Neck Stiffness and Pain

Let’s face it, neck pain is no fun. It’s aggravating, consuming and just downright annoying. Before we get into the causes of neck stiffness and pain, let’s get serious for a moment. If you are experiencing severe neck pain for more than just a few days, you may want to get check out by a medical professional to make sure there isn’t anything more serious than your basic every day neck stiffness. If you have ruled out any serious head and neck injuries, we can uncovering what causes neck stiffness and pain, and talk about the things you can do to get relief.

Chronic neck pain is often traced back to postural problems in the upper back and neck area. If this is the first time you are experiencing neck pain, it is possible that you may have slept in an unnatural position. I know that I need a certain type of pillow to get a good nights rest, and any pillow that is too high or too full will leave me with a stiff neck in the morning. However, if you are experiencing pain on a frequent basis there is probably something else that is responsible for your pain.

As I’m writing this, I noticed that my head is tilted down towards my computer monitor. I should probably take a close look at my computer setup to make sure my monitor is in the proper position. You will also want to do the same. If you spend any long periods of time in front of a computer, it is highly likely that your neck and upper back are over compensating. Tight muscles in the upper back can be contributing to your neck pain and you will absolutely want to learn more about muscle balance therapy.

Muscle balance therapy is one of the key principles of the Lose The Neck Pain System. Dr. Robert Duvall and back pain expert Steve Hefferon will show you how to identify which muscle imbalances you have and how to correct them with specific exercises and stretches.

Temporary Relief for Neck Stiffness and Pain  

Pain Relief Cream – If you need relief now, you might want to try a natural topical pain cream. Rub on Relief can be applied directly to the area that hurts. It is an all natural formula that is practically odorless so you can use it at work or anywhere in public.

Massage Therapy – A good massage therapist knows how to massage away trigger points in the neck and upper back. Working on these trigger points will help you get relief from chronic neck pain. If money is an issue, you can try self trigger point devices like the Theracane. It will allow you to get to those tough to reach areas of the upper back and neck.

Far Infrared Heat – Heat can also reduce inflammation in the body. Simple heating pads can work but you will get more out of far infrared heat. Our heating pads are known to work wonders on back and neck pain. The heating pads come in small, medium and large sizes.

For a complete list of products that help with neck stiffness and pain visit the Products section of our website.

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