Nuclear Tuna Fish: Watch Out for Radiation!

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Can you get radiation poisoning from your tuna fish sandwich?

Maybe not enough to experience noticeable symptoms after enjoying your hot tuna melt, but scientists were astonished last year to find 15 out of 15 –  that’s 100% – of tuna fish caught off the U.S. Pacific coast and checked for radiation tested positive for both cesium-134 and cesium-137.

If you’re not up-to-date on radioactive isotopes, cesium-137 has been found in seafood since above-ground nuclear tests over half a century ago. Cesium-134, however, has been tied directly to the Fukushima nuclear disaster after the tsunami in Japan a couple years ago.

The question is how harmful is this radiation leak to you?

Government and scientific authorities tell us the levels of cesium you’re likely to be exposed to following the Fukushima nuclear disaster remain at “safe” and “acceptable” levels. (Even though there is NO “safe” level of radiation, much less internal-sourced radiation such cesium-137 that is ingested, and “acceptable” is entirely subjective.)

The biggest problem I see with the Fukushima disaster is cesium-137, one of the same major contaminants after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. This substance is highly radioactive, water soluble and has a half-life of 30 years.

That means it will take 30 years for the substance’s radioactivity to decrease by half. And it has already spread across most of the Pacific in the two years since the disaster – and expected to accumulate in U.S. waters increasing our danger for years and decades to come. And there is a LOT of it.

Cesium-137 Threatens Our Entire Food Supply

Virtually ALL seafood harvested from the Pacific ocean is suspect for radiation poisoning. But since cesium-137 is water soluble, it is also carried by rain clouds through the atmosphere and dropped with rain or snow wherever they’re carried. Which so far includes pretty much the entire United States.

Cesium-137 is now found in water across the country. And municipal water supply filtration systems do NOT filter out these radioactive particles.

In fact, some of the highest levels of post-Fukushima radiation were found by the EPA in Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Which means you’re probably drinking cesium-137 from your tap or bottled water even if you’re nowhere near the west coast.

Of course, much of the cesium-137 lands on soil too, where it collects in plants. This includes the produce you eat. And the grass and other plants animals eat. Passing the radiation on to you when you eat that produce or meat. Or drink milk from animals which have ingested cesium-137.

Long story short… if you eat food – especially seafood from the Pacific ocean or harvested from the U.S. west coast – or drink virtually any water or milk… you probably have cesium-137 in your body now. And if you plan to continue eating or drinking, you’re likely going to get more.

Check out this video showing how far radiation has spread from Japan already – and how it is forecast to continue for years to come:

What Happens When You Ingest Cesium-137?

The low levels of cesium-137 you ingest accumulates primarily in your muscle tissue with the remaining amount deposited mostly in other soft tissue and bones. While there, it emits beta and gamma rays, increasing your risk of cancer as your body is subjected to continual radiation.

The expected chronic exposure to this radioactive element since the Fukushima disaster isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. Which leaves you with two choices:

1) Ignore the problem and hope for the best

– or –

2) Take steps to protect yourself and detox from radiation

How to Avoid Cesium-137 Radiation Poisoning

It’s too late to avoid all exposure to cesium-137 since it’s now in the very air you breathe and throughout the food chain. But you can minimize your exposure to the most contaminated sources.

Number one, avoid ALL seafood harvested from the Pacific. This is the single most important action step you can take to minimize your exposure to cesium-137 today. If you’re not sure of the seafood’s source, don’t eat it.

Filtering your water is another option. Removing cesium-137 from water requires both ion exchange and reverse osmosis according to the EPA.

One fortunate aspect of cesium-137 is it has a biological half-life of 70 days. This means that although it takes 30 years for a quantity of the substance to decrease by half in radioactivity, it only takes 10 weeks for your body to expel roughly half of any cesium-137 you have ingested or breathed in.

But that’s still a long time when under either high or chronic exposure as the effects are cumulative. Since we’re all affected by chronic exposure to cesium-137 now, it’s time to look at ways of removing it from your body faster to minimize ill health effects.

How to Detox Your Body from Radioactive Substances

Perhaps the most effective way I’ve found to detox your body from radiation (and heavy metals) is with Bentonite clay. While some suggest it can be taken internally to bind with the radioactive contaminants, I caution against that approach as many clays can be high in heavy metals themselves. If you choose the internal approach anyhow, look for a highly pure calcium bentonite or montmorillonite clay.

A better approach is to use a specially formulated Bentonite clay formula in a very warm bath. The warm bath water opens your pores and the clay attracts radioactive elements – especially soft-tissue bound ones like cesium-137 – out of your body like a magnet right into the clay.

Soaking in a very warm clay bath (of the right kind of clay) for 20 minutes once per week over a period of 6-10 weeks can significantly lower the amount of radioactive particles in your body.

Clay baths are also gentler on your body than consuming clay. Detoxification symptoms can include nausea, headaches, light-headedness, a pulling sensation from parts of the body like the stomach, and fatigue. Since clay baths are gentler on your body they’re also more suitable for recovery after chemotherapy / radiation treatments.

I recommend the clay bath kits from LL Magnetic Clay for radiation detoxification.

In one kit you get enough specifically-formulated clay and herbs for a full course of 10 baths plus a drain screen, stopper and other items you’ll need. They make the whole at-home clay bath process simple without worrying about clogging your drains.

Get a Radiation Detox Bath Kit Here

In addition to the clay bath detox, you’ll also want to ensure your body’s regular elimination system is working properly. Obviously, I’m talking about your colon.

According to Dr. Bernard Jensen, death begins in the colon. Keeping things moving properly will only help prolong your life and good health. For that, I recommend a 30-day natural colon cleanse.

Natural Colon Cleanse and DetoxWhile you can flush your colon faster, it can actually irritate your bowels to do one of those fast-cleanses. That’s why we developed Natural Cleanse to help you gently restore your colon health and help your body expel toxins faster.

Learn More About Our Natural Colon Cleanse

Together, the LL Magnetic Clay Radiation Baths and Natural Cleanse will help your body expel radioactive toxins faster than any other way I know.


Late Breaking News: Earlier this week, Cesium-134 and Cesium-137 levels soared from 85 to 90 TIMES their previous level of just three days earlier. These are the highest levels noted since the March 2011 disaster.

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