Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease Nerve Damage

Although degenerative disc is a relatively common occurrence that comes with age and trauma to the discs, causing degeneration and loss of integrity, there is another concern that you need to worry about, which is lumbar degenerative disc disease nerve damage.

Lumbar degenerative disc disease is easily capable of becoming the reason for the occurrence of chronic pain in the lower back region or the lumbar region of the spine. The reason why this happens is because when a disc becomes weakened as a result of injury or aging, the result is an excessive level of micro motion in the corresponding vertebra simply because the disc is no longer capable of holding that segment of the vertebra together in the way that it once did.

The resulting level of micro motion, when combined with inflammatory proteins that are inside the disc becoming exposed and going on to irritate the local area, is capable of creating significant lower back pain. lumbar degenerative disc disease nerve damage is also capable of occurring, which basically describes that as a result of the degenerative disc or the resulting micro-movement, a nerve has become damaged through trapping or pinching. While some nerve damage is reversible, some is not.

There has long since been some confusion regarding the “degenerative” term, because it makes some people believe that the condition is going to worsen over time, but this is not actually true. Although there is a likelihood that the disc degeneration is going to progress, the pain that typically results from this disc generation does not typically worsen but rather will much more likely improve over time instead. The degree of pain that is experienced with degenerative disc disease, especially when lumbar degenerative disc disease nerve damage is present, is definitely going to be capable of fluctuating, to the point where it can become quite painful. Discs do not receive a blood supply so they are incapable of healing themselves in the same way that muscles and other parts of the body can.

What this means is that the pain associated with degenerative disc is capable of becoming chronic, especially when nerve damage is involved. A disc that is fully degenerated is not going to be capable of having any inflammatory proteins and therefore it will likely collapse into a stable position. Many people beyond the age of 60 experience degenerated discs but it is actually quite uncommon for them to be experiencing any pain from the condition.

When lumbar degenerative disc disease nerve damage occurs, on the other hand, what it means that the movement of the degenerated disc has allowed for a nerve in the back to become pinched. When a pinched or trapped nerve does not remedy itself, it can become damaged, causing chronic or long term pain as well as a number of other symptoms. Some of the common symptoms associated with the lumbar degenerative disc disease nerve damage include numbness and tingling in the legs in addition to the pain in the back, and a worsening in the pain or the numbness during certain activities such as bending, or twisting or lifting.

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7 thoughts on “Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease Nerve Damage”

  1. Teresa C Campbell says:

    I have not started the heal-n-sooth yet. I have been waiting for my husbands schedule to be in link with me trying it in case I have an reaction. I have spent 10 years fixing my digestive system and the leaky gut problems. This year I have been able to put tomato, almonds, turkey, chicken and chocolate, as long as it is pure and certified organic and gluten free, in small amounts into my diet. I know about gout, arthritis, celiac disease which all hit me after injury to my lower back. It took a year before I could stand and do a full sink of dishes. I have degenerative disc disease now. I am 64 and the only man made meds that I take is benadryl when needed and during allergy season I take 1/2 a tablet every 5 hrs. If I take a whole one it knocks me out. I take arthritis strength Tylenol when I can’t handle the pain from head to back, but 1/2 tab every 4 he’s or one and I go to sleep. I use herbs for most of my other colds, flu etc. As you can see I am very sensitive to mans medicine. Please do not send me anything automatic until I know how much my body can use or handle. I will let you know if I have a problem. Thanks for your time.

    1. J .Blowman says:

      I got degenerative disc disease in 1994 and diagnosed in 99 and was advised to have a spinal fusion which I did and after 18 month I had a little pain that had gone from what you are experiencing now to a dull manageable pain and was able to return to work until 2011 but it was a lot better after the spinal fusion hop this is helpful .

  2. ashlee moses says:

    im 37 and was told 11 years ago I might have degenerative disc. my back would flare up here and there and made it so I could barely walk . had to stay hunched over . now at age 37 I was told I have a herniated disc , degenerative disc and degenerative joint . I was put on 3 different types of medicines , steroids deff helped . they told me take the med paks diclofenac and cyclobenprine as needed
    for 1 month and start physical therapy for 1 month as well .
    so I did all that , except therapy has only been 3 weeks . neuro spine center saw me this week , and wanted to give me a spinal injection . I told him no because he wanted me in therapy for 4 weeks and to be honest I was little nervous . I guess I just looking for some insight from others , because this issue along with other problematic symptoms are happening . He said at app that he wasn’t impressed with the mri and theres nerve damage . But no one else has spoke to about this . just don’t know what to do

    1. Admin says:

      HI Ashlee,
      Thank you for explaining your conditions and the pain you are dealing with. We would like to help and suggest as a great starting point that you get yourself a copy of our 7 Day Back Pain Cure Book.

      Our book covers back pain, related issues and possible causes, pain relief suggestions, muscle imbalances role in back pain,treatments you may like to consider, action plans, and other information that may be relevant and helpful to you.

      Please see the link below to learn more about the details of the book :-

      Thank you, Our Best Wishes
      Admin(The Healthy Back Institute)

  3. George Kendall says:

    I’m a Vietnam vet who hurt his back while I was in the service. About 15 years later I started seeing chiropractors for my back. By 2003 I was in pain so much that the VA had me on 300 mg Oxycontin a day. They did a MRI and said I had a degenerative L5/S1 disc disease.
    On 12/29/2010 the VA replaced my left knee in Seattle and something happened to me while I was under. I woke up in ICU because my heartbeat dropped down to 35 BPM. They asked me if that ever happened before and I said no. I asked them for a better bed because I thought the one I was in had a broken spring poking me in my back. They said none of the beds have springs. They tried to convince me that a knee replacement is a brutal surgery and I would feel better in a few days. Long story short, somehow they ruptured the L5 disc and didn’t do a cat/scan until May 2011, a MRI June 2011 which showed a piece of the disc stuck in the L5 nerve root canal. They put me on a waiting list for surgery and the first one was May of 2012, Bad doctor, old equipment and didn’t get the piece out. Next VA surgery Jan 2013 failed again.
    Within a few weeks from when it happened I could hardly walk, got high blood pressure and was in sever pain from my back to my right hip, testicle, leg, hamstring, calf and foot. They finally let me find a real doctor who removed the piece, fused my L4/L5/S1 and put a cage in there. I’m still fighting them to this day for what they did and not giving me nerve therapy or increasing my disability. I had a stoke 5/16/2021 and a VA doctor can’t blame the VA for all the problems this has caused me. Like the high BP, nerve damage, ED, increase of osteoarthritis, CAD, damage to my left side and hand from the stroke. I haven’t worked in 10 years, lost my home and couldn’t enjoy life with my grand kids or anything else. So if you got a book or resource that will help me before I die, it would be much appreciated. In reading some of this stuff having a stroke shortens your life and other stuff.

  4. Admin says:

    Hi George,
    Thank you for taking the time to share your story and for your question.

    We will be happy to send you a book to help you. Please look out for an e mail from us.

    Thank you
    Admin (The Healthy Back Institute)

  5. George Kendall says:

    Thank You for sending that book and I plan on reading it this week-end. Been trying to get ready for winter here in N. Idaho
    I’ve got a C&P exam 11/24 so this will help.

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