Using Yoga to Cure Back Pain

Those who are aware of the healing powers of yoga recognize firsthand how this traditional spiritual, physical and mental discipline has been known to heal and reconstruct the mind and the body. Many use yoga as a means for improving health while others have sought the practice to realign spiritually and learn the art of meditation. Yoga has recently become more prominent in the medical industry as more and more physicians are recommending the practice as an alternative way to heal. Though there are many skeptics, those who adhere to the practice report that the benefits are well worth it.

Those who may be skeptical about yoga may want to try thinking of the practice as mere exercises to strengthen your core while encouraging flexibility and great posture for the back. There are several variations of yoga exercises. The key is to find the exercises that work best at mended your back pain.

As most adults generally suffer from back pain at some point or another, regular back exercises can work wonders for preventative care. There is no need to rearrange your whole life to try to fit in time to work on back exercises. As little as 10 minutes a day of stretching and strength building exercises has proven to be greatly beneficial.

The cause for back pain varies but usually is a one of a few things:

• Poor body mechanics or improper movement

• Poor posture

• Disc injury (such as herniated, bulging disc, ruptured disc, etc)

• Bone spurs, infections, tumors and cysts

• Repetitive joint and muscle motion

• Heavy and/or improper lifting

• Sacroiliac joints that create pain when it isn’t correctly positioned

The ways to heal back pain varies as much as the causes but usually involve a combination of exercises including swimming, stretching, light weight training and yoga. The key to most back exercises is to not overexert the body causing additional pain. Listen to your body. Allow your back to indicate when limits are reached and work safely within these boundaries.

Correcting posture is essential in yoga practices. Posture can have a direct affect on back health so be sure to be mindful of your posture throughout your daily activities, even when sitting and especially when performing back exercises.

Get regular massages to increase blood flow to the back while releasing back muscle tension. Be sure that the appropriate muscles are targeted so that there is a noticed relief.

Yoga as a means to cure your back pain should start with simple yet effective stretches for the lower back before advancing to back strengthening exercises. You may want to seek out yoga professionals to insure that you are practicing the yoga exercises using correct posture. Accuracy of yoga postures is imperative for curing back pain. To perform the postures inaccurately ultimately could result in causing more harm than help.

Be sure to choose a yoga regimen that matches your level of ability. The great thing about yoga is that it is a progressive practice allowing you to modify exercises to compliment your levels of strength and flexibility.

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