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When one is dealing with back pain, or neck and shoulder pain, it can seem like nothing offers relief. You may have tried painkillers, hot and cold compresses, exercise and massage therapy. Perhaps even visits to the chiropractor just aren’t doing the trick.

No matter what the cause of your pain, you might find relief with a memory foam comfort pillow. Memory foam is a space-age material that was invented for NASA a number of years ago, and then released for public use. It is polyurethane-based, with other compounds that increase its viscosity and density. Often called visco-elastic polyurethane foam, it reacts to body heat, offering a molded shape that contours to your body’s unique curves and lines. When it is used in mattresses and pillows, it can be an effective way to relieve pressure and pain because it allows your body to maintain a constant 100% supported posture. For instance, when you are sleeping on your side, there are no gaps between your spine and the mattress because the memory foam molds into your body. It offers support where traditional spring mattresses on box springs may not.

When using a memory foam comfort pillow, you are offering support to your neck and head in a way that feather or foam pillows just can’t duplicate, because they don’t prop up your head as effectively. You can find memory foam pillows at any sleep store where traditional sleeping mattresses and pillows are sold, and you might be surprised at how affordable they are. The materials conform perfectly and uniformly to your head and neck, ensuring that your neck does not sag during sleep and your shoulders are supported. If your shoulders are dropping during sleep, you may be waking up in additional pain. It’s important offer each part of your body the support it needs and a pillow can play a big part in that.

One of the few drawbacks to using products containing visco-elastic polyurethane foam is that some people complain of a chemical smell similar to that of paint. While it generally dissipates within a few weeks, it can be strong for some people and make them not want to use it. If you find that it is too strong for you, return your pillow and ask for a different formulation of memory foam. Each manufacturer has a slightly different product and you might find something you like better.

Other than that, a memory foam comfort pillow might be just the thing your wellness program is lacking. If you are already doing exercises designed to strengthen and stretch your affected areas and are not seeing the results you had hoped for, try using one of these pillows and see if it doesn’t make a difference. Another thing to try in addition to your physical therapy is perhaps looking into purchasing an entire memory foam system, including the bed. While this can be pricey, they generally come with excellent warranties and offer reasonable payment terms. The pay-off is being pain-free however, so the investment might certainly be worth it to you in the long run.

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