Tai Qi for Lower Back Pain

Martial arts experts, practitioners and even observers have long recognized the benefits of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is an ancient type of martial arts originating from China. Tai Chi has become a worldwide sensation because of its structure, technique and results. The practice of Tai Chi was developed by five Chinese families and has seen a lot of modernization over the past few decades. Many people practice Tai Chi because of the associated health benefits. Many western medicine leaders have now incorporated this practice as a recommended remedy for many physical and mental ailments including lower back pain. Since Tai Chi has been proven to show positive health benefits, researchers in western medicine are trying to determine what type and duration of Tai Chi practice is best suited for specific health problems.

Tai Chi has five primary styles based on the five families from which it originated. These styles were nurtured and developed in basically different time periods that may overlap slightly. The styles include Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu Ch’uan and Sun. The Yang style is sometimes referred to as Tai Qi. Although these are the main styles, there are other modern styles that have emerged or are emerging. All of the styles that are practiced are linked to the Chen style, which was the original style.

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Tai Chi uses the mind and the body to reach a higher level of health and clarity. This martial arts style can be practiced by people of all genders and ages because of the simplicity of the movements. Most people that suffer from back pain need to either rest the area that has been injured or perform some sort of physical therapy. Some people use Tai Chi as physical therapy. Tai Chi can help to reduce the likelihood of injuries that can cause back pain. By utilizing this method of exercise, the muscles of the back and body are stretched and relaxed. In the event of trauma or forceful impact, the body will be more capable of absorbing the shock without sustaining a major injury. Muscles that are strengthened through Tai Chi will develop a barrier against back pain.

Tai Chi should not be practiced with the expectation that all your ailments will be cured. It is not a one stop shop for whatever health problems you may have. As far as back pain is concerned, Tai Chi may not be able to treat the reasons for your back pain. If you have a bulging disc, Tai Chi won’t be able to reverse that. Tai Chi can only help to prevent back pain from happening and help to manage existing symptoms.

If you are suffering from lower back pain, doing Tai Chi or Tai Qi can be beneficial. This will alleviate muscle pain in your back and legs. Other great ways of preventing back pain include lifting objects with the right technique, using good posture, wearing comfortable shoes and cutting back on contact sports that can cause trauma.

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