Spinal Decompression Using Inversion Therapy

Undeniably, there are multiple therapies and methods for dealing with lower back pains. Along with that, depending on what the reason for the pain might be conservative doctors can prescribe pain medications or in a worst case scenario recommend surgery. Regardless if both of these solutions might work, both also have the potential to take you out of your everyday routine as pain drugs can impair you regularly and surgery can incapacitate you for multiple months of recovery successful or not. Furthermore both pain drugs as well as a surgical process, oftentimes, treat and fight merely the symptoms rather than the reason for the pain itself. Beyond any doubt, there are several alternatives for those living and dealing with both nagging and more often than not incapacitating lower back pain. Spinal decompression using inversion therapy is one such option.

Multiple back pain experts and chiropractors supply treatments to people with lower back pain that demand no downtime. In effect, these back pain experts and chiropractors enlist a combination of different treatments and devices to not only soothe pain in the lower back but to concentrate on, battle, and attack the cause of the pain as well in an attempt to permanently remedy the pain for the patient. What’s more, pain pharmaceuticals are expensive, hazardous, and addictive serving solely to cover up the symptoms, while back pain devices and therapeutics like spinal decompression therapy, inversion tables and normally assistance from an experienced chiropractor are built to particularly alleviate and fight the reason for lower back pain and discomfort when it has to do with compression on the discs of the lower spine. Inversion Tables are used to deal with a number of conditions including and lower back discomfort and sciatica due to the fact that they also promote increased circulation and increase flexibility.


One of the newest back pain devices and therapeutics being offered for spinal decompression treatment is the Back Ease. Technically, before the invention of this back pain device people suffering from spinal disc conditions had very few choices available to them such as chiropractors or inversion therapy, and had to rely on heavy pain medications to reduce and minimize their lower back pain sadly. Spinal Decompression however focuses on compressed nerves in the back by utilizing spinal decompression therapy technology and applying a distraction force to the nerves. Not to mention, individuals who receive this spinal decompression treatment usually state that they start feeling relief immediately following treatment and are able to resume their everyday activities right away.

In general, inversion therapy was begun over a thousand years ago but has just now recently come to the mainstream in the country. Moreover, it is utilized all over the globe to combat back pain and oftentimes sports injuries as well. Research does show that, the theory of inversion therapy is to invert your body and your weight thus permitting natural traction via gravity to decompress joints and muscles of the lower back. Nearly all adults notice relief and improved body health after only using inversion therapy for a short period of time.

So, back pain and sciatica sufferers living with and combating lower back pain should contact back pain specialists in their local area and find out if they provide options, therapeutics, and back pain devices similar to or comparable to the Back Ease or other spinal decompression therapeutics technology. Additionally, if not consider asking your local doctor if spinal decompression treatment is right to attempt for you and your situation. Conclusively, living with pain is difficult and costly, discovering and battling the cause of that pain and then reducing it shouldn’t be.

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