Side Effects of Steroid Injections

One of the most common prescribed “treatments” is the use of steroid injections. Cortisone injections are designed to decrease inflammation, which is often a major contributor to pain. Doctors will typically recommend steroid injections to treat conditions such as knee pain, disc pain, tendonitis, bursitis, joint pain and other conditions.  The effectiveness of cortisone and other steroid injections is often debated in the medical community. Essentially, the injection helps reduce inflammation, either locally in a specific area, or widespread throughout the body. The key question is whether or not this will address the root cause of your pain or if it will just provide temporary relief.

As with any non-natural treatment, it is important to consider the side effects of steroid injections. Most doctors claim that there are very low risks of side effects associated with cortisone injections. The amount of pain endured during an injection will vary, but most people report at least mild pain. In some cases, patients may feel more pain if the injected area becomes infected, irritated or flared up.

Why are steroid injections such a highly recommended treatment?

Most people with chronic or severe pain also have high levels of inflammation in the body. In order to reduce the pain, the inflammation needs to be addressed. Injections are a potent, fast way to reduce inflammation. With local injections you can target specific pain points in the body.

Alternatives to Steroid Injections

Another way to reduce inflammation is to take an anti-inflammatory supplement. The benefit of this approach is that you can address the inflammation through out the body without having to take needles. It may take a little longer to feel the relief with a supplement, but it tends to be a more long term approach to managing and reducing pain.

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One of the most underrated ways to reduce inflammation is through a healthy diet. Believe it or not, there are foods that both increase and decrease the inflammation in your body. Foods like pasta, junk food and processed foods are known to contribute to inflammation as well as increase your chances of diabetes. On the other hand, healthy oils, lean poultry and seafood can actually reduce the amount of pain-causing inflammation in your body.

If you are considering steroid injections for pain, and dislike taking painful injections, you should consider taking a systemic enzyme based formula instead. Some of the strongest pain fighting ingredients can be found in Mother Nature, and a natural treatment approach should always be considered.

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