Remedies for Back Pain:The Most Effective 3-Step Process

Back Pain Medicine Instructions

You won’t find a real back pain remedy in this bottle

Conventional remedies for back pain are more expensive than effective.

Take painkillers. They’re the first line of defense for millions of people with back pain, but they don’t fix the problem. They just give some temporary relief — until they wear off and you have to take more.

Flash forward a few years. You’re popping pills constantly to keep the pain away. You’ve got side effects from the medication and you’re out hundreds — maybe even thousands — of your hard-earned dollars.

Maybe your pain sends you running to the doctor for surgery to “fix” your back. Bad move!

Back surgery is expensive — up to $80,000 for complex spinal fusion — and study after study shows it often causes more problems than it solves. Two years after an operation you’re actually less likely to be back at work than if you’d skipped the surgery in favor of a natural cure.

So if conventional remedies for back pain don’t work, what does?

In a nutshell, nature and nurture.

First, you harness the power of nature to stop your back pain now. Then you nurture your body into a better state without dangerous painkillers or risky surgeries.

Now I know you are likely busy, and most people’s tendency is to skim-read articles online… BUT… if you truly want to end your back pain or sciatica, I really URGE you to take the time to read this particular concise and definitive guide to STOP your pain for good below…

After our many years of helping hundreds of thousands of back pain sufferers, this is the most PROVEN 3-step natural process to end the pain fast and permanently…

REMEDY #1 — Get Immediate Safe & Powerful Back Pain Relief…

back pain remedies

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When your back hurts, you reach for a painkiller because you want pain relief now. You don’t want to hurt for hours, lose a good night of sleep or miss work. But the side effects over time are brutal. Not to mention the stuff only works for a few hours anyhow.

A better bet for immediate relief is rub on pain relief. Think about it — when you hurt yourself, you rub that spot. Combine this natural instinct with a powerful all-natural cream that shuts down pain on contact and you’ve got a pain-killing winner! The bonus? This one comes without the nasty side effects of traditional painkillers.

So that’s the first step — use Rub on Relief® to stop your back pain almost instantaneously.

From there, you want to stop the inflammation pain from coming back without resorting to NSAIDs. You can do this with Heal-n-Soothe®, a compilation of nature’s best anti-inflammatory herbs and fruits that also provides you “proteolytic enzyme therapy” that is nature’s most powerful way to both stop pain fast AND heal the underlying inflammation!

In short, Heal N Soothe cools down hot, swollen areas and sends a message to your body to dissolve any built-up scar tissue keeping you stiff and sore.

— Relieve Pressure to Stop Your Back Pain

With your pain under control, you can focus on fixing the daily causes of your back pain. One major contributor is pressure on your spine, which you can reverse without surgery.

Where does this spinal pressure come from? How about some examples…

When you drive your car, you stretch your legs and arms around the steering wheel and gears, making your lower back a pressure point. At work, you sit in a lousy chair, hunched over your desk, compressing your upper and lower vertebrae for 8, 10, or even 12 hours at a stretch.

Many active workers carry repetitive loads day-in and day-out. Many of us have a favorite side for lifting and carrying, too — you may always hoist a heavy tray of food on the left or prefer to tuck a heavy box of parts under your right side. This puts more pressure on your back to balance things out, creating tension and compression up and down your spine.  Ultimately these lead to muscle imbalances (more on those in a minute).

Spinal pressure is downright painful — but so is surgery. Thankfully, you can avoid both spinal pressure pain and surgery.

The key is regular spinal decompression. In five minutes a day you can reverse the pent up pressure in your back… and in a few weeks thoughts of surgery will likely be nothing more than a fading memory. You simply won’t need it!

You can go to a doctor, chiropractor or physical therapist with for an expensive spinal decompression treatment using a state-of-the-art machine like a DRX9000, or you can get the same kind of benefit far cheaper right at home.

The top tool we recommend for home spinal decompression works both quickly and affordably: a top-quality inversion table. It gently stretches and separates your vertebrae to relieve the pressure, allowing your spinal discs to slip back into their correct place and reabsorb cushioning fluids. BEWARE though… when it comes to inversion tables, quality matters… and you definitely want to avoid certain ones… which is why we HIGHLY recommend you read:

Inversion Tables: What to Look For and What to AVOID

REMEDY #3 — Correct Long-Term Imbalances to END the Underlying Cause!

Of course, to really get rid of your back pain once and for all, you have to fix the muscle imbalances that cause chronic back pain in the first place.

Symmetry is synonymous with facial beauty in scientific studies — and it’s also synonymous with being pain free when it comes to your back. Unfortunately, most of us are less than perfectly balanced.

You hunch to the right over the mouse on your computer. Ten pounds worth of keys live in your left pocket. You favor one knee, or you’ve twisted an ankle. You favor one side of your body over the other for lifting objects. Your mattress ain’t what it used to be, and like your Mom always told you, your posture is far from perfect.

It all adds up to uneven pressure on your spine from uneven muscle demands. As a result, things get out of whack and pain sets in.

If it sounds simple because at the end of the day, it is that simple. If the muscles in your back, neck, abs, hips and legs aren’t balanced out, you’re going to fight back pain until they are.

Now here’s the hard truth: no amount of prescription pills or even surgery will ever correct your  muscle imbalances. So even if these eliminate your back pain for awhile, it’s bound to come back unless you take care of those muscle imbalances.

Fortunately you can do this using simple stretches and exercises. But before you start doing all those generic exercises your doctor handed you at your last visit, be forewarned. Those stretches may give you temporary relief, but they won’t eliminate the muscle imbalances if you do them all!

remedies for back pain

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You must first identify WHICH muscles are too tight, and WHICH muscles are overly stretched out. Then you stretch the tight muscles and exercise to strengthen only the weaker stretched out muscles. Otherwise you may only make existing muscle imbalances worse.

How do you know which muscles you need to stretch and which to exercise? By first identifying what postural dysfunctions you have, then following the specific stretches and exercises to correct that problem.

You can go to a knowledgeable physical therapist… or you can get our Lose the Back Pain® System that has already helped  well over 60,000 back pain sufferers get PERMANENT relief by helping them identify their own postural dysfunctions and providing the exact stretches and exercises needed to get rid of them.

Look, I know this article may have taken on a bit more “salesy” tone than I usually use, but here’s the bottom line: I’m sick of seeing people spend their hard-earned money on conventional medicine crap that just doesn’t work in the long run.

You want results. And I can help – or I insist on giving your money back. It’s that simple.

So give each or all of these proven solutions in the 3-step process a try… I guarantee you’ll be happy you did!

Rub on Relief®


Inversion Tables

Lose the Back Pain System®




Atlas SJ, et al. Long-Term Outcomes of Surgical and Nonsurgical Management of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: 8 to 10 Year Results from the Maine Lumbar Spine Study. Spine. 2005 Apr 15;30(8):936-43.

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Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT

Jesse is the co-founder and visionary CEO of The Healthy Back Institute®, the world-leading source of natural back pain solutions. His mission as a former back pain sufferer is to help others live pain free without surgery and pharmaceuticals.

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  1. Wiliam Lange says:

    Have you ever noticed that almost all people have a shorter leg and therefore a lower hip and therefore a scoliosis, either large or small depending on the amount of shortness of the leg. While this “compensating” scoliosis is present…there is always rotation of the individual segments and resulting spinal nerve root pressure (and pain). Why not correct this via a heel lift of the correct size and then do the one, two or three steps that nature won’t/can’t correct.

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