Stomach and Back Pain

Stomach and back pain are often linked, as one type can cause the other type. At LosetheBackPain, we are familiar with the many different ways back pain can affect your stomach. We have solutions and strategies to help you.

Stomach pain and back pain can be caused by the same condition, such as being obese or overweight, having a slipped or ruptured disk, muscle imbalance in your back, digestion issues, and others.

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It is not healthy to be underweight, so you need not worry that you have to be as thin as a supermodel to be rid of your back and stomach pain. However, your weight should be in proportion to your height. As a general guide for what your healthy weight range is, consult a Body Mass Index (BMI) chart. You may be surprised to know that it doesn’t require you to be pencil thin.

When you are overweight, there is more pressure on your to hold up your body and support it through regular movement. There is also added stress on your organs to function properly. Therefore, being overweight can cause accelerated disc degeneration in your spine (which is normal with aging), bringing you chronic lower back pain with it. Because your digestion is frequently slowed down when in a higher weight range than your recommended BMI, you may frequently suffer from the effects of indigestion, heartburn and infrequent bowel movements. All these symptoms and processes come together to cause chronic stomach and back pain.

You don’t have to start kickboxing right away. In fact, here at LosetheBackPain, we know that jumping right into strenuous exercise is not a reasonable option for many pain sufferers right away. We also know that traditional approaches to back and stomach pain only treat the symptoms as best, and do not provide long lasting relief. Prescription medications can only aggravate an already sensitive stomach. Why take a prescription pain killer with loads of side effects to help alleviate back pain if it will only hurt your stomach more?

At LosetheBackPain, we have completely natural pain relievers that have no side effects whatsoever. These will enable you get the relief you need without aggravating your stomach or putting synthetic chemicals in your body that your organs will have to process.

Then we have advice and remedies designed to help you treat the actual cause of your stomach and back pain. Since one of the main factors that underlie being overweight is an inactive life, chances are your joints are weak. Sitting at our computers all day long doesn’t exactly help to promote joint health, so often when you first begin to exercise, the extra pounds compound the stress on your joints and increases the level of pain you feel afterward. During the exercise, you could even feel burning in the ankles and knees. This can be off-putting and stop or delay any continued exercise regimen.

We can help. At LosetheBackPain, we have regimens such as Aquatic Therapy, which is designed to increase your joint mobility, address muscle imbalance, strengthen your back and stomach, lose weight and gain permanent relief from stomach and back pain. For this and other remedies that actually work, visit LosetheBackPain today.

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