Inversion Treatment for Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by any number of factors, including strenuous athletic activity, poor posture, or degenerative spinal disorders caused by aging. They each involve their own types of treatments, which can include medications, bed rest, exercise, or surgery in extreme cases. Although treatment varies between conditions, one particular therapy can be used for all back pain sufferers. Inversion therapy has been around since about 400 B.C., but it is still not a widely known treatment for back pain. It seems like such a simple concept, and to some, it might sound too good to be true, but it has been in use for centuries.

For those who are currently going other back treatments or have had back surgery, inversion therapy can be used concurrently. Inversion treatment for back pain simply involves hanging upside down or at an angle that reduces pressure on the back; the idea is to use gravity to one’s advantage and relieve compression on the back bones, or vertebrae.

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Most doctors who treat back pain patients will take every avenue possible to avoid surgery, but this often involves anti-inflammatory medications or steroid injections, which can be costly over time sometimes they might not even be effective. The less invasive a treatment, the better; inversion treatment operates on the simple principle of achieving a better body beginning with proper alignment. It helps to restore the spine’s natural alignment by decompressing the vertebrae and distributing weight more evenly.

This therapy can be used on anyone who suffers from back pain athletes can put significant strain on their lower backs while running, and those who work in desk jobs can also strain their backs from sitting in the same position for hours at a time. Also, people with degenerative back problems such as disk herniation or spinal stenosis can benefit from this therapy.

When looking for an inversion treatment for back pain, patients must take a few important factors into consideration: range of inversion angles, height and weight support, and, of course, safety and durability. Many big-box stores carry inversion tables, but it is essential to do research on these tables before purchasing them. Before trying out inversion therapy, patients should consider any health issues that might be worsened by doing inversion therapy. Patients with high blood pressure, heart disease, or glaucoma are advised against using this therapy unless a doctor has approved its use. Women are also advised not to use this type of back pain treatment while pregnant.

The pressure relief on the back causes a positive chain reaction for the bones, muscles, and blood vessels. The first step is decompression of the vertebrae, and next comes the improved blood circulation. In turn, this can all reduce the incidence of painful muscle spasms in the back.

About 90 percent of people suffer from back pain at one point or another, and throughout the day, gravity can aggravate this problem most people wake up slightly taller in the morning, and as the day goes on, they lose up to ¾ of an inch in height. This compression can lead to poor circulation and muscle spasms, which triggers the back pain that so many people endure. Inversion treatment for back pain can help anyone who has suffered from back problems for too long and is looking for a safe, natural, and non-invasive solution for pain relief.

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