadia’s Mum)

  100. Donna Powell says:

    I am a customer of Lose The Back Pain. I was diagnosed with 3 herniated disc and sciatica in 2006. After 6 weeks of physical therapy then a series of epidural steroid shots and celebrex, I was still in so much pain that I walked with crutches or a cane. It was so embarrassing to go to restaurants or church because I could not walk after sitting awhile. I would have to stand behind my seat for 10 minutes before I could move. I ordered your system after just happening on the site. I diagnosed myself from the system and started doing the exercises immediately. Today I am at least 90% percent better and I have Lose The Back Pain to thank for that. I still do my exercises every day and I can play golf again and garden again without the pain. I have also used several of your supplelments and found them to work very good. I would love to have your book because I’m sure it will be as good as your system and I love every bit of knowledge I can get when it comes to helping my back stay in shape. I wish every young person had this knowledge so they would never have to go through back pain.
    Thanks, Donna

  101. Ken Huff says:

    Your Lose the Back Pain system has worked excellent for me. The stretching and exercises have put youth back into me. : )) I was becoming a grouchy old man with the pain and now am a happy young man again (well age IS a state of mind, less or no pain makes the whole world look good again!).

    However, after all the years of being out of balance, my nerves have been affected and any knowledge or supplements that can get these little fellows to quite complaining and back closer to normal would be wonderful.


  102. Jeff Deyo says:

    Chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, bodywork, heat pads, ultra sound, ice, flexibilities, weight training, homeopathic trigger point injections, Korean muscle scraping and more…..with minimal relief for my aching back. The symptoms which accompany this tightness are too many to list. I need help that works and look forward to the day we will work together helping others get relief from the toughest problems. Thanks.

  103. chris goldemen says:

    I’m a 56 year old graphic designer and have degenerative disk disease in both my cervical spine and low back as well as SI joint dysfunction. Between sitting and mousing on the computer for long hours I’ve developed repetitive stress injuries, and my body is full of tight, unbalanced muscles impinging on nerves. I had some epidural injections which I think made things worse. I need to get better so I can work more hours and not be in chronic pain.

    Your Lose the Back Pain system has helped me. I do the stretches and I bought the inversion table you recommended as well as the Rub on Relief. My husband uses the inversion table as much as I do, he loves it. I also check out your videos.

    I’m making good progress, but I still want more function and less pain, and I keep searching for more information. I have found that the medical system does not hold the answers for these problems, and I don’t want to take their drugs. It’s people like you and the bodywork therapists that have helped the most.

    I take a lot of supplements and I’m getting prolotherapy for my low back and shoulder, as well as myofascial release, cranial sacral and massage therapy, and chiropractic, and work out. I’m hoping your new book with give me that added information I need to make even greater strides.

    Please help me to become part of the “living” again, I know the answers are out there, and I believe you can help me.


  104. chris goldemen says:

    I’m a 56 year old graphic designer and have degenerative disk disease in both my cervical spine and low back as well as SI joint dysfunction. Between sitting and mousing on the computer for long hours I’ve developed repetitive stress injuries, and my body is full of tight, unbalanced muscles impinging on nerves. I had some epidural injections which I think made things worse. I need to get better so I can work more hours and not be in chronic pain.

    Your Lose the Back Pain system has helped me. I do the stretches and I bought the inversion table you recommended as well as the Rub on Relief. My husband uses the inversion table as much as I do, he loves it. I also check out your videos.

    I’m making good progress, but I still want more function and less pain, and I keep searching for more information. I have found that the medical system does not hold the answers for these problems, and I don’t want to take their drugs. It’s people like you and the bodywork therapists that have helped the most.

    I take a lot of supplements and I’m getting prolotherapy for my low back and shoulder, as well as myofascial release, cranial sacral and massage therapy, and chiropractic, and work out. I’m hoping your new book will give me that added information I need to make even greater strides.

    Please help me to become part of the “living” again, I know the answers are out there, and I believe you can help me.


  105. Mary Lee Erdman says:

    I would love to be one of the ten chosen , but I am glad that I do not have to choose the fortunate 10. Pain (especially back pain ) may not be life threatening , but it stops living as most of us want and had. I have severe central canal stenosis ,severe L4/5 facet and disc degeneration and lots of other words I can’t pronounce or understand. I recently bought your Lost the Back Program and received it the same day I had a Spinal Surgeon appointment. He wanted me to try physical therapy first . Their exercises are so different than in the Back program and are not helping , so I am going to start your program this weekend . I am only 65 and do not want to spend the rest of my life with this pain as it has made me give up so much (i.e. sewing and designing) that I love in my life. My Dr. has suggested shots but I do not want to consider that . I have decided to take my pain treatment into my own care and from all my research I feel your programs are the best way to do this. I do hope I am one of the lucky ten , but if not I will be one of those that purchase one.
    I want to thank you for all you offer for people with back pain. I also realize that this is your financial business also , but I also feel your concern and generosity is geniune and goes above and beyond “finances”.
    Thank you.

  106. Carol Fuller Aug 15/09 says:

    I would love to have your book, but I guess there are a lot of people out there who are worse off than me. I have had back pain for over 40 years. I have degenerating discs and osteoarthritis. I also have pinched nerves in my left hip and sciatica. I also had cortizone shots in both shoulders. It worked for a while but now I have bone spurs, in both shoulders. I always try the stretching and the exercises, and they help, for a while, but my pain never goes away completly. Well I hope you think about me, for your book. I always try to do things, to get rid of the pain. Well thanks for listening.

  107. John Wayne Outland says:

    Simply stated, I am really hurting because of a herniated L5 disk. The sharp pain, tingling, burning sensation and numbness are almost unbearable.
    I really believe Jesse is trying to help those of us with back pain. So, I think the new book would be a valuable asset in helping me find a permanent solution to my pain.
    With gratefulness and thanksgiving,

  108. Laura McKenzie says:

    Hello There JESSE

    First, let me thank you for the valuable knowledge that I have learned from your site. I have practised the exercises and they do help. My back problem started about ten years ago from a rollerblade fall, each year my discs seem to get worse, and this March my back finally gave out. The MRI results were L3-L4 bulged and L5-SI protruding, also degenerative disc diease. I have just finished a 5 week spinal decompression therapy at the low back clinic and had some minor results, I am still having piriformis and tailbone pain. I would love to recieve a copy of the 7-Day Back Pain Cure book so that I can finally get rid of this literally pain in the butt and back pain that never seems to disapate. Thanks Again for your Caring and Concern

  109. Carrie Haas says:

    Hello –

    I think I am a good candidate to receive your book. Currently, I have a mystery situation. I have been to several PT visits, have had a bone scan, 2 MRIs, got a Piriformis muscle injection, going to a Chiropractor who specializing with sports injuries, and nothing is working. On my scans nothing is showing evidence of the symptoms I am having. What I have is a extreme burning pain in mostly my left sit bone, sometimes goes down my leg. I also have a numb right foot, when walking just a short distance. It is extremely discomforting to sit. Depending on how much I sit or type of place I sit, determines how much pain I am in.

    The Neurosurgeon says that I do not have anything that is to distrubing, the MRI shows I have a little L1 compression, but nothing he would operate on. Which I am thankful for anyway, since I do not want to go the surgery route. However, most everything I do is not working. Unfortunately I was in an auto accident 14 years ago, and had a skull fracture and therefore cannot use the inversion table. It makes me extremely dizzy sick feeling.

    Also, went to a decompression therapy chiropractor to see if he could help me, he took a x-ray video of my spine and said that I do not have any low back problems. So, I was not a candidate for his therapy. He said I should get a MRI of my neck. However, the doctors are not in agreement, so my insurance will not pay for it.

    I do get relief from your Rub on Relief product, but it is only relief, not a fix. I tried your Lifezyme Plus a few years ago, and it doesn’t agree with my stomach. Gives me very bad gerd. I think I may be allergic to Pineapple.

    Maybe I am not the most severe case, but I am a mystery.

    Maybe something in your book could help me along to discover what could be the cause of my situation.

    Thank you for giving the opportunity to even try.

  110. Michael Petrowski says:

    One of your exercises really helped my lower back. I have to many weeds to pull out of my garden, so my back goes through a lot of bending up and down..

    The book I would mainly want for my Lady because she has a herniated disc,and her birthday is Sept 7th.

    Thanks for your help ,,,,,Michael

  111. Ann Bell says:

    I have tried almost everything to correct my back and hip pain. My cronic muscle pain tightens and pinches the nerves and makes my hip, leg and foot pain very bad. I took nerve pain pills for a long time and finally had to stop them. I’m still having the nerve pain and would like to be able to have relief from it without drugs. I have even had a laminectomy and can’t tell it do any good at all. I have some slightly bulging discs and have had traction therapy, chiropractic therapy, massage therapy and everything I can think of. They help temporarily but I would like to have this healed permanently. Please help.

  112. Dominick Sciortino says:

    I got hurt when I was 13 years old. They wanted to operate on me but my father said no. He did not trust the doctors. I suffered mildly for many years. But as I aged it got progressively worse. Now I am in constant pain. I bought an inversion table. It has helped . I cannot pick up my grandchildren because they are starting to weigh too much. I cannot walk a half a block without pain. We all joke, I walk best with pushing a grocery basket. Any relief in pain would be a great help. That is why I am in need of your new book. Thank you DJ Sciortino

  113. Eric says:

    I need your book because I have had bulging disc for four years now. my disc are bulging so bad you can see them on an x ray and the doctor was talking about having to operate with just the x ray but I would not let them. every time a get a new M R I the doctor talks about two more disc with problems. I have been to three different physical therapist, two different chiropractor, acupuncture, and I have an inversion table but the pain just comes and goes. I have pain every day but some days and even parts of the day are worse than others. there are times when the real bad pain will stay around for days and other times it stays around for just an hour or so. I have taken all of their drugs for pain, the muscle relaxers and anti inflammatory drugs but nothing has helped. Thanks Eric

  114. Kayode says:

    I have been having this excruciating pain for years and have done evrything including back surgery which is why I need this book because it just may be my last hope!!

  115. Georgietta K. Chock says:

    Four years ago I received a shot to my right foot for pain in my arch and shortly after, my entire right foot went numb. I’m on my feet for eight hours daily and the pain and discomfort have gotten worse over the past 3 1/2 years. I have tried, chiropractor, massages, etc. Had an MRI, xrays, etc., you name it and found that I have a buldging disc which may be the cause of the nerve pain in my feet. Doctors claim I don’t need surgery and that the nerve pain is now caused by a blockage in my foot. I am considering quiting my job as the pain as it feels like I am walking on bone. Its so aweful that my entire body and mind are being affected.

    I would love to learn how to heal myself to relieve the discomfort I am currently going through and to be able to walk again normally instead of looking like a crippled individually.

  116. Rae Spivey says:


    Gosh, I have suffered now for almost 7 years with intense pain in my love handle area. Prior to a double laminectomy L4-5 surgery, I tried everything possible to prevent surgery including epidurals, faucet injections, physical therapy, acupuncture, decompression therapy and I could go on to no avail. The surgery did take away the horrendous pain down my left leg which allowed me to walk; however, I have continued to have numb feet and unbearable pain in my love handle area which radiates around my waist and down into my groin area. I take Hydrocodone regularly which I don’t like and it only takes the edge off. I will not take stronger meds and be like a zombie. I also just finished a trial for the neurostimulator implant but wasn’t a candidate since I did not receive much pain relief from that either. I don’t believe I could have stood all of that electrical stimulation throughout my body on a sustained basis anyway.

    I would love to read your book and see if there is anything that might provide me with some relief as I am totally worn out from this constant pain. It NEVER goes away!! I would be so, so thankful to have some of my life back. I also have to nap every day to rejuvanate my poor body or I literally cannot function at all. I have tried your Heal and Soothe but they don’t seem to bring me any relief either. I also ordered your Lose Your Back Pain Program and am anxious to give that a try. The muscle imbalance you talk about certainly makes sense to me. I am ready to try almost anything to receive some relief at this time. I am so limited as to what I can do which brings tremendous frustration my way. I always try to have a basket or something to hold onto when I walk as I have already fallen and broke my good right hip….ouch!!

    Well, thanks for allowing me to write my story and I hope that you will choose me as one of the lucky ones to receive your new book.
    Keep up the great work that you do!!

  117. julie bailey says:

    I would like your book to see if it will alleviate any of my back, neck and leg pain. I had an accident 4 yrs ago and to cut a long story short I have had many surgeries, all of which have failed, I cannot tolerate prescription medications due to either allergy or intolerance. I have tried osteo, chiro. shiatsu, faith healing and various others, all to no avail and I suffer pain 24/7.
    I have a spinal cord stimulation system in situ which helps a little with the the leg pain but no help for the neck or back and I have failed back surgery syndrome. They have offered further fusion surgery but I wont have it

  118. Mary says:

    Hello!! I have degenerative disc disease. im alway’s in pain. I take medication’s. also tried steriod’s shot’s. and nothing work’s Im constantly in pain. I would like to try your free copy. thank you!!!

  119. Liz Ortega says:

    I’ve had back pain for years. Recently my muscles have become tight and painful in the lower back area. I can even feel them spasm. I’ve starting stretching and it helps, but by morning the pain is back. I sit at a desk all day and have begun an excercise routine, but I’m frustrated because I see no improvement what so ever. I’ve tried alternative therapies to no avail. I’d hate to live like this the rest of my life. Thanki you!!

  120. Matt Anderson says:

    hello my name is matt i am 27yrs and i have had a muscles imbalance in my lower back since i was 15. i was in a head on car accident on a highway on the way back from a surfing comp. since that day my back has been doing its thing. i am very active i love sport and i am a plumber that works for myself. i have spent thousands if not tens of thousands going to phisos chrios massage you name it i have been there and they all tell me the same thing see you next week. i am only new to your site been a member appox 3-6 months. i firstly brought lose the back pain found a little difficult to work out what was wrong as i could do all exercises you and steve went through (not saying it doesn’t work) alot of your stretches work me. i find it very frustrating that no one can seem to fix my back. jesse i think you should come to australia and try to fix my back if you do you could fix anyone cause i have a shit back. weather it wakeboarding, surfing, running,working alot, sneezing my back goes out lower back they all say slipped disc, but no one can make it betta. i would like your book and i would like alot more of your products and would like to talk to jesse personally to see if you could help me at the end of the day its not going to be the end of the day if i dont get the free book i am not going to give up on trying to fix my back but the more information i can get the betta chance i have to fix it so keep sending the emails i love them and i will see you soon jesse when you come to australia to fix me. i also have your two seats the back joy and freedom back( i think) which help in the car and doing office work late at nite. i cant tell you much more but my back goes out about 6 times a year and i am over it help needed pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

    kind Regards

  121. Nancy Sitz says:

    Almost 2 years ago I had a car accident and fractured the tibial plateau in my right leg. I knew I was walking funny but I tried to always be aware of that and correct it, but, alas, I started having lower back pain. Then I would have the burning going down my right thigh at night. Sometimes it was unbearable; it felt like something was biting me inside. I had lost my job previously and since I have no insurance at this time, it is not within my means to seek treatment. I have been doing some of your exercises and I know my leg is definitely better. But the back pain is still there. Someone told me this pain (in my leg) would come back again but it would be worse when it did. Please help me before it comes back. I don’t think I could stand it worse than it was. God bless you with your work.

  122. Alex says:

    I had an accident in 1990 where a heavy duty steel pipe fell off a wall and hit me on the lower part of my spine instantly I was semi paralysed I had no power in my legs and a tingling sensation. I recovered by the next day but after a few months my left leg began to wither it resulted in 2 broad spectrum laminectomies to relieve the pressure on my spinal cord as a result I have no bones on the back of my spine from S4 down to and including my tail bone. Things have been great untill this last year when pains in my back and left leg started I’ve had 2 lots of cotersone injections into my spine and I think the last one the needle went in to far and now at this very moment I am typing while fll of pain killers that don’t stop the pain I have had: 2 panadine forte, 2 gabapentin, 2 Endep and 1 valium I need HELP Pleaseeeeeeeee


  123. Alex says:

    Sorry about that I don’t know where S 4 came from it should be L1

  124. deb says:

    I have been reading all of your blogs, posts and videos for a long time now and have not been able to purchase any of the products because i am on perm. disability due to a car accident in 2002 which left me with a ruptured L4 disk. This in turn has caused neuropathy in both feet. I am in constant pain and also have degenerative spine disease, fibromyalgia and degenerative arthriits. I am trying to raise a teenager on my own and if i could get any kind of relief to help me get around better it would be a miracle. I do know that surgery is not the answer as both my Father and brother had several back surgeries that did not take care of back problems. Thank you for all of your emails and videos, i feel that you have the real answers to many of these problems and would love to be able to read your book.

  125. reddymuralidhara says:

    I have back pain and I believe The Healthy Back Institute.

  126. Phyllis says:

    I have had back pain for about 4 years. The MRI specified bulging disk, moderate stenosis. I have tried Acupuncture, Physical therapy, epidurals and chiropratic, and spinal decompression. The spinal decompression did help the original pain by my spine but seems to irritate the other pain, which feels like sciatica. A sharp burning pain starting in my butt and goes down my leg. It is very painful when I first get out of bed and take the first steps. I have to walk bent over until I can walk ir off. I can only sleep on my back with pillows under my knee and leg. After I am able to get out of bed and walk around for about 20 minutes the pain eases up. If I sit for a long period of time the pain comes back.
    I have been given a prescription for Naproxen 500 MG. It does no good at all. Also I have tried Aleve, Tylenol with no help.
    Having tried everything I can think of except surgery, which I really do not want to do. I would love to read your book and hope you might have a solution for me. I would like to have my life back.
    Thank You

  127. Pat Murray says:

    Thank you for offering FREE copies of your book. I had back surgery 13 years ago. Nerves on my left side did regenerate and I had most of my feeling back in my leg within a year, however I still have numbness in my left foot and it affects my balance today. I have always been active and live on a small ranch and raise quarter horses, I was told by my doctor to never ride horses again, but I was back in the saddle within a year of surgery, infact when I ride the pain bothers me less. I continue to experience back pain which affects my active lifestyle. I threw out all prescription pain meds due to other side effects and now take various over the counter pain meds when it gets very painful. I constantly search for a permanent cure to a PAIN free life. Your book sounds promising.
    Thank you

  128. Judith Magnussen says:

    In 1992 I had a slip and fall which resulted in fibromyalgia. In 1997 I had a full Lumbar Fusion. I have tried almost everything available and have come to believe that Massage Therapy and Yoga to be the best protocol for me. What can you recommend for me?

  129. Candy Aurand says:

    Just learned that I have several bulging discs and two herniated discs that are pressing on the nerves on both sides of my body. Right now the pain in the right hip and leg is the worst, but I also have arthritis in that area as well. I am interested in your book and learning more about surgical and non-surgical ways to relieve the pain. Thank you.

  130. L Volkmar says:

    I have had back problems my entire adult life. I love music and dance and started out at the age of 2 in dance (ballet, tap, etc…). I am in pretty decent shap. I have strong leg muscles still and I fear that I will lose them if I become so disabled from this.

    In 2002 the Orthopedic said there was nothing he could do and was so vague about my condition. His bedside manner was abrupt and arrogant!…so I have been trying to accept this. I have spent a small fortune because of the pain. Sometimes it is so bad I just sit and cry like a baby by myself.

    I researched online for yet another chiropractor last October, almost a year ago because I could not even sit. I have been to chiropractors on and off for many years my entire adultlife. He had me almost feeling ok after months of treatments and then I took a position where I was at a computer all day and my pain came back worse than before and down my leg. I realized I had spent over $1,300 with insurance mind you and simply felt that I had to try something else. Insurance would not pay for the Cold Laser Treatments either and to tell you the truth I am not sure if they did any good either.

    I went to another Orthopedic who diagnosed 2 bulging discs and reassures me that I can get back to hiking and dancing again. I am in physical therapy avoiding any streroid shots or surgery but I have good days and bad days are worse if I overdo it.

    I am sitting here typing this with an ice pack on my lumbar section. I feel like my mid back is in pain again too now and a migraine returned after many months of no headache.

    I bought another online pricey book recently and have tried it but I don’t know what I am doing wrong or right. My pain is very real night and day and I wish that someone could free me of this sciatica. It is so painful. I just don’t want to end up with a bunch of bunk on my book shelf. Do you think that your book is that different?

  131. Walt says:

    My back pain started from a strain injury many years ago. Exercise and medication have helped make it bearable but age is taking its toll. Doctors have not tied down the cause specifically and I feel a need to become more informed to determine what can and should be done. The book would be a good starting point.

  132. DIANA LYNN says:


  133. Christine Gotcher says:

    I think I could benefit from reading your book if I were given a copy to read.
    I have been suffering from Fybromialgia, 3 herniated discs with nerve impingment and bone spurs in my neck! Im only 44 years old and have been falling apart since I was 35! I am now on disability because of the horrible pain I suffer most days.
    At times my back hurts so bad I am unable to move and have to lay in my bed for 3 to 4 days. Only setting up with assistance to go to my bedside pottychair or to eat.
    I take more medication than both of my parents put together! I take pain killers, muscle relaxers, pain patches, ect… More than any one person should be taking. So needless to say even when I do have a good day I’m to tired to do anything because of all the meds I take.
    So please help me if you can. I would certainly welcome any relief you book might bring.

  134. Linda Knight says:

    I have had a “bad Back” for 39 years. I am 68 years old. I have been to an orthopedic surgeon. I have had physical therapy and most recentlt a sries of epidurasteroidal injections. They stopped helping after one week. My doctor said if they did not work I would have to have surgery. I don’t want to do that since I’m still recovering from thyroid cancer and parathyroid surgery. I have adopted my grandson who is 16 and has ADHD, Tourettes syndrome, OCD , depression and anxiety disorder.

    I found your site and have oredered your program for diagnosing your back problem, the health and soothe capsules and finally the inversion table.
    I am desperate. I need all the help I can get. Thanks

  135. Mabel says:

    I can’t say I deserve to get a copy, but I NEED and am DESPERATE for a copy. I am a 63 year old female suffering from Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, arthritis in the spine and Chronic Pain Syndrome that all seem to manifest itself in my lower back…I am my only support, but cannot work steadily because of the pain, so I only work part time (1 day a week) which is why I cannot financially afford to buy the book…I have been denied disability because they say I have to be off work so long before they can give it to me, and I can’t be off work because I have no other source of income…I am depressed and thoughts of suicide come often, but I pray and God has sustained me. I am not looking for a hand out or charity, but I would like to be considered in your book give away.

    May the Lord bless you for helping so many people who suffer far more than I and may He continue to give those who are in pain more exposure to you.

    Thank you

  136. ross says:

    I have tried hundreds of remedies for my back pain and Nothing has helped!..so i,m ready to try again. cheers Ross.

  137. Katie-Helen Roberts says:

    I have a Daughter who has suffered pail in nearly every part of her body,but manly in her back and hips.It has gotten to the stage where she black’s out and this can mean any where on a bus in a car on the street in the shower,cooking in kitchen,any where.She has been on pain killers for years(at least 10) and she is only 25yrs.She is presently seeing a psychologist as it has affected her so much. We bought her a tens machine and borrowed one from a friend,but that didn’t help much.
    So i think it wouldn’t do any harm having your book and reading it and if there is any thing in it that could help her,you cant imagine how grateful we would be.
    Waiting in anticipation to see if we are one of the lucky people who get a book.
    Kind Regards
    Helen R

  138. Barry M. says:

    I had a disc protusion at L4, L5 discthat led to 6 surgerys in 7 months and now my sciadic nerve is pinched and causing pain.

  139. sallyann says:

    Ive had sciatica for 4 and half years with constant pain that no doctor can seem to help with,im always in costant fear of my back spasming up as it has done 3 times before.I have to watch the way i bend and stretch all the time and with four kids thats not easy as im sure other people will tell you.It would be nice to know how i could strenghthen my back and help my back
    thankyou yours sincerly
    mrs cairns

  140. Karen Howell says:

    My 29year old son has suffered chronic spinal and neck pain for eight years. Surgery has not been successful, the pain medication is ineffective and destructive and we are about to go Chinese medicine and accupuncture. My son has no life compared to his friends, has suffered mentally and physically. Due to financial pressure I have not purchased your material as yet-here’s hoping for your book soon. It is very heartbreaking, exhausting and terrifying sometimes as a carer and your site gives hope. Thanks. Ms Howell

  141. Bruce Murray says:

    I will try anything just to get rid of the knawing constant pain except surgery(l4;l5 injury).I injured my back at work and been a diabetic does not help as the drugs they give you makes your blood sugar shoot through the roof and to top it off any sort of injury or cut takes longer to heel.You really feel like death warmed up.To make matters worse I have numb toes (which is not good for a diabetic as complications can arise) and when the pain gets really bad I seem to loose my balance.Been to physio and done the streches and core excerises but they
    Yours Sincerly
    Bruce Murray

  142. Lise L. says:

    I am a yoga teacher and work with people in wheechairs. They suffer with many things. They stretch and move as best they can. Since I am a cancer surviror with chronic back pain, I try to bring forward what I know to others I have learned lots since I practice daily with my stretches but I am always willing to learn more. The more knowledge one has the more they can share. My co-worker suffers from back pain and I would love for her to find some answers to her daily pain.
    Thanks for listening
    May you be blessed

  143. Pattie says:

    I made a mistake when I fell at work in the sixties, and here it is 2009, I let the doctor operate after PT, I thought the pain so bad I couldn’t stand it. They did a mylogram and found that I had to have a fusion because of herinated dics. I should have stopped but because I had continued to have pain, they did an exploratory and cut a main arterie and I hemoraged.
    Well needless to say I had six more surgeries. This was all done in three years except one which done much later.
    To this day Iam not any better but worse, pain 24/7, adhesions and severe nerve damage. I suffer so much it is unbeliveable. I have had tons of blocks, I use ice, heat, patches and have used pain killers with no success. It feels like you are going to go crazy. Sometimes you think you are going to die and sometimes you wish you would. I would love to be out of pain but know that it is probably inpossible. I pray everyday for some relief. My advise to people with back problems is do everything you can to keep from having surgery.
    My husband had severe spinal stenois, the doctor did the new XStop surgery and it is remarkable, he is pain free.
    Maybe your book can help me.
    Thank you,

  144. Christina says:

    I’d love a copy of your book because I imagine that I will learn so much from it, just as I have from your videos and emails.

    I was in a car accident a couple of years ago and ever since I have been battling constant lower back pain,leg pain and in my right foot my middle toe is completely numb and I have neck and right arm and I am constantly weak on the right side of my body. I have tried several types of medication, which have not helped, I unable to sleep at night and not eating well and I feel like I have aged at least 20 years, as I am contantly depressed due to this severe pain

    I have attended Physitheraphy, Hydrotheraphy, I attended pain management but nothing has helped so far.

    I hope and I pray that maybe your book will be what may help me

    Thank you

  145. Derek H says:

    I would love to read your book. I have mild Spina-bifada, Scoliosis, Spinal Tethering, Sciatic nerve damage and nerve damage in both my legs. So I have suffered from back and other pain for over 10 years now. I got physiotherapy done a few years ago and it worked great. But from time to time the pains does come back and I have to take painkillers or see my physiotherapist again. I’d love to read your book to see if it can help me deal with my back pain.

    Thank You

  146. Sheila Berzinski says:

    Ive had chronic back pain since my 20s. After a motorcycle accident 5 yrs ago, my back pain has become severe. I get spasms from my neck to lower back, and each attack last a long time. I have sciatic pain in both my hips which causes pain down my legs also. Chronic migrane headaches causes me to miss a lot of work, I am now in danger of loosing my job due to health issues. The doctors have tried so many medications on me, which causes side affects that cause me to miss work.From my accident, Ive lost the bone in my left arm and my left wrist is like rice crispies. They want to do more surgery on it because now the bones are degenerating Im on disability but thats not enough to cover my bills and also I love to work and be around people, I would go crazy sitting home and not being around people. Im worried that soon I will loose my job if my health issues dont improve soon. I would like to have your book to see if the things in it could help me.

  147. Michael A Skinner says:

    After reading the submitted reasons people have logged for wanting a copy of your book, I am not certain I qualify, however I am 70 years old and have suffered ever increasing back pain since I was 35 years old and am now on 10 tablets a day just to keep the pain in the back ground. It has been established that the pain started whilst I was in the Fire Service and sustained ladder carry down rescue. I have had MRI and CAT scans + x-ray which has established that amongst other problems I have spinal stenosis and an incorrect curvature os the spine, hence I am uncertain that anything other than pain killers will work, but am very willing to try.
    Best of fortune to all who have a problem.

  148. Vashram Golani says:

    I having the severe upper and lover back paing being the laboratory work of nature and wrong siting may be.
    Vashram Golani

  149. Eileen Gonzalez says:

    After 11 yrs being a trauma nurse I now have pain on a consistent basis. Turning and lifting patients who are now up to 600 lbs has finally pushed me over my 5 ft edge!!! I have pain in my sciatic area as well as my lower back and right side of neck (its all one problem). I have a high tolerance but this surely wears me down. Each morning I wake up with the pain and must stretch to move past the tingling in my feet and pain down my right leg. My chiropractor has helped in the past but now its always there…….I must continue to work therefore, I would be grateful to have a copy of your book and wake up one day without this pain……looking forward to a painfree future!!!!!Eileen

  150. Tim Deaton says:

    June 20, 1981 struck from the rear in auto mishap. Paralyzed (temporarily) from lower lip down though could move right thumb. Signed out of hospital ER (I did not wish to DIE!) and wife hauled me to chiropractor. He adjusted me after looking at X-rays (blurry and sloppy from ER) and helped carry me home to bed. He came buy Sunday on his way to and from church and adjusted again. On Wed had neighbor haul me to his office and I walked home.

    The injury was more than we thot and I spent next 19 years inable to sit. FINALLY found another chiro and within a few months I was back walking and sitting normally.

    Still a good deal of pain that requires 2 adjustments per month for comfort.

    I use an inversion table, elastic belt with magnets (they help sometimes) and regular chrio adjustments.

    Not pain free and spend most days in discomfort that ranges from moderate to severe.

    If the book has useable suggestions that I can perform and afford, I’m game to try almost anything


    PS: I have been ‘diagnosed’ as nuts because I will NOT use drugs (Not even aspirin)

  151. Bill Triplett says:

    About 3 yearsago I started having lower back pain, I thought it was from mowing the fields at my place, later I had a stroke, and hey treated me at the hospital and released me, a month later I had another one that was suposed to kill me, when I finally got out my loer back was really hurting, they sent me to therapist who worked with my back and shoulder, I remember you saying they give all a sheet of paper with the same exercises, I went to a chiropractor, he looked at the x-rays and said no way would he touch me, I have been doing my own trerophy and I had another stroke last christmas in my face. I am now walking and trying all I know what to do to help my back, My lower back hurts, and it affects my walking, I need your help, and it could start with your book.

  152. Josh Grant says:

    When I was 18 I hurt my back lifting a t.v. I had bought for my grandmother. Lifting it out of the shopping cart the weight shifted and I felt a pop in my lower back. It wasn’t too bad that day and I sort of shrugged it off. I figured it would be ok in a couple of days. The next day I could hardly walk. I had this terrible shooting pain down my leg and in my lower back. I could barely get out of bed. I couldn’t sit. I couldn’t stand. I couldn’t lay down. I couldn’t walk. A chiropractor I knew offered to do some work for free. My lower vertebrae had been pulled sideways. My right hip was lower than my left one and it was causing my spine to be pulled diaganolly pulling my spinal cord and pinching the nerves in the left side of my lower back. He helped me some although I still ha debilitating pain all throughout collegeand afterward up until the present day. In highschool I loved to work out and train. I played football, I ran. I continued to train after my incident but I suffer from mobility problems. I was maried this past year and now have a 6 month old daughter. I recently threw my back out again doing squats at my workplace gym. This is the 4th time after my initial treatment that this has happened but this has definetly been the worst. Almost as bad as when it first happened. When I went to pick my daughter up at daycare I couldn’t even pick her up. I had to get the employees to help me carry her out. I’ve had to miss work. Its really been a terrible strain on every aspect of my life. I’ve had one session with a chiropractor in the area I now live in and have seen great improvement but I’m trying to get anything I can that would help me get back to a pain free life. If your book would help me I would absolutely love to have a copy.

  153. prakash kumar says:

    i have neck and hip pain and also knee pain please send me the book to my email

  154. prakash kumar says:

    i have back hip and neck pain for past 5 years, some people please advice me to register healthy back site they will suggest some ideas

  155. Jeanna says:

    I have had back pain for several years. I have had several sessions of physical therapy. When the pain became more I was sent for an MRI which revealed a herniated T5 and T6 with radicular pain and an L4 herniation. I was told then all the physical therapy in world would not help the T5 and T6 herniation and surgery is not an option as it is life threatening. I was injected with two shots of corisonine and put on pain medication and patches. As far as the L4 herniation it has gone to the furthest of numbing two toes. There are a couple exercises which help it some but have to do them frequently to get relief. This has been a long battle since the L4 herniation was due to a car incident and now it has been many years before the herniations were found. I have to continue to work therefore, I would be grateful to have a copy of your book and wake up one day without this pain. It would be great looking forward to a painfree future.

  156. Yulianty says:

    A few months ago I’ve been sitting in front of my computer creating and editting some letters for very long hours, for days and days. Until one day I finally felt a severe pain in my lower back, I began to realise and was reminded that I should sit on the right kind of chair and with the right posture, especially if I am gonna be sitting for long hours working on my computer. The pain comes and goes. When in pain, I could feel it so badly especially when I was trying to pick up something. It would be so wonderful if your book could help get rid of the back pain totally. Thanking you for being a blessing ! :))

  157. joe darcy says:

    I had an accident 21 years ago and damaged 2 lower back discs that pinches the nerves on my right hand side,i have tried everything over time but nothing long lasting if your book can offer any possibility of overcoming this problem rush me one a.s.a.p. Regards joe

  158. Tania P says:

    I had a bad car accident in 2002 three months laters i was diagosed with
    Fibromyalgia and Myfascial Pain, which i have deen sufering from for the last 15 years due to an earlier car accident.
    I am a quailfied Massage Therapist In New Zealand. I would love a copy of you book so I can help others suffering the way I am. I do mainly Theraptic Massage alot of my clients have long standing problems, any imformation on how to reduce this is a real bonus. A copy of your book would help to help others.

  159. panduranga nayak says:

    The story runs like this:
    I had afall from ttre while collecting fruit. It was about 15 feet. I fell on uneven ground. This has cause breaking vertbra backbone at lumbar region. L4 was broken in piesces. Iwas removed to hospital in strtcher as i could not stand. Luckily ther was no damage to spinal chord. I was on bed for 45 days forbidden to move an inch or turn on any sides. I say it as wonderful experience in my life. But to much agony to my wife. She is really great to taken into her stride and helped to stand on my feet.
    But I have developed back pain at that region . It is much severe whenever I sqat for more tha 15 minutes. Otherwise it is tolerable. I am afraid it may become severe in coming days. I am 62 now. I hope your book will be a guide in overcoming the problem. Please send me a copy. Thanaq.

  160. Kavita says:

    I m Kavita,a physiotherapist.i regularly get the mails and follow the things u tell.my dad has been suffering from disc protrusion from a long time and has on and off pains.i dont want electrotherapy to be given in such cases.it really hurts when i cannot do much for him and also for my mother when they suffer from backache.i wud really be greatful if i can get a copy of ur book.


  161. Jazele Stapley says:

    I have been suffering with back pain for 40 years. When I was younger I could manage it with chiropractic visits. However, since getting Fibromyalgia nine years ago, the pain has become horrendous and at times I have just wanted to die as I could not take it any longer. I now take a pain killer which gives me reasonably relief but I still have problems. Now I have severe neck pain, which is often debilitating. I live alone, in poverty and help is rare in the town where I live. People have a negative attitude towards sick people here and if you don’t have money, you can’t get help. I do my best to help myself, am careful with my diet, observe how I use my body and do my best to think positive, but it still all gets too much at times and I just want to end it. The pain has taken away my life. I am no longer able to play my violin or piano or sing and social outings are too difficult. I don’t look like getting it back at this point in time. I would purchase your book and try it only I don’t have the money, as I am unable to work and survive on a meagre pension. If you are kind enough to give me a copy of your book, I will be very gratefull and will study it and use it to help myself get rid of this horrible debilitating pain.

    Sincerely and with thanks for your newsletters,

  162. Deborah Bingham says:

    Hi, here is my story – I have had siatic nerve problem for about 20 years. Have been to Chriopractors and been to nerve clinics for shots in my back.
    I prayed about this and one day I got an e-mail from Jessie from the Lose the
    Back Pain and at first I did not apply to it and then I got a few more e-mails and decieded to just order the book. Well, let me tell you it was the greatest thing I ever did – I have not been to the pain clinic or chriopractor since. I do
    my streaches faithfully and I just love Jessie with all my heart for helping me.
    That pain is crippling as you all know. I can walk and do things I could never do and this year we spent 2 weeks vacation in Maine and it was the best vacation I have ever had.
    Thank you Jessie.

  163. Jenna says:

    hallo am a Biokineticist and the amount of back patients comming to see me is increasing daily. I respect your work a lot and the more info I can get in order to help my patients the better for my soal and there comfort. I would love a copy of your great book. Thanx

  164. Mark M. says:

    Hi, I am a 35 year old male living in Australia. I have been experiencing excruciating sciatic pain in my right leg for just over three months now. I am currently taking the maximum amount prescription and non prescription medication allowable per day and I am fearful that this is doing irreversible damage. Even with all the medication, I cannot sleep in bed as it aggravates my symptoms, I sleep on the floor. It is unbearably painful to sit, I cannot drive my car but I can bear the pain to walk for reasonable lengths of time with enough medication. I am desperate to stop taking the medication and I’m desperate for a good night’s sleep. Even though it’s only been three months, it feels like it’s never going to end.

    What makes my problem worse is, it’s not just my problem. I have become a burden to my wife, she now does my domestic duties as well as everything for our three young children and baby. I feel like my condition is going to slowly suffocate my family. I spend most of my time lying on the floor in front of my computer. I cannot play with my children and I am physically unable to change my baby nappies. I am unable to interact with my children as a father should and worse still, in my lowest moments, I find myself taking it out on them. I also wonder, what psychological effect it would be having on my children to me in so much pain. I am very concerned that I am having a serious long term adverse effect on my wife and children. I have become a self loathing angry monster, what have my family done to deserve this?

    Clearly I am candidate for surgery, I have been to see the specialists, I know what they want to do to me but I am petrified of surgery — what if they make it worse; so many horror stories! What can I do? The worst thing is, not knowing what to do. I need clear direction. I hope your book will tell me what to do to cure my pain and return me to my family the way I was.

    Thank you for this opportunity.


    Mark M.

  165. Bill says:

    I have had chronic back pain for 10-12 years now, L5-S1 a common herniation. I did have surgery about 8 years ago due to my nerve canals closing rapidly and I could barely walk. The surgery went well but while I was going through the healing process scar tissue started to build up at the point of incision then stopped leaving a thread of room. I was able to work for another 6 years, missing many days due to the pain in my lower back and occasional sciatica, unfortunately this caused other discs to bulge and I had to use a cane. At this point I was put on Full Disability. I take 5 different meds twice a day some for pain, nerve blockers, anti-depressants, and to help me sleep. On 8/6/09 I went back under the knife, this time for my neck, spinal cord damage with spurs C4-C6 fusion to open up a canal for my spinal cord that was “S” shaped. I’m still in recovery for that one. I know I’ve been kind of vague on details but we all have these issues in common. BTW my back is still my major crutch.. Bottom line the information your site provides definitely has my interest and would like to know more even if it just gets me off all the meds I need to make it through the day. Thank you for you time, good luck to everyone out there.


  166. Mike Flanagan says:

    This past August 6th marked 4 years of pain due to a bulged disk in the L4, L5 area which caused the sciatic nerve to be pinched. This caused extreme pain for 15 days running down my right leg to the foot. I never fully recovered after having lower back surgery, a hip and knee scope and surgery for what was called Tarsal Tunnel syndrome in my right foot. I can not stand or walk for more than a few minutes without needing to sit or lay down for a while. I’m allergic to NSAIDS and am taking the max dose of Lyrica without any significant improvement. The surgeon does not want to do any further surgery even though there is moderate to severe pinching of the nerve at L5. I’m only 52 years old, and no longer feel very useful. Like so many, I want to be able to walk again……. Looking forward to the book……. Chin up all, Mike

  167. Robin says:

    Five years ago, I was rearended by a fully loaded 18 wheel truck. I have had one surgery, the ceramic disc. Now, they tell me that I need at least two more surgeries and then we are not sure from there. My problem is, it was a very small trucking company who is no longer in business, and I am still in litigation with not much hope for any compensation. My doctor confirms that I am completely disabled from this accident and will never get over this. Meanwhile, there is no income and waiting for disability. Thank God for my family who is paying for my two children and I to exist…But, I feel asking for them to buy me a book, no matter how much it might help the pain, is too much. Both kids are going back to school, that means school supplies and clothes and all that goes with that. I just feel wrong asking for something else when everyone around me needs so much !!!

  168. Arkady Kheyman says:

    I need this book because I believe that info. I’ll get will help my wife to solve her back problems. She’s often experiences back pain and cannot move. I bought a belt from you, but due to heat she practically cannot use it. Thank you very much in advance.

  169. Ray says:

    I will try to make this a short bog. Suiffering for many years live on pain med and have pain 24/7 started with one fractured vertabra l1 then two more fractured from osteoprouis and degenerative bone’s, had vetabraplasty to l3 and t10 helped. currently on reclasp, cal, & vitiman D. Had bone biopsy for possable myleoma, came back neg thank you God. Still suffering

  170. Jim Gilchrist says:

    I am an 80 year old broken down athelete……not really broken down, but leg pain has been getting the better of me. I cope most of the time, but some times the pain in my lower leg is severe and lately happening more frequently. As I said I usually cope with the pain and relief would be great. If I am fortunate to be selected I will apply the practises and hopefully get some relief. My wife Joy and I travel (motor car) often and the sitting position causes lower leg pain to the extent we have to pull over and change drivers. We have travelled less because of this problem and if relief comes we will continue our touring more extensively.

  171. naiga says:

    Iam a 62 year old woman. Ihave this terrible lower back pain. I have tried many medicine but without much help.And find it very difficult to excersice. Ihopwe if am selected and get this book I will work hard to applay the exercises recommed an hope will get relief.

  172. Jill says:

    I am only 44 years old and have suffered with neck pain for over 7 years. I have not had a day without pain for as long as I can remember! I have spent thousands of dollars on treatments that don’t work. I cannot find relief! I have tried physical therapy, traction, spinal decompression and more. I currently take pain medication as well as muscle relaxers, but they don’t really address the issues – they just mask the pain a little and help me get through the day. I have a bulging disk in my neck, as well as arthritis. I really need to find some relief.

  173. Jennifer says:

    After two back surgeries (including an infection with the last one) I am still suffering from pain in my lower back & hip, and severe nerve pain in my legs. I refuse to go through another surgery. I am only 34 years old, and just can’t imagine having to deal with this pain for the rest of my life. I have a 2 year old daughter and I don’t want her to feel that her Mommy doesn’t love her because I can’t play with her. Hopefully, this new book would be able help me live the active life that I am supposed to be living.

  174. Cindy S. says:

    I was in a car accident 10 years ago that left me with severe neck and back pain. I have since had a cervical fusion for my neck, but the pain is still there along with no flexibility now. My back pain – the result of bulging and herniated disks – has gotten worse and worse over the years and six different doctors have failed to help me. I am now at the point where I am basically immobile. I’ve tried injections, physical therapy, chiropractors, everything that has been recommended except surgery. I am terrified of surgery because I don’t think it will help. I am only 33 and feel my life has been ruined by my pain. My husband left me, I lost my job and the constant pain, I admit, on some days makes me feel suicidal but my faith in God somehow pulls me through. Although I’m a little skeptical of any treatment working on me at this point, I am still desperate for relief and would love to see if your book could benefit me. There are so many people here who deserve this book, I feel ashamed for submitting my name, but like I said, I am desperate for relief and don’t have the resources to try something on a whim anymore. Thanks for your consideration.

  175. James Caskey says:

    I am 54 yrs. old.I have suffered from Sciatic nerve pain for over 10 years. I have had physical therapy on and off for may years. I tried Chiropractors. I had back surgery 04/28/2009 and more PT. Nothing seems to work. I had a stroke 10/28/2008. My recovery has been slowed because of my nerve pain. I need some relief from my hip and sciatic nerve pain, but nothing seems to help. I am hoping that your book will help. Thank You.

  176. denise says:

    WHY SHOULD I GET A FREE COPY? Because I am ready to SHOUT to the world that there is a website that will help you get your life back. I am a 47 year old young women, homeowner and have been employed with the United States Postal Service for twenty years. I been out of work since 3/2009. My MRI shows that I have Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, Mild Degenerative Disc, Disc Herniation or Bulging Disc and much more. My EMG shows that I have damage nerves. My bag was packed and I couldn’t take the pain no more. I have been praying asking GOD is surgery the answer, please send me a sign well I got an email didn’t want to open it ,because I didn’t know who was sending this to me, well I finally said you asked GOD to help right! so, I opened it and I had my doubts and I checked out this company with the BBB the rating was an A. So I said what do I have to lose? So I ordered your back pain system and just reading it alone gave me hope and made me feel better, say its in the mind whatever its ok, Just being able to educate myself and knowing whats going on with my body made me feel good OMG.
    I Started the program, I have the inversion table, the back joy, eating better taking EMZYMES. I since then stop going to physical therapy they had admitted to me that I had to many things going on with me and they don’t know how to help me. well now I am going some place else and I told them that we need to work on my muscle imbalances speaking like a well educated person. Well I am ready to help you now be a spoke person for you and your website there is alot of broken down people(smile) in the Postal Office thank you so much. I may be able to return to work In september feeling much better. THANK YOU ,THANK YOU THANK YOU! JESSE CANNONE & STEVE HEFFERON

  177. Bob Dutton says:

    I have had 2 major spine surgeries already. I am about to go for a third. The first 2 was to implant rods and screws into my spine, and the next one , they tell me is to clear out the L5 nerve root. My pain management Doctor tells me I have R.S.D. I guess because my feet swell up like footballs and I can’t move my left foot. I also have foot drop on my left side. My E.M.G. tells the story that my Paroneal Nerve is shot! No activity at all. I have not worked for over 2 years, my Doctors tell me I will never work again. They also tell me to expect to have to have another major surgery in about 10 years when the section of spine above the surgery gives out because of the added stress on it. All in all, not a very pretty picture. So….. my friend…… I need your book to give me some hope! Hope of getting off a heavy dose of MS Contin everyday. Hope to not think that I will end up in a wheel chair! Give me some hope to stop mfeeling useless! To my friends and most important , to my family.I am tired of being a burden on people.
    If you believe that your book can help me in any way, shape or form I ask you to send me a copy and I will tell everyone I know to go out and buy it. If they see my condition improve they will run to the book store. Thank you for considering me! Keep up the excelent work you do.

  178. Christopher M. Wilson says:

    I had a fall in my home last October where I fell
    down some stairs. I suffered persistant #10 shooting pain from my gluteal muscles on the left side, traveling down the side of my leg through the greater trocanter and throgh the center of the knee, on the tib-fib to the foot. I suspected sciatic pain and a possible break in the tib fib region. Iam a massage therapist and was considering chiropractic but due to the fact that I was disabled just before my fall with Parkinson’s Disease I had little income for out of pocket expense. So I sought the help of a Orthopedist who I thought was good and he orderered conventional X-rays that turned up nothing and told me I had bursitis aroud the greater trochantor. I was still having pain only now into S-1. So the Orthopedist sent me to a pain-management specialist who ordered an MRI and started me on nerve block
    treatments. That only acted as a band aid and after 6 weeks of physical therapy and 3 mo. of nerve block treatment into th L-4 L-5 and SI area the pain hadn’t abated. So I decided it was time to look at sugical optiions I picked the best Neurosurgion in the De- Pa area. He did a microdiscectomy on the L-4 L5 S-1 region. The surgery was a sucess although after 3 weeks
    I’m having alot of soreness in the the tib-fib area. I wan’t to start back into physical therapy and would love to have your book so I can heal myself and then use them on my clients. Thank you for reading about my situation. Christopher Wilson

  179. Michael Bosniak says:

    I don’t need the book to cure my back pain! Your “Lose The Back Pain System” took care of that. It’s one of the best investments I made in myself. A majority of the time my maintenance exercises keep me in top shape. Oh sure, my pain comes back sporadically, but now I know what to do.
    No, I want a copy of your book so that I have visible, fact-filled evidence I can wave in front of my friends faces when they complain about their own back pain and choose to ignore my advice. Even when they have walking proof in front of them.
    Michael P. Bosniak, age 62

  180. Julie Jelsma says:

    As a massage therapist, I work with new clients every week seeking relief for not only their aching muscles, but also their inflamed nerves. Many of these pleasant, but pained people learn from me alterations in posture, stance and movement techniques. I am not, however, an expert on specific stretch & strengthening exercises related to, for example, sciatica and or piriformis syndrome. So anything I can learn from your book and pass on to my clients on your recommendations and programs for indepth support of more serious problems…I would greatly appreciate.
    Julie Jelsma, age 51

  181. M. Curtin says:

    Twenty years ago I was (finally!) diagnosed with M.S. (I am NOT a hypochondriac! (what the Mayo Clinic said when I went there with symptoms). Ten years ago I was diagnosed with a herniated disk at L-5 (the PAIN!). My doctor sent me to a neurologist for consultation to get the herniated disk fixed. The neurologist came in the exam room, did a standard EDSS check (MS), then went and looked at my chart. He turned around and said to me, “So! You want your back fixed! I said “Yes, it is very painful to walk.” He replied, “Well, What do you want your back fixed for? You have M.S. You’re going to end up in a wheelchair anyway!” ( Can you believe that? I’ve told many people what this Dr. said!!!) This was said to me 10 years ago and
    I still walk as much as I can but the pain is so bad that I’m bent over and leaning on a cane like an old woman when I DO walk. I don’t go out in public anymore unless I am in the wheelchair.
    I would like my life back so I can once again hike my beautiful mountains and forests and tend my gardens with my dog.
    I can cook, bake and do canning again at my stove without my family worrying so much about me burning myself AND I can eat healthier.
    I can share with others that I know, who have back problems and be an example of what your book did for me!!
    Not only would I be so very greatful, but to be able to share information about your book and help others help themselves when the doctors have given up on them, would be most gratifying for me. M. Curtin age 55

    I live alone in the country. My first name is Melodi but prefer just the initial for safety reasons. Thanks

  182. M. Curtin says:

    Twenty years ago I was (finally!) diagnosed with M.S. (I am NOT a hypochondriac! (what the Mayo Clinic said when I went there with symptoms). Ten years ago I was diagnosed with a herniated disk at L-5 (the PAIN!). My doctor sent me to a neurologist for consultation to get the herniated disk fixed. The neurologist came in the exam room, did a standard EDSS check (MS), then went and looked at my chart. He turned around and said to me, “So! You want your back fixed! I said “Yes, it is very painful to walk.” He replied, “Well, What do you want your back fixed for? You have M.S. You’re going to end up in a wheelchair anyway!” ( Can you believe that? I’ve told many people what this Dr. said!!!) This was said to me 10 years ago and
    I still walk as much as I can but the pain is so bad that I’m bent over and leaning on a cane like an old woman when I DO walk. I don’t go out in public anymore unless I am in the wheelchair.
    I would like my life back so I can once again hike my beautiful mountains and forests and tend my gardens with my dog.
    I can cook, bake and do canning again at my stove without my family worrying so much about me burning myself AND I can eat healthier.
    I can share with others that I know, who have back problems and be an example of what your book did for me!!
    Not only would I be so very greatful, but to be able to share information about your book and help others help themselves when the doctors have given up on them, would be most gratifying for me. M. Curtin age 55

  183. Arlana Bruey says:

    I’ve struggled with back/neck pain for 20 years. when I was 16 I was in a car accident that compressed c4,5,&6 together; compressed my ribcage, turned my pelvis, lost 80% elasticity in my left shoulder, lost the natural curvature to my neck & 90% nerve damage to the left side of my back. 10 years later, I was in another accident that fractured my jaw & turned my pelvis the opposite direction. 8 years ago, I slipped and fell on the ice in the parking lot at work thus fracturing my tailbone on the left side. I’ve worked 13 years on an assembly line using small parts, air powered tools, as well as hand tools & hammers. this has caused me carpal tunnel, bursitis & tendonitis in both upper extremities, and a shoulder impingement in my right (good) shoulder. I look down for 8 straight hours as our line moves and we stand in 1 spot only to rotate each hour without the line stopping. I must hunch over all day as the conveyor is only 3 – 4 inches below my waist, and parts I must reach across the line for because they’re too far away. I also, have suffered with arthritis in all joints and feet for the last 20 years. I’m flat footed with an extra bone in both feet where my arch should be, and large busted as well, causing more stress on my torso. My chiropractor treats me for cervicalgia, migraines/ headaches, subluxation of c1-7 & t1-12 & L1-5,lumbago, sacral subluxation, myalgia/myositis, and subluxation of both upper & both lower extremites. though she does a great job at giving me temorary relief, it only lasts for a day because of my daily job at the factory. I also work on a volunteer rescue squad but am limited to how much I can lift & help with as my prior injuries and pain keep me from what I love and hate having to rely on others to help “pull my weight” too. I would love a copy of your book so I can have the energy without the pain to enjoy my 3 year old daughter, work & life again.
    Thankyou, A. K. Bruey age 36

  184. Jean Lentz says:

    I am a 77 year old lady. I have suffered with back pain for over 30 years. Gone trhu therapy, shots and nothing really helps. I was give zocor for colesterol and it damaged the nerves in my thighs starting at the groin to the knees. The pain gets so bad when I have walked just for a short time I just have to stop as my legs don’t want to move. Would love one of your books so I can try your method to see if it would help me.

  185. Petra says:

    I was in a car accident in 1992. Since then, I have had chronic mid-back pain, which gets worse with the Arizona Monsoon and job-related stress. I have a desk job, which I am sure does not help matters. For years I have been seeing chiropractors, physical therapists, taking muscle relaxers, ibuprofen, stretching, exercising, not exercising, rolling around on a foam roller, oh and my big investment – the inversion table that I never dared use, because I was alone in the house and I was afraid I would drop on my head. I am at a total loss as to what to try next, as nothing seems to work. I long for just one pain-free day, to remember what it is like, but I don’t anticipate any relief. I’m hoping that your book could be the answer.

  186. Petra says:

    By the way – my post says it is 8:48am on August 21. I hope I will still be considered, it is only 7:53pm (now) on August 20, here in Tucson, AZ.

    In hope,


  187. MONTE says:

    I have been like many, a long time sufferer of the ball and chain life controlling back pain sufferer for many years. (aprrox 26years / I’m 40 now)

    I have not been able to ride a bike or take part in the activities that my two sons like to do(as any good father would like to do anything to keep up), in FEAR that my back will pay it. I used to water ski, down hill ski, baseball, hockey, camping, hiking….. but more or less over the years I have stop doing alot of the things I love to do. I guess my lower back can’t keep up with my life style

    My family life style has changed and whould love to take controll over the pain so that it is goneas well as the FEAR. The excersises and stretches that I have tried seem to backfire and does get discouraging.

    I have learned to cope with it but this, but I hope that there will soon be a cure. Maybe some new information will help?

  188. Shirley says:

    I would so love a copy of your book. Like so many others on here, I am in constant pain daily and life is passing me by whilst I cannot do anything.
    I really hope that I am in with the 1000 people you are now offering the book to.
    Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration and give hope where all else has failed.
    Thank you

  189. Renee says:

    As I have read already today, many people are need of this book and I’m sure it could help many. A brief background on my back pain… I grew up dancing everyday so sure I would be a ballerina in NYC when I was 18. However, when I was 14 I injured my back severely enough that I had to take 3 years off. Due to the injury, I went to college for a degree in business, NOT DANCE. I couldn’t stay away from dance so I got back into it little by little and once I was dancing full time again I ended up with a herniated disc. Now I am stuck working in a restaurant just to pay my bills, which still kills my back everyday. I love Losethebackpain and it gives me great advice every day but any extra information will help!

  190. Tim Heffernan says:

    Dear Jesse:

    For the past 18 months I have been dealing with lower back and hip pain. Despite many acupuncture, chiropractic, and osetopathic treatments, my problem persists and affect nearly every aspect of my life. I have learned, through you, to manage my problem better on my own and your products have helped to reduce the pain. I desperately hope that your book will help me determine the cause of my problem and lead me, finally, to a solution. The Healthy Back Institute has been my best source of information and I have referred several friends to the site. Thanks for all the great information, product screening and offers.

  191. Joan says:

    I have recently been reading your website, and just order a bottle of heal and soothe to try. I have a herniated disk and had a recently flare up so bad, i could not walk or leave my house, it has been 3 weeks, i started doing some of the exercises and it is getting better slowly, during this my fathe in law died and i could not even go to the hospital with my husband, it was a very sad and trying time, he had to leave me at home and i could not even walk to the bathroom and go to his dying father. Please help i would love a copy of your book.

  192. Luke Pham says:

    Dear Jesse:

    I had back pain for many years and I’ve tried to exercise, used drug for relieving pain and followed your guidance to exercise but it just helped a little, couldn’t get rid of pain. Heard about your free book I would like to receive it as you’ve given me several free CD for pain relieving.

    Thank you for you devotion to pain sufferers.

    Luke Pham

  193. Janene says:

    I am a dog groomer who just lost my job.
    I have not been able to afford health ins for the last 2 years.
    I don’t know what I did to my back but I have shooting pain from the lower hip down my leg to the point I can hardly move.
    I am only 25 years old and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life this way!
    I hope your book can help me.

  194. Richard A. Sullivan says:

    I have tried everything from Chiropractors to orthopedists to get my back from hurting. I have tried exercises, physical therapy, all kinds of pain killers (I am now taking Heal and Soothe and have been for two days). I need help in getting rid of this pain so I can stand with my back hurting and do some much needed work around the house and yard without having to quit after 10 minutes. I would love a copy of your book to help me get started on the road to a back that will allow me to lead a normal lifestyle.

  195. Sally Ernsberger says:

    I have a 2-year old and all the bad posture that goes along with feeding and caring for a little one has been killing my neck! I have been doing exercises I see on your website, and I have been using the Far Infrared heating pad and the Trigger Point Therapy, but I want to go the extra mile to get rid of the pain and the underlying condition causing it.

  196. Jacqueline Babcock says:

    I am very pleased with the products and information that I have received from your site in the past.
    Something that really helps me is the Rub-on-Relief and the heating pad.
    It would be great to have all the helps in one handy book for constant reference.
    Thanks for the great job that you do with videos and print information on your website.
    I love to sit down with a book, too!
    Jacqueline Babcock

  197. Bruce Rice says:

    I am 44 years old and have retired from softball, volleyball and most golf due to raising a family and some injuries. My back problems started in high school while participating in year-around sports for four years. I stayed active in college in intramural sports and then played in various city leagues for volleyball and softball.

    I sustained two dislocated shoulders playing softball – the second time resulting in rotator surgery – and some pinched nerves in my lower back playing volleyball over the next ten years.

    I have a habit of carrying stress in my neck and shoulders and have had poor posture since I was a kid.

    I have learned to live with back pain, but would like to know what it is like to not have to…

  198. Shirley Schumacher says:

    Thank you for offering me the free pain book to the 1st 1000 people, I hope that I am one of them and will be anxious to read more and hope that it helps my back and leg pain, my mobility and able to walk again.

  199. Anthony Ciccarelli says:

    Jesse, I have followed you since I found you on the Internet. Your ways of helping to sooth back pain have done wonders for me in my Senior years. If your new book is half as good as the other information that I have received from you, then it will continue to help me in my quest for a healthy and drug free old age.

  200. Allen Townsend says:

    I just recieved my Inversion table on 8/18/09. I have been dealing with lower back pain for 21 years now. I put it together after a struggle getting it up the steps because my back hurt so bad, and I recieved relief after the first couple of inversions. The first couple of days I was only able to invert about 30 to 40%, now I can go all the way straight up and down and I weight 275#. It is now day 4 and I CAN NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH BETTER I FEEL!!!! I would say 95% of my pain is gone and I can walk straight up now and bend over and touch my toes and get a good nights sleep!! I am like everyone else, going to the chiro.,Dr., Accupuncture, and only a temporary relief. I would like to see if I can get rid of the rest of my pain with you book. I also use your Heal And Soothe cream and once again it is EVERYTHING you said it would be.
    Thanks for all you do to try and help people!!
    I am not an easy person to sell too, but I am a BELIEVER now in what you do!

  201. Lynn Bell says:

    I posted a comment last week. I want to be added to your early bird list for your nedw book. I am waiting anxiously for it.

  202. Lynn Bell says:

    I posted a comment last week. I want to be added to your early bird list for your new book. I am waiting very anxiously for it.

  203. Barbara Salvatore says:

    Six years ago I was driving my team of Percheron Draft Horses and was getting them ready for County Fair. They spooked when I engaged the beaters of the manure spreader. The loud metal clanging caused them to rip the lines out of my hands and take off downhill at a dead run. I fell under the wheels of the manure spreader, and in one second’s time, my pelvis was broken, front and back, the sacro iliac joint on my left side mangled, and my knee ligamnets stretched. I was given a Life Flight to the nearest trauma center, where it was determined that all they could do was tell me to lie flat on my back for three months and let things heal.
    Six years later and I still live with constant and chronic pain. I have to take pain meds, but keep it to one Vicodin a day. I have tried acupuncture, chiropractic, cranio-sacral therapy, physical therapy, rolfing, osteopathis manipulation, sports injury therapy, reiki, massage, saunas, whirpools, swimming pools, supplements, herbal remedies, inversion tables, zero gravity chairs, heatpacks, coldpacks, oils and creams.
    It seems that my pelvis set with an abnormal tilt and that the sacro-iliac area is ‘compromised.’ To me, it feels like the nerves there are constantly screaming.
    Surgery is ‘not recommended.’ All the things I’ve tried provide temporary relief, if at all. I am still searching for ANYTHING that will help my condition.
    I appreciate your emails and products, and would like to read your book!

    Barbara Salvatore

  204. BEth L. says:

    I have just now been through my 2nd back surgery in 4 years and am still in lower back and left hip/leg pain. I can not walk my dog more than 500 feet before I have to stop and stretch – thankfully he puts up with me ! But I turn 50 in a month a a half, and my goal is to walk another marathon in this next year with Team-In-Training. I am not giving up and hopefully your book will help me. Thank you for putting my name on your list!

  205. Melody Wright says:

    It’s been almost 4 years since the accident now. I haven’t been able to work a day since. My doctors actually say things like “better life through chemistry!” while they write prescription after prescription. Each creates a new round of side effects, often as tiresome as the original pain. A month ago I ordered the trigger point therapy system and I am reading a borrowed copy “Why We Hurt” by Dr Fors. I have used inversion therapy as recommended by the Healthy back Institute, and I am excited about the idea of using an inflamation reduction therapy along with my trigger point system. I am not pain free, but the trigger point system alone has given me a greater improvement than all the other therapies combined! Seldom a day goes by when I don’t recommend to someone they order their own after trying mine. I’d love to be able to read the book to help my own pain and pass it along to others!

  206. Bonnie Hays says:

    Wrote on the other page. Hope it gets here too!

  207. Wendy M. says:

    I have been suffering with back pain, amongst other pains – knee and neck, for many years. I am 45 years old but some days feel more like 80. I have seen physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists etc but still have major issues. I have double-curve scoliosis which has resulted in a 2 inch difference in my pelvis. Recently I sneezed and damaged L4/5 which bulged on to the sciatic nerve, shooting pain down my left leg. I am currently using a cane/crutch to walk with but cannot walk very far though. I have to ask my 10 year old son to pick up things from the floor as bending is exceptionally painful. Even standing just to do some cooking is painful. I would love to be able to play with my son and be able to look after my family and my home better.

    I have used quite a few of your products and in fact am sitting on the Backjoy whilst writing this. I look forward to being able to read your book as you have such good advice which I am hoping will be able to give me my life back. I enjoy receiving your emails as they are always very informative.

    Keep up the good work.



  208. Tim E Gerber says:

    We are pursuing every option available for our 27 year old daughter who has constant back pain caused by a pinched nerve. She is also a mother of two young children.High levels of pain medication are the only way she can deal with the effects.

  209. Micki B. says:

    I was in a car accident 11yrs ago and have been suffering from not only low back and hip pain but also knee pain, as my knee was permanently damaged, ever since. i have been in just about every therapy there is but none have worked. Every doctor I go to puts me in physical therapy (again). Nothing has ever helped me. I am starting to get some this program but it hasn’t been enough. I am hoping this new book will help more. i am only 45 yrs old but am looking forward to having my first grandchild soon. I am afraid that if I have to continue to live with this pain (as the doctors tell me I will) that I will be unable to fully enjoy the blessing of having a grandchild. I was also hoping to be able to babysit my grandchild as my mother did for me, while my daughter & her husband work. This will not be possible if my pain continues as it does. Even being able to pick up and carrying my grandchild will be difficult if I can not get relief from my pain. I have been doing everything I’m told by the Doc’s for 11 yrs and right now all I want is to be pain free (or at least less pain) so I can fully enjoy having grandchildren.
    I do use the Back joy ALL the time and that has made sitting more tolerable. I also use inversion and that helps but not much, but I keep at it! Never give up! And now with grandchildren on the way, I just want to have my normal life back so I can play with the grandchildren (I hope I’ll be getting more than 1 eventually!)
    My own mother suffers from back pain and I am hoping I can help her with what I can learn from you

    Thank you for this opportunity


  210. Madeleine Cobb says:

    I am 65, an artist, still living my working life and always been a hard worker, always had back trouble. I struggle with constant migraines, and shoulder and rib and back pains especially in the night. and legs that tightening from free movement to a shuffle in 20 steps or less. Carrying things sets off big trouble with hot-wires to my hands, and a screamy hip joint. The lifetime of shoulder and neck pain comes direct from the long ago bashings of a violent husband who also gave unexpected ‘rabbit killer’ blows in passing, hard enough to knock me to the floor. He did not drink, and could not explain his reasons. I eventually took the two little children and left forever but the damage was done. Years of tripping to chiropractors doesn’t solve it for long. Jesse your wonderful web site fascinates me and I know these things you offer can truly help me be a whole lot better. Thank you so much for your treasured advices and help…. regards, Madeleine.

  211. Timothy says:

    Hi there ,I have tried everything to get rid of my lower back pain and bought a few items off your site ,but i am always looking for the most upto date info and I find that you always offer that and that you make it easy to understand. keep up the good work.

  212. Patrick Carroll says:

    I am 53 years old. I was t-boned at a red light and that was 1982. I have tried to be as resiliant as possible. After decades of misery and searching for hope and ansewers. I had cervical surgery on c-5-6. Well it has helped and is has also made me realize the loss of my chosen profession as an Executive Chef. My surgerns said the fatigue and weakness in the surronding area will decline if I do not switch to a less physical type of employment.Now I have an issue with L-9-10, and it is really destroying the quality of my life. I know that the body will restor itself as good as possible when given the correct methods of force to repair itself.I do believe that another surgery is not the correct action for this, but I do not have yet what is the correct protocal for the rebalance of my skeletal and muscular systems. I have hope and I also
    believe that God will restore me to health,perhaps this is my path.I am in the worst finacial shape of my life. After thirty year of being a executive chef in Resorts and private clubs, loosing my work and salary. I am destroyed finacially.This quest is not so much to releave pain but more to balance and realign myself for everything I can still become.Pain is a part of life and so is knowledge. If you can releave pain with knowledge well.Bring it on.

  213. Connie Pinkert says:

    Hello,I like many of your other writer have lower back–hip pain.I am 63 yrs.Have been a hairdresser and on my feet for 45 yrs.In the last 2 yrs I have had to take over the counter meds. to be able to stand and do my job.When I get home after about a 9 hr. day I also fix dinner for two teen age grandchildren tant live with me. This is becoming quit a struggle for me but must be done. If I can get information on how to get rid of or ease this pain it will help me so much.Sometimes I just want to cry when I know I must keep standing…Im wondering if I am having the same problem as my poor Mother suffered with for soooo long…and also if totally flat shoes vs.a small amount of heel could possiby be part of the problem…Thank you for any info. you might could pass on to me.. conniepinkert@yahoo.com

  214. Kathy Mintzer says:

    I am a 56 year old mother of 7 (my youngest is 11) and I have have suffered from left side sciatica for more than 7 years. I also have spondilolisthesis. Last December I had a foraminotomy, hoping that this along with my mostly degenerated disc L5/S1 would provide permanent relief. I lost 40 lbs last year in an effort to improve my back health.
    Now after more than 6 months pain free, the sciatic problem has returned. I looked into your Lose the Back Pain website over two years ago and wish I had been able to get all your valuable information sooner. I know my husband will not allow me to spend the money for this so I am hoping to win a free copy of your book. I am determined now to find an alternative as I do NOT wish to have any more invasive surgery. I am responding to your offer to the first post I have received about it on August 22. Thanks!

  215. Jeannie Britton says:

    I am 59 years old and lead a very active life. Two years ago I had spinal fusion surgery,which was successful.However,before the surgery I also had trouble with the S.I.joint and also coccyx pain. Ultimately, I have had physical therapy,2 coccyx injections,2 s.i.joint injections,and recently a rhizotomy on the right s.i. joint area. These have all helped quite a bit,and I have wonderful doctors. I am continually looking for what I can do as a patient to alleviate the discomfort. I have enjoyed this website!

  216. Christine says:

    Several years ago I fell 10 feet and fractured my back. Since that time, 2 people in the last 6 years have struck my vehicle from the rear and I sustaied further injuries to my neck and back. Further discomfort occurs because my job entails a lot of driving and sitting. Needless to say, I have pain in my back and neck. Recently I’ve developed numbness to my right leg and foot. I am improving with massage, acupuncture, and other modalities. I also use my inversion table. I enjoy reading your site, and as a result have purchased items that have helped. Thanks for the good information!

  217. Steven Gray says:

    I ruptured my L5-S1 disc 16 years ago and had a microdisectomy/laminectomy surgery at that time. I have been in pain everyday since then. Twice in the last 2 years I have been unable to walk. I am a Vietnam vet so the VA is where I get my medical treatment. I have seen 3 neurosurgeons and they refuse to operate due to the scar tissue at the original surgical site resulting from what they term “chronic microtrauma”. I am on 105 mg of morphine a day just to get through the day. I have not been upstairs in my home in over 2 years.

    I am sure there are others who deserve the book more than I do. But if there ends up one copy left I sure would like to have it. I have tried many alternative treatments and truthfully my chiropractor ( I was blessed with a board certified rehabilitation chiropractor who specializes in post surgical lumbar treatment) is the one doctor that keeps me going. I have been receiving your newsletters and you provide valuable information. So even if I don’t get a book, thank you for what you do.

  218. Karen Combs says:

    For the past 2 years, my mother has experienced such severe back pain that she is almost bed ridden. Several of her discs are degenerative with stenosis and major osteoporosis. Her condition has become worse after back surgeries. She is in her late 70s. She is now dependent on morphine combination drugs to give her some relief although the relief is never complete and is short-lasting. The durgs have terrible side effects. She also receives steriod injections every 3 months but the effects are short lasting. She has tried homeopathy remedies and herbal remedies but to no avail. She has commented that she can’t imagine living with such pain the rest of her life. She is giving up hope. I’d love to share your book with her. You might be her best chance for improvement and a chance to live a life without so much pain. Thank you.

  219. Charles Smith says:

    Hello, this is Charles Smith. I have been suffering with severe back and neck pain for over 14 years. I have been going to chiropactors each month, but it is not doing me any good. I do need this book because I want to enjoy a pain-free life again. Truly, I believed that this book will benefit me.



  220. Jason Kuo says:

    I have had scoliosis and have big trouble easing the pain.
    Looking forward to the book.

  221. Helen says:

    I just posted my story on your blog and requested copies of your new book. Thank you for your offer. I have just learned of your website and look forward to finding products and programs that will help my 91 year old father with his kyphosis, my cousin recovering from unsuccessful back surgery, and me, too, with scoliosis.
    Thank you for your generous offer. I have had to give up my business and income to care for my father and his brother, and have been praying for something that might ease the pain, stress, and exhaustion. Your offer is a welcomed blessing!

  222. Ke says:

    I purchased an inversion table last year. In my opinion it has helped me!! I have a spur in my neck & a bulging disc in my low back. Not to mention, I found out I have osteoarthritis from head to toe.. I guess I got the Bad gene from both of my parents!!! Just my luck!!! Oh well, guess I have to live with it!! (pain daily)

  223. Waldemar says:

    I have back pain for 30 years. I tryed different thinks, technics, therpies and nothink really helped. So maybe your book and advise could make a diference ? I hope the answer is somewhere ?

  224. James Mateos says:

    I would like a copy of your book because I continue to experience some lower back pain and sciatica-type pain in my legs even after trying cortisone injections, physical therapy, and now acupuncture. My pain level has improved but not disappeared. Therefore, I would like to try your methods detailed in your book to see what else I can do to banish the pain completely. Thanks for offering this to back pain sufferers.

  225. Marcia Erdkamp says:

    Hi Jesse,
    I haven’t seen my e-mails for 2 weeks, so according to the Aug. 20th deadline for one of the free 1000 books I’m probably too late on this, but the above comments are dated too late also, so I want to give it a chance and tell you my story. My back pain started over 32 years ago after falling on the ice, holding my 9 month old son up to protect him from the fall, I was unable to protect myself, landing on my tail bone. The pain was too much to move right away and by the next morning I was crawling to the bathroom. The doctor told me at that time that a cast from my waist to my ankles would not be possible, to forget choiropractors, don’t work, no lifting, and take it slow and easy for the 6 weeks it would to take to heal. With 3 kids, a job, and a husband out on the road that was just not possible. Of coarse it took more than 6 weeks to heal, and when I did go back to work after 10 days I could not contain the tears from coming down onto my cheeks, as much as I tried. As long as it took to feel better I had pretty much accepted that my life was going to be filled with pain for life. No longer able to sleep on my stomach, even 10 minutes would put my back out and back to crawling to the bathroom, along with bending over the sink to wash my hair, car rides, and lifting heavy cases out of chest freezers at work. Eventually choiropractors helped in some of the pain along with the slow processes of physical therapy to strengthen weak muscles. I could actually go for periods of time when I had no pain, that was really nice! On one of my trips to the doctor for help, because I couldn’t even stand staight, I looked like a leaning tower of body, leaning from my waist to the right side of my body, my mri showed deteriorating disk disease; back to therapy and more exercises. I did learn that the exercises were the only long lasting help, but not before putting up with periods of pain. Doing exercises regularly is a discipline that I can live with if it helps me to live almost pain free. After breaking my leg last year, after falling on the ice again, my exercises kind of went on a back burner, I was still doing quite well until stress at work kicked in and my regular large deliveries started taking their toll. My once stronger muscles had grown week and sciatica had taken over my body not on just one side, but both sides! I had numbness going down both legs, into both feet, and I was afraid that surgery was going to be my only answer for help. Actually, back to the doctor and choosing physical therapy as one of my options, the PT actually felt that with his evaluation of bulging disk(s) and whatever more deterioration that I did have, treatments, time and exercise would eventually help. His treatments did not seem to be helping so I felt working the exercises myself would do as much, adding heat and time. After 6 weeks I could actually sleep more than 2 hours at a time so I knew the bulging disc was improving but there was still too much pain! I wanted to try your ‘Lose the Back Pain’ system, but I was apprehensive and afraid that I was just setting myself up for lost hope and $. With the exercises I was doing from the PT any further improvements had stopped at ‘still had too much pain’. I decided to try your system and can only say that I’m sorry that I hadn’t tried it sooner. After 3 weeks I could do some things that no longer caused pain, and my imbalances seem to be finally balancing better. I’m not pain free all day yet, but my improvements make my day brighter. Our bodies are miracle machines and although I don’t always eat healthy, I know that when I do I feel better and sleep better. I would really like a free copy of your new book as I already know first hand how your material has helped me to get a part of my life back, it would really be nice to get it all back to enjoy to enjoy our 9 grandchildren. I figure I will have to work until I’m atleast 70, I’m 57 right now and although I like a lot of my work the heavy deliveries are an area of concern. Keeping active is good for us, I hope your book can help me stay active for many pain free years to come. Thank you for all your sharing, reading so many stories on your website I can see you are helping many good souls. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  226. Marge Gualtieri says:

    I started reading everything on your web site about 4 months ago. I have degenerative disc disease, stenosis od the spine, athritis, and three herniated discs in my lower back. I’m 69 years old and want to continue to play tennis and golf for many more years ! After going to orthopedic and pain management doctors along with a chiropractor I ‘ve now decided to continue with just chiropractor and also read and follow your website. No more pain meds or injections for me ! I know your information is all I need to continue to keep my back in good enough shape so I can continue to play tennis, golf and also do my lap swimming and Yoga. Can’t wait for the book !

  227. Sheri Wells says:

    I am an orthopedic massage therapist and personal trainer specializing in muscle balancing for pain relief. I see over 1,000 clients each year with the majority of them being 50 years and older. I am always looking for additional ways to get my clients out of pain and from what I have read on your website the last several months, I believe you have some fabulous ideas. Would love to share your information!

  228. barry bal says:

    hi jessy i have read all your emails on pain as i have a cronick shoulder pain it seems to be cumming from they shoulder blade area plus neck lower back and coxic have tried most of the remedies also comvenyional docs accupunctor cyropractors and have had limited responce from them but most say it is old age i am 67 and on pension and i will have to live with it i would realy love to try your book and advice for my problems meybe it will make my life a little better i thank you B BALL

  229. Adair Sherwood says:

    Our son was in a horrific auto accident four months ago, and he is always searching for help with his head and back. I have an aging neck that causes me a lot of discomfort and arthritis all over my body. . How do I pay for the postage? Thanks for writing me several messages in the past few weeks. e-mail : spellmez@cox.net

  230. moises mitrani says:

    I started with sciatica pain and have gotten a couple of epidural in the back.
    The epidural reliefs the pain for about 3 weeks and then it creeps back until it inmobilizes my leg. I can hardly walk, gettting in and out of the car becomes a challenge , not to mention putting my sox on.
    iI want to be able to get of the injections as I know long term, they will do more harm than good.

  231. Marlene Travis says:

    I have been suffering for several years now with both arthritis of the joints and sciatica on both sides. When they both kick in it is so unbearable I can’t even walk. The advice Jesse has been giving is great but I feel this book could be so much more beneficial. I am in the entertainment business and am too young to be suffering from these problems…I need to get back on my feet and fast.

  232. Edsil Lee Fook says:

    My need for a of your is simple. I am a pensioner in receipt $2,000.00 tt dollars per month .The exchange rate tt$6.30 for us $1.00. I could not have even accepted your free offer of the pain tablets because of financial constraints for the transportation costs. I live in the country of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. I have with sciatic symptoms for two years. Our public health system services have not helped,they are offering open back surgery.I would not do that.I have red some of the comments submitted and I feel the actual pain that the writers endure.I know that your book would help whoever receive them. They will be very happy and have you in their prayers for you and your family.I will also. That is my comment.

  233. Douwe Riegstra says:

    I have been suffering from back pain for around a year now, and from arthritis of several joints for 5 years. The doctors all say that my grade 1 spondylolisthesis is not the source of my pain so I am in the position of having undiagnosed chronic back pain. More recently this chronic pain has also started to influence my bowels, where I am now starting to get problems.
    I need a free copy of your book because I have now been through all possible approaches of treating this pain without getting results: physiotherapy, inversion, chiropracty, spa/heat treatments, medicines (including morphine-based drugs), etc. The only thing I am not going to into is surgery because there are too many horror stories.
    I am hoping that your book will finally help me with finding the ‘right’ combination to beat this curse of chronic pain.
    Douwe Riegstra

  234. Kathy Ludwig says:

    Like the others who have sent messages, I am 56 and have suffered life altering back pain. I have been diagnosed with 7 bulging discs, spinal stenosis, rheumatoid arthritis. If I stand for more than a couple of minutes my back starts to spasm. I can only sleep for about 4 hours a night, then the pain is unbearable. I have not been able to work for the last 10 years, which has been a huge financial burden on my husband, who also has severe back problems and could benefit from the information in your book.

    God’s Blessings on you for what you are about to do for 1000 people,


  235. Sonja Barrier says:

    I found your web site when looking for information because of my husband. He
    injured his shoulder working on his truck several years ago and it is still bothering him. He also has back problems because of all of the things he does.
    He is soon to be 69 but he still thinks he is 16 when it comes to doing things. I have had some back pain but not enough to go to a doctor about except to go
    to the chiropractor a few times. My husband has been to the doctor about his
    back and shoulder but he does not think they know what they are doing so he
    will not go back. I would like to have a copy of your book to see if we can find
    his the relief he needs so he can stay active. A lot of the time he cannot stand
    straight because his back is bothering him. I would also share the information with my children as they have some problems also. Thank you for your info that you have on your website and for all of the good you are doing for

  236. Arvil says:

    Lower back pain and hip pain keeps me from a good nights sleep.

  237. Ian King says:

    I have a chronic pain problem of 20 years duration. The pain is a constant signal that runs across my hips and down my legs. It is a real burden to carry this pain and has a major impact on my quality of life. Anything to provide self help and treatment would be beneficial.

  238. Phyllis Mar says:

    I would very much like to have a copy of your book. My tailbone has a kink or twist in it, and in certain positions it becomes very painful. I am hoping to find the solution that will allow me greater freedom amd range of motion without the pain.

  239. Barbara says:

    I have been struggling with back pain since a car accident in Oct 2008. I would really like some relief. I’m hoping your book will have the information that I’ve been missing.

    Thanks you

  240. Wjanda Gardner says:

    I’d like a copy of his new book simply because I think the world of Jesse Cannone and what he has to say, because with his help over the past 4 years, I am in great shape at age 68. I always share this information with a lot of people who need help.

  241. Dianne says:

    I would like a copy of your new book. I have started working on a cement floor for 10 to 12 hours a day. My back and neck hurt so bad. Its making my hands go numb. I would just love to have a few hours of total sleep.

  242. Kevin says:

    Since about the 24th of July up until now I have been suffering with Sciatica and all of the issues that come along with it. After experiencing multiple broken bones, dislocations, extreme road rash from a motorcycle accident, 3 surgeries, and other minor medical issues I have NEVER experienced the pain associated with the Sciatic nerve being pinched. Cold sweats, pale in appearance, loss of focus at work & home, not a single position to alieviate any of the pain, numbing and burning from the top of my right butt cheek down to my three middle toes, no medication except for prednisone that will even slightly help reduce the level of pain, extreme hault on my active lifestyle, very little to NO sleep at night and affected relationships personally and professionally. After an x-ray and an MRI, the report showed having a 9mm synovial cyst between L2-L3, a concentric disk bulge for L3-L4 and L4-L5, and a broad disk bulge with a superimposed protrusion compressing the right S1 nerve with mass effect. Since finding your website and subscribing to your email listing I have been able to take advantage of your suggestive ideas to include the stretching techniques, inversion table, correct posture while sitting, among others. Your information has been crucial to helping my situation as I have been able to get some relief with those practices and am hoping for continued progress of my diagnosis with your continued advise and knowledge. I will end up purchasing your book even I don’t get it for free as I believe this information will be invaluable with this debilitating pain and any future problems that may arise.

    Thank you,

  243. Cecilia says:

    Hi, First of all I want to thank you for your generosity and your understanding of other people’s pain.
    I have problems with my back sometime so bad that I just can not walk because the pain; also seating or lie down. Back pain is not every day but I have to be very careful how I move; I can’t lift almost anything because if I do I will pay for it with a lot of pain; also I have problems with pain on my shoulders and neck sometimes I am ok but right now is my left one that for some days don’t let me do much specially if I lift something no matter if it is just a blanket. I am so happy and grateful about your website and all the help. Thanks so much. feeling so much pain most the time plus not been able to help others in this case elderly care makes feel sometimes a little sad even if I did work for some time doing this kind of job.
    Again thanks for all you do it is too bad you are so far away. I do wish many blessings for you and your family.
    I think I could find help with your book because this pains don’t let me enjoy my life, and be happy.
    Thanks very much


  244. Donnetta Tanio says:

    Hi, my father in his 80’s and I have suffered from back and sciatic pain for years. I am a nurse and my father is retired at this time. We both have been to chiropractors and other doctors to obtain relief. I am hoping that this book will help both of us get past the constant pain and enjoy my life.
    Thank you very much for your generosity.


  245. Linda Dickson says:

    I may have missed the deadline of August 20th (because I was on vacation and didn’t see my messages), but I definitely know the agony of back pain. I have struggled with scoliosis since childhood and still have problems with low back pain, neck pain, and thoracic pain. It is difficult to enjoy life when every day is a struggle to do what is necessary to work and survive, much less attempt to participate in extracurricular activities. When the back hurts it is difficult to even enjoy a quiet walk, much less something more strenuous. I have been grateful for the relief afforded to me by chiropractic care, but would dearly love to find a way to be free of the pain once and for all. Can your book be the answer to my prayers?

  246. khushi says:

    i need it coz i m really interested in computer field… n in this field lots of time we have to spend by sitting.. bt i have back and shoulder pain problem..

    so i reallly want to come out of this

  247. Cecilia Fernandez says:


  248. Samuel Mathew says:

    I have been suffering from back pain since a long time. I have tried many traditional drugs to alleviate the pain. But it comes back again. Both hip area ie. lower back pain and shoulder pain. So, I thought I try your remedies in your book.

    Thank you and God bless you

  249. Vince says:

    My mother is 60 yrs. old, She is suffering from lower back & leg pain a long time. she’s almost got an operation for her back last 1997. but I refused,, since yesterday she’s suffering a severe back & leg pain, . So I thought I try your remedies in your book.

    Thank you very very much and God Bless You Always.

  250. Marco Santacruz says:

    I’m sorry I don’t speeks english very well,but I wuold like,the book “The 7 Day book pain Cure”.I have a problem in my back “spinal stenosis”.I’m working now;but pains somuch.I need yuor help thank you,God Bless you.

  251. Nan & Matt Meyer says:

    My husband and I both need your book…rather than each “entering” we could share. That way someone else can use one. Anyway, we both have back pain from a past accident. I also have rheumatoid arthritis. My husband is on disability due to seizure disorder. I can not work outside the home as he needs my help… so I have no insurance. Talk about the proverbial “loop hole” and “getting caught in the cracks”. In a way it is a blessing because I have to find a way to fix my back without surgery and doctors and hopefully help my husband too. Thank you for this opportunity. I will have my fingers crossed.

  252. rahmat says:


  253. Rich Costello says:

    I am 61 and have been following your site for 3-4 months now and I find comfort in your articles. In 2001 I had emergency surgery at L5-S1 for caudia equina syndrome which they caught early, but it has left me with numbness and some loss in my left foot. This year I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis at L4-L5 and a laminectomy was recommended. I have sciatica and numbness in my left leg/foot. I have been getting epidural shots for the past 9 months which help but are not helping to solve the root cause. I have just ordered an inversion chair which I am hoping will help. I would very much like to read your book in the hope that it will teach me how to manage these issues without surgery. Thank you for your generous offer.

  254. farah says:

    I am only 40 but have a nagging back pain, its on the left side in the lumbar region. Xray and orthopedic check up did not reveal the cause.

  255. Niara says:

    I want to thank Jesse very much for his book and that I got in on the free book offer. It came through in my email inbox at a moment when I was suffering terribly from back pain and looking for an answer… too much of a synchronicity to be a mistake. The fact that it was free was more of a godsend… I’m on such a small disability income that a great deal of help is beyond my reach. Jesse gave strategies for things that can be one-time purchases instead of ongoing ones continually draining an already tiny income. Your strategies in your book have been of great help to me. I’m writing a book myself and have not been able to work on it for 2 months due to back pain… now I will be able to get back to work and perhaps create some new income for myself through my own book. Thank you Jesse, this has truly been a wonderful shift for me.

  256. mary says:

    ( hope I am able to get in on the free book offer)WELL,here is my story am unable to work (which would explain why Iam unable to purchase your program at this time no income)I have been diagnosed with degenerative disk lumbar disease which is no disease but, actually a form of arthritis with intense pain and limited mobility unanble to sit or be on my feet for any length of time or spend time with my grandbabies the way I had before have no medical insurance therefor, just have to suffer and self medicate. i had worked prior to this i fell at work the impact of my fall joilted my spine and the pain continues to worsen not much help to anyone i feel like a horse with a broke leg and you know what happens to THEM.any ways i have done all i know to ease the pain nothing helps at this point i have to wear a back brace feels as though my back is literally breaking in 2 i would truly appreciate any assistance hopefully the book thank you for ALL you do in the lives of others GOD bless you!!! if you should choose me to recieve your book e-mail me for my mailing address thanks again !!

  257. Beverly says:

    I just found about this free book; of course it is long over. Also in the blogs was a woman (I think) a pensioner. This person just ordered the book instead of trying to get a free book and apparently postage was super high (MY OPINION) as it was $12.00 yet has still after months received no book! That is sickening! We have media mail, so somebody is making a bunch in handling charges. And don’t give me this we have to go to the post office, etc, crap; it isn’t true. Use a one rate mail box and they deliver this free and pick them up free. How “bout this person get the book ASAP no matter what! with one heck of a big apology, rather than it’s in the mail!. THANKS!! BEV

  258. Bonnie Nichols says:

    I live in Katy, TX 77450. I have rheumatoid artritis, but also many back problems since I was 16 years old and had an accident with a horse. I have vertebraes out of place in my neck, at my waist-line and between my shoulders. I had lumbar back surgery for 2 pinched nerves 3 years ago. It was successful in stopping the pain. However, I continue to have lots of pain in my lower right hip area. It is worse when I walk, particularly on cement. The pain will stop when I sit down. I have also noticed muscle tightness on the inside of my thighs – very painful. I cannot stand or walk for more than about 3 minutes before the pain starts. I would appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks

  259. Bonnie Nichols says:

    I have rheumatoid arthritis. I had a back injury in an accident with a horse when I was 16. I had 3 vertebraes out of place, in my neck, between my shoulders, and at my waistline. About 3 years ago I had a lumbar laminectomy for 2 pinched nerves. It was successful and the pain went away. However, I continue to have pain in my lower right hip and pain in my inner thigh. It is worse when I walk on cement. The pain will start after about 2 or 3 minutes of walking and will stop when I sit down. The pain on my inner thigh is mostly when I massage it. Can you help me? Thanks

  260. Pat Erford says:

    Free book request 7 days back pain. Thanks.

  261. Admin says:

    Hi Bonnie,

    If you would like to, please submit your query to the Helpdesk using the following links.


    Our Customer Support

    They will then be able to address your specific questions and discuss any more personal information, with more privacy than is available on a public blog.

    Thank you.

  262. Ahmed Belel Ismaila says:

    I want to try your techniques in order to see if I can be relieved of the back pain which been giving sleepless nights for some time now.I tried several analgesics but the pain keeps going and coming back.

  263. Boobie says:

    i got a wedding to get set for need to lose bodyweight

  264. Noaleun says:

    Have had back pain for about 2 years now, and x-rays reveal nothing. Now I am on Trepilene permanently, which does help, but at one time was in so much pain , I went to the Physio,who worked on me quite extensively for about 2 weeks. It did help but it has not gone. In the mornings especially, I have to be careful how I move, because I am in a lot of pain.

  265. JO LELY says:


  266. Vu Ngoc Chau says:

    I would like to receive your book as I have back pain esp. when I have to sit to read or write my email.
    Thank you very much.

  267. Anita Thornton says:

    I have multiply back problems and am looking at surgery and I am not sure what my best options are.It is very scary at 45! I would love to read your book andput the info to good use. thanks, anita thornton

  268. Anita Thornton says:

    looking at possibly having back surgery, have numerous back ailments, plus fibromyalgia and Sjogrens.I would love to read your book and gain some insight into my best options. thanks, anita T

    RR1 Box150
    Vanzant, Mo65768

  269. M.Alviset says:

    Thanks for your offer;
    I already read “the 7day backpain cure ( I had ordered it about a year ago. You certainly convinced me ;
    Now my problem is my neck and shoulder condition;
    I see nobody in France doing Prolozone .. What a pity : I’d try it(I cant afford to travel to the US for it !)
    Best regards,Marguerite

  270. Esther says:

    My mother (age 80), daughter (age 21), and I (age 49) all need your book. We are obviously all different ages, and we have different body types and lifestyles. It’s all soft tissue, we’ve been told, and there seems to be nothing we can do to remedy our problems. We’ve been to chiropractors, physio, osteopaths, physiatrists, and massage therapists but to no avail. It incenses me that I work out as much as I do but my healthy lifestyle seems to be of no use. I can’t even be a model for my mother or daughter, as my fitness level has not offered me any relief. Can you help?

  271. Admin says:

    Hi Esther,

    Thank you for your post and query.

    Although they do read and monitor this blog, you would be best asking your specific questions via the link below using one of the support options. There, more personal support questions are considered with more privacy than on a public blog.

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    Thank you

  272. Katherine Stewart says:

    I need your book ! I have pain in my knees, lower back, neck and shoulders. Dr. Frank Shallenberger
    was my doctor for a time before he left his practice in Martinez, Ca. to move to Carson City, we were all young then. I am now 67 now and have lot’s of pain, spinal stenois, pinched nerve, I have had a total knee replacement on one side and the other knee is totally shot. It’s been almost a year since surgery and I havn’t fully recovered yet, I would like to avoid another knee surgery. Also I Know the wonders of oxygen treatment. My husband had oxygen chamber therapy to
    aid in healing after cancer & surgery. My friends grandaughter drowned in the pool 7 years ago, Doctors said she would be a vegetable and sent her home with a feeding tube. I told them about my husband and the oxygen chamber.They took her stright from the hospital to get her first oxygen treatment. She is now 8 years old, in school and sharp as a tack. So I beleive in oxygen therapy and I hope to find out more about the ozone injections for my knee. My husband is 71 now and having much pain in his neck due to past cancer treaments(radiation) he also almost died with west nile virus 3 years ago which caused a paralysis in his arm and shoulder, Doctor gave him Botox injections, now he’s getting hunch back in neck and shoulders.He is retired but still gets up everyday and goes to work even tho his body hurts. He never wants to sit down and die.
    I feel at 67 I am too young to feel so old.
    WE NEED YOUR BOOK !!! Date 10/9/2010

  273. ansar karim says:

    i live in trinidad west indies and could not afford your book but i have been receiving regular emails from you. i did not see the email about trying to get the free book. i would have loved to try to get one. but then i would not even have the postal and shipping charges so i’m still happy for the regular emails with the free tips. i have had back problems since my early teens when i fell off my racing bicycle.it required surgery to remove fluid from my coccyx bone. the pain has gone from lower to middle and now upper back and i just live with it. i’m 54 years old so i’ve lived a long good life so i dont complain about the condition. waking up is the toughest and getting up from a seated position.

  274. mamoon says:

    I suffer from low back pain. I wish to learn about pain control and share the book with friends who can gain from it.

  275. paula johnson says:

    I would like a copy of this book because I just had a spine surgery.

  276. paula johnson says:

    I just had a spine surgery and would like a copy of your book

  277. Jeanne says:

    i would love to have a copy of this book, as there may be something in it that can help me. i cannot have any surgery, in another blog, i’ve put in it, the NUMEROUS things that are wrong with my spine, from my neck, all the way down to my legs. i have, DDD, DBD, osteo-arthritis, bone spurs, too much calcium, but yet not enough. sounds strange, but the docs do not know why, spinal stenosis, severe bursitis in both hips, and there’s more, but hands too tire to type anymore! i would really love to get a copy of this book!

  278. iftikhar says:

    I am suffering from back pain and hip pain since long times. I am also a heart patient and ignore medicine. If you please send me the seven days back pain cure I SHALL BE VERY MUCH THANKFUL TO you.

  279. iftikhar says:

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