Quick & Easy Neck Pain Remedies That Work!

Although when most of us think of pain we think of back pain, the truth is that neck pain is just as common and often just as painful. Neck pain can happen due to injury from sports or an auto accident where whiplash is the result. A pinched nerve may cause pain the neck, but it can also be due to stress, sore muscles or muscle tension. The good news is that there are just as many neck pain remedies as there are neck pain causes.

The trick is finding the remedy that works best for you. Your very first step in neck pain relief should be hot and cold compresses. The cold compress should be applied first to stop the swelling common to most pain. Use a cold compress, ice pack or even frozen vegetables to reduce swelling.

Then hit the neck with heat. Heat will increase blood circulation to the neck while also soothing the neck muscles. Use a heating pad or hot water bottle to apply heat directly to the affected area. You can also use The Healthy Back Institute’s infrared heating pad. This state of the art technology allows the heat to penetrate deeply for long lasting relief. Visit LoseTheBackPain to find a heating pad that’s right for you. 

Once you’ve started the healing process with hot and cold compresses, it’s time to find something that will relieve the pain and maybe even fix the source of your neck pain. Below you will find neck pain remedies that have proven successful.

Pop A Pill

Often taking pain medication is the first step of many neck pain sufferers but this should be taken only after the hot and cold therapy. If you take over the counter pain medication you want to make sure you take the pill that will best help relieve neck pain. The best choice is an option like ibuprofen because it tackles the pain and the inflammation. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory and pain killer so both symptoms are being addressed with one pill.

You can always take other medications such as acetaminophen to relieve the pain, but be warned that it will do nothing to reduce the swelling.

Topical Ointments

If your goal is a quick neck pain remedy, topical ointments such as creams, lotions and gels can get the job done. In fact The Healthy Back Institute’s Rub On Relief cream has proven 100% effective eliminating neck pain. With a money back guarantee, there’s no reason not give it try. If it doesn’t work for you, return the product and get your money back.


More and more people are turning to non-traditional methods of neck pain relief such as acupuncture. Acupuncture uses very thin needles and pre-determined spots on the body that correspond to the affected area. The needles correct imbalances of what is known as the “Qi” or life energy.

It will take several sessions with an acupuncturist over the course of a few months, but ultimately you may experience a relief or total reduction of neck pain.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been used to relieve muscle tension all over the body, including the neck, because it helps the blood circulate to the area in pain and soothes the pain. These two factors combined create the perfect setting for pain relief.

Stand Tall

One of the most common reasons for back and neck pain is poor posture and it is also the easiest pain remedy. Of course you won’t get perfect posture overnight, but making a conscious effort to stand with your back straight and shoulders squared can provide immense pain relief. If you slump or slouch with your head in an odd position, your neck and spine will not be in the perfect ‘S’ curve that it should be.

You can use an ergonomic office chair and keyboard to help maintain good posture throughout the work day, or you can make use of a back support cushion. Back support cushions are an inexpensive alternative to an ergonomic office for those who spend a great deal of time sitting. The Healthy Back Institute has a large selection of cushions that may help you relieve neck pain.

We at The Healthy Back Institute know just how awful neck pain be. An inability to move freely and without pain can take a serious toll on your physical and mental well-being. Find tricks, tools and information to help relieve your neck pain when you visit LoseTheBackPain.com

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