Why Double Your Dose of Proteolytic Enzymes?

more proteolytic enzymesProteolytic enzymes have an unsurpassed ability to fight chronic inflammation and underlying pain. Unlike ordinary enzymes, proteolytic enzymes can migrate to other parts of your body, entering your bloodstream where they literally seek and destroy “danger zones,” like scar tissue and blood vessels packed with fibrin.

These powerhouse enzymes work systemically to fight inflammation in your body at an unsurpassed level, and we’ve made some exciting changes to our own popular Heal-n-Soothe systemic proteolytic enzyme formula.

Now, in every dose you’ll find double the amount of proteolytic enzymes, making this our most powerful, most potent enzyme formula yet.

In fact, since we first formulated Heal-n-Soothe in 2007, we’ve carefully been making adjustments to make it even better. Originally, our enzyme formula was made by one of the oldest and most trusted enzyme manufacturers in the United States. I then learned about a new extraction process that used much less heat, helping to retain even more of the efficacy of the nutrients.

I searched for a new manufacturer that could support this process, and in 2010 we switched manufacturers to incorporate this new processing technique. At this time we also doubled the dose of enzymes contained in the formula … for the first time.

Our latest and most powerful formula has double the dose again – which means Heal-n-Soothe now has four times the enzymes it did in 2007.

We Had to Literally Make Room to Fit All These Enzymes in One Capsule

The addition was so significant in volume that we had to make some hard choices about what to remove. There simply was not enough volume in the capsules to double the enzymes without taking something out. And so, we’ve removed the vitamin E and reduced the citrus bioflavonoids and ginger to allow enough room for more enzymes.

We’ve also added a 50-milligram dose of alpha-lipoic acid to address nerve-based pain. While the majority of pain is inflammatory in nature, a small segment of the population suffers from nerve-related pain, and we wanted to be sure this formula could help them too.

The proteolytic enzyme dose, remember, has doubled not only in volume but also in activity. While we used to recommend a starting or maintenance dose of six capsules a day, we now recommend three.

We’ve Made it Even Easier to Figure Out the Best, Most Effective Dose for YOU

HNS-2x-enzmes-transpNow, this doesn’t mean three capsules a day will be the right number for you. The size of your body, your weight, the duration and severity of your conditions, your metabolic rate and your activity level all influence the dosage you will need.

We recommend starting with three capsules and increasing the dose until your improvements stop. Later, when your symptoms have calmed down you can drop back down to the maintenance dose that you feel works for you.

Please understand that we’ve also made significant improvements to help you track your first 30 days of Heal-n-Soothe use. You’ll receive a chart to help you record your symptoms and experiences during your first month to help you figure out what dose works best for you. Again, you can keep increasing as your symptoms improve. When they level out, you’ll know you’ve reached your “Goldilocks zone” that’s just right.

By doubling the enzymes, we’re helping you to take the minimum amount yet get the most powerful formula, and the best results, yet. And after you try it, we’d love to hear from you.

Share Your Story With Us So We Can Share it With the World!

Please share your results, your story, your recovery and anything else you’d like us to know, with as much detail as possible. Once you’re on LosetheBackPain.com, you can e-mail us directly using the ‘contact us’ link (located in the upper right corner).

Once we hear from you, we’d love to share your story with the world to help others who may be in your shoes right now – in pain and searching for relief. It’s why we do what we do, and we love to spread the word about how Heal-n-Soothe works to give you back your life and vitality without pain.

We already had the purest, most powerful proteolytic enzyme supplement on the market. Now it’s even better.

Get Your Heal-n-Soothe, with 2X the Enzyme Power, Now


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10 thoughts on “Why Double Your Dose of Proteolytic Enzymes?”

  1. Larry Hutchins says:

    I was taking it for a while but the timing of the ingestion was really hard with my life style and after about 2 bottles there was hardly any effect. I felt like my body got used to it and started to ignore it.

    Why does it have to be taken away from a meal? are there any other timing alternatives?

    1. Steve says:

      Larry, I understand your question and this suggestion can make everything much more simple.

      But first, the enzymes do one thing, breakdown and help the body eliminate dead and excess proteins, so if you eat something before taking the enzymes they will only work to breakdown the proteins in the intestinal tract, and that is not what you want, what we want is for the enzymes to pass the intestinal lining and enter the blood stream to breakdown and remover excess scar tissue (a protein) at problem areas of the body as well as help regulate inflammation in the entire body…

      So, what we suggest is for you to take your entire daily dose at one time, either before bed or first thing in the morning, that way you can avoid the timing issue…

      Steven H. HBI Co-Founder

  2. Cindy Evans says:

    I have a condition called edema of the lining of my stomach. I have taken so many things but the pain and swelling is almost to much to take. I have ordered and have in my home the Systemic Enzyme Formula fro Heal n Soothe but have not tried them as I thought they were for back pain. Do you think that they may give me some relief with my problem?
    Thank you,

    1. Steve says:

      Cindy, I have several questions,

      1. What were you diagnosed with that has given you edema in the lining of your stomach?

      2. Is the lining of your stomach, in tact, meaning do you have an ulcers?

      If you have and ulcers any were along your intestinal tract, it is not advised for you to take the Enzymes…


  3. chidimma nwachukwu says:

    Can this also help shrink uterine fibriod? I want to order it for that.

    1. Steve says:

      Several years ago, I wrote and article about, my wife experience with Uterine Fibriods, here is the article


  4. gingerlee Horwitz says:

    I ordered your product because I have had pain from trochanteric bursitis in both hips and have tried various treatment options to no avail. I can walk only a short distance. I had colon surgery a few years ago and because of my limited mobility I got a blood clot in my left leg. I was on Warfarin for a year or so and now am only on an aspirin a day. Needless to say, I am searching for a solution. I want to be pain free and mobile.


    gingerlee Horwitz

  5. Steve says:

    Gingerlee, Ok, there are only two known, drug restrictions for taking Heal n Soothe, Antibiotics and Prescription blood thinner like Warfarin…

    Please do keep us posted of your progress…

    Steve, HBI Staff…

  6. Rick says:

    I have severe arthritis in the lower back area, in the spine and have had it since my teen years. I am now 56 and it ruins and controls my life in regards to the things I used to do, Kayaking, Walking, etc. Will your product help with this? Are there any proven cases for arthritis throughout the body with this product?

  7. Steve says:

    Rick, have a look at the first 5 video on this page


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