Painful Neck Muscle Stiffness

When it comes right down to it, there is an array of possible causes for painful neck muscle stiffness. Coming up with solutions to ease that pain and stiffness are not always easy, but with the help of Healthy Back, you can do it.

Think about what your neck is made of: bones, tendons and ligaments, part of your spinal column. There are nerves and fluid radiating to your entire body from the column inside your spinal bones, which are also called disks or vertebrae. Due to the fact that your neck consists of so many different parts, there is great potential for neck pain due to stiffness to result, even if you have not suffered from any obvious strain or accident. Finding the cause of that pain, and then either eliminating it or simply just managing it is going to be the goal for any sufferer.


Using something like a cervical roll to help keep your neck in place when you are not moving around much, such as when you are sitting still at the computer, reading a book or watching television may help. The McKenzie Cervical Roll is a great choice that will give your neck support and relieve the strain, allowing it to rest.

Learning to avoid things that aggravate the problem that caused your neck stiffness in the first place is a smart idea. One of the most typical aggravators for stiffness in your neck or other neck pain is stress. Yes, good old-fashioned stress.

Finding different ways to cope with your stress in order to relax will be a great first step to pain relief for you. Understand that stress will cause your muscles to tense up naturally; this puts tension on your tendons and ligaments. This in turn causes pain and stiffness in your neck.

However, there are other causes, too. Arthritis or trauma could be a possible reason for pain or stiffness, and supporting your neck with the likes of Ergo Flexi, available from Healthy Back, will help. Bend the Ergo Flexi to the shape you desire, and rest. Let your neck feel the support while resting at the same time.

When trauma occurs, and the body goes through immense adjustments from the time of the accident throughout the entire healing process. Pain and stiffness occur everywhere. This is especially true in car accidents where whiplash is involved or other similar types of incidents.

Physical injuries or trauma are not predictable, and it is impossible to say how any one person’s body will react to the injury as each person is different. However, it is generally safe to say that neck pain stiffness and overall discomfort will occur.

The USB Massager from Healthy Back or similar products also can help ease the pain. This particular item will help many patients who are trying to work from home while recovering and still making use of their computers at the same time.

With some forethought, dealing with neck pain from stiffness is doable—just think a bit! Be sure to visit Healthy Back to see our comprehensive list of items that will help you to de-stress and gain relief.

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