Mid Back Pain

Mid back pain is common problem that many people suffer from that can greatly vary on the cause and severity. Injuries are the most common source of back pain though at times genetics do play some role in the type of pain someone will experience. Elderly patients often experience more back problems because they have endured much strain and stress over the years that has been put on their body with working or daily routines. The pain itself can be severe at times but will generally be centered on the middle of the vertebrae around the rib cage area. Though the pain can be felt in other areas it will usually be most intense in these regions. You should seek medical attention if the pain becomes too intense as it should in the case of any extreme pain but the sooner the condition is treated the problem can be corrected from becoming worse and a doctor can prescribe things such as exercise or medication to alleviate the pain. This problem will develop over time especially with people that are working in an industry or field that requires continual or heavy lifting as a part of a daily task.

Many people can avoid injuring themselves by taking preventative care when lifting like lifting with their back rather than their legs. Lifting with your legs or any other improper lifting methods will result in injury that can often be severe. Spine damaging activities can affect other parts of the body such as internal organs or other vital functions thus resulting in a greater amount of pain. In severe cases mid back pain can be exacerbated with movement with internal organs such as the lungs when someone breathes in and out because the problem is centered on the portion of the spin near the rib cage. If the condition goes untreated for an extended amount of time it will become more painful and the patient will start losing basic functionality in their spine when attempting to do simple tasks.

The process of loosing mobility will become irreversible and in the most extreme cases become an immobilizing condition for the patient. The many treatment options will often take much time to complete as they are very slow and gradual. The treatments available sometimes include surgery but this is the last resort option that doctors will choose if they feel that a physical therapist cannot solve the problem different exercises. Doctors will typically explore the other options first before undergoing risky surgery. The treatment will usually focus in on the muscles around the affected areas to try and loosen them up giving more flexibility or range of motion they have lost over time. Chiropractors or physical therapist can work with patients to alleviate the pain and slowly correct the damage that has been done to the spine and other muscles. Mid back pain is a serious condition that can start small but can lead to other health problems in the future if nothing is done to correct the situation.

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