Protruding Disc

A protruding disc is most commonly caused by the aging process. Degeneration causes the discs in the spinal column to be more susceptible to damage, and makes them easily become dislocated.

When that happens it is most commonly called a herniated disc, but protruding disc is also acceptable terminology. The way the spinal column is made up of alternating vertebrae and discs, or shock absorbers. As time passes and you bend, flex and move through your life, the discs incur normal wear and tear. They are not meant to last forever, and as they degenerate they become more apt to be damaged and herniated.

A protruding disc can be a fairly painful condition, as it can easily press on surrounding nerves and displace sensitive muscles. But, don’t worry; there are several things you can do to help heal a protruding disc.

Healing Starts Now!

One thing you can do to help a herniated disc heal is exercise. Although this may go against your instincts, light exercise will help strengthen your core muscles which will help you support your back from within. Things like yoga, swimming and walking are all low impact and highly beneficial. Not only will they help your protruding disc heal, they will prevent it from returning.

You can also try inversion therapy. This process involves being strapped into a device that turns your entire body upside down so that gravity can relieve pressure on the spine and help the disc naturally slip back into place. This method actually has an extremely high success rate with relieving back pain due to herniated discs. In fact, around 70% of participants in inversion therapy were able to cancel their disc repair surgeries.

If you would like to try inversion therapy in the comfort and convenience of your own home, you can get an inversion table from The Healthy Back Institute. Visit to see their selection of tables and take advantage of the free shipping option to the continental U.S.

Acupuncture has also been shown to help relieve back pain that results from a herniated disc, although scientists are struggling to point to a reason why. The process involves inserting several very thin needles to the area, and it’s thought to increase endorphin production, which acts as a natural pain killer. However, the Chinese see it a little differently. They believe the body has a life force and energy called the Chi. When your Chi becomes sedentary, pain soon follows. Acupuncture is their way of stimulating your Chi, which helps relieve pain.

Getting a massage may also help to relieve tension that forms in the area due to pain and discomfort. The movements also help oxygen rich blood flow through the affected area, which promotes healing. Regular massages will also help to prevent tension from building, and keep your back in proper alignment, which will help keep discs in their proper places.

The Healthy Back Institute provides natural ways to be free of your back pain. For more information on relieving your protruding disc, visit today!

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