A Laminotomy is a back decompression surgery that can sometimes relieve back pain due to a stenosis. Stenosis is a condition that occurs over time and seriously damages the back beyond being treatable often-immobilizing patients. There are two types of stenosis including cervical stenosis and lumbar stenosis. There is a big and easily noticeable difference between the two conditions as lumbar stenosis patients will experience sharp and continual pain in the spine, as the spinal cord’s nerves are being choked and pressed upon and with cervical stenosis patients will experience extreme pain in the neck. Cervical stenosis is of the worst of all because of the location and severity of the pain that a patient will experience. When seeking medical attention it is of the utmost importance to disclose all known information to your doctor as accurately as possible to receive a more accurate diagnosis and receive the correct treatment for your condition. The importance of receiving an accurate diagnosis could determine if the treatment will be effective and if your condition will worsen with an incorrect treatment for the condition.

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The degeneration of the spine is commonly found in more elderly patients as their bones have become frailer than any other patient. These patients will often not be in the patient category for a surgery like a Laminotomy because although it relieves pressure, it does not cure brittle bones. Elderly patients are either susceptible to this condition from either a genetic condition or something that has developed over their lifespan with stress or intense labor. Stenosis of the spine is not easily correctable, as it requires much time of exercise along with medical help and medications. The most important portion of the treatment is the exercise portion because this relaxes the muscles and gets them active again. The exercise will also promote bone strength in elderly patients opposed to sitting around and weakening over time. There is also a surgery option but is considered the last resort because of the potential complications and the intense pain associated with intense operations.

Though exercise is the best option and in most cases is incorporated with other forms of treatment is often managed by physical therapist. Physical therapist are the best resources to take advantage of because most health insurance policies cover the treatment as it will prevent extravagant expenses in the future regarding the same problem. The therapists will have the best exercises that will be suited specifically for your condition. They will work with a patient on a weekly or as needed basis until the patient has fully recovered or there is a significant improvement in their condition to where they can perform simple exercises on their own at home by themselves. Performing simple exercises is much easier and less painful than enduring intense surgery that has the potential of having numerous complications after the sugary is complete or even further into the future after the sugary was completed. When searching for a doctor many things should be considered such as the experience and track record in treating similar conditions should be taken into account before choosing a doctor to provide medical care for you. Stenosis is a serious condition that should not be over looked and should be treated promptly. Do not hesitate to undergo a procedure like Laminotomy. Although there is risk, the reward can last a lifetime.

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