Say These 2 Words to Cancel Damaging Mental Stress

I want to show you one simple way to mitigate stress in your life.

But before I do, let’s talk about what causes stress in your mind.

It goes like this:

Where we get into trouble is when we take the past and put it into the present…

And then, we take the present AND the past and stick it into the future.

That’s when stress becomes unbearable for people. It’s just too much to handle.

So I want you to understand that it’s our perception that creates a problem for us.

You see, our brains are hardwired to finish stories.

They’re hard wired to make sure that we can make sense of something.

And so we make sense of it, and we finish the story by making up a story based on our past.

That’s what we have to change.

Now, you cannot stop the initiation of a stress thought… They’re just going to come to you.

It’s been said, we have 50,000 thoughts a day, and unfortunately we have the same thoughts over and over again.

So the challenge of it is, you can’t stop your brain from wanting to think that way….

BUT what you can do is you can stop the process.

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Here’s the trick:

To stop lingering in that stressful thought, you simply say the words CANCEL CANCEL.

Say it aloud. Say it in your mind.

That literally reroutes your brain to thinking of something else.

But you have to catch yourself in this sort of a daydream of trying to finish the story of creating the stress tomorrow and into the future.

By saying CANCEL CANCEL, all you’re doing is stopping your brain from continuing to tell a story that will never, ever come true.

And that will help to instantly relieve damaging stress in your mind.

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