Lumbar Disc Pain

Lumbar disc pain occurs when one of the discs in the lower back becomes herniated or ruptures and starts pressing on nearby nerves and sensitive areas.

The spinal column is cushioned by gelatinous discs that help absorb the impact of regular movements like walking, turning and shifting. Over time, these discs degenerate and become less effective at their job. This can cause them to break become and displaced. Consider the makeup and movements of a flexible straw. The point it bends at works similarly to the way our spine provides us with various ranges of motion. If you bend that straw back and forth enough times, a crack will inevitably form. Your spine works under the same conditions. The process of aging is hard on our bodies, and things just don’t function as well as they did when we were a kids. The spinal column is no exception to that.

However, there are diseases that can make the degeneration worse. Degenerative Disc Disease involves the discs becoming too dried out, making them brittle and highly susceptible to breaking. Osteoarthritis can also worsen the condition, as the body responds to normal disc degeneration by producing extra bone, resulting in bone spurs that can press painfully on nerves.

Sudden injury can also result in lumbar disc pain. Things like a fall or car accident can easily push the discs past their limits and cause them to rupture.

So what are some of the best ways to help relieve lumbar disc pain? Stay active! Although it may be very tempting to rest and lie in bed for extended periods to allow the area to heal, this can have an adverse effect. Remaining stationary for too long can cause muscles to stiffen and decrease blood flow, which slows healing. Light exercise is often very helpful to help strengthen weak core muscles which results in better body support in the long term. Stretching the back muscles can also help loosen them up and relieve tension. The Healthy Back Institute has a number of DVDs and e-books full of exercises and techniques to help you get and maintain a healthy back. To see their selection, visit

Lumbar disc pain can also be relieved by a good massage. Massages target the affected area, and stimulate the muscles there. This helps relieve tension and increase blood flow, which speeds the healing process.

Also, applying heat to the area can help. A top of the line infrared heating pad can often be an excellent solution for finding long lasting relief from lumbar disc pain. The technology allows heat to penetrate much more deeply than a typical heating pad can, which soothes tense muscles on a much deeper level, giving the pain sufferer relief for much longer. The Healthy Back Institute offers a variety of infrared heating pads to meet your needs.

Lumbar disc pain can sometimes be a very debilitating condition. The Healthy Back Institute strives to stay abreast of the latest and most effective back pain solutions. Visit their Web site today to find relief for your lumbar disc pain.

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