Treatment of Lower Back Pain

There’s something very frustrating about back pain. We know it hurts, but we don’t know why, we just can’t see it. When we have a cut it’s obvious, we see what’s wrong and we treat it. But, what do we do when we have pain inside our body, in a complex system of muscles and ligaments?

Lower back pain is usually caused by muscle strain, muscle soreness or an imbalance in the muscular system. Lower back pain is difficult to diagnose and is often associated with the condition known as sciatica. If you are not sure if you have sciatica or a problem with your lower back, visit the sciatica section of our website after reading this article. Our resources will help you determine if the pain you have is sciatica. Of course, we do not diagnose anyone. In order for you to be properly diagnosed, you need to visit your doctor.

The first thing most people want to do is crawl in bed and stay there. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t typically go away with just 24-48 hrs of bed rest. It may be wise to get off your feet for a while as your muscles may be sore and your body may be inflamed.

Treatment of Temporary Lower Back Pain

If the pain you experience is temporary and doesn’t happen often, you may be able to treat your pain with some basic stretching. People that stand a lot, sit a lot, or have poor posture, often complain of temporary lower back pain. If you identify it early enough, you can prevent it from becoming chronic.

In order to “stretch” away temporary lower back pain, you will need to identify what is causing your lower back to hurt in the first place. Most of the time stretching the muscles in the front and back of the legs will be a good place to start. Keep in mind some stretches may make it worse, so start slowly.

To learn more about stretching for back pain, watch our videos on Muscle Balance Therapy.

Treatment of Chronic Lower Back Pain

If your back pain is chronic or frequent, you will definitely need to address the underlying causes of your pain. Chronic lower back pain can be very difficult but it can be treated. Often times, a well rounded treatment plan will yield the best results.

In addition to Muscle Balance Therapy, there are dozens of other treatment options that you will want to consider. You can learn more about lower back pain treatments in the treatments section of our website.

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