Sore Back Treatment

Having a sore back isn’t something you should just have to live with. There are several ways to approach sore back treatment, many of which don’t require prescription medications or invasive surgery.

Ways to reduce swelling
Swelling can be a major cause of a sore back. Focusing on reducing any swelling can be an excellent way to reduce back pain. Try a cold compress for about 20 minutes or so to halt and reduce swelling, especially if the soreness is due to an injury. Also, NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) pain relievers like Aleve and Ibuprofen are very effective at reducing swelling.


Ways to soothe tension
Tension in back muscles can also result in a sore back. First of all, reduce your stress level. Lots of people carry stress in their backs. So focus on keeping a calm mentality all day. Take deep breaths, try some yoga classes, put on some soothing music, anything that will help you relax. This will help prevent tension from building in your back, and keep your future pain free.

A heating pad can also help soothe tense back muscles. For more effective heat relief, try an infrared heating pad. The technology allows heat to penetrate even further than a typical heating pad, providing the user with long lasting pain relief. Companies like The Healthy Back Institute offer a variety of infrared heating pads to suit your needs. Visit them at to see their selection.

Another way to soothe tense back muscles is to get a massage. Massages target the affected area and help stimulate the muscles to relax pain away and increase blood flow to promote healing.

You can also do simple stretches to help relieve tension in your muscles. However, use caution not to overextend the area, further injuring it. If the stretch starts to hurt, relax and don’t push too hard. If it’s your low back that’s bothering you, try sitting in a chair with your feet on the ground. Then simply bend over and reach for your toes. If you’re holding tension between your shoulders or in your neck, try rolling your shoulders or head to release any stress there. Doing these motions in a hot shower can provide an excellent one-two punch to relieve pain from tension in your muscles.

Ways to prevent a sore back
Working on having a strong core is a very effective way to prevent having a sore back in the future. Exercises like walking, sit ups and leg lifts will help strengthen your body’s core to help better support itself. The Healthy Back Institute has a variety of DVDs and e-books that will teach you various techniques to get your back in the best shape possible, and keep it there.

Maintaining good posture is another way to prevent a sore back. Be aware of how you’re carrying yourself. Your spine’s natural curve resembles an “S.” Slouching distorts this shape into more of a “C.” So, stand up straight. When sitting, use a back support cushion to help you maintain proper posture if you have trouble. Back support cushions come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and The Healthy Back Institute is sure to carry something that will suit your needs perfectly.
For more information on sore back treatments, and being back pain free, visit today.

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