Neck Pain Headache

If you have a neck pain headache, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from headaches related to neck pain. The key is to be able to recognize them, and treat them accordingly to keep them from coming back.

Know What the Problem is

There’s a huge difference between a sinus headache, a migraine headache and a headache that’s due to neck pain. Knowing and understanding what these differences are can help you to properly address the issue.


A sinus headache will create pressure in your face. It may hurt to press on your cheeks or forehead. It can be accompanied by congestion, but it doesn’t have to be. At any rate, the pain will be isolated to a throbbing in your face, not your neck.

A migraine headache affects everyone differently, but there are several commonalities among migraine headache sufferers. Migraines are often accompanied by sensitivity to light or sound and can impact day to day activities. A neck pain headache won’t be nearly as severe as a migraine headache.

A neck pain headache will feel like it originates at the base of your head. You may even experience a throbbing sensation back there associated with the original neck pain. Of the three headaches, it’s the one that you will be able to trace to a source at the base of your head.

Act Accordingly

Once you’ve defined your headache accurately as a neck pain headache, you can proceed. Neck pain is sometimes the result of stress. Many people carry a lot of tension in their neck and shoulders, so relieving that stress and tension can help more than taking a few pills.

To de-stress, try getting a massage that targets the area. Not only will it help you to relax, it will soothe tense muscles in your neck and help relieve pain therein.

You can also try some heat therapy around the area. An infrared heating pad is particularly effective at relieving neck pain as the heat can travel much more deeply into tense muscles than a typical heating pad’s heat can. The Healthy Back Institute has a variety of infrared heating pads for affordable prices. Visit today to find one that suits your needs.

Additionally, you can try various stretches and neck exercises to relieve pain and keep it away. Strengthening the area will prevent future pain, while stretches will help to relieve tension. Try putting your chin down and rolling your head slowly from left to right. You can also roll all the way around if you like. Be sure to change directions after a few revolutions to stretch and exercise all of your neck muscles. Try these techniques under a hot shower for even greater effectiveness. The heat, combined with the motion will provide fast pain relief to even the most stubborn neck pain headaches.

You should also try to improve your posture, particularly if you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or working on a computer. While slouching is most commonly associated with back pain, neck pain can also result from it. If you’re typing away at your computer for extended periods, you may be holding your head funny in order to better focus on your screen. Doing so for an extended period only leads to pain and headaches. So, pay attention when you’re sitting or typing. Hold your head in proper alignment with the rest of your body as often as possible.

The Healthy Back Institute knows how painful a neck pain headache can be, and understands how to relieve the problem naturally. For more information, visit today.

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