Practicing Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Yoga enthusiasts across the globe will rave about how yoga can relax your mind and stretch your body. However, one of the best benefits of practicing yoga is the ability to treat and prevent injury.  The dynamic stretches and controlled movements allow people to stretch and lengthen tight muscles that contribute to pain.

You can do yoga from home or at a health club or studio. If you have never done yoga, you might want to take a class first. Some stretches and poses are difficult and will require modification. Once you get the hang of it, you can continue on your own if you desire to do so.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

There are certain stretches that are targeted for neck and shoulder issues. If you are experiencing neck or shoulder pain, speak with the yoga instructor before class to let them know that you may have difficulty with some of the poses. They will show you how to modify the positions so that you don’t do further damage. Many of our customers have reported that weekly yoga has proven to be more effective, if not more effective than chiropractic care.  Although some people find relief after just one yoga class, you may need to go at least a few times before you start feeling a difference.

Poses to Avoid

Keep in mind that there are a few positions that should be avoided entirely if you have severe neck pain. If you feel that a certain position is too painful, just rest in childs pose until the next pose is instructed. One of the great things about yoga is that it is not competitive, and people are usually too worried about their own challenges to judge some one else for not being able to complete a pose.

Additional Benefits of Yoga for Pain

Most people hold tension throughout the body, often cumulating in the neck and shoulders. Yoga helps you learn how to breathe properly and release the tension that is contributing to your aches and pains. Stress and tension is one of the biggest causes of neck and shoulder pain. Yoga will help you correct and muscular or postural imbalances as well as teach you how to let go of stress and tension.

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