Natural Treatments for Back Pain

Back pain, known in the medical world as lumbago, is something that will affect most everyone at least once in their lifetime. Next to headaches, it is the main cause of pain and discomfort for adults under the age of 45. It may be surprising to learn that most back pain is caused by the way we live our lives each day. Whether it is constant pain or just an occasional ache, there are several natural treatments for back pain.

For a minor backache, a common natural treatment is a massage. This treatment works best for muscle spasms or occasional minor discomfort. The downside to this treatment is that relief generally doesn’t last long after the massage has ended. An alternative treatment to a professional massage would be having a friend or loved one give you the massage.

Proper lifting is extremely important, as it will help avoid backaches in the first place. When lifting heavy objects remember to lift with your legs and not with your back. Also, be sure to lift straight up and do not twist your body as this helps relieve the added strain on your back.

Performing simple daily exercises is another easy way to naturally treat back pain. Weak back muscles can become sore and over tired over time, even from simple activities such as walking. Yoga is a great exercise to strengthen the muscles and relax them at the same time.

Vitamin or mineral deficiencies can be a hidden cause for back pain and might be a quick natural fix. Most common deficiencies are vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Magnesium. Getting a check up from your doctor will tell you if you are lacking the proper amounts and taking a daily supplement may be enough to reduce your back pain.

Acupuncture is common in other parts of the world and is gaining recognition here as one of the top alternative natural treatments for back pain. Acupuncture is a great treatment option because it not only provides immediate relief but if continued it can also bring long term relief and reductions in pain. This method releases pressure points and natural pain relieving opioids in your body. Be sure to have this therapy performed by a trained professional.

If these natural treatments for back pain haven’t brought you relief from your back pain you can try visiting a physical therapist or a chiropractor to see if the problem lies in your alignment. Although some adjustments can be risky they are usually safe if done properly. Sleeping on a firm mattress on your back, walking and sitting properly and over the counter creams and patches may also bring you relief. Natural treatments for back pain are available, so don’t sell yourself short until trying them, instead of drugs and other invasive treatment options. This could save you money, time, and protect your health.


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