Lower Spine Pain


Lower spine pain is most commonly caused by poor posture or remaining in one position for too long – like sitting at your desk for hours on end without getting up. The spine is meant to maintain a slight “S” curve. However, poor posture makes the spine more rounded and resemble more of a “C.” This can result in pain and pressure in unnatural places – like the lower back.

Another cause is improper lifting techniques. Some people tend to lift objects by bending at the waist to pick them up. This is bad for your back, and causes injury. Instead, you should always lift objects (and small children) with your legs. Bend at the knees to pick them up, and stand back up by using your thighs and calf muscles, which are much stronger and able to support such a strain.

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Alternative Treatments

Health conditions can also cause lower spine pain. Things like sciatica and pregnancy are major causes of low back pain. Sciatica happens when the sciatic nerve becomes compressed and sends pain radiating throughout the lower back area. Pregnancy simply alters your center of gravity and places strain on the lower back with the added weight on the front of the body.


Depending on the cause of your lower spine pain, there are a number of ways to go about relieving it.

One way is to try applying heat to the area. You can do this with a hot bath or with a heating pad. For ultimate pain relief using heat therapy, try an infrared heating pad. An infrared heating pad will take heat deeper into the muscles for longer lasting relief. The Healthy Back Institute provides a number of infrared heating pads. Head over to losethebackpain.com to see what infrared heating pads might work for you.

You can also try a few stretches to relieve your lower spine pain. Stretching will help relieve tension that causes pain in the lower back. First, sit in a chair with your feet planted flat on the floor. Bend forward and touch your toes or get as close as you can. Keep in mind that you should never over extend. If the stretch becomes painful in any way, pull back. Another stretch you can try is laying flat on the ground and bending one of your knees. Then, rotate your hips so your knee is on the ground (or close to it), forming the shape of a “4” with your lower body.

A massage may also help relieve lower spine pain. It will help soothe tense muscles and help the healing process go faster by speeding the blood flow in the area. Doing this regularly will not only help relieve back pain, but it will help prevent it.

Maintaining a healthy back is the number one priority of The Healthy Back Institute. For more tips and tricks for relieving your lower spine pain, visit losethebackpain.com today.

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