Nerve Compression from a Herniated Disc

Your spinal column protects your spinal cord, while large nerves branch out and leave your spinal column between each vertebra. Your spinal vertebrae are separated by spinal discs which are filled with a soft, gelatinous substance, cushioning the spinal column and allow it to move freely and flexibly.

Strenuous physical activity or heavy lifting may cause these discs to slip or move out of place. However, in most cases there were underlying issues already, and the act of heavy lifting was just “the straw that broke the camels back”. This is known as a herniated disc and can lead to spinal nerve compression, giving rise to sharp pain or a general feeling of numbness and/or weakness. Usually only one side is affected. The pain, numbness, or weakness often improves over weeks to months.

Pain and other symptoms caused by nerve compression from a herniated disc can vary widely between patients – they may experience either local pain or radiating pain.


  • Sharp, shooting pain starting in the buttocks that travels down the back of one leg
  • Numbness and tingling, also known as pins & needles
  • Burning pain in the lower back
  • Back pain, and gradually increasing leg pain
  • Weakness in one or both legs
  • Loss of bladder and/or bowel control

You may experience one or more of these symptoms because of nerve damage from a herniated disc… or even none at all.

Loss of bowel or bladder control or weakness in both legs at the same time is a medical emergency that requires immediate professional attention!

How do you treat nerve compression from a herniated disc?

A short period of rest followed by a regimen of anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy is usually the conventional treatment of choice. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) and narcotic painkillers are usually used in cases of sudden injury, such as a car accident or lifting a very heavy object leading to severe nerve damage from a slipped disc.

NSAIDS are no joke, and you should always seek more natural ways to reduce inflammation. Heal –N-Soothe contains 12 of the strongest natural pain fighting ingredients and has been considered just as effective, if not more effective as prescription pain pills.

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In extreme cases, some people receive steroid injections into the back in the injured area can help control pain and reduce swelling around the disk, relieving the symptoms. However these conventional treatments do not offer long lasting relief.

In the long term, one must correct the underlying muscle imbalances that caused the disc to herniated in the first place. Herniated discs are caused by uneven pressure and wear and tear that is exerted on your spine due to postural dysfunctions created by muscle imbalances. These postural dysfunctions need to be corrected in order to find lasting relief. Muscle balance therapy identifies the muscles that are imbalanced and treats this underlying cause, leading to long-term relief from nerve compression from a herniated disc.

Muscle Balance Therapy for Herniated Discs and Nerve Pain


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  1. Sasha Piucheokchuen says:

    I am looking for pain relief with nerve. I have nerve pain on one side of my chest, burning sensation. I cannot wear a bra cause it feels like it is eating in the flesh. My nerves are compressed by a herniated disk, please help

    1. Admin says:

      Hi Sasha,
      Thank you for reaching out. We would like to help and suggest that you get a copy of our 7 Day Back Pain Cure Book covering back pain and related issues, pain relief suggestions and treatments to consider along with other information.

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      Also please watch this Video where a mid back pain exercise is demonstrated.

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