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Neck pain is a common medical condition. There is no shortage of the number of ways neck pain can manifest. A few common causes for neck pain are a herniated disc, pinched nerve, whiplash, and arthritis. There are also rare infections such as tuberculosis of the neck or meningitis. Perhaps you’re an athlete and years of wear and tear are catching up without and the discomfort of neck pain can be crippling. Almost everyone will experience neck pain at some point during a lifetime. When experiencing neck pain you would give anything for relief.

These are a few symptoms of neck pain you may want to look out for:

• Pain: There is nothing worse than pain anywhere, let alone the neck. Neck pain is apparent in several forms. Some may experience sharp pains while others have described pain as burning, cramping, stabbing or aching.

• Numbness: If a nerve is bruised or pinched you may be unable to feel things as you normally would. The numbing often causes a tingling sensation that some may classify as burning or sensation loss.

• Weakness: Severe pain from muscles or bone movement can be caused by weakness. • Range of motion: It may be difficult to move neck side to side or around when a pain is experienced.

The great news is that there are many options for treating neck pain that aren’t invasive or require surgery:

Hot and Cold Compress: You want to start with a cold compress or place ice in a plastic bag and wrap the bag in a towel. Apply compress to the neck for 15-20 minutes. After removing the cold compress, apply the Health Back Institute’s infrared heating pads that allow heat to penetrate deep into tissues and muscles offering healing and lasting relief.


Ointments: Try the natural pain reliever Rub On Relief which instantly delivers relief from chronic pain with a fighting formula that penetrates deep into muscle tissue repairing damage to cells. This ointment is an all natural pain reliever and guarantees 100% relief.

Acupuncture: Studies show that acupuncture is very effective in relieving several types of neck pain.

Pain meds: Don’t overlook over the counter medicines. Try an anti-inflammatory medicine such as Advil, Mortin or Aleve. Medicines with Ibuprofen help reduce swelling that may cause pain.

Get your rest: Try not to apply to much pressure to the neck. Give the neck time to strengthen and do your best not to overexert. With ample rest you are likely to see a more speedy recovery.

There are ways to prevent neck and back pain. Start by examining your posture and be mindful of the ways that you are using your neck. Get neck support for sleeping or idle activity so that you won’t unknowingly cause strain. If you spend a lot of time sitting, investing in a back cushion could be helpful for neck support as well. Do your stretches and exercises! With development of muscle in the neck you are less likely to experience frivolous pulls and strains.

The Healthy Back Institutes offers great aid by enlightening and offering advice about neck pain. For more information or to explore more remedies please do not hesitate to visit today!

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