Torn Back Muscles – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments.

Did you know that there are over 300 muscles in the human body? Each and every one of these muscles is vital for functioning an every day life. This is why there’s nothing more important for your health than keeping your muscles in healthy condition. When you don’t keep your muscles in shape, you put yourself at high risk of over-exerting yourself and spraining, or even worse, tearing a muscle.

Here’s an interesting fact – About 80% of Americans have or have had back pain from sprained or torn back muscles. That’s a pretty high number, and what’s worse is that many people simply don’t know how to go about getting back pain relief.

What are the causes of torn back muscles?

As one might guess, the most common cause of torn back muscles is using improper lifting technique when on the job or picking up something heavy. Always remember to bend at the knees and lift with the legs. NEVER try to pick up something heavy by bending down at the waist. Even something that you don’t think is all that heavy can reek havoc on your back.

Stress and tension is yet another common cause of torn back muscles. The human mind is an interesting thing. Your mind can literally affect every part of your physical health and wellness. Stress and tension are commonly said to be held in the neck, shoulders, and back, and that’s exactly true. When we experience negative emotions and we experience psychological stress it leads to actual physical tension. That physical tension and tightness leads to a lot of strain on the back muscles, which can eventually lead to torn back muscles if untreated.

Symptoms of torn back muscles

Obviously, one can guess that the most common symptom of a torn back muscle is back pain. But what KIND of back pain? “Wait, I thought all back pain is the same?” Not precisely. Depending on where the pain is, how often it occurs, what does the pain actually feel like, etc., you can narrow down what might be wrong with your back.

Typically in cases of torn back muscles, pain is found in the center of the upper, middle, and lower back. Pain my also increase during exercise or activity, and reduce to tolerable and even non-existent levels while resting or staying sedentary. People who suffer from torn back muscles may also experience back muscle spasms.

How to treat torn back muscles

The first step you can take to treating a torn back muscle is figuring out what triggers the pain that goes along with it. Chances are whatever activity give you pain is the activity that caused you to tear your back muscle. Always remember to stop and rest whenever your back starts to hurt.

Once you figure out what triggers your back pain you have an array of natural herbal medicines, treatments, and even exercises to choose from depending on the severness and specifications of your condition. To learn more about torn back muscle treatments please visit:

For more information on Spondylolisthesis, please visit:

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