Belladonna Medicine

15 Healing Benefits of This Natural Wonder

Belladonna is a perennial plant that’s sometimes known as Deadly Nightshade because its foliage and berries contain tropane alkaloids, which can be toxic and may lead to hallucinations when taken incorrectly. However, at the proper doses the alkaloids in belladonna also impact the nervous system in beneficial ways by blocking the effects of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

In the modern day, anticholinergic and antispasmodic drugs are made from the natural belladonna alkaloids, however this substance has a long medicinal history.

Belladonna Means ‘Beautiful Lady’

Belladonna, which means ‘beautiful lady,’ got its name because women in Italy used to use juice from belladonna berries to enlarge their pupils, as dilated pupils were regarded as attractive and seductive at the time (the practice, however, was dangerous as using belladonna in this manner was said to cause vision problems and ultimately blindness). Prior to this, however, belladonna was used as an anesthetic for surgery and even as poison for poison-tipped arrows. The plant’s deadly effects occur because it blocks the nervous system’s ability to regulate certain involuntary activities, such as sweating, breathing and heart rate, which is why it can quickly become fatal when consumed directly.

However, it is belladonna’s calming impact on the nervous system that also makes it so beneficial when used homeopathically, which means in extremely minute, diluted and therefore non-toxic amounts.

Belladonna Medicine: Top 15 Benefits

At homeopathic concentrations, belladonna is safe, natural and used to benefit:[i][ii]

  1. Joint pain
  2. Nerve pain
  3. Leg pain caused by a disc in the backbone pushing on the sciatic nerve (sciatica)
  4. Relaxing muscle, bronchial and other spasms
  5. Stimulating circulation
  6. Controlling inflammation
  7. Cough, cold and hay fever remedy
  8. Colic
  9. Motion sickness
  10. Excessive sweating
  11. Parkinson’s disease
  12. Relieving cramps of the stomach, intestines and bladder (including menstrual cramps)
  13. Irritable bowel syndrome
  14. Certain psychiatric disorders
  15. Headaches

Do You Struggle With Muscle Twitches, Nerve Pain or Shooting Pains?

These are the types of pain that belladonna excels at stopping, and this is why it’s included at 6X homeopathic concentration in Rub On Relief®, our top-selling all-natural pain cream. Belladonna is combined with seven other homeopathic ingredients in Rub on Relief, including:

  1. belladonna medicineMenthol for cooling relief
  2. Ignatia to relieve stress-related pain
  3. Magnesium sulfate to relax spasms
  4. Lachesis Mutus for painful swelling
  5. Phosphorous to stop muscle pain
  6. Rhus Tox to ease stiffness
  7. Naja for calming relief of nerve pain

Taken together, these homeopathic ingredients make Rub On Relief® unsurpassed for pain relief, but that’s not all. Rub On Relief® also contains the rare fatty acid known as Cetyl Myristoleate, or CMO, which acts as a “moisturizer” on dry and brittle joints. AND, it also has Methylsulfonylmethane, more commonly known as MSM, a naturally occurring nutritional sulfur. MSM makes your body’s cells more permeable, which allows nutrients to flow in and out.

It’s known among doctors as “The Natural Solution to Pain” because MSM blocks the “c” pain nerve fibers from delivering their chronic pain message to your brain. Secondly, MSM decreases swelling and inflammation that is often the cause of painful flare-ups.

If you need relief from muscle, joint or other pain, belladonna is good, even great. But Rub On Relief®, which contains 10 synergistic ingredients to eliminate your pain naturally, is the best, period.

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