Powerful Pain Relief Secret… from an Irish Castle!

Irish pain relief

Blarney Castle, home of the Blarney Stone … and the Poison Garden!

I’m part Irish, so I had long wanted to visit Ireland… for it’s deep history, for its beautiful sights like the rugged cliffs on its west coast and the power of the Atlantic ocean pounding on it’s shores.

A couple years ago, I finally made this dream come true… and “The Emerald Isle” was even more amazing than I had imagined!

One of the most impressive “attractions” was Blarney Castle near Cork, Ireland. The current stone castle was built nearly 600 years ago; the original building on the site was built around 1200.

This castle is home to the famous limestone built into its battlements known as the “Blarney Stone” – kiss this stone (as millions have) and you supposedly get the gift of eloquent speech!

But Blarney Castle is also home to something that should interest anyone who suffers from pain or illness (eventually that pretty much means everyone)… a “Poison Garden”!

This little Poison Garden kind of tucked away on the castle’s grounds contains some of the world’s most poisonous plants for humans… some of which also happen to be some of the most important plants for healing and modern medicine!

This includes, for example, ruta graveolens, better known as “rue”… which can burn the skin even from brushing against it, and has considerably worse consequences if ingested. At the same time, rue is an important ingredient in many modern medicines – including those that are antidotes for other poisons.

And the garden includes a plant that should particularly concern YOU if you suffer from pain and want it gone…


The sign for Deadly Nightshade — aka “Belladonna” — in the Poison Garden

Atropa belladonna, better known as “Deadly Nightshade” or simply “Belladonna.”

Now both its foliage and its berries can indeed be quite toxic…

But Belladonna is also used in many medicines today, including anticholinergic and antispasmodic drugs…

And extracted in the proper way and used at the right doses, Belladonna is also one of the most exceptional topical pain relievers including for:

> Joint Pain
> Muscle Pain
> Nerve Pain
> Muscle Spasms
> Swelling
> “Shooting” pain

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In fact, it’s one of nature’s 8 most powerful natural pain relievers in our #1 bestselling topical pain reliever, Rub On Relief®!

Just as signs throughout the Poison Garden at Blarney Castle warn, I of course advise strongly against trying to apply Belladonna (or any poisonous plant with medicinal benefit) yourself…

But if you suffer pain and want to eliminate it almost instantly, I do highly recommend you click here to discover all 8 of nature’s most effective pain relievers in Rub On Relief® – including the “star of poison plants” according to the Poison Garden… Belladonna!

And if you are ever in the beautiful country of Ireland, it’s definitely worth it to visit Blarney Castle … go ahead and kiss the Blarney Stone because who knows, maybe its “gift of gab” works… but also don’t miss a visit to the Poison Garden (just walk carefully!)

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