Lumbar Back Pain

The lumbar area refers to the lower portion of the back. It is the most frequent area pointed to when people complain of having back pain.

Causes of Lumbar Back Pain

There are several causes of low back pain. A big one is poor posture. As society becomes less active and jobs require more sitting, posture becomes worse and worse. The spine should maintain a natural “S” curve at all times, and slouching over a keyboard can create more of a “C” shape. To address this issue, be more aware of your overall posture. That is half the battle. If you need additional support, invest in a lumbar support cushion. The Healthy Back Institute provides a number of lumbar support cushions, some that even have massaging cores to provide you with ultimate posture support and pain relief.

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A pulled muscle can also cause lumbar back pain. Many people don’t lift heavy objects properly, which leads to a pulled muscle. Rather than bending at your waist to pick something up off the floor, bend at the knees and use your thighs and calves to lift, rather than your back muscles. Even if the object doesn’t appear to be that heavy, get in the habit of using this method to help maintain a healthy back.

Another cause of lumbar back pain is a herniated disc. This can result from injury, but is more commonly caused by degeneration. The discs between the spinal column’s vertebrae act as shock absorbers, and over time they become worn out. As a result they can easily be pushed out of place, or rupture. This causes the surrounding nerves and sensitive areas to be crowded, and can cause pain.

Who is Effected

Almost everyone will be affected by lower back pain at some point in their lives. Pregnant women, older men, low back pain knows no age or gender. However, it most often plagues people between 30 and 50. It’s thought that this is because of a more stagnant lifestlye. Generally, people are exercising less than they were in their 20s, leading to weaker core muscles and making them more susceptible to injuries.

However, degeneration makes it a frequent problem of older people as well.

How it’s Treated

Depending on the cause of your pain, lumbar back pain can be addressed in a number of ways.

  • First, try applying heat to the area. This will help relax tense muscles and sooth sensitive areas. For more long lasting relief, try an infrared heating pad, like the ones provided by The Healthy Back Institute. The heat can penetrate much more deeply than a typical heating pad can, and this helps give the pain sufferer relief for hours instead of minutes. Visit to browse their selection of infrared heating pads.
  • Try getting a massage. This will help increase blood flow to the area and promote healing, as well as relax tense muscles, which will provide a certain amount of pain relief.

The Healthy Back Institute can provide you with the latest methods to get rid of your back pain without surgery. Visit their website at today and be free of your pain.

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