Instant Energy Exercises

Do you ever wish you could have more energy without resorting to another cup of coffee, energy drink, or some kind of pill?

If you ever travel to China you can quickly discover the secret behind how many of the Chinese people continue going strong well into their golden years simply by taking an early morning stroll in any local park or other open area.

That’s where you’ll find large numbers performing a series of graceful, swaying hand and body motions in a Chinese system of exercises and meditation known as Qi Gong (pronounced “chee gung”).

Fortunately for you, there’s no need to get a passport and travel to China to enjoy the benefits of Qi Gong for more energy. In just a few minutes you can get a tremendous energy boost from some simple movements you can do right at home.

Better yet, a few minutes each day can even improve your heart health and help tone up flabby muscles.

Dr. Mark Wiley, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, shows how easily you can get started with a simple three-minute set of exercises combining the benefits of Qi Gong and isometric exercise…

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1 thought on “Instant Energy Exercises”

  1. Njeri says:

    I was just sitting here and my energy was feeling a little low and I was thinking to myself that I need to get up and do some qi gong. Thanks for the article and the reinforcement – no off to do some qi gong.

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