Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain relief comes in different forms ranging from non-invasive natural treatment to invasive drug based treatment. Although using steroids and pain relievers can effectively reduce or eliminate the pain on your back, these treatments may bring unwanted side effects and even addiction. To reduce the possibility of side effects, you should try to explore natural remedies for simple back pain and leave the strong drugs for more serious conditions.

When it comes to home remedies for back ache, applying cold and hot compress on the affected area is very popular. A cold compress is very useful to relieve pain associated with muscle sprains and torn ligaments. Cold compresses can effectively reduce the swelling in the affected area especially when applied on the affected area within the first 24 to 48 hours after the sprain occurred. On the other hand, hot compress is best for those who have arthritis. To relieve back pain and stiffness associated with arthritis, a warm or moist compress is the best.

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Hot and cold compresses work well with gentle massage to relieve simple back pain caused by torn ligaments and muscle spasms. For lower back pain relief, gentle massage is very effective when applied with simple stretches and a lot of rest.

When it comes to exercise, non-impact cardio exercises, swimming and riding a stationary bike can help as a permanent lower back pain relief. According to experts, these types of exercises target the muscles around the back. Constant stimulation of these muscle groups will help make them become stronger and suppler so you become less prone to back injuries.

Although simple back aches caused by weak muscles, muscle spasms and torn ligaments can easily be cured with home remedies, some types of back pains may be more difficult to get rid of. Misaligned skeletal structure and damage to the spine for instance may cause tremendous back pain that just won’t go away through natural treatments. In cases like these, the use of science is in order. Some of the popular state of the art treatments for back pain are traction, transcutaneous electrical nerve simulation, ultrasound therapy, and surgery.

Traction is a form of treatment that uses weights to force the skeleton to align. This type of lower back pain relief may look like some sort of medieval torture but it works well and many people have been successfully treated using this method. As for Transcutaneous electrical nerve simulation, this type of treatment is kinder than the traction method. By using a battery operated device to send electric pulses into the nerves, it can help people who are suffering from severe and chronic lower back ache.

While traction and Transcutaneous electrical nerve simulation may be classified as invasive, ultrasound therapy is non-invasive. This method works by helping the internal tissues on the lower back to relax. As the internal tissues relax, the muscles around these tissues also relax.

There are several types of treatments that can bring about lower back pain relief. Each has their pros and cons so it is very important that patients weight their options well before getting any treatment.

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