Severe Neck Pain

Severe neck pain plagues hundreds of thousands of Americans on a daily basis. So what are people doing to combat this epidemic?

Some are finding relief from pain medication. However, this isn’t the best road. Pain medications can cause a whole host of side effects, ranging from addiction to prescription pain medications to ulcers and liver function failures from over the counter pain medications. So, it might be best to resist your first instinct to take two Aspirins and call the doctor in the morning.


Others are having surgery and steroid injections to try and relieve the pain. These can be effective if your pain is due to a herniated disc, however not always. Additionally, they’re costly and very high impact on your day to day life.

One thing that has a 70% success rate with relieving pain is inversion therapy. It helps to realign the spine naturally using gravity to straighten you out. If you would like to try this latest technique in the comfort of your own home, you can. The Healthy Back Institute sells a variety of inversion therapy tables to allow you to bring state of the art pain relief technology into your home. Visit today and check out their selection.

Another thing that some people are having success with is stretching and exercise, particularly when the neck pain is due to chronic stress and not a herniated disc or other neck injury. Many people who suffer from chronic stress also complain of neck pain because they’re carrying their tension in their neck and shoulders. To help relieve this type of pain, try doing regular exercises and stretches.

  • Drop your chin down towards your chest and roll your head in a clockwise direction slowly. After you’ve made it all the way around, change direction. Do this repeatedly to fully loosen the muscles in your neck.
  • Tilt your head towards your left shoulder. Bring your left hand up and pull your head as close to your shoulder as you can without it becoming painful. Hold this position for several seconds and repeat on the other side.
  • Roll your shoulders forward for ten cycles and then back again for 10 cycles. This will help relieve any tension you may be carrying in your shoulders that can cause severe neck pain.
  • As simplistic as it may sound, regular low impact exercise like swimming or walking can help tremendously when it comes to pain relief. It will help reduce the stress levels in your life, and promote a healthy mind and body.

Try other methods to reduce your stress levels. Get a massage regularly. This will help to reduce tension and pain in your neck as well as provide you with a long lasting feeling of relaxation, which keeps stress at bay. You can also take up yoga or meditation, listen to soothing music when you’re at work, take up a hobby that helps you feel fulfilled or any number of other things that will help you to stop carrying tension in your shoulders causing neck pain.

The Healthy Back Institute is well versed in how to deal with severe neck pain. Consult their vast resources at today.

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